Tuesday Tangents!

(Shoes, shorts, shirt)

Morning!  I had a great night of sleep and woke up on my own feeling refreshed before my alarm clock went off.  I did 20 minutes of upper body strength and then set out with some friends for 10.6 miles @ 8:11 average.  For those who strength train before you run, I need to know when you eat.  Do you eat something after you strength train and before you run?  I had a banana with pb after my strength training and a protein drink after my run!

The front pocket on these shorts is perfect for my chapstick.  I have trained my body to need a reapplication of chapstick every 14 minutes.

IMG 9543

My sister took Skye on a date with her youngest for lunch and to the bowling alley.  It went well;)

IMG 3648

More soccer happened too.

IMG 9554


Now for a few tangents:

*We started calling our laundry room something new—> The Pain Cave.  I want to get more regular rides in again but I’m also kind of afraid, this bike is so hard for me.

IMG 9435

*Beck brought out more mats when Andrew was doing core work and then he just laid there while he ate a spoonful of pb.

IMG 9553

*Glove compartment necessities:  Maurtens, allergy medication (mine are SO bad right now), and my Liquid IV (HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL here will get you 25% off and free shipping) that I drink every day of my life.

IMG 9432

*I chickened out last second on trying the Alphafly’s with my gift card.  I get so freaked out about my plantar fasciitis acting up again that I just wanted to stick to something that has worked SO well for me.   This fast color combo (they are listed as men’s but they are unisex) also helped me make the decision.  I get questions about sizing often about these shoes and I wish I had a better answer… I have them in two sizes!  I have them in 10 (women’s… my normal size) and 10.5.  I honestly don’t really notice a difference but the ones below are 10.5 so maybe I do prefer a half size up.  If in doubt, go a half size up but if you want to stick to your normal sizing, I think that might work too?!

IMG 9499

*Beck and Skye were with me at Wasatch Running Store so I had to make the above decision QUICK.

IMG 9493

*A quick dinner that tasted great!  We put the veggies and curry/coconut milk combo over rice and topped it with avocado.

IMG 9529

*That little parrot in Skye’s pocket has been copying (aka Skye’s voice) everything I say for the last 24 hours.  I’m losing my mind.

IMG 9548

*I mentioned on a run that Pop-Tarts sounded good and later on in the day, Maddie appeared with these.  I have not had one of these in forever and they are just as good as I remembered them to be.

IMG 9525


Share a tangent with me!

Any quick meals that you’ve made recently and loved?

Do you wear the same size in most running shoes?  Do you notice it change between different brands and types of shoes?

Strength train + run?  When do you eat?

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the best pop-tarts are chocolate vanilla cream. They are discontinued but brought them back a few years ago for a special pop-tart anniversary. I wish they would bring them back. They are by far the best.
I get the shoes thing. I’m always so scared of my knee acting up when I get different shoes. I got Brooks Ghost in the purple cheetah print a few months ago. My knee started feeling like it does when it swells up so I had to take them back. I ended up getting Adrenaline GTS and Launch GTS in boring colors because they rarely make the GTS models in cool colors.
I hope the parrot quiets down; I know how annoying that is. My siblings and I used to do that to each other when we were kids and it usually devolved into a fist fight.
Have a great Tuesday!


Hey Lee – I am so with you on the chocolate vanilla cream pop tarts!!!

Frosted cinnamon brows sugar are 2nd and frosted Strawberry are 3rd.

Janae – I need a rest today so I might try Beck’s peanut butter workout or maybe Skye’s bowling workout pose this afternoon. Or maybe both?


BAHAHA definitely try both. I now need to find the chocolate vanilla cream pop tarts… let’s all write them and ask for them to start making them again. Have the best day, John!


How have I never tried the chocolate vanilla cream pop tarts in my childhood… They need to bring them back! I’m glad you took them back and prevented more knee problems. It’s so scary to branch out and risk injury! Bahaha Skye knows to not even try it with her siblings and just do it to me;). Hope your day is a wonderful one, Lee!


Chocolate vanilla cream are by far the best flavor ever!!!


I am laughing so hard at the parrot in her pocket! Hopefully that trick passes quickly for you! I have a two year old, so it’s always something new that you least expect. One of the best pieces of advice my dad ever gave me is: with parenting everything is a stage that passes (both the good and the difficult, they both pass), so that keeps me going when we hit a stage I don’t think I can take. Like currently we hear, “What’s that sound?” 50 times a day. Haha! Thanks for sharing your days with us.


That advice is GOLD. Thank you so much for sharing. Hahaha good luck hearing that over and over again, it’s amazing how we learn how to tune some of that out;). Hope you and your two year old are having a wonderful day. Thanks, Kristi!


This is probably bad but oh well ha. I don’t eat before I strength train. Basically I roll out of bed, change, brush my teeth then start. I’m also not hungry right away so it’s not like I’m starving myself or anything. Post strength workout then I have a protein shake!

I’m with you on allergies being terrible! I sleep with a roll of toilet paper by my bed for middle of the night wake ups lol. Here’s hoping our allergies get better soon!


My favorite pop tarts were the unfrosted apple cinnamon. I ate soooo many, I’m pretty sure that’s the only thing that kept me from getting scurvy in college. They don’t make them anymore, which is probably a good thing for me.

Speaking of shoe sizes, it took me way too many years to realize I was wearing my running shoes (and probably all shoes) too small. I’m getting them bigger now and I’m blissfully blister-free, although I did have to look up how to lace them differently to keep my heels from slipping.


When do you wear the vaporflys? Are they for every day regular running or speed workouts or a racing shoe or what? I’m intrigued but also confused (happens to me a lot haha)


Hey Jenny! I have worn them for races and a few workouts! They don’t get a ton of miles on them so I save them for the good stuff;). Let me know if you have any other questions and hope you are having the most amazing day!


I usually wear a 10 but a friend of mine bought some Brooks that were too small for her and gave them to me. They are 10.5 and I really love the way they fit. I think that maybe I should try sizing up for running shoes? When I lift and then do the Peleton, I usually eat a little something before I lift. If I have stuff to do in between, then I eat something as soon as I am done lifting.


Oh that is interesting… maybe you should go with the 10.5! Good to know about when you eat with your workouts. Hope your day is off to a great start! Thanks Allison!


Today i woke up and did a strength workout right away, then afterwards ate some fruit while I was making my kids’ breakfasts, then went for my run. But I didn’t run ten miles- if I were going that far I would probably need a little more, or a gel or something in the middle of the run. I agree it’s hard to work out all the fueling for multiple workouts!


I size up a full size in my running shoes. If I stick with my normal size, it feels like my toe hits the tip of the shoe and I don’t like it :-).


I’ve been loving liquid IV lately! Thanks for sharing the code. Definitely keeps me hydrated.

Tangent of the day- my legs are finally getting less sore from my hilly half this weekend! But it took lots of foam rolling which hurt on sore muscles. Worth it though! Does anyone else have that problem?


My body is trained to need chapstick at least every 14 minutes if not sooner. It’s a problem. I have a chapstick holder (from Threadwallets) that is a keychain and it changed my life.

I don’t eat before I workout. Roll out of bed at 6 and head downstairs to my little home gym.

My feet grew a size after having my daughter to a size 11, so I had to say no more kids since that was big enough lol


The parrot, ha ha ha. Hopefully that doesn’t continue today. It would drive me crazy after a while too!
I always strength train after I run. So, depending on how far I’m running, I will grab part or all of a Kind bar or banana bread/muffin (oh my goodness… I made your favorite banana chocolate chip muffins, and they really are the best!), then I don’t eat anything else until after my strength work. It usually takes me a while to feel ready to eat anything in the morning, so I often force myself so that my run isn’t awful, ha.
Your laundry room is now the pain cave, hilarious!
Heading to the gym after my last district meeting (yippee) to do a Peloton run on the treadmill. That app has sure improved my enjoyment of the tread!!
Have a great Tuesday!


You need to get into Peloton Power Zone classes! Such a great way to cross-train for running, especially because it’s based entirely on your personal numbers/ranges. If you love numbers and seeing improvements, this is the way to go. The FTP test is basically the equivalent of racing a 5K.


Any recommendations for lunch/quick meals for little ones! Or do you just serve them the same food?


Hey Emily! Great question! I usually do leftovers for them or something fast like a quesadilla/pb & j! I try to have a fruit, veggie, carb, fat and protein on their plate and sometimes they eat it all and sometimes they don’t. I should start taking pictures of what I feed them for a post. Hope your day is a great one, Emily!


Thanks for sharing! Love your blog :)


I’m a size 10 so when the running store recommended I get a 10.5, I politely said that I didn’t want to wear a bigger shoe. I’m only a 5’3 and with size 10 feet, I just don’t want to go bigger. I compromised and followed advice for the ‘D’ width–I do have to say, that it felt better to do that in the Asics especially. But for Brooks and Saucony, if they don’t have the ‘D’, I can still purchase normal width. By the way, I finished the Brooklyn Half Marathon on Saturday–what an awesome time and was so surprised that I completed it right under 2 hours (1:58:01)–given the fact that we started at 63 degrees and it was 83 degrees when I finished around 9:45 am! If I could attach a picture, I would…MarathonFoto did a great job all along the course so I have some good pictures!


Brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts were always my favorite. Growing up my mom wouldn’t buy them, but my dad would buy them and store them at his office so whenever I went to his office I would get them as a treat and it was our secret from mom LOL.


I recently made chicken & yellow curry over white rice and it was delish!

I tend to size up a 1/2 size or so in running shoes, but especially when I know I’ll be running a downhill race.

I struggle to eat right away after working out because I leave for work so dang early, I’m definitely better on the weekends and next school year, I’m starting an hour later so my goal is to be better about including strength 3x’s per week and eating right away! I tend to eat protein bars in the morning anyway because they are quick and easy!


Now I am really craving Pop Tarts! Haha that flavor is the best

Do you have any trail shoe recommendations? I am signing up for 2 trail races this summer but I don’t have trail shoes yet!

My favorite easy meal is the DIY grain salad from Run Fast Cook Fast Eat Slow with the Trader Joe’s grilled chicken! I usually double or triple the salad and it gets better the longer it’s in the fridge

Hope you are having a lovely day!


Hey Meghan! I hope you get a pop tart soon! I have loved the Hoka Speedgoat and I just got a pair of Nike trail shoes but I’ll let you know what I think about them after I try them out! SO excited for your trail races this summer, that is awesome. Ummmm I need a grain bowl in my life so bad. I’ll be copying you with getting the TJ’s grilled chicken too. Thank you and I hope you have a great day too!


Thank you for saying that the bike is hard for you :-) I love my peloton AND I dread it so much! It kicks my butt. In the first five minutes of every class I don’t think I’m going to last. And towards the middle/end and when I’m done I get a huge adrenaline rush and I love the sweat. It is VERY difficult to get on it though! I understand you :-)


Every comment and picture about Skye makes me laugh out loud and I am sorry! I have been there. It will be funny when you look back on these :-)


I’m trying to get ready for an evening run, but am riveted to the news, and seriously I don’t think my heart will be in it……
yes, Ukraine is horrible, but now Texas….:(
meals….usually when it’s my time I usually just stir fry everything I find in the fridge, lotsa veggies always
sizes….OMG,,,ASICS is the worst…every season, shorter, or longer, or wider, or narrower…I love the latest changes to the Nimbus….but yeah, HOKA fits long, ON short….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
strength, I try to..I have to be in a gym to do that, on my own never…


Smores poptarts all the way!! But these chocolate vanilla sound great too.
I usually do weights post cardio so I try to have a homemade muffin or small snack right after I bike or run as I start the weights.

I too am struggling for simple fast meals. Been eating lots of omelettes and salads but getting so bored!!! I would LOVE LOVE ideas for easy meals for a vegetarian.

For shoes I get most worried about trail runners being a bit bigger as the mountain climbs make my feet swell moreso.

Have a great week!


Katie, I love Pinch of Yum for easy meal ideas. Not everything is vegetarian, but a lot of it is or easy to make veggie. We recently made her Spring Roll noodle bowls and loved them. Lots of great sauces too, to throw over grain bowls or noodles.


It’s so amazing

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