A group run with my girls, a video and our favorite gear from Old Navy !

Last weekend I had an amazing opportunity to put together an event with some of my absolute favorite running partners.  We were able to get outside to enjoy some fresh air, get those endorphins and enjoy our usual random conversations.  We all loved starting off this New Year with a fun morning together to jumpstart our health and fitness goals!  We all wore our favorite Old Navy Activewear pieces (they are having an amazing sale right now) for our morning together.  We got to celebrate the start of 2017 and all of the exciting things up ahead for us this year!  What better way to stay motivated and active this year than by getting some amazing activewear from Old Navy!  This post is sponsored by Old Navy.  Everything we are wearing below is from Old Navy in case you need some amazing workout gear!

Brooke in activewear is my absolute favorite.  I’m glad that she is learning at the ripe old age of 4 that activewear is the best thing to wear:)  It wasn’t until my 20s that I finally realized this undeniable truth about clothing.  Old Navy by far has the cutest activewear for kids (and adults) in my opinion!

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Running with friends has always been one of my absolute favorite things to do!


Each and every one of these girls has given me the best experiences while running on the roads, treadmill or trails.  I have so many special stories with them that I could write a book, but instead today I’ll just share a little bit about my running with them.

Megan S:  She has been my favorite travel running buddy.  Between St. George, Arizona and California trips together, we have run together in many new places.  Exploring a new route (and her kicking my trash on hill repeats) have been the best with her. Megan is the one that convinced me (and it took a lot of convincing) to run my first marathon.  She is the one that fills my water bottle if I am on a treadmill at the gym, keeps me entertained with the best stories and teaches me strength training moves so I don’t get hurt every second.

Jessica:  When I was living at my parent’s house right after my divorce, Jessica lived just right down the street from me.   We became instant friends so when I found out she ran, it was like a match made in heaven.  She is my trail running girl.  We get into such deep conversations while we are out there that I completely lose track of how long we have been running.  This girl CRUISES up those hills.  She has met me countless times to run before it is light outside so that I can start my long run at 5 a.m.  She is so incredibly strong!

Josse:  I first met Josse a few weeks after I first moved back to Utah.  After a few group runs with a bunch of people, Josse started texting me to meet just her for runs (I felt so cool).  We would meet pretty much each morning and run together no matter what the temperature was and no matter how early it was.  I’ve cried to her on runs probably 100 times and she always knows just what to say to help.  She motivates me to train harder.  We’ve trained for many marathons and half marathons together and we have decades more of that kind of training in the future.

Candice:  Candice and I met through blogging 6 years ago (wow) but it wasn’t until I moved back home from California that we started running together.  On those weekends in the beginning when Brooke was gone with her dad and I needed something to look forward to, Candice always planned a gorgeous run for us to do together.  One year she drove down to the St. George Marathon just so she could watch Brooke while I ran.  We also spent MONTHS together pool running when we were both injured.  Our talks together are always the best.

Megan D:  This woman provides me with so much laughter during a run that it produces side aches.  She cares so deeply for her people and the second anything happens in my world she is there in two seconds to help.  She has been sidelined from running for a while now but she is back and I see MANY runs together in the future.  I’ll also never forget our not-so-great decision to eat 1.5 lbs of Maverick froyo the night before the Ogden 1/2 Marathon when we were staying at her parent’s house.  Or the bday cake and Tilamook ice cream the night before a long run (we will never learn).


Last Saturday morning these girls met me for a run, breakfast and an amazing time catching up on everything in everyone’s life.


I think we might laugh too much which starts hurting a bit when you are running in 10 degree weather together.  Each of them absolutely love their Old Navy Activewear and they’ve all been wearing different Old Navy Activewear for years now!  Don’t they look amazing in their gear:


Utah sure is beautiful this time of year and getting out to run in it takes activewear that keeps you warm AND dry like Old Navy’s selection.


One of the many reasons I especially love running with these girls is because it is our kid-free time together;)  When we do something else together during the day or night we each have kids with us which is GREAT but we get in a lot more talking together when we run some miles together.   I like to call early morning runs with my friends my ‘social hour’ for the day!  It’s that me time when we take care of ourselves before we go home to take care of others!


We went out for a little over 4 miles together.  It was the first time we all ran together at the same time which was exciting to me, I think this needs to be a monthly tradition!


I know, Josse is quite flexible!  I’m impressed.


Utah, you are gorgeous.  This is the river that a few of my running friends and I used to jump in (from the hips down) after our long runs when training for marathons.  Clearly it makes for the perfect ice bath (we never went when it was quite this cold out but this river stays pretty cold year round).


After our run we went inside to warm up for a bit by the fireplace.  I had little gifts for each of the girls from Old Navy.   They cannot wait to be twinners: I got them this tankthese leggings and this pullover!


Our food arrived at the table.  Hot chocolate and an omelet with melted cheese and toast on the side is kind of a perfect way to refuel after a run.


I think about food while I run… you do too right?


Special thanks to Lindsey for taking these pictures and my mom for watching Brooke (Andrew was at the hospital all day)!


In case you are wondering what we were wearing for our group run and breakfast:

I’m wearing:  This full-zip fleece hoodie, this v-back long sleeve and these leggings!

Jessica is wearing: These leggings, this tank and this fleece pullover!

Megan S is wearing:  This 1/4 zip pullover and these leggings are a similar style.

Candice is wearing:  This pullover and these tights!

Megan D is wearing:  This pullover and these leggings!

Josse is wearing This jacket!

Also, a few people have asked about my outfit from my Instagram post the other day—>  This jean jacket, this sweatshirt and these leggings.

I have a little video that I made from our run and breakfast together (and Brooke’s dance moves are also included).


What do you think about the most during your runs?  Who else thinks about their breakfast during a run? 

What is your DREAM post run breakfast meal (if you could choose anything that you wanted)?

I’d love to hear a story or two from you about your running partners and why you love running with them!

What is the COLDEST temperature you have ever run in?

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Running friends are the absolute best! It looks like y’all had a blast and you got some beautiful pictures to capture those memories too. Sometimes I think about diet coke during my runs (especially long runs in the summer time). It’s a weird craving that is very real sometimes :)


Your group of friends looks so fun (and I really love all of the Old Navy gear)! So glad you have those girls with you. My friends Jen and Jayna remind me of them–they’re my go-to favorite running buddies. We always smile and laugh on our runs together, and Jayna and I have even had puddle splashing competitions on rainy runs. :)

My dream post-run meal is either pancakes or waffles or French toast with Wheat Thins and some eggs, too. I kind of want that now. Maybe that will be dinner or a weekend meal.


You typed old navy soooo many times. Oops there it is again old navy


The coldest temperature I have ever run in is about 55 degrees! Brrrrrr! :)

Since I run at night I don’t think about breakfast but I sure do think about pizza a lot!

I love those black and purple tights and see they are on sale! TY!


Oh, what a great post!! Yall are just so cute. I am so glad you have a girl friend tribe to run with! So special. My tribe is my dog, but you have inspired me to make reach out to a running group and meet some other (slow) runners. I loved the fleece pull over Jess was wearing. I am not sure I would ever take it off if I put it on, it looks super soft. Awesome video addition! So fun!!!


what a great group of girls you have! my favorite post run breakfast all time would be baked oatmeal from the diner. or the blueberry walnut pancakes that I sometimes order too – hard to pick!


Your lipstick looks amazing even after a run! Do you mind sharing what kind you use? :)


THANK YOU Jessica!!! It is the lipgloss from Victoria Secret and the flavor is PUNCHY!!! It is my favorite:)


Be prepared to be impressed: The coldest run I’ve ever done was 52 degrees. (Have I mentioned that I hate running in the cold? Probably.)

I love Old Navy workout clothes! I just bought their leaf pattern tights, and I love them. They have a really good sale right now, and things are going fast.


If I could go home after a long run and find a seafood omelet with sweet potato fries waiting for me, that would be heaven. I crave hot food in the winter and lots of salt all year around! I’ve run at -40F multiple times as it is part of January-February weather here… Not awesome but I’ll take -40 over +40 any day haha My best running buddy is my husband. It only happens a few times a year (someone has to take care of our son) but when it does it is so much fun. We are registered for a half together in May. Can’t wait!


That’s so cool you have such a great group of friends to run with! I’m a solo runner 99.9% of the time.
I don’t usually think about breakfast when I run but postrun coffee is a pretty good motivator for me :)


Those breakfasts look pretty good! My perfect post run breakfast would be french toast, whipped cream, and berries on top. So delicious!


I love this post – you girls all look so happy and it looks like so much fun! If you ever come to England, we’ll have to go for a run! I’m sure I’ll be able to keep up with you for 0.35 seconds ;)

I’m like you – I always think about food when I go for a run! when I’m struggling towards the end, I lie to think about how far I’ve already ran and how much further I have to go and when I realise it’s not so much, I tend to run better. If I’ve had a bad day I won’t think about anything, I’ll concentrate on my music more!!

I love pancakes, I could literally eat pancakes for breakfast every single day! I normally run in the evenings so I have post run dinner instead – if I’ve been for a run I normally have some form of chocolate for dessert :)


Omg I would love to go. Minus let’s plan a summer run instead. I love Old Navy’s color block leggings. I am feeling somewhat inspired and might get a pair…so it doesn’t look like I’m wearing black all of the time.


Everybody looks great – you are preaching to the choir, half of my gear is from Old Navy. Can’t beat the price and fashion!! I have run many times in “feels like -10”. After it gets lower than that, I’m not going out!!


I loved the video! You guys look so cute :)

I absolutely think about food when running LOL. My dream post run Breakfast is scrambled eggs with bagel, butter and jelly. A piece of fruit and a foamy Latte. That is what I basically have as a post run breakfast, so delicious.


The coldest I’ve ever run in is about -30C (around -22F?) – SO COLD. My whole face was frozen!


I live in Ottawa too… I know EXACTLY what you mean haha


Such a cute video.
Gosh I wish we lived in the same city so we could run, talk about what we will eat for breakfast while running, and then go to bfast.
Have a great day!


I always think about food when I’m running. I also think about my work projects. I’m a graphic designer and I almost always come up with a solution in my head for a work assignment. Logo design lightbulb moment or ad campaign idea. I love running for that.

Dream post-run breakfast would be a breakfast burrito with egg, bacon and avocado. and a sweet muffin or pastry of some sort on the side with ALL THE COFFEE!

I’m guessing somewhere in the single digits temps is the coldest weather I’ve run in.


I’m obsessed with Old Navy’s workout clothes! I’m pretty sure I prefer their tights/capris over other brands a lot of the time! I LOVE running with my sister! She’s 2 years younger than me and plays college soccer so we don’t get to run together all that often, but when we do I just love it. Even if we’re going at a snails pace and just talking about random things, it’s still the highlight of my day!


I am laughing so hard reading this post just thinking about last Saturday again. It was a lot of fun, but so dang cold. I don’t think I fully warmed up again until that evening. I ran a 10k on thanksgiving in 5 degree weather. It hurt my lungs and face.

I think about food when I run. I think about it when I am eating it. I dream about it. My dream post run breakfast I usually only get once a year. I don’t know if you have ever heard me talk about it;) The number 8 at Bear Paw in St George. Mmm creme brulee stuffed french toast.

You are so sweet for your kind words. I wish everyone who read your blog knew you IRL too so they would know just how great of a person you truly are. You are thoughtful, kind, smart and witty and I am so grateful we are friends.


What a fun group!! … And great outfits :)

During summer marathon training, our group is ALWAYS thinking about breakfast. We made a rule that we are not allowed to discus food until we are almost close to finishing our run!

Dream breakfast – Ice cold shot of chocolate milk and then a really big cup of hot coffee from Panera. And then I’d want french toast … But it’s gotta be made with challah bread … And cooked perfectly!


All I have to say is that reading your posts lately about how awesome Old Navy Activewear is, I am going to check things out. After some initial searching….holy cow!! I cannot get over the price!!! Definitely need to pick out a couple of pieces to try!!


YAY!!! Seriously, such a great deal:) Enjoy picking out some amazing gear Aimee! Let me know what you get and have an awesome Thursday!


Hi!! I decided on the Go-Dry Performance 1/4 Zip Pullover and the Go-Warm Mid-Rise Reflective Pant.


So fun! ❤❤❤


I almost always plan out my day while I run, and of course I plan breakfast and sometimes lunch :)

Dream post run meal would be Belgium waffles with vanilla bean ice cream and strawberries.

I have an array of running partners. My hubs, which is great because he’s a built in running partner. My BFF when she’s in town, she is crazy fast so she pushes me hard. My girls who live in town, we are closer to each other’s pace so it’s more about socializing while we run. And my friend/coach, he’s 26 years older than me and has been running since he was a kid. He’s also an athletic wear writer, so he passes along tons of shoes and clothing, which is just the best! He’s well known in our city, so he brings tons of people to run, so I’ve been able to meet people through him.

The coldest I’ve run in is probably the 30s, hence SoCal :)


Okay that IS a dream post run meal… or dream meal at any time. That sounds so good right now. I LOVE that you run with your husband and that your BFF runs with you when she is in town! Your friend/coach sounds amazing and I’m so glad you met so many people through him! I want year round SoCal weather!! Hope your day is an awesome one Marissa!


All I could think about my run last night was peanut butter toast for dinner! I’m so used to running in the morning that I mostly just crave breakfast food when I’m done with a run…or still on my run!

I think breakfast tacos or a good bagel sandwich with a side of something sweet. Whenever my boyfriend and I go out to breakfast we also get something savory with a pancake to split on the side!

I’m currently in the market for a female running partner if you know anyone in Denver! I miss my running buds back in Boston <3

Oh man, I don't even know what the coldest temperature I've run in is. Since I've trained through the winter the last 4 years, I'm sure I've had some runs with real feels well below zeros. A few years ago during Boston training, I remember one of my teammates had sweat icicles hanging from his hat. That was pretty wild (and cold)


What happened to just three sponsored posts a month?


Still a thing:) This is my second sponsored post of the month of January and I don’t have any others scheduled for this month! I hope you have a great day!


I live in Canada and we have less runners overall. I sure wish I could find myself a sisterhood of runners group like you have found!


OH my gosh I loved this post! My bank account might not, lol Oops, bought like every adorable outfit :) Hey, motivation right?


HAHAH that is exactly how I feel… new workout clothing is MOTIVATION so it is totally worth it:) I hope you are having a beautiful day!


This is so cute! What a great group of running friends! And Brooke does look super adorable in her Old Navy workout gear :)


I didn’t make it to Old Navy after your last post and I really want to go. The weather is supposed to be nasty this weekend so I probably won’t make it again.
During long summer runs, I fantasize about watermelon and iced tea. Any other time, it’s dippy eggs, toast, and hot tea.


Janae, you are your girls are adorable!!! How sweet is it that you have such a great support system and really fond memories! Love the gear. Been an old navy activewear wearer for years!!!

I run in the late afternoons…so I am always dreaming about what I will have for dinner. And sometimes that is breakfast, because as much as I love my veggies, I’m all about breakfast for dinner.

I think the coldest I’ve run in is single digits. Maybe a few below zero with wind chills. Not ideal, but sometimes you just gotta push through and get those miles in.

Ps. Brooke’s face in the video is so cute!!! Haha


Looks so fun!!


I definitely think about food when I run — or any issues I’m facing in my work/research/etc…

My dream would be a full American Breakfast — Pancakes, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns — the works! All calorie free of course :D

Last winter, while traveling to northern climates to visit family/friends, I ran in sub zero temps. -15 with windchill was the coldest (so cold it made my eyes hurt).


You have to give Kubex a shot (kubexfitness.com)! It’s not running, but an awesome circuit workout that you can do in just 30 minutes. I’m not a huge runner, but I love the mix of weights and cardio. They have one in Ogden now too, so definitely check it out!


Yeah, Kubex gym is awesome. I go to the Logan location, but I know they’re expanding throughout Utah. They have one in South Jordan now too.

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