Silentish Saturday!!!

6.47 miles @ 8:47 average to start off my Friday and luckily I felt a million times better than the day before.

Post-run—> Minecraft Uno.

IMG 3483

Rollie-pollie searching.

IMG 3495

Was stressed beyond belief for a few minutes when I realized Beretta got out of our fence but then a neighbor a few streets away called us and told us she was safely with them… so grateful!

IMG 3493

Seeing this car made me happy:)

IMG 3503

I just needed this salad so so so bad (steak and tortillas on the bottom).

IMG 3500

And the girls told me that we needed to get a cookie afterwards.

IMG 3509

Probably shouldn’t have let her eat one in the car.

IMG 3512

I finally got ready for the day and came out to find this scene.

IMG 3515

She looked old yesterday.

IMG 3519

I have a feeling most of my summer will be spent in this beach chair.

IMG 3526

I made chicken enchiladas for dinner but they didn’t taste that great ha so thankfully mac and cheese had my back.

IMG 3533

Jessica recommended an ESPN documentary for me—> Broke and it was nuts to me!  It’s all about how players that make so much money mismanage their money (watching it made me feel better because I was feeling bad about spending so much money on food this last week ha… I didn’t feel bad anymore after watching this).

Screen Shot 2020 05 22 at 6 11 08 PM


Tell me 3 things that you have going on today!!!

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Long run, finishing two online grad courses and baking are on the agenda for today. Hope your day is a good one! Where did you get the pink, white and yellow sweatshirt? I have been looking for something similar and the colors on yours make me happy:)


Finishing two grad classes today?!? You are amazing! Here is the top, it’s currently sold out but you can be put on the list to get an email when it is back!
Have a great weekend Angie!


Cleaning, entertaining my girls inside ( day 2 of rain), and resting

We are still in the “red” here in PA so not many options which makes life so simple!!


I hope you guys get some sunshine sooner than later! Have a wonderful day with your girls and I hope things in PA improve soon! Thanks Carrie!


Do you have a list of all your favorite documentaries anywhere? I feel like you are always mentioning ones that sound so good but then I forget what they’re called when I go to actually watch them! ?


I will totally put together a list and post next them next week! Great idea! Have an awesome weekend, Christine!


So glad you felt better yesterday!
We got new patio furniture yesterday, put it together and got it all perfectly arrange in one area. So, today is all about cleaning up the other part of the patio and getting that furniture ready for summer. I may get to planting some containers too… We’ll see how the clean-up goes.
But 1st I’m planning a long-ish run on a trail near a river that I rediscovered last weekend. I just assumed it would be closed or way too crowded, but it’s open and not nearly as crowded as the trail I love that’s right by my house. Yay! Plus, running near water is just so peaceful for me ?
Hope you’re Saturday and Sunday are great!


YAY!! Oh I am so excited that you found the perfect set for outside and I hope you spend so much time out there this weekend. I hope your run on that trail by the river was perfect. Thanks friend, you too!


I’m not sure I have the energy for 3 things today! We started building a front planter wall this week and I’m beat! Les has done most of the work, but I’ve been toting gallons of water and mixing mortar. Proof that I really need to strength train!! I told him he had to go for a long bike ride today because I need the day off!! It’s gonna be awesome when he finishes. I’m totally blown away watching him work. He designed it all and each block is leveled. My one thing will be blogging about week 1 progress.


I bet you are tired, yard work is exhausted (especially when you are BUILDING a front plantar wall). I think this counts as your strength training ha. I can’t wait to see the post!! Have a beautiful day, Kathy!


Skye’s ponytails are SO cute. She really is looking like a little girl, not a toddler!

Today–takeout for dinner (my favorite place just reopened and I’m SO excited), talked to some family who live far away, and I capped off my highest mileage ever week! Have a GREAT Memorial Day weekend!


I AM SO happy that your favorite place opened up again, that is so exciting! PLUS, your highest mileage ever week… Kristin, you are on fire. I am thrilled for you! I hope your weekend is a wonderful one too and enjoy all of the recovery today!


Doing a bit of office work, taking care of my 8 month old grandson and maybe bringing my daughter home from the hospital after her hip replacement. Have a great weekend!


Oh wow, I hope her hip replacement went well! Your grandson is so lucky to have such an amazing grandma. Thanks Leslie and have an awesome day!


Hi Janae! I have a long weekend! I’m so excited. I don’t have any big plans but I’m still very excited. Hope you have a great weekend too!


Enjoy every second of your long weekend! Thanks AMY!


It’s my daughter Leila’s sixth birthday today! We have been self isolating with my parents in their home since March 13 so we had lots of fun planning the party for the five of us (my mom, dad, husband and me plus Leila)! They live on a lake in rural Virginia so we decorated the dock, made a strawberry castle cake decorated with pink frosting and lots of candy…Neighbors floated by on their boats and jet skis to wish her a happy day. Most of the folks were older so they were really kind to indulge Leila! We missed having a party with her friends in our home in Boston but today was still special!
Hope y’all have the best weekend, Janae!


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEILA! This party sounds like the absolute best party ever and she must feel so loved. I am SO happy you have been able to isolate with your parents and keep enjoying that lake. PS now I need some strawberry cake ha. Have a beautiful rest of your day, Nadya!


Happy Saturday! Mac’n’cheese looks sooo good!

Cleaning, baking chocolate chip cookies, and reading are on my list of things to do.
If you have a watermelon that you aren’t going to eat before it goes bad (impossible now) try cutting it up and freezing it…then once it is frozen, you can blend it for a special treat! So good!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!!


Thank you so much and I hope you have some mac’n’cheese asap! WAIT, how have I gone this long without this information in my life?! I CANNOT WAIT TO TRY! Thanks Amber and I hope your weekend is a great one too.


Have you watched Team Ingrebrigtsen? It’s about a family of very successful Norwegian runners who are trained by their father. Really fascinating insights to training, competition, and family dynamics (7 kids from a baby to a 25 year old, some in the “family business” of running, some not). Some of it is available on YouTube with English subtitles. There are three seasons so far. Here’s a link to the first episode:


Skye DOES look older in that picture! My goodness!!!!

Ran trails this morning and it was so humid-beat the rain though! Since it didn’t rain I ran an extra loop.
Baked rhubarb/raspberry crisp and a lasagna for my son and one for my neighbor (also my boyfriend so that’s convenient)
Yoga while the crisp baked. I felt super earthy doing that, which is funny because I do yoga often but today with the rain and all the baking it just felt more organic than usual.

Hope your weekend goes well! Mac and cheese seems to always be there when ya need it the most!!!


So happy you enjoyed Broke!! I work in wealth management and used to have some exposure to pro athletes, and they don’t always have the best team in place to help them make good decisions. 30 for 30 also has a podcast which is always really well done- their first season was about Bikram (SO GOOD!!!) and the 2nd was about Roger Sterling.


Catching up on your blog, where is your cute pink tank top from?!

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