Silentish Saturday!

(Top, shoes, leggings)

6 miles @ 8:23 pace.

Tortellini for breakfast yesterday.

IMG 2757

A sweet friend brought more things for the kids to do on the plane.

IMG 2755

His last day of work for a while.

IMG 2763

He wants to bake daily.

IMG 2767

These cinnamon muffins tasted just like churros and we all ate the whole bath within a few hours.

IMG 2770

First time playing goal keeper.

IMG 2773

She is determined to finish all of her work that she is missing for Spain before we leave.

IMG 2777


IMG 2775

Which should I choose for the speed portion?

IMG 2778

So far the weather doesn’t look too bad but I wouldn’t hate it it dropped ten degrees…

Screen Shot 2024 02 09 at 7 02 35 PM

I loved this interview.

Screen Shot 2024 02 09 at 7 15 59 PM


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Can you share the muffin recipe please?! I’m always looking for tasty new recipes to try out. Go kill this last double digit run!!


My bad! I thought I did haha… here it is and they are delicious! Thanks, Maureen.


Beck really isn’t limiting himself at breakfast!
Cloud cover is so helpful during races! At least you know you for sure will be wearing shorts and a tank.
Spain seems like the ultimate school project but good for Brooke doing all of her homework!
I would for sure choose the tempo!
Today I am making cranberry walnut sourdough, reading and cleaning. Sunday is the fun day this weekend!


The sky is the limit! Yes, the cloud cover will help me fly. Skye’s teacher said she just wants her to bring back pictures to show the class, I wish Brooke’s would too;). That bread sounds heavenly, please teach online courses. Enjoy Sunday!


Some people like breakfast for dinner, like me, and some people like dinner for breakfast, like Beck.
Long run, grocery shopping which will be terrible because it’s superbowl weekend, and buying special dog food for the new dog we’re getting next Sunday.
Brooke is smart. She’s getting all the work done so she won’t have to think about it while you’re gone.
I can’t wait to hear about the marathon!
Have a great weekend!


Bahaha I’m definitely more on your team with this;) A NEW DOG! I NEED DETAILS (whenever you get chance). I’m so excited for you! Yep, Brooke is wanting to just sit back and relax this trip. Thanks Lee, you too!


11 mile run this morning- my coach had heart shaped donuts and hot chocolate for us when we got back, she is the best!!

Relaxing and recovering, then going to my boyfriend’s brother’s birthday celebration. Have a great Saturday!


Ummm your coach sounds amazing. Best way to ed the run. Have a great time at the bday party, thanks Mariah and great run today!

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