How We Celebrated + Rapid Reboot Review (finally:).

I started the week of running off with a trail run with my friends.

I forgot my Koala Clip at home which meant I didn’t bring my phone for the run so I just took one picture from the start.  We had two pretty good climbs over the 12 miles with about 1000 ft of up total.  One of the climbs was the same one that we did about 6 weeks ago and it felt a lot easier than it did 6 weeks ago.  I love it when that happens.

IMG 0105

I should have brought water with me… a lesson that I learn about 12 times each summer.   I was very happy to get back to my water bottle in the car.  Today will be an easy run on the roads and on Wednesday we will do some speed.

IMG 0107

Andrew put together our anniversary date and he nailed it.  He rented two jet skis (ps we used KSL ((which is like craigslist in Utah)) and found them way cheaper compared to the rental companies near the lake from a guy close to us).  We went up to Deer Creek Reservoir.

Because it was a Monday, there weren’t many other people out on the lake the entire day.

IMG 0143

The snow on the mountains in this picture does mean that the water was freezing.

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We had so much fun just the two of us <— Very very needed!

IMG 0154

After the lake we drove straight to one of our favorite spots for lunch.

IMG 0166

The Foundry Grill at Sundance.  They serve the all-time best burger there.

IMG 0163

Pretty sure I am the only person that has ordered a hot chocolate there this entire summer.  That lake took a bit to warm up from.  They have the most rich and delicious hot chocolate at this restaurant so I couldn’t resist.

IMG 0161

We got back to the girls and the babysitter and decided to go back out with our girls.  Brooke hates roller coasters and is the most cautious child I have ever met but put her on a jet ski and you can’t go fast enough.  I was shocked over how adventurous she was out there.  It was a blast and I don’t think she stopped giggling the entire time.

IMG 0172

Skye was all about going slow with Andrew but she had a great time too!

The water was freezing but Brooke still wanted to swim… she is all about the water.  After we returned the jet skis we all went home and crashed on the couch.  It’s going to be hard to top this anniversary.

IMG 0183

Also, my sweet niece (the daughter of my pilot brother) had a ruptured appendix while they were here on Sunday.  The surgery went well and they will be here for another 1.5 weeks while she recovers.   She is doing so much better now!

IMG 5576


I’ve had a pair of the Rapid Reboots (they are compression boots) for a few years now and I’ve never reviewed them (sorry)!  I was sent a pair for free with no strings attached and here are my thoughts:

Long story short, if you run/train a lot and they can fit into your budget, I would absolutely tell you to buy a pair.  I think there are plenty of less expensive tools out there to help you to recover faster from workouts/races (ie bcaa’s, foam rollers, R8 roll recovery, yoga classes, tiger tails etc) BUT if you are really wanting to take your running to the next level and you can afford them ($895) then I highly recommend them.  I use mine 3-4 times a week and sometimes more after races.  They are incredibly easy to set up. It’s so nice to be able to aid my recovery when I am just laying on the couch catching up on DJ Tanner’s life with Brooke.  I really and truly think that they help my legs to recover faster which is awesome because I literally don’t have to do any work to get those recovery results besides zipping them up.   They feel like I am getting a sports massage which I really look forward to.  Sometimes I use them right after a workout and sometimes I use them at night.

IMG 9684

A little bit about your options with the pair that I have (1st generation).  They also offer more attachments if you are needing something for your hips and arms.

Screen Shot 2019 07 02 at 2 34 24 PM

If you can make the $895 happen and you are getting in a lot of training and need help with your recovery then go for it and I hope you love them as much as I love mine.


Anyone reading have their appendix out?  What was recovery like for you?

Do you like surprises?

-No… I forced Andrew to tell me what we were going to do yesterday for our date:)

What are your favorite tools/tips for recovery?  Anyone have recovery boots.. what are your thoughts on them?

What is your run or workout or rest day today?  Give me the details!

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Your anniversary looks awesome!
I got up early to do 5 miles before work. My husband is currently home, so I take advantage of that when I can, and get out of the house to run. It felt great!
My appendix ruptured when I was 12. I will spare you details because I ended up having (EXTREMELY rare) lifelong complications that you nor your niece need to worry about! At the time, I was in the hospital for about 10 days. It happened in September (second day of classes) and I remember feeling back to normal by Halloween. Poor little sweetie. I hope she has a wonderful team of nurses, and she feels better soon!


LIFELONG COMPLICATIONS… oh my goodness Stacey, that is terrible. My brother said that she does have really great nurses and they are at the hospital where Andrew works so it is a great one. Enjoy your day with your husband (if you have work off too:). So glad you got to get out and go. Thanks Stacey!


I love/hate the foam roller for recovery . . . always so glad when I do it, but gosh, can it hurt! Yoga is another huge one for me–I feel so much better mentally and physically when I do yoga.

I actually do like surprises! Normally I like to be prepared for everything but sometimes they’re just fun. I still remember a surprise birthday party my friends threw for me in college . . . I was SHOCKED. It was a blast.

This morning, I got up and did a strength training circuit–struggling with proper lunge form but I know I will be sore tomorrow! Lots of arms, too, which are probably my weakest feature (for now). Yesterday I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and am very happy I’ve been getting up early to get these workouts in. :-) Have a beautiful Tuesday!


I am right there with you… my lunge form is so off. Great workouts this week Kristin! Yoga helps me to feel so much better too but I just need to be consistent. Surprise party–> that is awesome! Thanks so much and have a wonderful day too!


That looks like the most amazing date!!!!! Jet ski’s are so fun! I haven’t been on one since I moved to the east coast. Lame. My husband found a pair of rapid reboots on eBay last year for about 400$. They are worth EVERY PENNY. (We still don’t know why they were on eBay, they were BRAND NEW). I agree, I like to just sit and watch TV and let them do the work for me!! But seriously, game changer recovery wise.
I want to move to Utah. It is so beautiful.
Wishing your niece a speedy recovery!!!


I’m telling ya, you need to move here! SO cool that you guys found them on eBay. They really are the best as far as recovery goes. I hope you have a really great day Mollie!


Happy anniversary! Forgot to comment yesterday about how much I love your wedding photos.
That anniversary date looks fabulous! We used to jet ski (Sea Doo) a lot, but haven’t in awhile. Such a fun way to spend the day!
I love surprises. I love to surprise people, too. It drives me nuts that my son (about to turn 11) insists on knowing what I’m giving him as a gift for any occasion, but I’ve learned that it can be hard for him to hide disappointment if he has his heart set on something or doesn’t like something, LOL. Now I realize that it’s best to give him a heads up so that we both get joy from his gifts :)
I’m laughing at myself because I always thought that recovery boots were chilled, like an ice pack. The massage sounds way better! I usually use a foam roller, but I keep a lacrosse ball handy (office, car, gym bag) to get to tightened-up trouble spots, like hamstrings and glutes.
I’m feeling the need for a mood-boosting run today, even though I’m pretty sleepy. We’ll see how I feel after work (and maybe a 20-minute nap?)
So glad your niece is starting to feel better!


Oh thanks so much Corey! Well now I want to try to chill the boots before I use them… double the recovery if they are frozen too:) . The lacrosse ball is sooooo helpful (and painful) too. Thanks so much Corey and I hope your day is a great one and take the nap first!


I’m just like Brooke– hate roller coasters but love jet skiing, and the faster the better. I don’t like to drive them, though….I prefer to ride. I’m also anti-surprise.

So far, I still have my appendix…..

Workout today will be spin class. Yesterday, I did a pretty intense weightlifting/cardio workout, so my legs are dead. It will be interesting to see how today’s workout goes…


Isn’t it funny because I’m sure jet skis are way more dangerous than roller coasters right?! I hope your appendix stays happy with you! Way to go on your workouts already this week and I miss spin! Have a fabulous day Emily!


hahah I am like you, I do not like surprises. So, definitely want to know where I’m going before I go so that I am prepared:) I love what Andrew planned for your anniversary that sounds SO FUN. I am letting my fiancé plan our honeymoon but I at least know where we are going although I don’t know the activities planned or where exactly we’re staying:) that’s as close to surprise as I can do, ha.

No recovery boots here, but maybe once I graduate grad school I will treat myself to some in a year :). But to recover, I like ice baths, seeing my ART and chiropractor, using the TRiggerpoint kit & R8 Roller for rolling, doing yoga once a week…lately I’ve been trying to nap although I don’t normally because I think sleep will help. I also take collagen and BCAAs.

I was supposed to run 4 miles today but my shins are hurting still and I don’t want it to turn back into my previous foot injury so instead I went to CrossFit this morning. We did some banded warmups and some pullup and dumbbell warmups. Then the workout was 4 rounds of –>200m run, 10 pull-ups (I did ring row pull-ups), 200m run, 10 alternating dumbbell snatches. It was fun and challenging and good to work some different things and still get some shorter runs in the middle:)


That’s what I like… to be prepared (or in control haha)! I cannot wait to hear about what you guys do for your honeymoon! So thrilled for you two. I need to try the triggerpoint kit. Oh you are so right… sleep is the BEST recovery aid out there. I need to get back into taking collagen too. I hope your shins are feeling 100% again soon. Your CrossFit workout sounds so hard to me. Enjoy the rest of your day Eleanor!


Wishing a speedy recovery to your niece!! My appendix ruptured when I was 13, had emergency surgery to have it removed. My recovery was typical, mine was done the laparoscopic way and you can’t even see my scars and I have had no complications. I remember being written out of gym class for the rest of the semester and not allowed to play sports for a couple months but that was it. It was the most awful pain I have ever experienced to this date, however being a kid of the 90’s my aunt bought me a Nintendo Gameboy to keep be occupied while in the hospital and I thought I was the luckiest kid on the planet LOL.


Well now I need to go take my niece a nintendo switch;) I love that your aunt did that for you and that you remember it so well! Thank you so much Tracy and I hope you have a wonderful day!


I like surprises as long as it is truly a surprise. No hinting or clue dropping beforehand because then I become the most annoying person because I will bug the ever-living daylights out of the person until they tell me.


HAHAH YES… that is what drives me crazy about it because I just need to KNOW (or as Andrew says, have control hahaha). I hope you have a wonderful day Rachel!


Such a fun anniversary! I only like surprises if they are true surprises and I don’t see it coming at all. If someone says, “I have a surprise for you” it drives me nuts and I can’t stand the anxiety of it all. Ha!

I hope your niece feels better soon! My husband had his appendix out a few years ago – he went golfing and couldn’t stop throwing up all of the course (sorry, tmi) so we knew something was wrong. Luckily the recovery wasn’t too bad! Have a great day!


Okay, I think you just described perfectly how I feel about surprises… If I know it is coming then it drives me crazy trying to figure it out ha but if I don’t know it is going to happen then I love it. Thank you for helping me understand it better ha. Oh your poor husband! So glad they were able to get that taken care of. We assumed she had the flu but then once we talked to my brother that is a doctor he told them to take her right in. I hope you are having a really great morning Tess!


Happy Anniversary. I forgot to comment yesterday, but I have found the best way to make popcorn at home and it doesn’t require any special maker. I use a large, microwave safe, glass bowl and this silicone lid that is also microwave safe (
1/3 cup of corn kernels, place the lid on the bowl and microwave until the pops slow down. My microwave takes 5 minutes and yields the fluffiest popcorn ever that is not burnt or oily. Drizzle over melted butter and you topping of choice (cinnamon sugar & Maldon salt).


Trying this tonight. THANK YOU Caroline!! I can’t wait. Enjoy your day:)


Happy anniversary! What a great day he planned for you both and I love love love that you had so much fun that you grabbed the girls and went back out there!
I hope your niece has a speedy and healthy recovery!
I like surprise gifts; running gear of any kind, favorite foods/candies/sweets of any kind but I would need to be able to plan ahead for adventures ie – how much food do I bring? What do I wear? You know – the important stuff! Ha!
I need to do better recovering. I have 1.5 hrs in the morning and I can fit in just enough time to run and hit the gym 2-3x/week. Stretching and rolling has been nixed because of time and I honestly don’t know where it goes! I do drink a protein drink w/ BCAAs right after a workout but that’s certainly not enough! Maybe my half year resolution should be to recover better!
My workout today was HILLS! 10 minute easy warm up and then I cranked out 10 repeats. I have a mini urban mountain that is about 3 blocks long that I love to run up, over, back down repeat- in total I think I got about 2 miles of repeats in before a 10-ish min cool down. Since I’m still building up hill strength I made sure to NOT sprint the repeats, but to run them strong. I failed because I wanted to collapse after the 10th one!
Because I like pain, I then went to the gym for a mild strength session of squats on the bosu ball, weighted lunges, hip thrusters and upper body on the machines. I need a nap BAD! Ha!
Have a great day!!


My appendix ruptured when I was 24 (I’m 42 now) ~ it shouldn’t have ruptured. I was in pain for 2-3 days before I finally went to the doctor and was told to go to the ER immediately. I really thought it was something less serious, but when I got to the ER, I was scheduled for emergency surgery. Whoops :) Best wishes to your niece!! She’s so cute!

All the years of reading your blog, have finally rubbed off on me, Janae. Due to the extreme NC heat and humidity, my friends and I have started completing our weekly runs in the morning before work. We’ve always done them in the evenings after work and I have to tell you, the mornings have been SO MUCH better; for obvious reasons ~ ha. I’m not a morning person, so this has taken some getting used to, but I am loving getting my run done early.

I just ordered the R8 Roll Recovery and am so excited to try it!!
Have a great day & week!!


I actually don’t mind surprises, but i wouldn’t want a surprise that is like a weekend away… only bc I’m always planning stuff, so I’d probably be annoyed, but I’d be ok with knowing we were going somewhere, just not where. However, my husband HATES surprises and also cannot keep a surprise. For example, for both my push present and first mother’s day gift, after he ordered it, he couldn’t contain himself and he showed me what he ordered. haha
Sounds like an awesome anniversary date and loved that you also included the girls! I bet if Knox was there, he would want to be with Andrew doing “wheelies” or whatever it’s called with a jetski! haha Happy Anniversary!
I’ve used those boots at a recovery gym (they have all sorts of tools to use to help speed up recovery!) and they were pretty cool! I wish I would’ve been going there when I was in marathon training. What helps the most for me is traditional stretching, foam rolling, massages, yoga (but you gotta be consistent, which I’d like to go back to doing), and the easiest is just sitting up against a wall with your legs up in the air for a few mins. I do that immediately afterwards for a few minutes and usually I just look at my phone or watch tv.
And i’ve never had to have surgery (unless you include getting my wisdom teeth out), so no experience here. Hope your niece recovers quickly though!


What a fun anniversary!! Andrew did a great job planning . That burger looks AMAZING!!
It is very hard to surprise me. I feel like I should like it when it happens, but when someone actually does I end up crying. I’m not good at being the center of attention.
I might put the Rapid Reboots on my Christmas list. H wouldn’t have to buy me anything else lol
Your niece is so cute! I’m sending her all the speedy recovery vibes. I hope she’s feeling better soon.
I’m back to real training this week with a new coach! I hope I will get acclimated to heat soon. Running in the heat and humidity is ONE MILLION times harder.


This looks SO FUN. Now I want to go jet skiing :)
I’m the same as you though, I HATE surprises. I have pretty bad anxiety and things outside of my control/general uncertainty is a major trigger for me. I know people think I’m such a party pooper as a result, but I’m just so much happier when I know what’s going on and at least a vague idea of what to expect.

Also can we just commiserate on how hard summer running is? My last few runs have been absolute trash and I blame this very uncommon humidity we’re experiencing in Denver right now. Plus my recoveries take about 72 hours longer and it’s crazy how a 5 mile run in extreme heat can knock me out the rest of the day! I love the longer days we have, but I despise the heat of summer. Unpopular opinion: I’m already ready for fall :) (the best running season in my opinion)


Prayers for your niece’s speedy recovery!

That anniversary looks amazing, I love surprises….but I am the same – if i know its coming I going nuts trying to figure it out.
I did 8.4 (accidentally added too many extra streets) and a 20 minute cross-fit type strength workout with some coworkers.

Thank you so much for the Rapid Reboot review! I think I will definitely invest in a pair, I have used them a few times at the sports chiropractor and they really do feel good.


Don’t like surprises (except my 1st and 3rd kids)!

Happy anniversary!


What a fun anniversary!! My husband and I try to gift “experiences” as much as we can instead of actual gifts because when you have kids time alone together is the best gift you can get :)


That does not look like the Heber Creeper. Is that the same track that goes on?


I love surprises! When I was pregnant with our 2nd it was a scheduled c-section. I made my husband make all the arrangements with the doctor and not tell me when it was going to be because I wanted to be a surprised. He told me the night before so we could get our son dropped off with grandparents and I was surprised because it was about a week before I thought!

My appendix ruptured when I was 8. It was very scary and they almost lost me from all the infection. I ended up having to have two surgeries to remove it all. My insides have never been the same and all the scar tissue has caused me fertility issues and I have had to have surgery since to remove some of it. But at the time I was 8 and missing over a month of school seemed cool!


My 15 year old son had his out last summer. It was a lot longer recovery than either of us expected. Sorry, that’s probably not what your niece wants to hear. Tell her to be kind to herself . His was out May 30th, 2018 (I will never forget that date) and my mantra to him most of the summer was take it easy baby you had surgery. His didn’t rupture I’ve heard that is worse. I’ll say some extra prayers. :-)

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