Sentence Per Picture!!!!

Got in a 6-miler with Andrew today!!!

IMG 9832

We found a new spot to run—> flat and gorgeous.

IMG 9828

Have I ever mentioned to you that I really love Utah?

IMG 9846

Her hair is quite long at this point.

IMG 9824

We all took Beretta for a walk and then got busy on lunch. 

IMG 9848

Identical salads minus the whole beets thing on Andrew’s salad.

IMG 9851

They’ve got a date tonight so they were discussing their plans.

IMG 9860

Target has made Brooke believe that Christmas is sooner than it is (because they had Christmas decorations out on display) so we started reading some Christmas books together.

IMG 9863

She fell asleep on the drive up to SLC.

IMG 9866

And I jumped on a flight.

IMG 9870

It’s Megan’s b-day and she is in Arizona for the week so I am making a really short trip to be there (I found round trip tickets for $102?!?!).


My mom had to stop reading your comments (she reads them every day… she feels like she knows you now;) this morning because all she can think about is candy after our discussion.

IMG 9867

Eating candy from Andrew.  

IMG 9869

A reader sent this to me and I loved it….

Screen Shot 2016 10 18 at 4 31 10 PM

Check back tomorrow with a post from my SISTER!!!


What was your run today?  With anybody or on your own?

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Hi Janae
I have been reading your blogs since before you had Brooke. I am 53 old enough to be your mom!
Just wanted to say how inspired I am by you. I’m also so happy for you and your new family. I was it St George two weeks ago with my 87 year old dad. We competed in the Huntsman Senior Games. I ran the 10k and half marathon while dad did field events . We both had great times and distance s in our events. I love Utah too!!!!! I’m from Long Island, New York. I’m so sad to leave Utah. I’m hoping to get into the Full St George marathon next October and do it all again with dad. Have you ever stayed at the Inn on the Cliff? Wow was it spectacular! Maybe one day I will meet you in person!


Utah looks beautiful. Maybe someday I will convince my family to do a non-beach vacation and we can visit Utah.
I did four miles of incline on the treadmill this morning with my favorite running buddy, MacGyver.
I just got attacked by a stink bug! I hate them!


My run today was amazing! Not because it was really long or super fast, but because it was a run! This was my third run postpartum and it felt fantastic!! :)


Good for you!! :) So glad you’re feeling great, and congratulations!


I love Brooke’s long hair!


hahahahahaha I laughed out loud at that comic. How hilarious. Ran 3 miles today with my favorite running partner, my sweet doggie! :)


I don’t know how to post this picture…but you need to get these for Brooke! Donut pajamas…perfection!


Beretta’s hopeful face reminds me of my doc. When I am making salad she sits right next to me. She likes the crunchy part of lettuce, carrots, cucumber and tomatoes. Vet says it’s good for her, we limit tomatoes though.

The date planning is sweet. Have fun in Arizona.

Spin class today and it’s killing my butt, not in the muscle development way either. I have a gel seat which helps a little. Other suggestions?


2 mile w/u, 6 x 200, 1 mile c/d. Felt great! Then went to Costco and got those running gloves!! And a frozen swirl yogurt of course!


I had a very special running buddy today – my 8 month old, son! I’ve been patiently awaiting the days where I can safely push him along with me, and they’re finally here! :)


I think Costco had Christmas decor on sale when I was there last month! It’s so ridiculous! I must admit that I am excited for the holidays but I want to get through Halloween and Thanksgiving first!


Solo run today. Needed some time with my own thoughts. I head to Phoenix Arizona Thursday for a girls weekend. Have fun!


I ran just two miles by myself today but had sprint intervals the entire time! It was the perfect amount of intensity my body needed.


Utah always looks so beautiful, I really need to get ther some day.
I got some yoga in rather than a run, needed to stretch out and breath after some tough runs. I forgot how much I enjoy yoga during run training.

Really love that comic!! Exactly what is said to me in the mornings when I get to work. Have an awesome time away with the girls :)


Beretta…..Is she hopeful for a bite or to go on the date too??

That comic is great!!


I’m so jealous — Utah looks gorgeous and the weather there definitely better fits my spirit. I’m such an Autumn girl, but here in the south it’s perpetual SUMMER!!!

No run for me — still recovering! How long before I can be back on the roads? I feel wrecked after that marathon!


There’s a church across the street from my daughters’ school. When I picked them up last night after the PTA meeting, the bells were ringing. “It’s Christmas!” my 7 year old shrieked. Even though I knew it was October, I totally panicked! It’s not Christmas! Not yet!

It’s sweet that Andrew takes Brooke on dates. My step-dad did that with us, too.


My early morning run was awesome today. I love when the weather hits sorta chilly, makes for the perfect run. Ya know, ever since I’ve discovered your blog, not only did I instantly love it, but I could not get over how beautiful all the background was on your photo’s. I mean, it’s just gorgeous. I’m from IL, so we don’t have scenery like yours. I’m thinking Utah might be the most beautiful state ever. I’ve not traveled much, I’d love to see every state someday, but I think I have to bump Utah closer to the top. I have a friend who is vacationing in Utah & Colorado this week, and I am in awe of all the photo’s she’s been positing. I am deprived and missing out. So stinkin pretty.


No run for me, but I had an amazing walk on my lunch break.


I ran 8 with the hubs and then 2 after work with my XC team.

I actually dropped and broke my phone the only time that I’ve ran in St George. Ha. It sure was beautiful though!


I always run on my own. Last night was a short three miles run cause my training plan said so:)


Hi. I don’t see a life sized cardboard cut out of me as your carry on for the flight. Weird. So I would either liked to be faced time the entire trip or receive a minimum of 20 snaps per day. #IAmNeedy #AndIAmOkayWIthThat


BAHAHAHAHAHA! I literally LOL’d at work at the comic strip! That’s basically the same response I get when I tell people I get up between 4-4:30. By choice. To run or lit weights. They just don’t know…
No run today (er … yesterday) – today (yesterday) was weight lifting day; I’ve learned that my body can only handle running no more than 4 days a week and to prevent injury I have to strength train.
Today though (the real today :)) I ran 6 miles on the treadmill at the gym and it was GLORIOUS!!!


Ugh! Still hot here in AZ! (I’m in Mesa!) I highly recommend Oreganos!!
I’m dying to try the new M&M… Carmel!!


Have fun in AZ!!

Ran for my first time this morning since Saturday. I’ve had some bad hamstring pain post-marathon so been taking it super easy and decided to spend way too much time in the pool before testing the roads again. Run went great! Still not 100% better but getting there!


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