Monday Matters & $$ Saving Tip for Runners!

Today I will be sharing a lot of randomness, which is exactly how my brain works so let’s get started…

My run on Saturday was a realllllly good one.  I decided to not wake up and run before Andrew went to work and get my niece to babysit during Beck’s nap instead.  I am very thankful that Beretta is always happy to join me on a trail run and that I don’t need to give her any warning beforehand about the adventure.  She never says no to these runs.

Beretta had no clue why in the world I would stop her from playing in the snow for a selfie….

PS I still can’t find my running leash for Beretta so I need to get a new one.

PPS just some blueberry in my teeth from blueberry pancakes with the girls before I left.

PPPS trail running really does feel like play to me and I’m glad I spent the $ to go play for 76 minutes.

The scenery was unreal.  I love winter running so much as long as it isn’t below 20 degrees.  My eyes were definitely tired by the end of the run because of how bright the snow was.

IMG 7357

Beretta helped me (ehhh forced me) to go faster on the trails than I normally do and I did 8 miles @ 9:31 average pace with 1145 ft of climbing.  I finished up with 3501 ft of climbing for the week which I haven’t done for over a year which was exciting for me.

Next time I run snowy trails I will be wearing longer socks, my ankles were frozen by the end.

IMG 7362

And now for the bullet points…

*Once Beck has a hold of my hair, it is near impossible to get him to let go of it.

IMG 7331

*I’m glad Skye could help out with her animal’s injuries.

IMG 7340

*She inherited her love for mixing cereals and using a huge spoon to eat her cereal from me.

IMG 7341

*No gloves during a morning run in January?!  That felt strange.

IMG 7334

*The other day I sent this text and picture to my pacer from my ultra and his reply was perfect for runners.  The things we do are so hard (and sometimes dumb ha) yet we keep wanting to do them over and over again.

Screen Shot 2021 01 21 at 6 41 27 PM

*This tip is going to save me a lot of money.   I can’t tell you how many running socks I lose a year but I feel like I am constantly buying new pairs each time I go to our running store.  My friend Amber taught me the perfect solution to this problem.  Before she puts her running socks in the wash she safety pins them together and boom, they are always together and easy to grab.

IMG 6809

*He just started to let out little giggles!

IMG 4472

*Beck keeps searching for his thumb so he might be a thumb sucker and a binky lover.

IMG 6810 2

*They each had homework to get done at the kitchen counter (and surprise sighting—> Andrew wearing pants!).

IMG 6669 1

*General Mills sent me a package with their newest DunkAroos cereal and they also esent a DunkAroo too… seeing this took me WAYYYYY back to elementary school and feeling like I hit the jackpot if my mom had put one of these in my lunch.

IMG 6671


Any snacks/foods/drinks remind you of your elementary school or childhood days?

Mixing cereals delicious or a terrible idea?  Have a favorite combo?

What was something running wise that you said you would NEVER do again yet you did it again?

I would love to hear a random tangent from you… they are my favorite!

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Hi Janae!! Happy Monday to you and your family! I hope this week is a great one for you all and you enjoy that amazing Dunkaroo.

I am so happy to report yesterday was a million times better than last Sunday. I was able to focus on Scriptures, saw several friends (in person woo!), and talked to family and a few more friends on the phone. The craziest part? I was listening to one of Elder Holland’s talks yesterday afternoon in between talking to friends and in the middle of it, a girl I met on Saturday who loves to run too texted me to meet up! So thankful for God’s goodness that he knits together in the most wonderful ways. And so thankful for people like you who remind us all that He delights in each and every one of us.


Clare. This makes me SO so happy. I am so glad that your Sunday went so much better than normal. Elder Holland’s talks got me through the darkest times, I love that you love his talks too. SO excited about your new running partner. God’s plan is beautiful. Thank you friend for letting me know, continuing to think about you! Have a beautiful day!


Ah!!! Dunkaroos yes!!! Best school snack ever! Haha sorry I got really excited seeing that picture lol.

Random tangent- I made some homemade garbage can/diaper pail deodorizer tablets on the weekend and they look so cute (heart shaped) and smell so great I’m giving them out to my customers this week as a little gift (I clean houses).

Enjoy your Monday with the kiddos !!


Those tablets sound AMAZING! I might need to learn how to make those, that is such a great gift! Your clients are so lucky to have you. Thanks you Gillian, I hope your Monday is a great one too!


Tang! We drank so much tang as kids. Ugh I can smell it now lol.

Random Tangent – I’ve come to realize about myself that when I have too much free time, it makes me anxious. I do much better with a schedule and free time as a part of that schedule. I’m aware that to most people this probably sounds crazy :)


Oh I forgot about Tang… I had SO much of that stuff too. Amanda, I think we are kindred souls because I am the exact same way (and Andrew is the opposite). I love structure probably too much… is this something we need to change ha?! I hope you have a beautiful day and that your schedule is going great so far ha.


What a beautiful run, I really need to get a running dog. We have a frenchie and he really isn’t up for it ?

I always say I will NEVER do things before I do them. I said I would never do a full marathon when I was traitor my first half. The next year I ran a marathon. I said I would never do an ironman because that is crazy (it is) then I did a few. Now I think I have learned never to say never.

I don’t know why but I have never ever mixed cereals. But. I do love a big spoon.

Have a wonderful Monday ❤️


HEY BETH! Hahah I wonder how long your frenchie could go for a run;) YOU’VE DONE A FEW IRONMAN?! I cannot even imagine and I can believe myself when I say I will never do one ha… that is incredible! You have accomplished so much. I think you might need to mix cereals just once and let me know how it goes. Thanks friend, you too!


I’m not a fan of mixing cereals! However I just bought some cinnamon toast crunch and wow that cereal is the BEST!! The milk after…. yummmmm… why isn’t cinnamon milk a thing like strawberry or chocolate milk?!
The “craziest” running thing I ever did (which definitely won’t be crazy to most) was a Half marathon… running long distances is NOT my thing! That was 10 years ago and I don’t think I’ll ever do that again…


ANDREA… I am so happy you just experienced the joy of cinnamon toast crunch. There was a Shark Tank episode one time where they people were selling cereal flavored milk and ever since then Knox asks if I have seen it at the grocery store… cinnamon milk would be amazing. It is definitely crazy to 99.9% of the world! Half marathons are LOOOOOOONG! I hope your day is a beautiful one friend! PS how is Allie doing?!


Does anyone else who runs with their dog find themselves talking to their dog during the run? And not just dog commands. I always seem to be commenting on the weather to my dog or the road conditions. I also sometimes let him choose what way we go.

And Dunkaroos! Loved those as a kid.


Your dog is the luckiest to go with you on runs! I definitely said a few things to Beretta too about how pretty it was outside so you aren’t alone:). I hope you have a beautiful day Corrinne!


I have a tip for saving socks that i just started doing. I keep a lingerie bag in my bathroom and as soon as I take my socks off, they go in the bag (I also make sure they go in right-side-out). On laundry day, I just throw the whole bag in the machine. Then my socks are ALL together, it takes less than 5 minutes to match, fold, and put them away! I feel like a low key genius when they come out of the wash.


THIS IS BRILLIANT. I’m going to try this now. Thanks for sharing and I think you are high key genius for this one:). Have a beautiful day Emily!


Favorite mix of cereal right now is Honey Nut Cherrios, PB chex, and chocolate Life.
Radomness, I went sledding for the first time in decades this past weekend and I obviously need more excitement in my life because I cannot stop thinking about the adrenaline rush. Ha.
What a lovely trail run you had.


I’m about to go to the store so I will have to grab those ones to try. SO happy that you went sledding, I bet Hope had the best time with you. I need some adrenaline rushes more often these days too. Thanks Erica, enjoy your Monday!


Even better than safety pins – sock clips! I started using these a few months ago and haven’t lost a sock since :) And, you’re not poking holes in your socks!


How have I never heard of these before?! They are brilliant!! THANKS for sharing Jessica, I have to try them. Enjoy your Monday.


There is dunkaroo cereal?! I need to buy. Fruit by the foot and fruit gushers also remind me of childhood. And Goober Grape, that PB and Jelly in one container- seems gross to me now but my siblings and I loved it!

After my first marathon, I said I would never run another. But it’s been a few years now and I definitely want to do another! Would love to do NYC.


OH MY GOODNESS, I forgot about the 2 in 1 pb/jelly containers ha. That was the best as a kid and it always saved me so much time (haha 5 seconds). Oh I cannot wait to hear about the day you run NYC… you will love it! Have the best day Mariah.


Wow that run sounds absolutely beautiful! Do you have any tips or product recommendations for running with a pup?? I would love to run with my dog more and she’s generally really good on a leash but she likes to pull and zig-zag sometimes. She’s 4ish years old ( I got her from a shelter a few months ago). So to be fair she’s had no training that I’m aware of and we’re still getting to know each other and I am SO lucky she is such a good dog haha. It was a pretty spontaneous decision that could have been a reallllly bad one but she’s amazing!

Nutri grain bars. Pretty sure I ate one with lunch every single day of junior high.
And I have to disagree with the cereal mixing. I just can’t haha. It might be one of my OCDish issues or maybe I just haven’t found the right combo. I’m open to trying again, let me know your favourite mix!

Hope you have a wonderful week!


Rachel, I am so happy for you and your dog… you are both so lucky to have each other and I love it when spontaneous decisions turn out so well. My biggest tip is to get a running leash (I LOVED mine), it makes the biggest difference. Here is the link:
Oh I loved Nutri grain bars so much too. Hahah I’ll keep my pictures of my cereal mixes off the blog;). As of today I am all about cinnamon life + frosted mini wheats:). Sounds weird but so good. Thank you so much friend, you too!


I use a lingerie bag for our socks. It’s a mesh bag with a zipper. I started using them for the kids’ socks when they were babies and then it just made sense to use for all socks so we each have our own bag. I also use them to wash mitten and gloves – and of course lingerie items too :)

It has to be the right cereals but I have nothing against mixing them together! My kids’ favorites (at the moment) are Krave and Chocolate Chex. I should also note that they like to add a scoop of yogurt in their bowl before they put the cereal in (milk, yogurt, then cereal and sometimes topped with peanut butter).

I’m usually just a 5k racer but I did run a 10k. I haven’t done it again yet but I’m really getting the itch to try one!


Mixing cereal is THE BEST!!! I love to mix rice chex with granola or honey bunches of oats. Granola and cheerios are good, too. Yum. Yum. Yum.

I think Grandma’s brand cookies and those raspberry oatmeal cookies (Orowheat brand?) remind me of my childhood. Same with those silly plastic containers of spready cheese and crackers/cracker sticks. Anything Hostess, too.

I am happy to see Beretta enjoying the snow. What is it about the snow that brings out the craziness is pups? We just got a pup at Thanksgiving and she’s now 9 months old. What leash do you normally use for Beretta and does he run beside you or in front? I love when dogs go snow surfing with their nose. It’s so cute!!!


Happy Monday! Another great tip for keeping socks together is a mesh laundry bag. I have one that zips up. I hang it above my hamper and put all my socks, headbands, ear warmers (anything small) in it. Zip it up and throw it right into the washer and the dryer. Everything gets clean and nothing gets lost. Happy running!

I have this one:
Simple Houseware Laundry Bra Lingerie Mesh Wash Bag (2 Large,3 Medium)


Hi! What trail shoes do you run in the snow?! Those look like they have a good grip! Thanks!


Hey Jane! I was actually wearing the Ravenna on the snow run but I LOVE the grip on the caldera and cascadia! have a great night!


I saw your bare ankles and immediately thought they must be freezing….glad you’ll bee wearing higher socks next time??.


For the socks: I use a lingerie bag. As the socks dirty, I toss them in there and when it’s full I zip it up and throw it in the laundry. No lost socks. Ta Daaaa.
I LOOOOVE Honey Nut Cheerios. I have and will always love them, but don’t mix. I’m one of those weirdos that doesn’t mix foods on my plate.
I also swore while I was training and also running my first full Marathon that I was a one and done….Famous Last Words hahahahaha

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