Silentish Saturday!

Loved having my running team out with me…

IMG 9236

But first I did ten miles on my own in 89 degree weather…

IMG 9225

The pool was needed and we had cousins join us there.

IMG 9250

I am so talented at floating around the pool for a while.

IMG 9248

Watched the marathon in pjs and it was the best.  MOLLY SEIDEL… Only her 3rd marathon and she took bronze.  Her performance was incredible.

IMG 9263

Next up = date night!

Pasta, breadsticks and salad.

IMG 9269

Tuachan amphitheater!!

IMG 9274

IMG 9283

School of Rock was AMAZING.  I want to see every show they offer here now.

IMG 9290

And a must when it is still 91 degrees out at night.

IMG 9293


Tell me 3 things you have going on today!

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I know! I know! Molly Seidel!!! To be honest I didn’t expect that, but it was incredible. I don’t think she expected it either- she seemed stunned at the outcome. Can’t wait to see the men today.


Right? I didn’t expect it either. She looked so so strong out there. I can’t wait to see what’s next for her. Enjoy watching the men, I can’t wait!


Watching last few hours of Olympics (I will miss the excitement so much!). I am so inspired by Canadian marathon runner Malindi Elmore, 41, mom of 2 young kids, who finished 9th at the Olympics. She reminds us moms out there that we can have great dreams for ourselves and we can do amazing things!


Wow. I didn’t know Malindi’s story. Thank you for sharing Mel! That is incredible and so inspiring. Have a beautiful weekend friend❤️


The women’s marathon was so exciting! In my opinion, Molly won! How do you turn in a performance like that on your third try in those weather condtions???? She’s super human.
I was super disappointed that Aliphine had to drop out. I think she’s another exciting runner to watch.
3 things…..long run, farmers market, and a whole lot of excitement leading up to the Fall Out Boy concert tomorrow. I’m soooooo excited!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Right?! Even Brooke found the entire thing interesting! I know, I really hope Aliphine’s hip is okay. I can’t wait to see what she does next. Your weekend sounds perfect! ENJOY and thanks Lee!


Hi Janae. May I ask what brand and style Brooke’s sunglasses are? I need ones for a small face so these may work.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Donna! She is wearing my Goodr! They are the original ones here and they fit her perfect. Thanks friend, you too.


Thank you for replying Janae. You are the SWEETEST!!!!!!! Enjoy your Sunday.


Molly did amazing!! So excited for her.

I saw school of rock on Broadway and LOVED it! Those kids are so talented too, wish I could play an instrument that well.

5 miles this morning (3 alone, 2 with a friend), then coffee and breakfast after. Homework. Then having a girls night!


Right?! I couldn’t believe that the kids were all actually playing their instruments. They are incredible. Way to go on your run and enjoy that girls night! Thanks Mariah!


When you visit st George are you staying at your family’s house or hotel? There’s a lot of you there!


Hey Janae!! I’m graduating today!! I’ve been in school for 25 years now (starting with toddler preschool) so I think my parents are ready for me to be a real adult???.

I love how you, Skye, and Brooke matched!! So sweet


CLARE! CONGRATULATIONS! I am so so so happy for you. Celebrate big time! You are so inspiring!


Molly Is incredible. In 2016, she went to an eating disorder recovery treatment center and the next Olympics she medals. Wow, recovery is awesome, fueling well is where it’s at.

-long run
-laking snd boating
– Burgers

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