WE RUN… that’s what we do:)

I hope you have a beautiful Memorial Day.  I am so incredibly grateful to those who have served and sacrificed so much for our country.


On my way to my sister’s house it started raining and my sister didn’t realize that it was raining until she walked out the door and then she looked at me and said, “WHAT DO WE DO?”  I said, “You go inside and grab us hats and we run, ha.”   She then told me she hoped that when it rained it meant that runners skip their run and go out for waffles instead.

She wasn’t happy with me before we left but she was very happy when we finished.  She was proud of herself for getting out there regardless of the weather.

Somehow, over the next 5ish months I’ve got to warm her up to the idea that we will be running together through snow this winter;)

IMG 3543

8 miles @ 9:17 pace along with a walk up a big hill because there was no way I was running up that hill.

IMG 3560

When the owner of a restaurant has your order memorized…  The kids had already eaten but Andrew gladly joined me for the fresh salad that always seems to be calling my name these days.

I would be happier filling up my water bottle with that salad dressing and drinking that all day than drinking water ha.

IMG 3566

Turns out that a caramel apple was needed too from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  It’s really nice to have food that I WANT to eat now rather than just eating the only things that don’t sound absolutely terrible anymore.

IMG 3598

The girls played fetch with a bouncy ball that we had for a solid 30 minutes.

IMG 3592

We have become more easily entertained than ever before.

IMG 3584

The girls both had a hair cut.  This was Skye’s first real haircut and she was just so proud of herself afterwards and kept feeling it (masks were worn inside:).

IMG 3606

On Sunday we definitely all slept in and then went straight for the pancakes.  When I was pregnant with Skye I thought pancakes were a pregnancy craving but they aren’t, I just always love them and this syrup takes them to the next level.

IMG 3618

I got back in bed after the pancakes because 9.5 hours of sleep that night clearly wasn’t enough.

IMG 3622

And then we went to the mountains.

IMG 1050

We went on a trail that I used to run with my friends all of the time and it brought back many memories from last year (Pipeline trail).

Skye attacked the uphills.

IMG 1069

Being outside in the fresh air does wonders for my mental health, a few minutes in and my mood improved 200%.

IMG 1095

Once we got home, Skye was climbing on a stool and she fell off and it hit her in the face.  That lip of hers kept getting bigger and bigger over the next few hours so she was not a happy camper.   Although, she didn’t hate the fact that we let her have as many popsicles as she wanted because it was hurting her too bad to eat solids.

IMG 3685

For dinner last night we brought over a salad and homemade rolls to go with my sister’s amazing pasta dish. My sister says she enjoys cooking more when she doesn’t follow a recipe so she made up some crazy sauce that I wish she wrote the recipe down for because I need this again and again.

IMG 3694


Do you ever make up your own recipes or would you rather follow a recipe?

What was the best thing that you ate this last weekend?

Tell me about the craziest weather conditions that you have run through?

What’s your plan today?  If you are working do you have the day off?  Doing a special run?

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I think you AND your sister were right – you run anyway and THEN get waffles if it’s raining.


Valid point! I am always learning from you haha. Have a beautiful day!


Those mountains look lovely!

My first winter in Upstate NY, I ran in some very cold weather (as in, -20F). The only day I ran indoors that winter was during the polar vortex when it was -35F. The next year we bought a treadmill!

I also accidentally ran in a thunderstorm last summer (I didn’t realize it was about to start storming!). Thankfully a coworker drove by right as the lightning started and was kind enough to drop me off at the gym so I could finish my run indoors.


-20F… I cannot even imagine! You are hardcore but I’m also very grateful that you have a treadmill now too! I have never ran in a thunderstorm and what perfect timing for your coworker to drive by! I hope you have a beautiful day, Isla!


I don’t love following recipes; that’s why my husband is the baker ;)

Best thing I ate this weekend was homemade ice cream from a local creamery! So so good!

The craziest weather conditions would have to be wind! It felt like gravel was pelting me through the last mile or so of the run. I won’t do that again. However, I kind of love running in the rain.
Thursday is my baby’s 13th bday, Wednesday is my brother in law’s, and Friday was my sister in law’s so we are going to bbq and swim with family today.


Haha true… with baking you just really have to follow a recipe. Now I need you to send me some of that homemade ice cream please. That run in the wind made me wince reading about it ha. That sounds like my worst nightmare. I hope you get a rainy run soon and HAPPY BDAY to so many family members of yours. What a fun week and enjoy that bbq and swim party! Thanks Marissa!


I have to follow a recipe down to how many chocolate chips are in it. I can’t make my own or guess how much of something to use! But my sister also just randomly can put stuff together and it tastes good.


Hahaha I am JUST like you and your sister sounds like my sister. The chocolate chips thing made me smile:) I hope you are having a great day so far, Mary!


I have off ( a teacher). We are going into the “ yellow phase” of reopening on 6/5 and seeing your pictures of doing normal things makes me anxious. It’s such a weird feeling! We have been doing social distance play dates with my youngest daughter’s friend ( bike rides) but neither child has been anywhere since 3/14 so likely NOT a risk. Yesterday we did another play date and the Mom and I just let them get close, they played in a creek together and it was good to see. Today we are having a social distance picnic and hike with friends and social distance visit with my Mom.


Hey Carrie! I just have to clap for you and tell you thank you for all that you do for your students. I can’t imagine how hard the last few months must have been. I totally know what you mean, I felt a lot of anxiety too in the beginning but I really trust the leaders of my state and the experts for our specific areas and that helps me to be able to continue to move forward. I’m excited to hear how things go for you guys but don’t feel alone in that anxiety. So glad your daughter is able to do those bike rides and then play in the creek, I bet that has just been so good for them! Enjoy that picnic and seeing your mom!


Happy Memorial Day!
If I’m going to cook (and not just pull something out of the freezer) I definitely need a recipe! I have zero cooking intuition. Hence why the best thing I’ve eaten all weekend is the bowl of chocolate Cheerios I’m currently enjoying :)
I live in Canada…so I’ve run through more than one blizzard haha.
Today my mission is to plan a drive-by bridal shower for my sister! There are still restrictions on social gatherings here, so I’m not exactly sure what to do. Please let me know if you have any ideas!!
Hope you have a wonderful day!


Thank you so much and I’m right there with you and the lack of the cooking intuition. CHOCOLATE CHEERIOS are so so good. I need to tell my sister about you and your blizzard running. So sweet that you are doing that for your sister and I am going to brainstorm ideas today. Thanks Rachel, you too!


The girl’s crowns are so cute, and I love that Skye is wearing her’s upside-down.
Yay for haircuts! I am so looking forward to having my hair done. Hopefully soon!
I mostly follow recipes, but I also love to adjust them with different things after I have made a recipe once or twice. Last night I made Shalane’s quinoa salad (so good) and made my own cilantro lime marinade for chicken that I grilled. Together it was heaven!
I had a good long run planned on the river trail this morning…. But my achilles have still been bothering me, so I talked with my friend who is a sports PT and she said it sounds like achilles tendonitis… No running for a while. I am so sad. I felt like over these last couple of months that I had built up a great base, and was starting to increase my long runs again. Plus, running outside is so good for my sanity right now. Hopefully I will be fine quickly.
So, today will be spent on the patio, maybe doing some more planting.
Enyoy your day.


Hahah yep, and Skye insisted on keeping it upside-down. I can’t wait for you to be able to go and get your hair done too (here we can and I still haven’t… oops)! That quinoa salad is something else and cilantro lime marinade… yes please. I will try your combo. BOOO to that achilles, Wendy that is so hard. I really hope that it heals faster than your friend thinks. You need your outside running time. Please keep me updated on it all, thinking about you!


Skye looks so much older after her haircut! Her poor lip! We had a lip/mouth incident that resulted in a lost tooth this weekend–good thing it was already loose!

Does your sister still lift weights so much now that she is running? Tell her winter running is way better than summer running!

I would rather follow a recipe. However, the more I cook (especially during stay-at-home) the more comfortable I have become at substituting something I have on hand vs going to the store for 1-2 ingredients.

I think the craziest weather I have ran in is -40 degrees with windchill it was 20 mph winds and snow during parts. I got frostbit on my face. That patch still turns red and is a dry spot on my skin.


LOST TOOTH… ouch! We are kind of worried that this might kill her front tooth so we are going to keep an eye on it. My sister is not lifting as much as she used to but she is definitely still lifting. She just loves it! I might be able to convince her to winter run if we do it at noon ha. -40 degrees, I think I would have died one minute into the run!!! That is awesome that during this time you have really learned what things you can mix around with a recipe. Have a beautiful day, Becky!


Hi Janae! This weekend I made the sardine pasta from Shalane’s second cookbook! Turns out I don’t like sardines much, oh well. I even made a double batch because I found two tins of sardines lying around. Oh well, you live and learn I guess.
Happy Memorial Day! Does Andrew get off today? I hope you have a great holiday all together!


Bummer about the sardines! I don’t think I like them either but you are sure brave to try them! He is off:) Now we need to figure out something to do. Have a great day, Amy!


Skye looks so grown up after that haircut!

I usually start with a recipe, then change things up as I go.

The best thing I ate this weekend – Salted Caramel Milky Way! I’ve always loved Milky Ways, but the salted caramel was a great new twist.

I ran the 2014 Honolulu Marathon in a downpour with winds so strong my hat flew off.

Today is our 29th wedding anniversary! We were suppose to be in Kauai and can’t come up with anything we really want to do today that we can actually do.


How have I not tried the salted caramel milky way bars? I didn’t even know they existed. How did you run a marathon in that weather and I’m sure it was hot too! HAPPY HAPPY anniversary and I hope you guys are able to come up with some fun things to do and create some amazing memories. Your 30th anniversary is just going to be incredible and I can’t wait to hear where you will go:)


How did I not know about Salted Caramel Milky Ways? Brilliant, headed to store immediately…..


You’d think I was a recipe person judging by ALL.THE.COOKBOOKS. that I own….but I tend to look at a recipe ingredient list and a photo of the outcome (I hate when recipes don’t have a picture) then kind of do my own thing. It’s so fun to make up things or make swaps.

The best thing I ate this weekend….well, I needed to add some texture to my massive layered veggie dish I baked so I decided to chop up some mushrooms and saute them with sunflower seeds and fresh parsley. It was sort of a feeble, but tasty attempt at making fake meat crumbles. I have since made it three times and it’s only Monday.

Crazy weather-100F with a zillion % humidity. It was terrible (heat hater). Other crazy weather has involved snow or rain/thunder/lightning storms that required ducking into huts for shelter. I sorta love crazy sometimes (except heat. nope)

Skye even looks MORE like your mom now with that new haircut! So cute!!!

I hope her lip gets better-popsicles for the win!!!
Day off today-but it’s an odd feeling since working from home. But it meant I could go out for a ride in the AM instead of after work so that felt pretty exciting!!


That is so so cool that you do that, Kelly! I’m with you, if the recipe doesn’t include a picture then I’m not making it ha. That layered veggie dish sounds incredible, send me some:) ‘Ducking into huts for shelter’… you do love crazy adventures. I totally agree with you about Skye and my mom and it makes me so happy. So happy you got to go out for a ride this morning. Hope you continue to have a wonderful day off.


This post made my day (or so far half the day lol)! I love your salad dressing comment. I had a mental image of chugging salad dressing out of a water bottle while running and it was not a pretty picture lol.
I had the most intense craving for ceasar salad dressing when I was pregnant. I seriously ate Ceasar salads with extra croutons daily and for snacks. For whatever reason it eased my nausea as well. The ratio of dressing to lettuce made my husband cringe!

Poor Skye ouch!


Hahah thank you for sharing this with me! Now I MUST have a big ceasar salad with croutons and more dressing than lettuce… so maybe dressing soup? I hope you are having a beautiful day, Gillian!


Your layered veggie casserole dish sounds really good! Can you share the recipe?!


I know you’ve linked your sunglasses in many posts but could you possibly let me know what sunglasses these are? Hope your family had a great Holiday weekend!


No worries friend! Here is the link and I hope you love them too:




Craziest weather I have ran in was when a friend and I got caught in a hailstorm during a quick 4 mile run we thought we could squeeze in before it started storming. We actually had to go up to a random house about a mile away from my house and just stand under their eaves alongside their house to try to somewhat get out if the hail/rain until the people who lived there saw us and let us come inside! They even gave us towels and let us hang out for 10 mins or so until the hail let up and we were able to run the rest of the way home. It was awkward bc we were both just wearing shorts and sports bras, standing in a strangers house soaking wet ? It was nuts and we had bruises all over our legs from being pelted with hail!


Happy Memorial Day Janae! Brooke and Skye are so cute with their matching braids – was wondering if you’d do a post on their and Knox’s sibling bond before the new baby comes? They look like they all are best friends, despite the age, and as a big sister myself I am curious about how Brooke adapted to having a little sis and how they get along!

Have a great day!


I love this idea and I totally will! Thank you! Have a great day, Katie!

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