Day #7 + Friday Favorites + YOU guys are rocking it!

Skye is officially 1 week old today—>  well, at 5:40 pm today.  We will have to celebrate big time by staying in bed even longer than normal or something this morning.

Andrew made it out for a run yesterday. He is getting in about 20 miles a week right now and he’s loving it.  I don’t even have runner’s jealousy when he leaves to run which is strange.  I will happily stay warm and comfy inside at this point.  My desire for crazy runs will be back when I’m ready, I’m sure.

A picture from his run at one of my favorite places to run.

IMG 7081

Lunch included the sweet potato gnocchi from TJ’s (it’s so good and Brooke loves it too) and tuna under the salad so the picture would be prettier  (I know I have weird food combinations but I needed protein and I didn’t want to cook anything).  Lunch and dinner were both eaten on the couch.

IMG 4080

Followed by fudge that a friend brought over!

IMG 4083

Andrew was out with Knox.  Brooke came home from school and shared her candy cane from school with me (which is a big deal… candy canes are everything to her).

IMG 4076

We then all watched Home Alone!

IMG 4104

Along with some homemade bread and jam from a friend.  Snacking often is key for me with breastfeeding because I feel constantly hungry!

IMG 4107

Later on we got out the Costco gingerbread houses.  I love these because you don’t have to do a thing except add frosting and candy to it.

LRG DSC01475

I had to put on Skye’s matching pjs too!

LRG DSC01490

Then we made a big veggie and chicken stir fry for dinner.  This is another thing I’m really enjoying about not being pregnant… we are eating at home WAY MORE (ehhh all of the time, thanks especially to all of the meals people bring to us).  During pregnancy we ate out all of the time (which adds up quick!) because not a lot sounded good so I would go get the only things that did sound good.  It’s so nice to eat at home again… $ wise and health wise ha.


I’ve got a few Friday favorites to share (a few affiliate links included)!

*My mom makes the BEST.  The BEST homemade chocolate.  She has this crockpot recipe (HERE) that she uses and gives them out to her neighbors for Christmas.  Brooke and I had quite a few of them on Tuesday when my mom stopped by.  They are the only dessert that I think taste amazing with nuts in them!  Seriously try them.  So good.

IMG 3979

*TENZI.  Tenzi has quickly become our kid’s favorite game.


*Probably one of my biggest Friday Favorites ever on the blog—>  Sour gummy candy.  I missed it so much the last few months and it tastes better than ever now but that is probably because it is accompanied with the smell of a newborn right next to me and Christmas movies playing in the background.

IMG 3989

*Suzy sent this to me and it is 100% true right now ha!

IMG 3984

*My bff that lives in Switzerland (she was the one I visited in Thailand when she lived there) sent us such a sweet baby gift!  She sent us a book subscription from bookroo for Brooke and Knox to have a little something fun to do each month!  SUCH A GOOD IDEA.  It made these two kids extremely happy!  This is a great gift idea!

LRG DSC01471

*This gorgeous Sister’s necklace from Roolee!  This necklace is part of their ‘A World of Sisters’ launch that they are doing that I absolutely love—>  “I believe in a world where women set aside their differences, band together, love each other as sisters.  Will you join me?  Let’s stop the comparing, the negativity, the criticism, and judgement that seems to be so prevalent and instead spread kindness, support, encouragement, and love.  I truly believe there is room for all of us to be happy and feel successful as we bind our efforts together and lift each other up.”

IMG 4089


Screen Shot 2017 12 13 at 2 27 18 PM

*One of our traditions this time of year is to read this book with the kids and each year I love it more and more.

IMG 4344


You guys are incredible!  Time to cheer on the amazing runners around us… If you want to be featured, send them in to [email protected]


Theresa!!!  “Last weekend, on 12/2/17, I raced a half marathon and PR’ed in 1:37:19!  I am sooo happy about that! This was also my first real race postpartum where I felt like I could safely push myself again without too much hesitation.  This past year has felt like a long road to recovery so I am just so grateful to have reached this point!  I think gratitude was the secret ingredient that helped me run so well on race day!”  You can connect with her HERE on IG!!



Charlotte!!!  “Last Saturday I ran my fifth marathon, the California International Marathon.  Although it was not a PR, it was hands down my strongest-feeling, most joyful marathon yet- I ran the whole thing with a smile on my face!  This was a pretty big year for me.  I started off the year not in a good emotional spot and felt like I had nothing going in my life… in May I decided to uproot my life and move across the country to San Francisco and start over, and it turned out to be the best decision of my life.  (Also helloooo beautiful running weather + hill workouts every day!).  I feel so blessed to have met so many loved ones here in SF and to end the year strong by running CIM- it was the perfect celebration for the year:).  Please feel free to check out my blog HERE.”



What are your Friday night plans!?!

-I’m guessing a Christmas movie and some candy… I’m really getting crazy over here.  

Anyone else taking a break from running right now?  How come?

Making treats for your neighbors this year?  What?

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I LOVE the new sisters campaign from Roolee! We definitely need more love in this world, and it would be great if we could start supporting one another more than tearing each other down.

My friend Ashley and I are going to check out the Taylor Swift popup shop in LA today after work (yes, we are actual adults) and then going to eat at the diner that’s featured in The OC! Should be a fun Friday, though I’m definitely ready for a relaxing weekend after :)


How were the seedless avocados? I love avocados, so I’ll be curious to hear.

I adore the matching pajamas! What a darling family. Wishing you the best Christmas ever.



I haven’t tried them yet! I sure want to and I’ll let you know once I do! Have an awesome day Christie!


Friday plans consist of a TRX Yoga workout which I am majorly looking forward to because I am SORE! And then an ugly sweater/birthday party for my best friend! It should be a great night.
I have not been running thanks to my exploring of other workouts lately, and honestly, I kind of like it. However, I did take advantage of the Rock n Roll Marathon series sale yesterday and signed up to run a half marathon in Mexico next year so…there’s that. But it’s not until November, so my plan is to find another one to run late spring/early summer, take some time off, and then train for that one. I’ve never been to Mexico other than just over the border, so this seemed like a good excuse to book a vacation there. Can’t wait!
I don’t make treats for my neighbors but I do make a lot for family, friends, and coworkers. My mom and I are doing that this weekend – lots of cookies/bars/brownies/etc.


I love the new sisters necklaces from Roolee too! They are adorable and pretty sure I need at least two for both of my sisters :) Okay the matching pajama picture is so stinking adorable! Skye is so, so precious!

I am actually making cookies with a friend, today to share with neighbors! We are excited to share some baked goods with our neighbors and get to know them more this weekend :)

Friday night plans = Landon and I are planning to go out to see the new Star Wars movie tonight! I am excited to get out of the house for a date. We are also planning to go with a big group from our church, which will be extra fun :)


Eating out really does add up quick. We have been eating out a lot recently and are noticing that! Our goal is to curb ourselves and cook at home now often. It is definitely the better choice! The homemade chocolate sounds amazing, I wish your mom was my neighbor!


You have me craving all your pregnancy and post pregnancy cravings! Loving hot chocolate lately and currently eating sour candy at 830 am lol!


Bahahah I love this!!! I will join you this morning in some sour candy eating! Have a wonderful day Jojo! PS my mom told me she was going to have to stop reading my blog because of my cravings!


I may be forced to taking a break ? I think I have plantar fasciitis…. ever had the it?
We got a Christmas party tonight with our ward friends. Should be. Good time.


Oh no Natalie! I am so so sorry! Yes I have had plantar and every time I do, these boots fix it for me! They are so annoying to sleep with but they do the trick!



Do you stop running? I’ve never had this before and I don’t want to make it worse. Or do you just wear the boots at night and continue with normal activity?


Have you seen those big almond butter pouches with the nozzle you can squeeze? I think they have them at target and they were a wonderful thing to keep by the bed for middle of the night breastfeeding snack. :)


Okay, I need that right this second! Thank you… totally going to try this! Have a great day Grace!


I cannot believe she is already going to be a week old. That’s crazy. On a completely random note I really like that teal/sea foam color on you. It’s gorgeous Janae.

My Friday night plans are come home after work and be lazy…which is normally my Friday night plans Lol.


That means tonight I’ll whip together the doughs that need to chill overnight and prep all the tools/trays/packaging for cookie storage.

I’m taking a break from running — and I have since I crossed the finish line of my first every Marathon October. It was such a big accomplishment and it consumed such a big part of my life at the time, that I felt a change would fit. Since then, I’ve been going to Crossfit (over a year now) and I LOVE IT! I still run… so it’s not an official break, but I’m not really training for any specific race right now. It’s nice to challenge myself in these new ways!


I think I’m going to take an unintentional break from running right now since I’m coming down with a cold :( It sucks because I was supposed to tackle a new to me workout that I was looking forward to. But better to take it easy than be sick longer, right?

I love the kids matching pjs, I hope they wear them on Christmas morning as well!

My plan for Friday night will be a run (maybe) and then nothing. I’ll either be in bed or on the couch the rest of the night!


Awww the picture of all the kids in matching pajamas is too freaking cute! I’m still in my post marathon not really running phase. I’m doing plenty of other workouts but the few runs I’ve gone on have lead to some aches and pains, so I’m just taking my time so I don’t get injured or anything. Plus it’s been super cold/ icy on the east coast so the thought of an indoor workout class sounds pretty good vs. bundling up and getting outside. It’s funny how in the beginning of winter I always forget how I managed to run at all last winter. But I get over it eventually! I’m hoping to get back into a more regular routine after the holidays.

Hope you’re having a great day full of baby snuggles!


12/8. Strong date for a strong girl! Both divisible by 2 and 2^2(4), plus 8 “ba1” is a lucky number in Chinese because it’s a homophone of the word for “wealth” :).

12/4=3, the strongest number–> hence why tripods exist! Need 3 and only 3 to get stability.

Just really great prime factorization here
12=2^2* 3 (3 total primes)

Just good stuff :). Great date!!!


My Friday night will be a lot like yours, minus the newborn. :-) I am in week 6 of training for the Napa Valley Marathon on March 4 so my long run on Saturday morning will be 14 miles. So a heavier than usual carb dinner is in the cards (instant pot risotto) along with a good amount of couch time watching a Christmas movie will be tonight’s fate. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I am so excited for you to run the Napa Valley Marathon!!! You are going to rock your 14 miles tomorrow! Enjoy the carbs and movie and keep me updated with your training!


Have you done Napa before? It is a fantastic race!!


We’re looking forward to the kids watching Home Alone for the first time tonight and we’ll probably make burgers. Are you still not liking red meat yet? We are planning on making rolled sugar cookies for Santa and our neighbors next week. I baked some cookies and cupcakes for my husband’s co-worker and the kids’ teachers this week so I’m all baked out this weekend. Haha. I hope you’re having a great day, Janae!


Still not liking it for some weird reason! You have been on a baking kick Marie! Enjoy this weekend and those burgers and Home Alone!


Our Friday nights are pretty low key, it will be candy and Christmas movies tonight! :-)

I am currently taking a break from running. My dad died in October and he and I were super close and he was one of the biggest reasons I ran. I’m struggling emotionally dealing with him not being here and I just can’t run right now. It doesn’t feel right. I hope that eventually it will feel right again. I am so broken right now and I know that in time I will heal and running will always be waiting for me for when I’m ready.

I am loving your posts with all the Skye pictures!! Also – did beautiful little Brooke recently go through a growth spurt!? I feel like she was just a little bit taller than Knox and now she’s so much taller than him!!


Torrie, I am incredibly sorry for your loss. You are in my prayers. You are so right… Running will be there for you when you are ready. Thank goodness for time but right now must hurt so badly. Thinking about you!

PS you are right about Brooke… she just shot right up lately!


Candy and Christmas movies sound like heaven! I will be snuggled up on the couch with my dog :)
I’m still running, but very slowly! I’m doing BBG right now so I’m focusing most of my energy there…easy running only!


I’m not sure what my Friday night plans will be. I was supposed to work an overtime shift today but I got put on call (I’m a nurse) so I get an unexpected day off! Not gonna complain about that! My husband really wants to see the new Star Wars movie so that may be happening tonight.
I’m actually kind of returning from a running break. I took quite a bit of time off since January in an attempt to regain my period since we are really wanting to start a family SOON! My period came back in July for the first time in a year and has been mostly consistent since so my doctor said it was ok to add some running back in. I run a max of 3 miles just a few times a week. I feel so slow and out of shape but at least I can get out there!
I will be making cookies for my family and coworkers. My dad loves these Andes mint chocolate chip cookies that I make. They taste exactly like mint chip ice cream. So good!
Have a great weekend! Skye is beautiful, congratulations!


Tara!!! Yay for a day off! That is awesome:) I hope you get to go out to the movies:) it made me so incredibly happy to read that you got your period back! Keep me updated with everything! I might need that cookie recipe!


Friday night plans—Fusion yoga class–glad it’s not a running day b/c we’re expecting a bit of snow!

One year I made cookies for all of our neighbors. I think that was the year I was off work and at home with my baby daughter and I had time for things like that. Hiding my eyes, but I haven’t even made any cookies for US this year! Shame on me! lol And, I’m definitely hungry for cookies!!!!! :)


My little brother (he’s 10!) is coming over to our house for a sleepover tonight!! My mom and I spent 3 full days baking hundreds of cookies for our friends, family, and coworkers! It was a lot of work, but fun too! I hope you guys have an amazing weekend!!


I totally miss newborn snuggles and the amount of eating that can happen with breastfeeding! Breastfeeding metabolism is the best! Today involves Christmas shopping and Costco!


It’s amazing how much you can hate a food while pregnant and how fast you love it again after!

My Friday night will probably consist of making a chore chart. My house is getting out of control and my kids will be home for Christmas break now.


Your matching jammies are the best!

I have my niece tonight so we are taking the kiddos to see Santa and to a local Christmas town type place :)

I am taking a semi-break from running. My Achilles freaked out a bit during my last marathon training cycle so I am taking it easy and allowing my body to rest. I’ve been injured the last 4 Januarys and I think it’s because I don’t take enough of a rest after a hard training cycle so I am really going to work on that this year!

I am starting my homemade cinnamon rolls tonight for my neighbors (and our Christmas morning!).


Okay, I NEED those avocados NOW! How aweomse is that?! I have the hardest time ever getting those little seeds out!

I’m not taking a running “break” but I’ve definitely been slowing down my miles lately! I’m gearing up for another round of half marathon training in January so I’ve been soaking up all the down time right now! :)

Have an awesome weekend Janae!!


Friday night plans involve a cozy onesie and then more movies. We feel like an old couple even though we aren’t that old. Haha.

I’m not taking a break from running, but it is a bit more unstructured right now. I am trying to having fun with my running – I went out for 7 miles this morning just because. I have to admit on the cold dark mornings it is a bit harder to get out but I am almost always glad I do.

Definitely making treats – have already made some peanut butter blossom cookies with a candy kiss on top. Those were a hit I shared them with friends, family and my run club. My partner loves them so he wouldn’t let me give as much away haha. Next week a girl friend is coming over – we are going to make gingerbread men, a coconut fruit cookie and then butterscotch toffee cookies I think.

Loving all your posts with Skye – she is so sweet! Have a great weekend!


Thanks so much for posting my running accomplishment, Janae!! :)
And happy 1 week to sweet baby Skye! Definitely makes me wish I could go back in time and hold my baby as an infant!
That is crazy talk about seedless avocados! :-O
This Friday night is parent’s night out! Woo! My mother in law is babysitting while my husband and I go to my work Christmas party and spend the night at the hotel it is hosted at. Should be a fun little getaway for us! Then we will take my mother in law and daughter out for brunch, in the morning. :)


Love all of these pictures of the baby! And now I want to go to Costco and buy those gingerbread houses!
So I have a post request: I would love to have a list of all of the podcasts you have done with other runners and I would also love a list of maybe your top 10 favorite running podcasts to listen to. I’m listening to your latest podcast as I type this :) I’ve listened to several Runner’s World episodes but would love to have even more to choose from!


LOVE the sweet potato gnocchi from TJ’s. We make it meal by adding their chicken kale sausage and kale to it. Yum.

TENZI is so much fun. We have this extra set of playing rules. Stand on one foot, make these designs. It adds some variety. I went through a phase where everyone got TENZI for birthdays and Christmas. I’m trying to add the link to the cards on Amazon. I hope it works.


Nice, good for Andrew!
your little is so darling!

What are your Friday night plans!?!

driving upstate to go ski/snowboard – !

Anyone else taking a break from running right now? How come?

yes, i’m waiting for orthotics to come in…but i will still be running, just not as much as i was previously (10 mile weeks)

Making treats for your neighbors this year? What?

nope, b/c usually people tell me “oh no i can’t!” eat that… b/c sugar etc. sigh. i like to bake tho so i will think of something.


My baby niece has that same pink sweater with the ears!! It’s her fave:)
I’ve got yet another christmas party to go to tonight…I should be excited, but i really just want to lay around and get some sleep before my 7 miler tomorrow morning!
I’m just coming off my stress-fracture induced break from running. I’m still being SUPER careful about easing into it!!
Have a great weekend, and I hope you get a functional amount of sleep;)


Congrats on your new addition – Skye is so adorable!!

I’m on an extended break from running – I actually stopped running in August when I developed severe hip pain, and am now 2 weeks post op from surgery to repair a torn labrum, tendon and shave down bone spurs in my hip. My workout these days is getting around on crutches, though I did get to bike in PT today! Can’t wait to get back out there – if all goes well I should be able to slowly transition back to running in April, which is perfect since Wisconsin winters aren’t all that fun to run through anyway :).

Enjoy those newborn snuggles!!

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