Change of plans, altitude training, running watchless and whatever else I feel like telling you today.

It’s FRIDAY!!! We are off to Utah’s amusement park today for Andrew’s work party.  I will not be riding any roller coasters because I can no longer handle those things but I will be watching Andrew and the kiddos on them while eating plenty of ice cream.

Let’s catch up on life since we last talked.

On Wednesday night we were really supposed to go paint but we decided we could definitely wait a night to go get some pizza and watch a baseball game instead.  (PS for my own future reference, I’m just going to go ahead and add on about 30 hours to however long I think it is going to paint a house to be more accurate;)

IMG 2793

After pizza we got matching suckers and took quite an artistic photo with them.

IMG 2715

And then it was off to UVU to watch the Owlz play.  Andrew’s got the double toddler holding down quite nicely.  I do not.  I need to get back to bootcamp and lift some weights.

IMG 2718

They told me there were dolphins in this body of water below and they were searching for them.

IMG 2723

The kids were more hyper than ever so I’m not sure how much of the game was actually watched ha.

IMG 2752


IMG 2791

But then they needed a break for approximately 20 seconds before they were rolling down the hill over and over again.

IMG 2730

While we are on the topic of Brooke cuddling, I have about 25 pictures of Brooke cuddling with the pup on my phone.

IMG 2804

I told you that we didn’t just want a dog, we NEEDED a dog.

IMG 2845

Thursday morning started off with Josse.  It felt like it had been forever since my last outdoor run (probably because it had been over a week…) and so the alarm clock going off extra early was actually exciting (I know, it was bizarre).  We ran a ‘new to us’ 7.25 mile loop and saw the sunrise while we were out.  It was coolish out and we had a lot to catch up on.

Our next run together is tomorrow at the Timp Half!  We really have no idea what pace we want to do tomorrow, we will probably go watchless and run based on effort to make it a workout.  We also want to add on a few miles to make it our long run for the marathon training.  Win-win-win.

IMG 2797

The big event for the day was to a splashpad with Lindsey and Whitney.

It takes a village:

IMG 2822

Before ice cream:

IMG 2839

After ice-cream:

IMG 2841

Once Andrew was off work we picked up a Jamba for me and him (this is turning into a really expensive habit but we don’t know how to stop…) to bring to him while he was painting.

IMG 2846

And then the kids helped him out big time.  Two three year old assistants—>  every painter’s dream;)

IMG 2852

Megan brought us the best fuel.  Her favorite healthy zucchini cookies.  I’ve been hooked on these for years now.  You need to try them.

IMG 2855

Along with smoothies, I’m really into cereal right now too (don’t mind Brooke’s bowl… all of our normal dishes are dirty, I need to do dishes).  Maybe it is just summer but cold foods sound good all day long:

IMG 2864

PS looks like there are some crazy fast girls in my neighborhood (well, 40 minutes away but on Saturday we will be right by them near Park City;)  Also, Amy and Shalane were just recently at BYU’s track doing some speed… I used to do my speed workouts there all of the time!

Altitude training:

IMG 2844 1

I’ve got a few RUNNING SONGS that I am completely loving this week:

*Cold Water (feat. Justin Bieber & MØ) by Major Lazer

*Never Be Like You by FLume

*Blind by Rise Against

*Just Tonight-Demo Version by Jimmy Eat World

*Sucker for Pain (with Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons) by Lil’ Wayne

*Generation Lost by Rise Against

*C U When U Get There by Coolio (taking it back)

*Cheap Thrills by Sia

*Treat you Better by Shawn Mendes

*Panda by Desiigner


Have you ever run a race watchless?  

-Josse has done it a bunch and I want to try it out:)

Do you run more races solo or with somebody?  

What are your top 3 go-to foods at this very time in your life?

-Cereal, smoothies, raspberries (we are going through cartons of these too quickly right now)

Roller coasters—>  yay or nay?  Make you sick?

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I hate roller coasters and apparently so does my stomach so I feel your pain!
I’m loving strawberry smoothies right now and watermelon 4 life?


Love those pics! I’ve run a race once without a watch. It was weird, but it also made it so that there was less pressure. Have fun tomorrow!

Go-to foods right now: Wheat Thins, froyo, grilled chicken.

Happy Friday! :)


Right now I am LOVING smoothies too but I make them at home. It’s not easy getting out for a run in this heat (yest. the feels like was 100* during my run) BUT I just promise myself a smoothie when I get home.

My favorite combo right now is: banana, lots of frozen mango, a little frozen pineapple and some coconut water to replenish electrolytes lost from running in the heat for an hour+.

Blend it all together and enjoy the taste of summer! :)


No to roller coasters! I’ve never been a fan of them. I have always raced solo but usually find a pack of runners to settle into and chat with during the early miles. I love how friendly runners are like that!


If I don’t have time goals for a race I definitely go watchless! Sometimes I’ll also make it my goal to stay with a pacer, so running without a watch is helpful. Just go with the flow :) Major YAY for roller coasters! I absolutely love them!


I used to be much more tolerance of roller coasters. Still love em but the ones that rattle my head are a no go.

I’m really loving summery salads and fruit smoothies right now :)


All I want is cold food too! Big salads with smoked salmon and avocado and raspberries and cheese…mium! I also love a fruity smoothie after my long runs in this crazy humid weather! I usually race by myself but my husband is willing to be my pace bunny when required up to a half marathon! I so appreciate it!


those zucchini cookiesssss!! yumyumyum. I’ve run all of my races thus far solo, but I think I could be persuaded to run with a buddy in the near future. there’s something I like about not having to answer to anyone though. we shall see, we shall see.

and i’m meh about roller coasters. I hate heights, but I’ve been on a few and honestly didn’t love them but didn’t despise them. given the option of riding them or not, I’ll probably choose not haha. I wish I liked them better though!


I have never run a race watch-less.. I can’t even run without a watch still! It’s an addiction. My desire to cook is at an all-time low during such a hot and humid summer so my go-tos are: bananas, almond butter sandwiches, and greek yogurt. I LOVED rollercoasters growing up but I haven’t been on one since that New York one in Vegas almost three years ago. I don’t think they would agree with me now but hopefully I’m wrong!


Yay for roller coasters! I love them.
I’ve been eating waffles, soft pretzels and Colby jack cheese a ton lately. Clearly I have the healthy thing nailed. Not!
I usually run my races alone and always with a watch but sometimes there are technical errors and it doesn’t start.


I run more races solo just because I am unfortunately the most into running out of all of my friends. But when I can get them to do one, I do. I must say I miss having a team sometimes, but I also love running alone. Top 3 foods: carrots, plums, and popcorn.By the way– check out the NYTimes Summer Challenges– there is one on ice cream.


The only time I race watchless is for a prediction run. It’s so odd not having it! Running by feel will be great though. I usually do my best in races if I find someone to pace with. If I end up in no man’s land, I don’t usually push myself as much. I can’t wait to hear how the half goes!


I ran a 5k (3.2miles) with my garmin in miles by mistake…I had no idea what my pace was so I just had to give it my all. Ended up with a PB…go figure!

I am loving blackberries at the moment…cartons of them at a time.

Rollercoasters? No way!! Never have.


The last race I ran I didn’t bring my phone or watch which was a first. Instead I talked with my best friend the entire run and she helped me keep my pace. I love running races with friends! The smaller 5K’s are typically solo. Right now I am loving cottage cheese with red grapes, zuchinni and BLT Sandwiches. As a kid I hated roller coasters but now as an adult I love them! We leave tomorrow for vacation and head to California for 10 days. A Disneyland trip is planned in the middle! Tower of Terror is my favorite!!!


I love your sense of humor :) Your blog always lightens my mornings!! xoxo


I’m actually eating cereal as I read this, haha twins! And I’m all about the roller coasters. I love them way too much!

Most of the races I run I usually run them alone. Sometimes I’ll run one with my sister or my friend!


I have no desire to run watchless/phoneless (I used the Nike watch or app). I do not pay attention to my pace too much, but I like all my miles to be logged on my account. I work in healthcare, if you don’t chart it, you didn’t do it. That has transferred over to my running as well.


Top 3 foods right now.
pretzel buns

Roller coasters, NO WAY!


I am obsessed with time and distance so I always run with my Garmin. I’m also training for a tri, though, so I feel like I need to keep up with my stats for that. I will have to try this out once the race is over :) Right now, all of my go-to foods are things that have nothing to do with a stove or anything else involving heat because it’s HOT! I am loving fresh fruits especially. And I’m not a roller coaster fan. Never have been! I am good at watching everyone’s belongings while they ride, though ;)


It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun. The pictures are so cute. I have run races both solo and with friends.

My favorite food right now are almonds. I’ve been eating a ton of them lately.


I just ran a 10k race watchless…by accident! When I go to the race I felt weird and realized I didn’t have my Garmin! I was SO BUMMED because I was aiming to PR. I did PR which was great, (8 minutes faster than my 10k last year!) but I didn’t get any of the stats I wanted (i.e. pace per mile instead of overall pace). And I’m curious if I were to have finished even faster knowing what my projected time was during the race. Oh well – needless to say, it was a great run!

Top 3 foods:
-Almond butter mixed w/ cinnamon, shredded coconut and raisins with apple slices!
-Peanut butter chocolate chip larabar – I could eat more than one ever day!


I usually run races solo and watch less but I also mostly run 5k and it’s pretty easy to figure my pace and what not for that short of a race. I also kind of like the surprise factor of seeing a pr at the end. I’m sure that having a watch would help me push myself though. Maybe I should try it.


I’ve run most of my races solo, but I have run a couple races with my mom (she’s so awesome) and my dad even ran a 5k with me. That was one of my favorite experiences ever. And upcoming: Landon and I have a half marathon that we are planning to run together after baby T arrives!

Top three food obsessions?
– Smoothies (preferably with almond butter and cocoa powder, tastes like a chocolate shake)
– watermelon
-Cheese, off the block and cold.


I love the “after ice cream” pic!!

I’m about 50/50 on races solo vs by myself. The hubs is really getting into running/races with me, so that’s fun :)

Top 3 go to foods: watermelon, protein smoothies, and egg whites.

I love roller coasters! We are actually going to a water park today, and slides tend to freak me out more than coasters. I like being buckled in :)


I always run watchless so I’m on the opposite endof the spectrum. I wonder if running with a watch would help me. I haven’t tried it yet because I’m concerned it would make me too anxious.

Top 3 go to foods currently:
White cheddar popcorn
Cheeseburgers (Idk why I’ve been craving them so much lately)


I run most races solo or with other people but not the same people throughout the race. (I tend to attract other runners maybe because I don’t usually wear headphones so I can actually hear them).

I love roller coasters, I can’t handle the ferris wheel with the spinning cars or slow things that go around in a circle. Motion sickness sets in and it’s not pretty.

I ran for 5 years without a watch so now I’m okay with or without one.

Salads, smoothies (I make my own to cut down on sugar) and grilled chicken. I’m obsessed with grilled foods in general – veggies, potatoes, pizza, meat, fruit – it all goes on the grill.


I’m right there with you about the cold foods. It’s been HOT here and even thinking about cooking something, let alone eating it doesn’t sound appealing at all.


It’s funyn how cucumbers and zucchinis are so similar and yet you can’t use the former for cookies!


“Panda” makes me think of you in the part where he says, “Salad bar. Candy.” lol

My top go to foods right now are yogurt, peaches (Colorado peaches are finally in the stores!), and mango licorice.

I love roller coasters but hated them when I was a kid.


When I last painted my husband suggested my 5 year old help. Plenty of glares were given. But I let her help with one wall and then she promptly puked. She ended up with the stomach bug. Worst painting experience in history.

My go to foods are trail mix made with pistachios, oats, raisins, coconut and pumpkin seeds, I also have been snacking on dates and simply spoonfuls of almond butter.

We have my 8 year old’s swim champs today and tomorrow. She made it back to finals tonight and may medal in breast stroke! It is a long two days but she is excited she made it to champs.


Random…but I’ve been meaning to leave a comment telling you this for a while. You are a genius when it comes to weird food combos. Everyone always looks at me like I’m an alien when I mix cottage cheese with grapes or put Ranch AND BBQ sauce on my salads. They just don’t understand the beauty of these combos…but I do – thanks to you! My taste buds rejoice in your honor ;)


Man, I wish i could go on roller coasters. Anything that goes remotely in a circle (and loops or spins) I am out! i can do things like log flumes and slides, or roller coasters with no loops…. but the really fun ones? I can’t do those any more :-(


Your little family is so sweet! I rarely run watchless and usually never by choice – my battery dies mid-run from time to time. And rollercoasters are a no-go for me! The Merry-Go-Round is about as crazy as I can handle :)


I’m just like you- growing up, I loved rollercoasters. Now I’m not a fan of them! They mess with my stomach all too much for me to enjoy them. Every time you mention that Brooke is free I am shocked. She just seems so much older to me!


I have never ran watchless, but I have ran half of the race without looking and was PRing!!!! Maybe I should try the matchless thing…… seems that way, I don’t play mental games with myself! Kinda makes you feel free too!

I used to love rollercoasters!!!! Since turing 40, CAN’T DO THEM!! UGH!!! And, I LOveeeeeee them!!!!! Crazy! But, I am so a on-looker as far as roller coasters are concerned!

I like running races with someone….. never do we pace together, but I like the pre-race and post race company!


So happy Brooke loves her new puppy! :D


I did a race last weekend and my garmin died at mile 6… and it KILLLLLED me! Perhaps I should start running watchless? Ps. Good Luck on the half!


love summer baseball games!! I am currently loving all the watermelon. Can’t.get.enough!!!


I used to run races and train without a watch for the longest time. (I would just use Map My Run on my phone and stick it in my spy belt). But after years of running, I recently caved and bought a Garmin last week to help with my marathon training. It’s nice to just be able to look down at your wrist to check mileage without having to dig out my phone and get it all sweaty. However, I am still comfortable without a watch.

Thanks to the heat wave in NYC, I’m just craving cold foods.. have had no desire to cook or anything.

PS- Your family is adorable. The pics are making me crave ice cream right now!!

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