Friday Favorites!

(Tank, shorts, shoes)

Seven miles @ 8:20 pace with zero desire to slip and fall on ice ten days before my marathon.

IMG 2695

I feel like I have so much more time during the taper, we were even able to sneak in a hot tub session before school.

IMG 2697

It’s always hit or miss how these two get along, but yesterday was good, so I had to document it.

IMG 2702

The sun peaked out for a bit, so we took advantage of that.

IMG 2720

Being outside makes everything better.

IMG 2722

We finished up with cake with the kid’s best friends before they had to say goodbye to each other for two weeks.

Let’s get going with some Friday Favorites:

*My dream travel shoes arrived.  These were love at first sight for me.  I usually try to wait a day or two to make sure I really love a pair of shoes before buying them but I bought these immediately and have zero regrets.  They will match with absolutely everything I have, and they feel like pillows on my feet.

IMG 2706


*I have a discount code for my absolutely favorite recovery tool ever.  The RPM works for you with foam rolling, and I get to sit there and enjoy life.  It helps to speed up recovery and lessen soreness… basically your own massage therapist.   Code HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL will get you 10% off here


*I don’t know how I got signed up for this, but I love it.  They send you good news each morning, and I love seeing it when I check my emails in the mornings; it starts things off on the right note.

IMG 2725



*A really well-done 25-minute recap of the marathon trials:


*This episode with Conner!  I felt so bad for him when he talked about all the stress leading up to the race, and I was just so happy everything worked out for him and Clayton.  This week has been the best, with all the running podcasts putting out multiple episodes.

IMG 2680


*I love this quote so much; it made me think about race day anxiety… We can choose what we do with it and whether it helps us to move towards our goals and growth or keeps us from trying.

IMG 2705


Have any weekend plans?

Are there any email subscriptions that you love?

The longest trip you have ever been on?

-This one will almost be two weeks, probably my second-longest trip… My first one was when we went for a month-long vacation driving all over the United States when I was five.  We visited every museum we could.


Who is running Mesa this weekend?  Or a long run?


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Fast Women- I look forward to that every Monday! The Skimm is great for an overview of news, in a quick and easy to read way. Wondermind is good for mental health articles and tips.


Fast Women is what makes me look forward to Monday mornings! I can’t wait to check out The Skimm and Wondermind, thanks Mariah! Have a beautiful day!


No huge weekend plans over here. Bread baking, running, house chores. Hopeful to manage reading and seeing out of town friends.
Your kids are going to remember this Spain trip forever! What a gift to give them! I’m glad the kids were able to say bye to friends and give Beretta a solid walk before departure.
I want to come over for a hot tub dip!


Yay for out of town friends to see! That reunion is the best. You are ALWAYS invited. Thanks Molly, have a beautiful day!


May have to buy those comfy Nikes now haha! Longest trip was just in January…two weeks exploring the Patagonia region in Argentina! Have such a wonderful trip and race! 😃 Excited for all the pics.


April. That is me and Andrew’s DREAM! I might be emailing you soon… we want to do that so bad in the next 5ish years. I bet it was incredible. Thanks friend!


Please do reach out when you want info. Very happy to share the itinerary I made for this trip….so so many logistics, so it would hopefully save you a lot of time. It was spectacular!


I really will! You are the best. I can’t wait to tell Andrew! Trip of a lifetime!


You all are going to have so much fun on this trip! So many memories will be made!
I’m helping put on a big fundraiser event tomorrow, a Galentine’s Brunch. Then we’re having a Super Bowl party on Sunday. Should be a fun weekend with family and friends.
(Oh, and I will squeeze in a couple of runs 😊)
Have a good Friday!


Thank you, Wendy! Oh your Galentine’s Brunch sounds so great. I love what you do for your community. Have the best runs and time with your family and friends cheering.


Ok, I loved that quote from Dr. Finlayson-Fife, thank you SO much for posting it!! Off to listen to the podcast with Conner! I’m half way through one with Dakotah. Also, so stoked for your trip, some of my great grandparents are from Spain and I want to visit so bad so please take alllll the pics.


Isn’t it a good one? That woman is so wise! Enjoy the podcast, this week is the best with episodes. Thank you thank you thank you, I can’t wait. I hope you get there someday soon!


No weekend plans – just looking forward to some sunshine!

Our longest trip was last year – 19 days in Europe. Looking forward to following along on your trip with the whole crew!


It’s snowing again here, enjoy all of the sun! 19 days in Europe, what a dream! Thanks Kathy!


Ooh.. you might have just influenced me to buy those Nikes. I’m headed to the UK in April to run the London Marathon and we’re going to be extending our trip afterwards, so I think I’ll need some suuuuper comfy shoes to walk around in post-marathon! Did you find they run true to size?

My weekend plans include a 20-miler, celebrating my husband’s birthday, and watching the Super Bowl/Usher concert :) Hope you have a great weekend!


I’m wearing them right now and they are beyond comfortable! I bought the same size in them that I buy my running shoes in, a 10! Okay, I am so jealous you are running LONDON! You are going to have the time of your life and I want to hear all about it after. You are going to love these shoes. Happiest birthday to your husband, have the best time on your run and enjoy the concert;). Thanks Madeline!


Those shoes look so comfy – and they will totally match everything. Thanks for sharing Nice News! I hadn’t heard of that one. I’m so ready for this weekend after a week full of chaos due to an eye surgery (husband’s) and a sick baby, while the rest of life didn’t slow down for us.. We are planning for a trip too! Much smaller, but we’re looking forward to our mini-trip in northern MN for a few days coming up. We should probably start packing a bit this weekend! Your kids must be SO excited for your big trip!!


Your husband had eye surgery?! And you also had a sick baby this week? Katie, I am so sorry. I can’t wait for you guys to get away, especially after the week you have had. Thank you! They are counting down the minutes until we board the plane!


Longest trip was nearly 2 months in Korea with my mom and brother the summer after 5th grade. My mom’s whole family lives in Korea and this was my brother and my’s first trip to visit. After that was a 3 week trip to Europe after high school graduation. We’ve done lots of 2 week vacations, since I feel like that’s the minimum you should spend in another country that’s far away! I hope you guys have such an amazing time! We just went to Italy with our two girls (5 & 2) this summer and they had an amazing time experiencing the culture! I’m very curious how your family handles the meal times and they are WAY later than what I’m used to! It was a change for our girls to eat dinner so late in Italy, but I’ve heard Spain is even later!

Weekend plans include lots of birthday parties for my kindergartener and my 2 year old is very jealous as she wants to go wherever she goes. We will probably watch the Super Bowl! Although I love Taylor Swift, I’m both a Broncos fan and grew up in St Louis, so I just can’t root for the Chiefs, so I suppose it’s go 49ers!


Thanks for recommending Nice News. Going to give that a try. Have the best time on your trip, and good luck to you!


That is such a great quote! The message at church last Sunday was on storms, and not whether or not they would come, but how we can handle them.

I am so excited about this weekend’s plans! We actually just changed our tickets to leave tonight instead of tomorrow to visit my big sister. I haven’t seen her in 4 years!!

I think two weeks is about the longest trip I’ve been on, and we’re doing it again this summer when we go to Italy and Greece. Two of my three kids will be with me so that makes it a little easier and my oldest is staying home for work and she’ll house-sit and take care of the pups, so that also makes it a little easier. I adore traveling but I also love coming home :)

You are going to have so much fun in Spain!!

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