Just call me race director;) and it’s ONLY…

(tank, ribbed sports bra that is my current #1, socks)

You know it’s the end of summer when you wake up and look at the temperature on your phone and you say, “Oh good, it’s ONLY 76°F.”  I’m pretty sure running in 76° a few months ago would have left me in the gutter on the side of the road.  It’s amazing how our bodies acclimate and adjust we just have to trust them.

Not sure if I have mentioned this before but I really love running in St. George.

IMG 9373

An out and back course for the win… First half up, second half down.

IMG 9392

If you have a Zao’s Asian Cafe near you and you have kids, you should go on Monday because kids eat free every Monday!

IMG 9397

We all love their rice bowls so much.

IMG 9401

It’s Brooke’s birthday week so we started it right with a KitKat together in the car.

IMG 9413

And some shopping:)

IMG 9411

This little dude is ready to go home and so are we!  Summer flew by way too fast this year and I’m pretty sure we were in St. George for a good chunk of it!

IMG 9417

This is the kind of content I was talking about yesterday that makes me love Molly so so much.

IMG 9372

I’m excited for something new!  I am in charge of the race that our kid’s school puts on each year.  There are usually about 500 kids that run the race with a lot of parents joining in too so it’s going to be a blast.  There will also be an assembly right after that I am putting together too and I cannot wait.  It will be an awesome chance to get them all excited to do cross-country in the spring (that is when our school does it).

The race didn’t happen last year so I have a feeling everyone will be extra excited to run!

Screen Shot 2021 08 09 at 9 33 44 AM



Favorite elite runner (or athlete) to follow on social media?

Didnt summer go by fast, medium or slow for you?

Random Q of the day> What toothepaste do you use?

-COLGATE.. I love it so so much.


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Molly is my new favorite elite for sure! She’s running the Falmouth Road Race this weekend and doing a fun challenge to start dead last and see how many people she can pass (to raise money) and I’ll be there too. So excited to hopefully see her as she zips by me!


I saw she was doing that. And how awesome that you’ll be there!! I hope you get passed by her too! Ha ha


THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER. Have the best time Carly and please tell me all about it after! Good luck!


I was dying at the stories Molly shared yesterday, so funny!

For the race, I would get volunteers to sign up early and plan for extra! Say you only need 5 ask for 10 since you know people will forget or someone might be sick or just not be able to help anymore. Also check if there’s stores by you that accept tax free shopping for schools. I forget the exact name of it but I went to a catholic school growing up and there was a GFS (Gordon Food Service, not sure if it’s national or not but it’s like a restaurant supply store) and my mom would give them a number and it would be tax free shopping or whatever. So if a store by you has that and the kids school is able to, then you should check it out for post race water and stuff.

Summer went by FAST and I’m NOT okay about it


Right?! She is so hilarious! And hopefully Runners World gives her that subscription so she can read the article about herself haha. That is such a good idea about the volunteers and tax free shopping. I already got free post race water wahoo but I’ll be using this for everything else. Thank you! You are the best. I hope you get to enjoy the last few days of summer!


That’s so awesome you get the opportunity to do the race for the school. My daughter is going into Gr 3 this year so she will get to do cross-country! The youngest they are allowed to participate here is gr 3, so I’m excited for her!
Summer is going by medium for me..we still have 4 weeks left before they go back so we are enjoying it as much as possible.
I like Colgate too or the crest whitening!! Which one is your favourite? My husband is Crest all the way!


ASHLEA! That is so awesome that your daughter will be doing cross-country! You’ll have to let me know how it goes and give me any ideas! Enjoy those last few weeks of summer. I will take any and every Colgate variety.. pregnancy is what made me love Colgate! I hope you have the best day!


I did the same thing this morning! Temp was 74, but humidity was 93% so I still died haha. I will be so grateful for these hard runs during my half in October though!

I use Arm & Hammer toothpaste, my dental hygienist recommended it.


Okay, definitely did not have that humidity… you are so strong! I have never tried that brand, I will have to! Have a beautiful day, Mariah!


I don’t have any tips right now since the race I’m in charge of keeps getting cancelled. If we have it this year though, I’ll be hoping to get ideas from you ?


AHHH Jenny! It’s so good to hear from you. Why is it canceled? Keep me updated! Let’s brainstorm!


I know! I fell off the internet for a bit haha. Mostly got canceled because of covid. This year we got a new pto president who isn’t huge on fundraising so we will see what happens! But yes! Brainstorming with someone makes planning a million times easier. What time of year are you planning for?


I absolutely love following Molly on social media. She, and her whole family, are hilarious!
I am so excited for you to be in charge of the race at the school!! When my boys were in elementary school, I was in charge of the annual jog-a-thon and it was so much fun! A lot of work, but so fun! I wanted to make sure they got a real finish line experience, so I had a big finish line sign made, had water bottles, oranges and pretzels to hand out, and instead of medals, each kid got a ribbon. Someone else mentioned getting more volunteers than you think you’ll need, and I completely agree. I can’t wait to hear all about it!
We use Colgate here too. I’m using their gum restore (I think that’s what it’s called) and I think it’s great.
Our mornings have been a tad cooler too, and it’s so nice. But we have another heatwave coming, so we’re not done with the heat for a while…
Have a safe trip home!


Hey Wendy! Seriously, her family seems so amazing too! Oh I love that you did their jog-a-thon. How fun! I cannot thank you enough for these tips! Keep enjoying those cooler mornings before the heatwave. Thanks friend, happy Tuesday!


I can’t handle how strong the mint flavor of most toothpaste is – I’ve disliked that ever since I was a child. So I use children’s fruit-flavored toothpaste instead!


HEY ALLISON! Pregnancy made me hate the mint flavor so I need to go try some fruit-flavored toothpaste, yum! Have a great day!


Emma Coburn is maybe my current favorite? Emily Infeld maybe too. But I also really dig Chari Hawkins drill demos and form tips.

As a Midwest runner, I’m curious what your humidity has been lately? I’m fascinated by running in heat but no humidity. It sounds enchanting haha


I need to check out Chari Hawkins for those drill demos and form tips… thanks for sharing! You need to come run here because St. George is SO dry. I just looked it up and it is currently 35%! You would love it. Have a great day Molly!


Hi Janae! Good luck with the race that sounds awesome! And no one has mentioned it but I use sensodyne. Summer has gone by fast but I’m not mad about it, fall running is the best. Happy Tuesday!


Thank you so much Amy! I am so excited for fall running too… we are all going to fly! Have a great day!


Hello! I coach middle school xc and just accepted a position as a pe teacher at my kids school. It’s funny where running will take you.
Congratulations on doing the race! It’s going to be amazing! We use signupgenius.com for our kids xc team and school. It’s really nice because you are able to enter in what you need and then send it to parents emails, then they sign up. It’s nice because then everyone else can see that item is already selected. For example, you already have post race water, don’t add it to the list of needs. Or you can, then sign up for it so everyone knows it is picked up already. You can even add volunteer spots, like 4 volunteers for the water station. 6 volunteers for the packet pickup, 8 volunteers for clean up.
Maybe you can get your running store to donate bags for race packets or a discount code for shoes for cross country athletes. I always recommend our athletes go to the running store instead of buying shoes off Amazon or something. We are attempting to make runners for life in cross country, good shoes are a must!
Maybe your husband can ask his hospital if they would be willing to donate any goodies, water bottles, pencils, bracelets lots of times they have that ready and it’s so exciting for kids! Or ask IV hydration to send some samples and add those to the race bag :)
Good luck you will do awesome!


I know follow Molly on Instagram – she is great. I do have to admit, as I was watching her finish up the race – amazed at how well she was doing – I was also looking at her hair. I have run in hot, humid conditions, and that ponytail is a nightmare to get through at the end! But so proud of how well she did!

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