Monday Matters + A New Blog Thing…

Friday night I was up ridiculously late and so there was no way I was getting up early to run.  I waited until Beck was taking a nap to go use a treadmill and decided to get in some 800s.  2 mile w/u, 7 x 800m with about a 2 minute recovery jog in between each one.  Running in the middle of the day is rough for me but I felt so much better and more awake afterward.  

7.57 miles @ 7:07 average.  56.67 miles for the week which is a bit higher than I’ve done in a while.

IMG 9319

Next up we went with my brother’s family to the running store.  These two have spent quite a bit of time in running stores throughout their lives.

IMG 9344

I was very happy with my niece’s choice in shoes for her cross-country season.

IMG 9346

My brother is tempted to buy one of these stickers to put on his car even though 100 milers aren’t something he chooses to do;)

IMG 9342

My brother then told us to follow him in our car because he had somewhere to take us all that he knew we would love.

He knows us well.  It is a restaurant called Sugar’s and it is unreal.  They serve their sandwiches with donuts as the buns and each dessert could feed a big family!

IMG 9350

After we ate we hung out at my brother’s house for the rest of the day and most importantly, we watched the marathon!

Next time I need Kipchoge to wear a microphone because I want to hear what he is saying.  Throughout the race I saw him talk to other people and I just need to know WHAT he is able to say while running a 4:35 mile.

IMG 9357

And then we used the virtual reality game that my brother has…  This thing is so much fun.  My arms are sore from the rock climbing game that I did with this ha. 

IMG 9350


Let’s chat about a few random things.

 *I seriously loved every single second of watching the women’s and men’s marathon this last weekend.  I want to know how many bags of ice they went through between the two races.  I saw so many people running with bags of ice on their heads and stuffed into their hats.  

IMG 9258

*Watching Molly Seidel fight for the bronze was so incredible.  I cried watching her cross the finish line and then as she was doing an interview afterward.  She left it ALL out there on the course.  On Saturday Liza said in the comments, “Molly is incredible.  In 2016, she went to an eating disorder recovery treatment center and the next Olympics she medals.  Wow, recovery is awesome, fueling well is where it’s at.”  Molly has been so open about her struggles and I love following her on IG and Strava because she is hilarious and doesn’t take herself too seriously.   I can’t wait to see what is next for her!

610dfe789d69a image

*I need to find these bottles with straws that a few of the women were using during the marathon.  I think they would be fun to try.

Screen Shot 2021 08 07 at 10 32 22 AM

*The friendship between these two men was so real.  Nageeye kept looking back and waving his hand to Abdi to help him to kick and pull up to get the bronze.  I’ve had a friend do that to me in a race before (not because I was going to get in the top 3 but because she could tell I was falling back) and it made the world of difference for me.  It was like Nageeye was pulling Abdi forward in that moment.  Running friendships are so strong and I would love to know more about their friendship.   I did feel so sad for Cherono in that moment though!  


*My nieces found a race they want to train for and do with me… Every few miles there is an aid station with a ton of donuts.  Let the training begin (both for the running and the donut eating).

IMG 9345

*Andrew teases me because my purse is full of these whenever we travel… I refuse to leave home without them (code HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL gets you 25% off and free shipping HERE).

IMG 9233

*My brother added racing stripes to his mini van.

IMG 9347

*New blog thing—>  I get questions/emails about different running clothing that I wear so I thought I would just include the links underneath the first picture of most blog posts (if the pieces are still available)!   Most of the links for things that I include are affiliate links so just wanted to say thank you for helping me out with my job.  I really appreciate it!  I’ll only link to things that I love!

IMG 9302

It will look like this–>  (Tank, bra, shorts, socks, shoes)


What was your favorite Olympic moment from the track or the marathon?

Do you have a food/snack/drink that you always make sure you travel with?

Tell me something happy that happened to you over the weekend?

When you run on a treadmill do you put it at an incline?

-I used to always put it at 1% but I haven’t done that in a while.  

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YES to all your comments about the marathons. I was so inspired watching the men and women run in that crazy heat and humidity. You can see some athletes really dig deep to some inner strength that helps them push through. I’m always inspired to up my own running after watching! I’m a little sad it’s over now, it was great to watch marathons once again.


I know! I felt so sad yesterday that I didn’t have more to watch. I have no idea how they did what they did in that humidity! I hope you have a really great day, Chris!


It was also super awesome to see the two Kenyan women handing water and ice to each other as they were running through the aid stations! Great teamwork on their part even though the rivalry between them is fierce.


Oh I totally agree with you Monika. That was so awesome! I don’t know a lot about their rivalry, I’ll have to look it up. Thanks for sharing and I hope your week is off to a great start!


As a Belgian, watching Abdi Nageeye encourage Bashir Adbi to dig deep, give it everything he had and win the bronze was the most heartwarming thing I have seen in years. Belgium and the Netherlands have a longstanding tradition of athletic (and other forms of) rivalry, comparable to the US and Canada, seeing someone from the Netherlands help someone from Belgium is a rare sight! It made the moment all the more poignant.
Bashir Abdi has been catapulted to national fame overnight here in Belgium and has talked about his friendship with Abdi Nageeye on several occasions. Their stories are remarkable: both men were born in Somalia and fled their mothercountry in the early 1990s to escape the civil war there. They met and have been friends since 2008. The last couple of months, in the lead up to the Olympics, they have been training a lot together in Ethiopia with the same coach, Gary Lough. Nageeye and Abdi both started foundations to promote running and sports with children and teenagers as a way to give back to their respective new homecountries. Bashir Abdi also dedicated his medal to Belgium as a thank you for all the opportunities he has been given here after leaving Somalia as a young child.
Fun fact: right after finishing, Bashir Abdi received a phone call from Mo Farah! You can watch the clip here
Scroll down to the bottom clip and skip ahead to 1:30.
Hope this brightens your Monday!


Annelies, I bet that was so incredibly exciting for you to watch what happened on Saturday! Thank you for giving me the backstory to the Belgium and Netherlands rivalry, I didn’t know that. And their story of friendship, thank you for sharing! This makes it all even more special. What a beautiful story. The video won’t work on my computer so I’m going to find it today… thank you SO much. Have a beautiful day and keep in touch please!


My favorite Olympic moment was when the high jumpers shared the gold medal! Apparently they’re great friends which made it all sweeter to me (same with the men’s marathon). Right after that was when the Italian won the 100m race and they celebrated even more which made me SO happy!! I also loved all the records that got broken and seeing everyone’s reactions. So inspiring!!

This weekend I went on a long bike ride and then kayaked in the most amazing place- it’s a preserve with a 1.5 mile kayaking route that is surrounded by trees and just incredible. I felt like I was floating through heaven!


Gretchen, I didn’t know about this story! That is so great and I need to go find some of these clips to watch. Can I come next time with you? That sounds incredible!


Molly finishing the marathon and screaming “Yes” was the best! I totally cried! I also loved watching women’s volleyball, both the beach and the indoor teams… And seeing both teams work so hard together to bring home gold was awesome! A little sad the Olympics are over, but with school starting next week, it’s sort of perfect timing.
I usually don’t put the treadmill on an incline. I feel I get enough hills just with my regular runs outside, ha.
I almost always have a cold bottle of Perrier with me. I am not a soda drinker, but I do like bubbles occasionally, so Perrier is my go to when I’m tired of plain water.
Have a great Monday, and if you guys are still in St. George, keep having fun ?


Watching the women’s volleyball was so so so good. The Olympics were the perfect way to end the summer:) Now you have me needing some Perrier! Thank you Wendy, we will and I hope your day is off to a great start!


It’s hard to top Molly’s marathon!! Women dominated the track though!
I’m still trying to come down from Tadej Pogacar’s win from Tour de France, too!
Thanks for the running clothes link. I think I need a few new pieces.


We could all always use some more running clothes:) I need to read more about Tadel Pogacar’s win! Thanks for sharing Molly, I hope you are having a beautiful day!


The Olympics are always so emotional for me, and this year was even more than usual. I cried at so many points that others have mentioned. When Simone won the bronze I was bawling – what representation for those of us who struggle with our mental health! And Molly ….my husband asked me what was wrong with my eyes at that point because I was just so in awe and happy for her. I served my mission where she is from, so she has a special place in my heart.

I have to say, I’m ok with Rupp not winning a medal (I know it’s cringey to say). It just feels so weird cheering for him with all of the hubbub around him, Nike, and Alberto. But can we talk about Kara’s calling throughout the games? I LOVE listening to her!!


Tess, that is so cool that you served your mission where Molly is from! I agree with what you said about Simone and also being extra emotional about the Olympics this time! KARA DID AMAZING! And Rupp… yeah, I was really missing cheering for Jared Ward (I call him my neighbor even though he isn’t ha)! Have a great day!


It looks like you are having an incredible time with your family!

I always travel with food! I was laughing because my sister and I had a triathlon this weekend. She was texting me to bring her a banana, which I already knew she would need and had ready to go. On the way she texted me again that the race started later than she thought so she would need more to eat and was wondering what else I had packed for food;-). My only thought was “how could she have no food with?!” Whenever we go places with friends, my kids tell their friends–don’t worry if you get hungry, my mom always has food in her bag.

Weekend happy: I cut 5 minutes off my triathlon time from last years year time! I would have cut more time off, but I crashed on my bike about .2 miles from the bike transition. My chain fell off and my brake was rubbing against my tire so I had to run my bike across the finish. I had blood running down my leg and I was a little shaken up so my run time wasn’t as fast as I had hoped….but it still was fun! Now I just need to get my bike fixed. I told my husband I should just get a new one (I am eyeing a tri bike), but he doesn’t think that is cost effective;-).

Happy Monday, Janae!


Hey Becky! YOUR TRIATHLON! Huge huge huge congrats. I am so sorry about your crash, you are so strong and you still cut 5 minutes off. Wow. Way to go and I love that you did it with your sister and I’m happy you could help her with the food ha. I’m with you, ALWAYS having food in my purse has saved us all many times.
PS Andrew agrees you need a new bike… he understands:)

Thanks Becky, you too! Recover well!


Hi Janae! It was my birthday yesterday and we celebrated by having my friends come to the park! We got lucky with weather (it was the one cool day in a heatwave) and it was so much fun!
The Olympics were incredible, both men and women’s marathons were amazing to watch. I can’t believe kipchoge negative split under those conditions.
Happy Monday!


I had a great afternoon yesterday spending time with some girlfriends and catching up! Made me very happy. And ran an extra mile on my long run this weekend by accident haha.

I don’t put the treadmill on an incline but I should.


I missed the marathons because we kinda had a marathon of our own going – our niece got married in Indiana! It was beautiful, but SO much work for the families (set up and tear down of the reception mostly.) We got to see Les’ entire family and a few cousins. One of his cousins (2nd or 3rd?) is 15 and on the track team. He did not know who Meb is and I was heartbroken! We tried to educate him and hopefully someday he’ll understand the greats of American marathoning.

I always have trail mix and beef jerky when we fly. Airlines tend to give carbs, but no protein. It helps me not be so hangry ;)


Your brother is HILARIOUS!!! I seriously think he should be a stand-up comedian.


I feel like I’m cheating myself if I don’t use the treadmill at an incline. I read somewhere to mimic outdoor running, the treadmill must be set to at least 0.5%. No idea of this is true but now it’s stuck in my head and I just HAVE to do it. Haha!


Janae! You HAVE to come to Raleigh, NC and do the Krispy Kreme Challenge! It’s pretty famous around here. You start at the belltower (an NC State monument) and you run 2.5 miles to our historic Krispy Kreme. You then eat a dozen donuts and run 2.5 miles back. You “win” the race if you complete the run AND all dozen donuts in under 50 minutes. My husband did it and still brags that it’s the only race he’s ever beaten me in LOL. I did it and only ate a couple donuts but still had a blast watching everyone else!


haha I love the racing stripe! Also love their fireplace setup. :) Great idea to link things beneath the picture – helps you and us!


Liking pilot brother’s spin on Van Life!!

I’m ready for more Olympics 2020/ 2021. How are they over??? I got into so many more things than gymnastics this year. Did you know about Nathaniel Coleman in climbing? (He’s from UT, and I know you all know each other, ha!) His type of sportsmanship is contagious for me. AND he has a YT about being well rounded with, wait for it, strength training. So, I totally thought of HRG, yeah!


This is my first time commenting, though I’ve followed/read for years!

I always travel with my beloved French vanilla coffee creamers (the minis if we are flying, and a big old bottle if we are driving, lol). And, incline at .5% for life, lol (unless I’m doing bigger hills). I used to run at 3.5% (what!!!???) on my old NordicTrac, but that just doesn’t feel doable on my new Peloton tread, so .5% it is. :)

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