10 Side Effects of Not Running + That REALLY Hurt.

It has been a few days since we last caught up so let’s talk about a few things about our Friday first!

Knox left in the morning with his mom and then Brooke left later on in the day to be with her dad.

IMG 3856

Before Brooke left we went on a walk…

IMG 3903

And then Andrew was an excellent horse for the girls.

IMG 3891

Later on we saw my mom and dad and Skye was so happy to have some time with my mom.

IMG 3915

On Saturday morning I woke up at 3 am in so much pain—> mastitis!  For the next 24 hours I felt like I had the flu and I did absolutely nothing besides lay in my bed and feed Beck when he needed to be fed.  I’ve had mastitis before but this time it knocked me out way more than when I’ve had it before.  I am so thankful for antibiotics because I can’t remember the last time I felt so sick in my life!  I was also very thankful that it all happened on a day that Andrew was home because he took care of all of us.

IMG 3930

I’m pretty sure I watched two full seasons of The Office. Netflix kept asking me if I was still watching…

IMG 3931

On Sunday I woke up feeling like myself again.  My in-laws came over and we had brunch and they met Beck!

IMG 3938

Brooke came home a bit later from a fun weekend in Park City.

IMG 3959

And of course we went on a walk.

IMG 3969

IMG 3971

We finished off the day by taking my dad’s favorite cookies (pb no-bakes) to my parents’ house and ate some ourselves on the way.

IMG 3973


The last time I took a long break (I’ll take at least 6 weeks off if not more) from running was after I had Skye so I am definitely noticing some side effects that are happening from me NOT running and I thought I would share them and see if anyone could relate…

Picture below from my last run with Beck haha:

Screenshot 2020 11 18 at 2 17 49 PM

*Our laundry has gone down 30% because I am not washing a bunch of my running clothes every day although our laundry has gone up 50% because Beck goes through quite a few outfits each day.

*The kids aren’t afraid of hugging me in the mornings because they know that I didn’t run and therefore I am not sweaty.

*I AM SO BEHIND ON PODCASTS!  I can’t keep up with my favorites anymore because I am not running each morning.

*My feet aren’t looking as beat up as they usually do when I’m running all of the miles.

*I can go even longer in between hair washing days ha;)

*I’m not as tired as I was when training hard for marathons… Yes I am tired from getting up with Beck multiple times a night but that marathon training fatigue that I felt in 2019 took fatigue to the next level.

*I am getting out of bed at 8 am now:)  When I am running/training I usually have half of my day done by 8 a.m. (<— probably another reason why I’m not as tired ha).

*Andrew and I are going on a lot more walks together which has been so fun for us… Andrew enjoys walking with me much more than running with me.

*I do not know how some of my neighborhood friends are doing… I don’t know how the three old men are that I used to see walking EVERY morning while on my runs, I don’t see my niece’s friend out running in the mornings, I have no idea how my neighbors are a few streets away that always walked their dog at the same time I ran most mornings etc.

*I definitely miss those endorphins that a good run gives me along with that feeling that comes with accomplishing something really hard BUT I’ll keep enjoying these newborn days with Beck and running will be there for me when I’m ready for it!


What are some side effects you notice when you are taking a break from running?

Last show that you binge watched?  Do you prefer watching movies or tv shows?

-I would much rather watch TV shows than movies.

When was the last time you felt extremely sick?!  What did you have? Has anyone else had a bad case of mastitis?

Those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving, what is your work/school/life schedule this week?  Do you get time off?

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Hi Janae!

When I’m not running my back feels better but when I’m not running my soul and head space are not as happy and content. So I mostly try to run but I also ALWAYS know running will be there for me when I’m ready.

The last time I was so sick was exactly 1 year ago or the Monday before Thanksgiving. I’m pretty sure it was covid before covid had a name.

Mastitis is no fun so my prayers are with you!

I totally binged The Undoing on HBO with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant (?). It’s a little steamier than what I normally watch but it is very good. Now I’m caught up so just watching weekly. Oh, The Queen’s Gambit too!

Working from home currently so no actual schedule and our State is asking that we take Thanksgiving alone this near. It will just be the 4 of us vs the 20 last year. I’m a little sad but just trying to hang on.

Have a nice day and tell Skye she is the cutest thing ever!


YES to the soul and head space NEEDING the run! Huge bummer about your back issues though, I am so sorry about that! That is so interesting that you might have had covid last year at this time! It really will be such a different Thanksgiving for all of us and I hope the four of you have such a wonderful day together. I just keep thinking that 2021 Thanksgiving will be so nice after seeing what it is like without the big gatherings. Thank you so much Belle and I will sure tell her that. Have a great day!


Right after my son was born I ended up with a UTI. I panicked and cried because I was sooo sick. I didn’t have any normal symptoms, just a fever and felt like death. I thought I was going to die and leave my husband with our days old son! It was terrifying. My mom watched him while we went to urgent care. I was relieved when the doctor told me I wasn’t going to die.
I got sick again about 6 weeks later with Mastitis. I had a feeling that was what it was and I was less freaked out, but man those antibiotics really took care of it. I remember nursing my son in the weirdest angles. I think at one point he was laying on the floor and I was basically planking over him so that I could nurse at that angle. Not ideal, but it helped!


A UTI AND MASTITIS during those first weeks of life with your son… Kelly, that is bad. I had to laugh at your plank nursing because I’m pretty sure I did the same thing on Saturday ha. Hope your day is a beautiful one!


Just 3 of us for Thanksgiving this year – better safe than sorry.
I actually just came to say – did you listen to Office Girls podcast? It’s Pam and Angela talking about the episodes…it makes the episodes of The Office even funnier I think. :)

Have a good Thanksgiving and congrats on Beck!


I hope your Thanksgiving with the three of you is perfect and you feel so much love and happiness. YES YES YES… it’s the best podcast. I think that is why I’ve loved rewatching some of the beginning ones so much ha. Thanks friend, you too.


The kids are off of school for the entire week. I work today, then have three days off in a row (yay!). However I’ll be very cranky when I have to go to work on Friday and everyone else is home eating leftovers (my husband is a teacher so he’s also home all week).
I’ve been off of running several weeks because of my PF and it seems like the rest of my body has decided to fall apart. That always happens when I can’t run- my body is NOT happy.
Glad you’re feeling better! Good thing it happened when it did so you could get over it in time to enjoy Thanksgiving. Have a great day Janae!


Wow, they have the entire week off! I am so happy you are getting 3 days off! I hope you sneak a bunch of leftovers to work with you! PF is the worst, have you tried sleeping in the boots? https://amzn.to/2J4RKzp these save me with PF! Please keep me updated with how you are doing! Have a beautiful week and that is so true, I’m so glad it happened before Thanksgiving!


WAY less laundry when I’m not running! I have more energy, which can be both good and bad–I get restless and miss that feeling of accomplishment, but some days I definitely get more done.

I binge-watched a TON of Brooklyn 99 this week. I just started it, and it’s so good! But The Office is my go-to.

Glad you are feeling better–doesn’t sound like a fun weekend at all. Glad you had Andrew taking care of you!!


I totally agree… pros and cons to both sides but running sure does so much for us! BROOKLYN 99 is HILARIOUS! I need to watch those again with Andrew. Thank you so much Kristin and I hope you have a beautiful week!


Oh nooo Mastitis is SO painful!!!! I had a VERY MILD case of it and it was awful, I’m sooo glad you’re feeling better!
I’m been binge watching BlindSpot on Hulu. It’s an FBI drama/mystery…it’s SO GOOD!!! But I also definitely binge watched the Office earlier this year and it’s the best.
I get Thursday and Friday off this week and I’m grateful. With my daughter home now I only have so much patience in a week, so three days of virtual learning will be enough. :) Luckily my son’s daycare is open through Wednesday too.
Happy Thanksgiving week!
OH PS–I bought one of those hats with the ear warmers attached that you wrote about a few weeks ago. I wore it for the first time on a long run and I was like, why is this thing so awkward fitting. It just looked so weird. I took it off and tossed it in the laundry when I got home…and when I went to wash it……..it still had the cardboard in it! haha. No wonder it felt and looked so strange. I wore it again WITHOUT the cardboard insert (face palm) and it was awesome!


Thank you so much Mollie, any case of Mastitis is crazy ha. I have never heard of BlindSpot, I need to check that out because I LOVE FBI drama/mystery type shows. Wahoo to 4 days off in a row! You sure deserve an award for what you have done this year, I hope that the online learning goes really well this week! HAHAHA I swear that is something I would have done too… I have done that with shoes before. SO glad you like it now:). Thanks for making me smile this morning. Have a beautiful Monday!


Oh no mastitis is the worst! I had it about 6 weeks after having my second son and I also felt like I had the flu until the antibiotics kicked in. So awful. The last time I was really sick was actually the flu, this past February.

I have Thursday off and am taking leave on Friday. Not going anywhere for Thanksgiving (my parents live 20 minutes away so they’ll come to our house for dinner) but I need a day to just relax!

HA yes definitely way less laundry when I’m not running!

Enjoy Beck’s first Thanksgiving with your family! :-)


Seriously, I had no idea it could knock me out as quickly as it did! You are so right about those antibiotics! I am so glad you will get to have time with your parents at Thanksgiving and get all of the time to relax. Thank you so much Laura, have a wonderful day!


I’m curious why your family has chosen not to follow the governors mandate to only spend time with those in your personal household until November 23 (referring to the visits with your parents and in-laws). Covid cases are skyrocketing in Utah and I think it’s important to follow these mandates to help slow the spread.


Hey Lori! My parents have already had it and my in-laws were just tested before they came over so that is why we felt comfortable:). I think everyone is doing the best they can and I hope you have a beautiful week!


Lori, I had the same thought. And I don’t agree that everyone is doing the best they can. I think people are adjusting to how they want to do things under the guise of “we’re being careful”. We’re suffering from pandemic fatigue and it’s skewing our good judgment. I would love to spend the holidays with my kids who live right here in town but we’re making better choices. It’s like being injured. Do I run today and damn the consequences? Or do I choose to heal and run forever? Do we all gather for the holiday this year or do we make a better choice so we can all gather every year. Everyone will defend their position but really, science will tell us.


my side effect of not running? I don’t know when to shower! or else, I see no point in showering


Bahaha I relate to you so deeply right now… I am having that dilemma as we speak:). Have a really great day Hanna!


Haha, YES to all these side effects. I’m out for an injury right now and have run out of clean underwear twice because there’s no other reason to do laundry. My office gave us Thanksgiving day through Tuesday off, in order to give a few more days to make sure we don’t have any symptoms after Thanksgiving (we all have individual offices with doors and wear masks whenever we’re in shared spaces). So sorry about the mastitis, that is NO fun!


If you need a show to binge watch……”Emily in Paris” So great!!! I almost text you as I was bingeing it to say watch this.


Oh Janae! I’m so sorry you got mastitis! I had it with my last and I too felt like I had the flue. I knew exactly what it was when I woke up, tried pumping (unsuccessfully) and then drove myself to the ER at like 5am. Worst. Pain. Ever.
My last sickness though was about 1 year ago exactly; I caught a stomach bug at a Thanksgiving event that kept me out of commission for a good 3 days. It was awful! Thankfully I recovered just in time for Thanksgiving though :)
I just ended a short break from running but I kept busy on my indoor bike so I never got a case of the crazies (as opposed to tapering) but I normally get easily irritable, agitated & can’t sleep as well.
I just binged Schitz Creek for the second time and now I’m binging Gossip Girl. Again. I would rather binge on tv shows than watch movies for sure. I think Gilmore Girls is next and then maybe Schitz Creek again. Or Parks and Rec. Or The Office.
This week I work up until Wednesday and then have 4 days off. We’ve cancelled Thanksgiving with the extended family since our COVID numbers are up again and we’re back to restrictions. Luckily we just saw them a few weeks ago and we’re hoping that by skipping Thanksgiving, we can have Christmas together. Fingers crossed!
Have a great day!


First of all – Beck is ADORABLE!
I just had my wisdom teeth out about a week ago and haven’t ran since the surgery. I’m hoping to get back out for a short slow run or two this week, but we will see how it goes. It is always tough/weird not to run for over a week straight, especially any time you aren’t supposed to run. Whenever you are told not to do something – it makes you want to do it more! I’m just antsy to get back to it, especially since I am getting married next summer and want to stay in good shape between now and then :)


Oh my word, Beck is adorable! Awww I love the pic of Skye and your mom–my middle daughter formed a special bond with my mom because I was always so busy with a “very needy baby.” Plus my mom was a middle child too and she says they are “often forgotten” haha.

Do your feet really look better after not running? I was looking at my toenails the other day and they look awful…I was wondering if I took a break from running if they would go back to “normal” haha.

Oh man, I never had mastitis. I think the last time I felt really sick was when I had the spinal headache after having my daughter. I think that was the worst because I had a 4 year old and a newborn and really couldn’t function. I have been sick since then, but my kids were a little more independent so it didn’t feel as bad.

The kids are off starting Wednesday after school (distance learning). The husband and I would have been off Thursday and Friday, but we have all week off and next because we have to quarantine. I am in the basement until Friday. My parents are leaving a turkey, pie and side dishes outside our door.. I was feeling pretty sorry for us all, but then my dad reminded us that so many are so worse off than we are and I should be grateful for all I have:-). Leave it to my dad to put things into perspective.

I am watching The Unicorn on Netflix–it is so funny! Highly recommend. I love tv shows because I can not sit still for an entire movie. It takes me days to finish one.

Happy Monday Janae!


Hi Janae! I too love tv shows more than movies, maybe because of my short attention span. I definitely miss the endorphins when I don’t run, and also my legs will feel like they are ready to go and a bit restless (even if I’m injured). I’m so glad you’re better from the mastitis, that sounds painful. Have a wonderful day!


Aw, your children are so adorable! I can really see each of them in different photos of Beck!

I had mastitis and a UTI at the same time when my baby was 3 weeks old, it fell on Father’s Day too, my poor husband didn’t have the day he expected but we’ll have plenty more to make up for it! You’re right, antibiotics clear it up so quick. I hope you’re feeling well today.

I’m in the UK so we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but we’re excited for our son’s first Christmas and wishing you a wonderful time with your family.


ugh, i guess we are mastitis buddies because i also woke up with it on Saturday morning. this is my third time having it with my baby – she’s almost 8 months. it’s gotten worse each time but since i’m kind of a pro now, i also know immediately what it is and get a call into the doctor right away for antibiotics. i’ve talked to a lactation consultant about it and it sounds like i get it just because i have an oversupply; none of my cases have started with a clogged duct or anything else identifiable. take it easy even though you’re feeling better after starting meds!


Sorry about the mastitis! I had it with my second and still think it was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced – worse than childbirth!! So thankful for antibiotics and modern-day medicine. Glad you are feeling better!


Last show I binged was The Bold Type. Now waiting for S4 on Prime ?

I also keep meaning to say, your pic on your blog where you were running in the snow, you have no gloves! Was it real snow ?


I had mastitis over the weekend too! I agree, I have not been that sick since I had flu when I was like 12. It literally felt like I was dying and now I’m back to normal due to antibiotics ?


Yikes sorry to hear you were sick ? sounds like you bounced back relatively quick though. Great choice steaming The Office! I believe The Office is leaving Netflix in January so binge away! ?

Not washing your hair as often is a great side effect! It’ would be awesome if heads didn’t sweat! ?️‍♀️ The things you miss the most about running will be there for you whenever you’re ready ?‍♀️

Those cookies look great! Do you think they would work with Almond Butter? ?

The last show I bugged was Seinfeld. I totally did NOT plan to binge that show but it is so funny! Each season gets a little better! I think you might enjoy the show ?

Enjoy what’s left of. Monday ?

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