The running tip you didn’t know you needed + on the road again.

(shoes, shorts, socks, bra)

A Tuesday workout! We left yesterday for a little family trip, and so I wanted to get in my midweek workout before we left. Luckily, I had some friends that were happy to join too!

It was my first time doing a workout in these Saucony Endorphin Pro 3s and goodness gracious they roll you forward nicely and I love the way they propelled me forward. I’ve found I do best in a half-size up from my normal size in running shoes with Saucony.

I cannot wait to keep using these ones during this training cycle.

Just a nice blurry photo! The workout was 4 x 3′, 2′, 1′ with equal recoveries to the upcoming interval. IE after the 3-minute interval, we took a 2-minute recovery jog before starting the 2-minute interval.

These workouts always look so much easier on paper than when you are doing them.

So, one of my friends was explaining to us yesterday that when you feel like you are going to puke during your run (ie when I’m doing my 1 minute intervals especially) that if you do a big yawn immediately, that feeling will pass.

I tried it. It worked.

13 miles @ 7:36 average!

We have all of the kids for a week so we decided to get in a trip together before school starts.

First stop, St. George to split up the drive.

Knox requested Viva Chicken and we made his dreams come true.

We also stopped at Costco to load up on snacks for the beach.

We made it to their happy place.

Andrew makes their life so fun.

Andrew and I will live here again someday.

I plan on finishing this today in the car. I cannot put it down.


Best beach in Southern California in your opinion?

Best place for poke or açaí bowls in Southern California?

Saucony lovers… which shoe is your favorite?

Please tell us a running tip or trick you’ve learned recently!

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Ooh! Road trips are the best. I am on vacation starting tomorrow. We are headed Manning park where I will race/ run 40 miles Saturday then headed to kamloops and Jasper. Excited for our family road trip.

We spent the past long weekend packing and cleaning and celebrating my birthday lol. I got spoiled:). My sis sent me gift card my mom took us to lunch and Jason took me to dinner and bought me flowers

I too am wearing the saucony endorphin pro for road running. I have also previously used the saucony peregrine for trails.

Happy road tripping Janae and enjoy California!!


Wait, are you in Southern CA while I’m in Utah? Ha! Enjoy sea-level running, the altitude here in PC is really a challenge (although I will say, we moved to a really hilly neighborhood in East Co. SD and my hill running is pretty on point!)

I’m not a huge beach person, but I think Coronado is great because it’s it’s almost always sunny as opposed to other SD beaches. Moonlight is great for kids though. I love swimming but I’m really nervous with my kids near the waves and not a big fan of being covered in sand.

Love the Endorphin Pros, those are my primary shoe. Rec from you!

Are you near SD? If so I have very specific Poke recs. Also you HAVE to promise me you’ll Visit Point Loma Seafood if you’ve never been. It’s crazy and the kids will love watching the seals.

By the way, I have no idea how you do all that driving… we did SD to Park City two years ago during COVID (with a break in St. George) and it was A LOT. I have no idea how pilgrim/pioneer moms did it WITHOUT iPads because I could barely do a 6 hour car day with all the tech… were kids just better behaved then? These are the things I ponder at night.


I just started that book this week also!


I lived in San Diego county for awhile: Coronado Island is great!!! I also really like Del Mar! :) have a wonderful vacation! Also, Huntington Beach has the awesome Surf City Marathon!


My favorite will always be a little hidden beach in PB that we used to go to in high school. But Torrey Pines is a close second. I miss it! ❤️
I hope you have an amazing trip!


I’m so glad you guys are here this week! The weather is going to be great. Where /what part are you staying at? We love Crystal Cove, Corona del Mar, and our go-to is Huntington Beach. There are great acai places, just depends on where you are.
There are also great paths along the beach to run, which I know you’ll be able to find and will love.
We’re in full puppy mode here 😊. Oh boy… Potty training, ha ha, haven’t done that in a while. But, we are in love with our sweet little Nala.
Have a wonderful trip!


Hi Janae! I grew up in Huntington Beach! I don’t think you can go wrong with any beach in orange county, they are all great in their own way. Huntington Beach is great to run in because it’s so flat and there’s 10 miles of shoreline! I bet your family would love biking too.
My parents usually take visitors to the montage resort (beach is public access), that beach is called treasure island and it’s really pretty. Crystal cove state park is nice too.
Have an awesome trip!!


I may need to try those Saucony shoes. I have been wearing the Pro 2s since last summer. You have the best recommendations.
For workouts, I always struggle with the ones that seem doable and then the tough looking workouts are manageable. Mental battle? Who knows.
My current trick is to channel American cyclist Sepp Kuss during my tempo runs. It’s a very niche trick. hahaha
Book club talk: I loved The Great Alone. Alaska felt like a character!
Hope the vacation goes well!


After running in Hoka trail shoes for the last 10 years or so, I switched things up this Spring and tried the Saucony Peregrines and I LOVE them. Now I need to try the Endorphins when I’m ready for a new road shoe. Although I recently tried the Hoka Mach 4 road shoe and love those. I’m newish to road running so it’s like a whole new world of shoes has opened up!

Have so much fun at the beach with the fam!


Love a road trip! I’m partial to San Diego North County beaches as that’s where I live! Carlsbad in particular is our go to beach spot and you have to get burritos from Senor Grubbys beforehand! Also if you’re near SD, Fish 101 is delicious and I love their poke bowl!

I have the Saucony Kinvaras and love them, but might have to try the Endorphin Pro 3s now too!

Have so much fun in Southern Cali!


Came here to comment that Coronado (the beach and the town) is my fave. I’m a SD native living in Colorado now! Have the BEST trip!


Fun trip!
I love love love Saucony right now, and I am living in the Endorphin shifts for every run. They can be cushy when I need it, but fast, too!


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I might have to give those Saucony sneakers a try. Since last summer, I have been wearing the Pro 2s. The finest suggestions come from you. Exercises that appear easy are usually the easiest for me to do, but even the most difficult ones can be done. geometry dash world

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