Friday Favorites!

Fresh air and sunshine were so needed yesterday.  I was very grateful to get out for a walk.

Brooke had a field trip yesterday to go see School of Rock, I wanted to sneak on the bus with her!

IMG 7886

The day was SO much better than the previous days but I still took extra downtime in bed.

IMG 7896

Cross-country practice happened too.  There were almost 60 kids there yesterday!

IMG 7899

Just 5.5 more weeks of soft foods… Time to use all of my running mantras to get through this;)

IMG 7900


I have just a few favorites to share today:

*Beck’s bike and helmet.  I’ve had a few people ask for the links and so far he loves it (and maybe eventually he will sit on the seat as he goes;).

IMG 7848

*I’m going through a phase with Target clothing right now.  I love a good jumpsuit and the $8 tee works so well with it too.

IMG 7756

*This post from Keira D’Amato.  It inspired me so so much to see her journey and I cannot wait to see what she does next.

IMG 7585

*THIS ACCOUNT.  I will just be pulling it up each time I go to Trader Joe’s to get my meal ideas for the week.  Five items or less…

Screenshot 2022 05 03 at 8 41 07 PM

*That I get to do this soon… my doctor told me I could tomorrow and I’ll play it by ear with how I feel!  I also cannot wait to lift weights again, I haven’t had an ounce of desire to do either thing all week until nowish.

IMG 1237 JPGIMG 0578


Anything you are looking forward to this weekend?  Any favorites from the week?

Tell me something going on in your life! Get me updated!

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Hoping you feel well enough to run tomorrow even if it’s just a mile! I’m looking forward to my pedicure on Sunday! Now that the weather is consistently warm I need my pre sandal wearing pedicure. Which honestly I think is a must for any person who is going to wear sandals in the summer. Even if it’s just a once a year thing and you do your own nails the rest of the time. Something about getting it done by a professional makes your feet look so much better to me. Have a great Friday!


I need to copy you with the pedicure… time to wear sandals! Enjoy, Maureen!


Keira’s progression is amazing! So inspiring.
Yay! I’m happy you got outside for a bit. I bet that sunshine really helped lift your spirits.
Heading out for an early run with friends, yay! Then cleaning house today.
Keep hanging in there Janae!!


Right?! It gives us all so much hope of great racers ahead! I went out again this morning and I feel like a new human… I’m addicted to being outside. I hope your run with friends was a great one and good luck with the cleaning. Thanks for being the best, Wendy!


My dentist wants to do skin grafts for receding gums. I haven’t yet caved to the idea although I really trust her opinion. I would love to hear a recap of what you had done or if anyone has had this type of procedure. I really hate dental work and am scared to do it.


….. Ugggggg I do not like that you are needing this too. I have had gum grafts in the past and I swear they weren’t as bad as this time so I’m wondering if a lot of my pain is coming from the removal of the infected implant (that was put in place where I had my tumor). I am really hoping it is mostly from the implant removal because this has been heck and I know a lot of people are able to go to work etc the day after a gum graft. You will have to let me know what you end up doing. Thinking about you, Kara!


Those overalls are super cute on you. I’m inspired to try a pair.


You will have to let me know what you think of them! Have a great day, Carrie!


I wish Target shipped to Canada…I LOVE that romper! Can you share which socks you wear with your vans? I know you shared them before but I can’t find the post. Glad you are starting to feel better!


I should just ship one to you! I LOVE these no show socks for my vans:
Thank you Ashlea, have a great weekend!


Happy Friday, Janae! Happy to hear you’re feeling better each day! It will be great if you feel up for a run, but if not, the best thing about running is knowing it will be right there waiting for you when you are ready :o)
Making the 3+ hour drive to visit family this weekend (they are the family members that live closest to us). These weekends are always tiring, but it’s so nice to see people!
Life: started a new training plan this week, moving to a more challenging kettlebells group starting next week, golf league starts next week (praying or sun!), and a big closet renovation underway. OK, now I just want to nap LOL! Happy Weekend, Janae!!


Happy Friday! Thank you so much and you are so right, running is always there for us whenever we are ready. It isn’t going anywhere! I hope you have the best time with your family this weekend. You have so much going on this next week, I’m tired just reading about it! I hope your day is a great one, Janine and drive safe!


That romper is so cute! And that Trader Joe’s account looks awesome!

I’m looking forward to going to a train show at the library with my kiddos today, and on a hike with the whole fam this weekend! Also looking forward to my husband cooking for me on Mother’s Day and hopefully getting a run or two in!

Something going on in my life…I’m still making good progress toward opening my home bakery, just so much permitting and paperwork to do, but I’m enjoying recipe testing!

Hope you have a great weekend!


I want to join you guys with my kids for the train show, that sounds so fun. Have a great time on the hike and enjoying all of the delicious food too. SO SO thrilled about your home bakery, if you ship then I am your first customer! Thanks Meghan, you too!


Hi Janae! I’m so glad you’re feeling better! That’s so inspirational about Keira! Nine years!! I wonder where we will be then!
Btw I just watched a YouTube video with Gwen Jorgensen getting a QOM segment on Strava! It was a fun way for her to return to training after covid.
Happy Friday!


It’s going to be chilly and rainy here all weekend and I have a ton of work to do (special ed teacher) so I am curling up with my laptop! Work outs will be pool run, strength, swim, and a little bit of treadmill running I think! I am excited because I have brought back some running and so far my injured/arthritic knee doesn’t hurt at all. I know my running has officially changed to not load that knee up but it gives me hope that running is still an option. Granted it’s not much at this point but that’s because I am not pushing it. 3 miles, 3/4 run, 1/4 walk. Last Fri I did 4 miles, running for a few min each mile and no pain.


Romper – just added to cart!

This weekend I have a Moms on the Run 5k! Super excited to do that and bringing my kids with too! And then a first baseball tournament of the season for my 11 year old! The pedicure mentioned above makes me think I may need to schedule one super soon!

I hope you get a short run in and continue to heal up! Happy Mother’s Day!


I love seeing Keira’s progress in the marathon!! It’s so amazing and also seems so attainable to reach for those big goals. She’s amazing!

This weekend we’re officially moving into our new house! I’m so excited- we’ve been moving in stuff the past two weeks but now our furniture is coming and it will be nice to just have one place we’re living out of instead of two. I can get back in my routine and make it feel like home now :) And meet all my neighbors- if anyone has a good suggestion to introduce myself to neighbors I would love to hear it! :)


I am impressed with your marathon times! My first marathon ( Myrtle Beach) I finished 3:54. How did you jump from 3:49 to 3:14? Any tips? I have followed you for years and you have been such an inspiration!


TARYN! Congrats on your amazing marathon time at Myrtle Beach! You will have to let me know what you end up running next! Here is a post where I share a lot of what I did to get faster, I hope it helps. Happy weekend!

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