Retire My Shorts + Mood Follows Action

Running is feeling better and better in the second trimester now—>  8.27 miles @ 8:58 average pace and I felt like I could have kept going besides the fact that these shorts caused quite the chafing situation on my inner thighs.  I’ve learned over the years that retiring clothing that doesn’t fit is the best thing ever for me to do whether I’m pregnant or not pregnant.  Why be uncomfortable in something when I could be comfortable in something that does fit?   So maybe I’ll wear these shorts again in a very long time and maybe I won’t ever wear them again but I’m not going to wear something that makes me uncomfortable, that is for sure!

Our ponytails were in sync.

IMG 3699

I am feeling the need to be doing a lot more stretching during this time (my hip flexors are feeling the changes!) and Brooke gladly joins me for some zen time.

IMG 3708

I listened to this podcast yesterday and it was my favorite Shalane episode ever.  There were so many amazing pieces in there she included and she shared so much more about herself than I’ve ever heard her do.  In addition to her 3rd cookbook coming out… I really hope she someday writes a book about her life’s experiences because I will devour every page.

3 nuggets that I loved from the episode:

*’Iron makes iron stronger.’  She says this when she was talking about working with others to get faster in groups.  I know for me that training with others made me a lot faster than I could have ever imagined but I also think it is true for the running community in general.  Having people to talk to online and to encourage you and be inspired from… helps us with our running too!  I think having the online running community helps us to all stay motivated too!

*’Sleep is free.’  Shalane talks about this when she was talking about what her routine was in her peak years as a marathoner.  There are so many recovery tools/supplements out there that all cost a lot of money but I think the most valuable recovery tool is sleep and I loved her reminder that it is free!

*’Mood follows action.’  1000000% true.  This will be a good mantra to have on mornings that I don’t feel like getting out.

IMG 3710

We had grand plans to go out and do some sort of hike or Utah exploration but that definitely didn’t happen…

IMG 3756

Instead we did things like eat egg/cheese/bacon/red pepper/avocado tacos.

IMG 3759

And cash in Brooke’s jelly beans for a new toy.  We use a jelly bean system where the kids can earn them by doing extra chores or doing something really kind for somebody else etc. and then they can trade the beans they’ve earned for a toy or things like staying up late etc.  We’ve been doing this with them for almost 2 years now and it definitely motivates them!  Here is the chart that we use in case anybody is interested.

IMG 3779

They wrestled for a while.

IMG 3749

We also got Andrew a shake.  He said he has had empathy pregnancy cravings for a shake ha:)

IMG 3777

And sometimes I don’t even know who I am anymore because I did not want a shake and wanted fries instead.

IMG 3778

I’m also very happy to report that I found delicious peaches and I ate a few of them while watching Lance on ESPN+ (they have the MA version and TV-14 version and we watched the TV-14 version because it edits out the language).

IMG 3781


Favorite summertime fruit?

Parents reading> What type of reward system to you use?  Do you do an allowance?

Random question of the day—>  Are you a texter, a caller or a FaceTimer?  Has it changed during this time at home and social distancing?

What’s your run or workout today?  

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Favorite summer fruit….strawberries and CHERRIES! We go to the national cherry festival in Traverse City every year…probably not this year though.

No run today. I started marathon training yesterday and had 8 miles with 4 at HM pace and it went amazing. I’m choosing to believe for now that my fall marathon will happen. It will take place on my 35th birthday!


Marathon training wahoo! This made me so happy to read and you already knocked out an awesome workout. That marathon on your bday sounds like the perfect way to celebrate. So excited for you, Sara! I’m going to have to send you some cherries from our tree, you’ll love them! Have an awesome day.


I got peaches at the grocery store yesterday! I was so excited when I realized it was peach season. Also excited for blackberries, strawberries, watermelon.

It depends who I’m talking to- texting is great because it’s fast and easy, but talking on the phone with friends is much better to catch up. And love Facetiming with my nieces so I can see them.

Tried doing strength this morning and my abs were shaking after a minute plank, so need to start doing that more often hahaha.


Now I need to go back and get some blackberries, yum! Yay for getting in the strength and a minute is a long plank (for me at least!) so way to go! Have a beautiful day, Mariah!


All the summertime fruits! Strawberries, raspberries, nectarines… We’re getting a few strawberries from the plants in our garden at the moment, and it’s hard to beat a sun-warmed strawberry that you’ve just picked.

This week is my 100 mile challenge: Day 2 today. I’m aiming to spread it out across the whole week, two runs per day, so I’m 3 runs in for 23.14 miles (definitely counting every 0.01 mile). Not feeling amazingly easy, but I’m on track.


100 mile challenge! That’s amazing Helen and you better count each .01! Keep me updated throughout the week and I’m cheering for you! I hope you get all of the delicious fruit this week to help fuel you through this challenge!


Favorite summertime fruit: peaches!

We have a marble reward system but I forgot to use it all school year :0

Texter for most things, FaceTimer to get in touch with family.

5 miles is my daily standard, to reach the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee of 1023K by August 31.


I am just so amazed by you doing the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee…1023k wow! Cheering for you and I’m the same way with texting and FaceTime! Have a beautiful day, Tonya.


Each month I am pregnant I rearrange my closet so that the clothes that fit/are comfortable are in the front. It makes it so much easier getting dressed when I don’t need to “try on” things to see if they work. Ha I am 34 weeks so right now like nothing works… I decided stretchy dresses are my new uniform :)

You look great! I hope that you can keep running all the way to the end! Have a great day Janae!


Melissa! 34 weeks❤️ You are so close wahoo! I am absolutely going to copy you with the way you arrange your clothes and thank goodness for stretchy dresses! Keep me updated with s everything and I hope you are sleeping well and feeling great.


I am visiting my daughter in Utah for a few days and she has hikes or runs planned every day! Yesterday was hiking silver lake at American fork canyon. Amazing views! Today she has class but eventually we are going to find a trail to run on! I was originally going to visit to run the Utah Valley Marathon together in a couple weeks but changed my plans when it went virtual. We ran the our virtual race together on Saturday. She is going to grad school here and I have a bucket list of hikes and races I want to run while she lives here! It is such a beautiful state!


Jo! You are here! This makes me so happy and I love Silver Lake. Way to go on doing the utah valley virtual race, you two are amazing! Please keep me updated with the other things you do and see while you are here. Enjoy every second and thanks for letting me know.


The matching ponytail swings is too cute!

I love cantaloupe! We have to buy 3 at at time. My son and I each eat our own and the other 3 people can share the 3rd.

I am always good at thinking of reward systems, but horrible at following through! So no allowance or reward system at our house. That is how I grew up and it seemed to work (we were expected to help out/do chores), so I just stick with that. We do stop for ice cream for “special treats” (end a of the school quarter, we did a big cleaning project, someone was caught being kind, etc.) If the kids want a bigger “gift,” like a set of LEGO’s, we set a big goal they need to reach–extra chores, reading goal (above what is expected), helping a sibling or family member with a project or something along those lines.

I ran 9.25 miles this morning. It is so humid! I forget the water fountains are shut off. I ended up running 17 miles on Saturday and I had no water/fuel. It was raining so I was sticking my tongue out trying to catch drops;-).

Have a fabulous Tuesday!!!


Oh I LOVE cantaloupe so much too… I hope you have plenty of it soon. I think your method is perfect and that is how I grew up too! You have it figured out and I love hearing how everyone does it. HUMIDITY already?! No and how did you survive on Saturday? I wish you could come run here with me in the summers in the dryness. Thanks Becky, you too!


How was the Lance episode, i wanted to watch? I got bad chafing from the Senita striped shorts that you have and I am devastated. Also – can you not go in your hot tub – that would be terrible. With the news last week that did not even occur to me.


Hey Allison!! The episode was awesome (we did the TV-14 one not the MA one because the language was intense) but it’s hard to believe a word that Lance says but overall really good. Not as good as good as the MJ one though. NOOOO to the Senita shorts, can you return them by chance? So I can get in our hot tub and I did at the beginning because we had it set so much lower (like a luke warm bath) but the idea of being warmer than I have to be is what turns me off to it ha. Everyone else is enjoying it and I can’t wait to get in again in the future. I hope you have a beautiful day!


Do you think there is an edited version for the Lance opener? Yikes.
It’s fascinating to learn of all the lies and fraud but it still has me skeptical to believe anything he says in present times.
Current preferred American cyclist story (still).


YES YES YES… there is an MA one and TV-14 and we watched the TV-14 and it edited out the language. Let me know what you think! Yeah, I agree and I definitely have a hard time believing a word he says. CANNOT wait for this story you linked, I really appreciate it. Have a great day Molly!


Gotta go with Cherries for favorite summer time fruit.

Going to run-walk (4.5m run-5.5m walk) 5 miles today. Almost halfway back!

Have you listened to this podcast yet?

The guy was given his last rites like 5 times and definitely has a great perspective on life to share.


John, I cannot wait to listen to that episode. Thank you for sharing. I am SO happy that you are halfway back and I hope you are feeling better than ever. I’ll send you some of our cherries this year from our tree:). Hope you are having a great day!


I’m 31 weeks pregnant and still wearing the same pre-pregnancy shorts, but now my thighs are slathered chafing balm (I use Squirrel’s Nut Butter and as ridiculous as the name is, that stuff is incredible!).


ANGELA!! Congrats and you are so close (I’m quite jealous ha;)… good call, I need to try Squirrel’s Nut Butter asap because the chafing was BAD! Hope you are feeling well.


I love ALL the summertime fruit! I grew up in Fresno, in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, so the abundance of farm fresh fruit was awesome. My parents would go to a fruit stand and buy whatever had been picked that day. My grandparents also had a farm – olives was their #1 crop (sorry, Janae!) but they also had a few fruit trees.

I’m definitely a texter and I’ve been doing a LOT more of it lately.

I ran 7.65 miles today. I forgot how much difference new shoes make!


Okay, all of that farm fresh fruit and fruit stand talk has my stomach grumbling. So cool that your grandparents also had a farm! WAY to go on your run today and new shoes just help us to fly! Enjoy the rest of your day, Kathy!


Hi Janae! I’m so jealous that it’s peaches season for you already, I love peaches! We are just getting strawberries over here and won’t have peaches until August. I’m loving the “mood follows action” mantra, reminds me of the “action cures dear” sticker I got with my passion planner one year. I hope you have a great day and eat lots of peaches for me!


Hey Amy! I need to send you some peaches! Oh I love that quote and it’s just what I need for when I am feeling fearful! Thank you Amy and I totally will:)


So mad I missed the Lance show!!! Just heard about it this morning. Is it on again? Where can I find it?

You have inspired me to go get peaches!!!! ?

Have a great day!


Hey Lindsey! Yes, you can still watch it on ESPN+ app! Each Sunday they are releasing a new one and I hope you get some peaches soon. Thanks friend, you too!


My husband and I had JCW’s yesterday too, but I gotta say even though I’m a fry person through-and-through, I prefer their onion rings!! I’ve been terrible at workouts lately because of some personal stuff going on. My Mom has cancer, and with the COVID situation added on top it’s just hard all around. No matter what happens though, she has been my best friend for 30+ years and I’m happy for that.


Tess, I am SO so sorry about what your mom’s cancer. That breaks my heart and I am hoping for the absolute best and that she stays as healthy as possible during this time. Your relationship sounds amazing and I’m so grateful you have each other. Please keep me updated with how you are doing. xoxo


Fruit – peaches are amazing! I also love a good watermelon. It’s not quite time for those here yet.
I normally am a text person but have been FaceTiming quite a bit so my family can see baby!
This morning I ran 1 mile with the jogging stroller!!! The last two days we did about a half mile so I was proud we got a full mile in! Then we took a 4 mile walk for nap number 1! Ha! This little girl sure enjoys being active!! I remember during pregnancy I would tell her all the fun things we would do outside when she arrived… now we are doing some of them!


CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you and you have to keep me updated on all of this. SO happy you guys are able to do all of the things you talked about. Have a great rest of your day, Emily and I hope you are getting some sleep!
PS so thankful that we have FaceTime these days so you can show your family that baby of yours.


Watermelon all the way! I eat a whole one in probably 48 hours when it’s hot weather days lol.

I did the jellybean system for awhile but I switched over to a Dave Ramsey envelope system (spend/give/save) as my son is 10 and I felt it was time to swap out the candy for coin! :)

I have both her cookbooks so I am thrilled that she has another one on the way! I love her meatballs and superhero muffins!


I have a really good watermelon here right now and I want to send you some of it. I hope your summer is full of watermelon. I need to check out the envelope system, what a great way to teach how to set money aside for different things at a young age. YES those are two of my favorite recipes. She said she has a really good savory superhero muffin coming out, I cannot wait! Hope you are having a great day, Gillian.


Im a texter but a friend of mine have been calling each other every couple of weeks during this time since we weren’t seeing each other.
We don’t really have a reward system but I remember you talking about that jelly beans system – I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already! We do an allowance for the chores they are required to do. I do the allowance so they can learn to tithe their own money at church and not have me giving them money.


Oh that’s a great idea Mary! I’ve been wondering how I could help them to learn tithing better… I’m going to have to copy you on that. Seriously, two years has gone by way too quickly! So glad you are keeping in touch with that friend of yours and I hope you are having a beautiful day.


In sync running ponytails is too cute! ?‍♀️ ?‍♀️

Oh I really want a milkshake now.. ? that looks delicious ? so do the fries .. okay now I want fast food !

My favorite summertime fruit is probably ? and ? with cool whip ?

My kids earned stickers and cashed them in for a reward. It worked pretty well although they often tried to earn stickers for silly things like flushing the toilet ?

Have a wonderful day!


I had watermelon after a race many years ago and it became my favorite go to fruit after a race.
It’s sweet, wet and best when cold!

How far along into your pregnancy do you run? Seems like it would be uncomfortable.

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