Silentish Saturday!

(Top, shorts, shoes)

I look tired because I am ha but I was very happy to get out in the fresh air for a walk while feeling a bit more like myself.

He knows just the perfect ratio of snuggly/sweetness to crazy/rebellion to keep our relationship happy;)

IMG 7917

National Nurses Day meant free drinks at Swig!

IMG 7920

Water + coconut cream + mango puree = heaven.  I miss my metal straw a lot.

IMG 7921

We were able to give my MIL her gift!

IMG 7929

The time of the year when we are all covered in popsicle juice.

IMG 7932

So helpful.

IMG 7935


IMG 7931

Jenn brought me the most amazing homemade bread.

IMG 7934

Watched some pickleball!

If I feel good this morning I’ll run, if I don’t then I won’t!


Tell me three things you are up to today?!

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Farmer’s market with my daughter, long walk, yard work! Hope you feel up to running.


Have the best time at the Farmer’s Market… I can’t wait to start going to those again! Thank you so much, I think I’m going to go for it!


work, running after the dizziness medicine kicks in, and library. it’s rainy and gross here today so no yardwork or gardening yet. I’m hoping for tomorrow.
I hope you’re feeling better soon!


Why are you dizzy?!? I hope you are doing okay and that the weather is great tomorrow for some gardening! Thank you, Lee! I think I’m going to go for it!


Oh, I hope you feel good enough for at least a little run! This has not been a super fun week for you.
I’ll be going out for a quick run, then off to yoga, finally! We’ve had busy Saturdays for the last month, so I have missed my yoga class. Then some house cleaning and a little yard work. I had to take our vacuum in for repairs, so I’m not exactly sure the best way to sweep… Swifter? Old fashioned broom? Ha ha
Have a great Saturday, and a really wonderful and relaxing Mother’s day ?


Thank you, Wendy! I think I’m going to go for a short run. SO happy you get to make it to yoga this week! Hahah I have just been using a broom but I’m super old-fashioned ha. I hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day, your boys and husband are SO lucky to have you!


Happy nurses day/week to Andrew! I brought cookies to the nurses that I work with. It’s always fun to watch them power walk to the break room when they hear I brought in cookies.
Best cookies ever:
I have gone on my pre-race shake out run today. Then taking my husband to the airport for his Belgian beer trip. And swinging by Lululemon for shorts. Shorts that ride up in the middle are currently driving me bonkers.


Praying ? for your full healing hon! ❤️‍? You’re strong and you’ve got this!


Hi Janae! Nothing too exciting going on over here. My husband went to play frisbee golf with friends and I’m getting some studying done. Maybe tonight will be movie night!
I have finished four 30 day yoga series with Adriene this year and I’m going for my fifth today! Very exciting to have that consistency of daily yoga since I don’t run every day anymore!
Have the best weekend!!


Look at how genuinely happy Andrew looks in that picture! Also is that a Stanley cup? How did you get your hands on it because the ones in North Carolina are sold out and their sold out online lol. Speedy recovery vibes to you and have an amazing Mother’s Day weekend!


I ran 3 miles with my lever movement system and then 1 mile run walk without it and an hour of leg strength. Let’s hope my knee feels good tomorrow!! Off to watch Legally Blonde Jr with my girls !


You do look so tired out! I’m sorry you had that surgery-ouch! I hope if you run that it doesn’t make your gums throb later. Embrace that fresh air circulating through you! Always a perk up, isn’t it?!

Watched Soccer in the morning, went on a bike ride (at exactly my halfway point/turnaround there was a massive rain shower), followed by the store. The odds were not in my favor for produce in the evening at the store but made do with what was left! Saturday evening shopping is a gamble-you never know what you’ll actually get!

Take care!!!


1. yard work…it’s spring!
2. out to dinner..combo wedding anniversary and well, mother’s day
3. maybe watch hockey….

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