Friday Favorites!

(bra, shoes, shorts)

6.4 miles in humidity…. Not sure how I’m going to survive 16 miles this weekend. Send help!

The girls got out for a bit too! I let them lead with running… if they ask to run, I take them.

We called this a vacation before we left and we are definitely calling it a ‘trip’ (due to a particular toddler we know) while we are here 🤣

We brought our own sandwiches and then got some treats at the beach.

His tolerance for sand has increased exponentially.

I’m really struggling with the idea of her being gone next week.

We finished up the day with Duke’s. Seared tuna for me.

And walking around the boardwalk and pier.

Let’s get chatting about some favorites!

*The Core Power Strawberry Banana. With this flavor, I feel like I am drinking a fresh smoothie every morning that involves zero work on my part.

Isn’t it funny how runners will go out and run 15 miles yet find the closest parking spot at the store later in the day;). The beauty of Core Power is that I go out and do the hard work on the roads, and then they make my recovery easy as I get to kick back on the front porch with my bottle and enjoy life.

*I finished ‘The Great Alone.’ I felt so many feelings throughout this book and it is the best book I’ve ever read. I felt like I was actually there in each scene in Alaska watching the story play out each time I opened the book. On our drive I was so into the book that Andrew asked why I hadn’t been snacking like normally… I then realized I was actually starving but didn’t notice because I was so lost in the book which was a first for me.

*The adidas back-to-school clothes. I’m not happy about them going back to school but they sure are and I think part of that reason is because of their new gear. These backpacks are all such great deals and look so cute on them! SUMMER NEEDS TO SLOW DOWN.

*Allyson Felix on the Armchair Expert. I loved her story.

*Truly the best Kirkland product possible.

*A face sunscreen I’m obsessed with. I love the glow it gives and you can’t even feel it on your face when you wear it.

What do you have going on this weekend?

Have a favorite sunscreen? What do you use for running?

Tips for humidity running, please!

What’s your weekend long run if you have one?

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Your trip looks like a blast! My oldest starts kinder soon too (we were pregnant at the same time for both Skye and Beck!) and I am NOT ok! Not to mention we are having our third the week before. Pray for me and my hormones LOL.

My brother is a multiple iron man and Boston qualifier. He lives in VA Beach so used to humidity. His #1 tip for humidity is to slow down!! There are some conversion websites out there that will tell you how much to slow down based on dew point.


Ah, so glad to see somebody else mention dew point! That is really the key factor to watch, combined with humidity! The higher the dew point – the less water evaporates as you sweat – and you lose your natural ability to cool yourself.


I loved The Great Alone too! We travelled to Alaska recently with our 3 and 7 year old and I would totally recommend it if you’re ever looking for an idea for your next family trip! We are from eastern Canada and I’m sure it’s slightly more direct coming from Utah. So incredibly beautiful! Have a great weekend!


I HAD weekend long runs planned…then, when I was coaching the middle school XC team yesterday, I fell on the trails and had to get five stitches in my knee. 😩 I feel like I can’t catch a break this year with running.
Ahhh all that food looks amazing! We used to watch Alyson Felix run at track meets when I was a freshman. She is so incredible. 😍
Hope you’re having a great TRIP! That made me laugh lol.


Hahaha I know about vacations vs. trips. Especially when they are that age. (Quite frankly it’s still like that since my 5 and 7 (ALMOST 8!) act like some sort of rock band on tour and trash every hotel room we go to the minute we get there). Honestly it was like the minute we got to our hotel at Dinosaur there were socks and underwear and crumbs and legos (I DIDN”T EVEN THINK WE BROUGHT THOSE!) EVERYWHERE

We’re headed back to SD on Sunday, but first some final Utah hiking, some running, and a date night for my husband and I in town (Twisted Fern if you’ve heard of it). The kids also want to see where we got married which I think it is a weird, but sweet, request.

I’m planning to run from Deer Valley to Kimball Junction on Sat., (and if no one can get me I just take an Uber back). It’s my favorite one to do once I am used to the altitude (so toward the end of a trip). And it’s all downhill ;-)

No humidity tips, except slowing down. But I’m always pretty slow!

And sunscreen… I am really, really bad about sunscreen but trying to get better. I use Supergoop! How does Sunbum smell? I’m like 50/50 on sunscreen scents (I love them a LOT or hate them).


For humidity—just slow down and run by heart rate!! It’s been 90% + humidity for most of my runs the last month, and I’m just putting in miles and keeping my RPE where it should be vs trying to nail a pace.


Hi Janae! We are going camping! I have been working nonstop the last few days and part of me wants to cancel but the other part knows that getting out in the wilderness will do me a lot of good. Enjoy the rest of your trip and the rest of summer!!


Number 1 humidity tip: don’t check the humidity % before your run. Just let it be.
The Great Alone: I could have had a heart attack when Matthew (i think that was the boyfriend’s name) is in the cabin when the dad returns home. And by the end…Alexa, play No Body, No Crime.
This weekend I have 14 easy miles, before work.
Enjoy your time on your TRIP.


The humidity has been crazy this summer. But this week is actually better, ha ha. Yep, slow down, and hydrate.
Dukes is so good. Our favorite sushi place is on main street… Sushi on Fire, so good! We also love a little taco place on PCH just a tad north of the pier called Sancho’s Tacos. If you haven’t already, check out Pacific City. Great shops and restaurants. So glad you all are enjoying HB.
Kristen Hannah is such a great writer! Love her books.
Have a fun Friday!


Looks like a blast! Haven’t been to the beach on the west coast ever, I have been to San Diego, but had no time for the beach. I need to go one day!

I use Hawaiian Tropic Sport and I love it! I use it on my face as well as arms/shoulders. I think the smell is my favorite part.

Probably a 9 or 10 miler tomorrow after work, but I do my long runs normally on Tuesdays (my Saturdays). I have a marathon in 13 weeks, so I am building back up to the distance after a summer of shorter runs.


I’m glad you loved The Great Alone! I listened to it on audio book – there were times I sat in my car in parking lots to finished certain sections! It is one of my all time favorites!
Enjoy your “trip”! Ha!


The picture of Brooke and Skye with all their feet off the ground! AMAZING!


I loved The Great Alone, too, such a fantastic book!

Living in Florida, humidity is my close companion and worst enemy. As others said, slow down your pace. I also run with two water bottles, one with water and one with Gatorade. Then, I drink a sip at regular intervals – every 1/4 mile – and switch between the bottles. I also use a sweat towel rolled up with ice in it on the back of my neck for really hot days.

Good luck!! And be careful, running distances in humidity is no joke.


I usually thin sun screen after I burn…then it’s looking for anything aloe..I always feel like I’m immune, and then my kids laugh and laugh at my pain….
this weekend, I’m 9 days away from a half marathon, I need to start training…


Humidity just is what it is- awful. There is no secret to feeling better sadly. I convince myself that anything harder during a run just makes another day feel easier. Reminder, though- humidity will fool you into drinking less. Good luck!

Sunscreen- still a supergoop girl. Best face sunscreen ever is their unseen sunscreen. I cannot tell I’m wearing it and it works great as a primer.

Good luck on the trip!!!

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