California Day #1!

(Shoes, bra)

St. George has our heart. I’m telling ya, one year I am putting together a retreat for anyone that wants to hang out together here. We will run, hike, sit by the pool and soak in the desert air.

Well, this is exciting news. The Shifts felt like my beloved hoka Clifton 8s but with more of the roll forward feel that I’m enjoying from the endorphin line. So, long story short they feel like a bit faster version of the Clifton’s to me.. they give you a bit of a tilt while giving you a plush ride.

Andrew joined me for a few miles and Skye came for the last little bit too (she laid out her running clothes the night before 🤩)! This little girl’s stride is bursting with joy in each step.

11.3 miles @ 8:19 pace.

And then we made the drive to Southern California. A stop at in-n-out in Barstow is a requirement for Andrew.

And then it was straight to the beach for us when we arrived.

My babies always hate the sand in the beginning when they are little.

But eventually they warm up to it. His favorite part ended up being chasing seagulls around.

Poke for dinner.

Along with another one of life’s greatest joys.

We are very thankful that his attitude turned around.

I hope you have a beautiful day!

Tell me something you’ve been thinking about lately!

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Looks gorgeous there!
I am so glad you like the shifts, I currently have 4 pair of endorphin shifts (the 2’s) and 1 of the endorphin shift 3’s. I love them soooooo much!

Have a great trip!


Ohh I’ll have to try the shifts! I have the Clifton 9’s but I don’t like them like I loved the 8’s, so if these compare I’ll have to try them out :)
Enjoy California. I was there when I was 19…I would love to go back!!


Nothing like the beach! Enjoy


I have been thinking about Key West lately.

Well, and a lot of other stuff.

But mostly how to squeeze in as many getaways as possible.

Have fun in the sun!


So glad you made it to the beach!
My youngest used to LOVE chasing seagulls, ha so many pictures of him doing that. Even to this day, at age 19, he will do it at least once, ha ha.
Keep enjoying your time here.


Hi Janae! Enjoy the beach! Everything looks so lovely!
One thing I’ve been thinking about is having balance in life. It’s really easy for me to go all in on something but I keep reminding myself life is a marathon not a sprint.
Have a wonderful day!


I fell in love with St. George in May. We spent a lot of time hiking in Snow Canyon. Enjoy the beach


Enjoy California while we are in Hawaii! Ha! We’ve been here since Sunday and I’ve been thinking about how much harder it is to run here.


Do I see IN N OUT BURGER!!!!!??? I’m soooo jealous. It’s THE perfect CA burger!


Well, now I am thinking about your St. George retreat. I will be the first to sign up.


Lol well now I’m thinking the same! I’m signing up for the retreat second😀


today, Maui…..:(……..we haven’t been for a few years, but one of my favorite places…..I remember the first time I went with my folks when I was a teenager, Lahaina was full of hippies and wooden sidewalks……awful, sad, breaks your heart…a very fragile planet

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