Back to Teaching + Friday Favorites!

I almost went over to Emilee’s house (my neighbor that I trained with daily last year) and told her she needed to scratch her morning plans and run with me instead but I refrained ha.

7.2 solo miles (my sister runs every other day now) @ 9:21 average pace.

Whenever I have runs by myself I make sure to take as many bump shadow pictures as I possibly can.   During the run I was thinking about how last summer I raced 1-2 a month and now I have no idea when will be the next time I race.  I’m still holding on to as much hope as possible that Andrew’s marathon will still happen.  He has been working so hard (including a 4 mile run in 99 degree weather yesterday!?!).

IMG 7844

I had a little buddy for when I was talking in the comments with you guys yesterday.  I think she is sensing some changes coming!

Screen Shot 2020 07 30 at 10 00 53 AM

Later on we went on a family bike ride

IMG 7886

Biking gloves are necessary when going out for 20 minutes.

Screen Shot 2020 07 30 at 7 27 53 PM

Knox, Skye and I got really hot towards the end so Andrew started biking back to get the truck to pick us up and Brooke wanted to join him.  I caught what he does on some of the uphills for the kids in a picture.  He just helps push them on up as long as they need him.

IMG 7889

Yesterday’s food of the day that I kept thinking about… Edamame with extra salt.

IMG 7893

The kids always quickly find me as soon as I get out whatever food of the day I’m craving to join me.

IMG 7884

Our meals were pretty boring yesterday (rice bowls and chicken sandwiches) but the absolute best part was a brownie with frosting while we watched The Lorax on Netflix.

IMG 7896

We got the news yesterday that there is a change in plans for our district and the kids will be going to school two times a week and both days will be an early-out schedule.  A few weeks ago they told us school would resume as normal but I could tell this latest change was coming.   We are going to make the best of the new plans and I’m attempting to learn to be flexible.  Brooke is actually really happy with the new schedule of getting the best of both worlds in her opinion, Knox is super bummed that he won’t be with his friends daily and Skye is thrilled that the big kids won’t be gone every day and that she is starting preschool at home (which was always the plan).

And I’m back to teaching round #3:). I’m sure you miss my old selfies from my desk with Driver’s Ed posters in the background… I’ll have to recreate this with the kids this fall;)

Photo on 2011 03 02 at 13 33


I have a few favorite things to share this week!

*These.  From Costco.  They are such a delicious summer treat.

IMG 7673

*I really enjoyed this podcast episode —> How I went from surviving to thriving in motherhood.  I’m really learning for me that motherhood is not a role, it’s a relationship and I love how she explains that in this episode.

Another description of that thought about motherhood that helps me let go of all of the little things I feel like I’m not doing well and focus on what matters, CONNECTING!

Screen Shot 2020 07 30 at 10 10 21 AM

*Okay, last running tank recommendation for a while.  I’ve gone overboard on them but I’ve just really needed new ones that are long, comfortable and in bigger sizes.  I tried out this one and it feels identical to my racerback tanks that were more than double the price.   It comes in a lot of colors and I’ll probably just stick to one during pregnancy but then buy every color of them next year for me to use forever.

IMG 7897

Now to find more shorts that work right now because I’m sick of doing laundry every day just to wash my running shorts ha.

IMG 7895

*I just love and I’m sure we can all relate to her a bit:)

This was tough run ##running ##runner ##marriedlife

♬ original sound –


Those of you with children at home and working… How are you going to be handling the fall schooling situation?

What are you looking forward to this weekend? 

How often do you do laundry??

Nuts or no nuts in your brownies?  Frosting or no frosting with your brownie?

-No nuts and if I can add frosting to something then I like it 10 times more than without frosting.

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I mean, pink bike gloves are ALWAYS necessary, Brooke knows what’s up.

Good luck with the kids doing school at home 3 days a week – it’s definitely a tough situation for a lot of people. Teachers, students, parents, everybody.


She really does! I love seeing their style! That’s the thing, it really is so hard for everybody but we can all just keep doing everything we can to keep supporting each other. Your comments/emails always put me in the best mood so thanks for those!


I’m sorry to hear that about your schools! That is going to be tough on everyone (except Brooke, ha ha.) Our schools are starting 100% virtual (we live in Florida) and luckily my kids are older because I have to go to work! My youngest is in sixth grade and I’m not crazy about leaving her sitting in front of the computer all day for “school” but I don’t have any other choice. Good luck with it Janae! We’ll get through it.


Jenny! Thank you so much and you are right, Brooke is just doing her happy dance over the situation. I am so glad that you are able to work during this time but I totally see why that isn’t your favorite option! Thank you friend and we’ve got this!


I have no clue what we’re going to do yet about school. There’s a chance my MIL can come stay with us for a bit and help, but, as of now, I’m working full time, one home full time for kindergarten and one at preschool that’s staying open (BLESS THEM!). I get anxiety thinking about it, so I’m just not thinking about it yet. haha.


Mollie, that really is so os hard. I’m going to join you in not thinking about it until it is actually here ha. I really hope your MIL is able to come and help. Have a beautiful day friend and I hope you get something with frosting on it soon.


So after work today I will be running (well driving since it’s far ha) to Costco to get those raspberries. Thank you for sharing that Tik Tok, I was laughing while I ate my breakfast. Happy Friday :)


I am SO glad and please let me know what you think of the raspberries, they are so so good. Have a beautiful day!


We are on the older end of the spectrum with kids, but it’s still crazy. Our triplets are starting their second year of college. Two are moving into on campus apartments and have hybrid schedules (about half in person and half online) our third triplet had planned to live in the dorms again,but her entire schedule is online :-( so she has decided to live at home fall semester…..BUT we are in the process of moving for my husbands job from Texas to California so she will be moving cross country with us. Our youngest daughter is starting 10th grade,and it is online both here in Texas, and at her new school in California. I left my job in Special Education for now to help transition our family through all these crazy changes. I’ve gotten to the point of just breathe Mama and take it one day at a time! It will all work out. I keep it on perspective thinking back to us being very shocked that I was expecting triplets at 22. That worked out and we have four kiddos that we are extremely proud of so I have faith all these pieces will fall together too ?


Louisa, that is EXTREMELY crazy. I cannot even imagine the amount of changes you guys are going through during this time and I hope the move goes as smoothly as possible. Thank you for sharing about taking it one day at a time, I really needed that reminder. Ummm I cannot even imagine finding that out at 22 but you guys definitely figured it out and being pregnant with one right now makes me wonder how in the world you did pregnancy with THREE at one time. You are amazing.


Definitely no nuts in brownies, but yes to the frosting! I have a great recipe for brownies with frosting that I haven’t made in forever! I think that is a must today.
We have known for a couple of weeks that our youngest son will be starting his school year online (junior year of high school). And we learned just the other day that our oldest son will not be going back to campus for his 2nd year of college ? Which of course also means no football season for him either. It is so sad. I feel bad for everyone, but we will get through this!
We’ve been painting our house, almost every room, so this weekend is clean up weekend. But then my in-laws are coming over Sunday for dinner, yay.
Have a great Friday ?


We just heard yesterday our kids are going back to school, in-person:-) !!!! Our governor is leaving it up to the school districts. They also base it on cases per county per 10,000. We have barely any cases in our county so kids can go to school. If it goes above 9 cases/10,000 in our county, the elementary will still go, but high school will be hybrid/at home. The kids are so excited. I just pray everyone stays healthy! I am also hoping to get sub jobs–hopefully teachers will be out on vacation and not sick.

Oh my word, I can barely grab a water-bottle on a bike much less push a kid up a hill!

We (I) do 1-2 loads per day. I love to stay on top of laundry!

I am looking forward to my triathlon this weekend!!! My calf is super tight these past few days so I am well-rested. I just need to continue to stretch and loosen up my calf! Ugh, figures the week before the triathlon I have things flare up;-)

Have a fabulous Friday Janae!!!


That is so exciting Becky!! Can we come move in with you guys for fall semester:) I am so glad your county is doing so well. Yay to hopefully getting sub jobs too. Now when I am complaining about laundry I’ll just remember you are doing 1-2 loads a day too ha. CHEERING FOR YOU this weekend, I hope you have the best time and that your calf is back to normal. You’ve got this Becky! let me know!


Becky, we must be pretty close to each other in Minnesota! My area is also planning to send kids back to school but I’m not sure if it will stay in school or move to hybrid pretty quickly because it seems like a lot of these decisions are politically motivated, unfortunately.

Good luck with your triathlon this weekend! I haven’t heard of any races in my area but I’m keeping my eyes open for them!


Hi Janae! I can’t imagine doing laundry every day, that’s pretty crazy. A brownie with frosting also sounds pretty genius to me. I am early today because I got up early to try to beat the heat for my run! Even though I’m unsure how much I can run because my knee still feels off. Happy Friday!


Hahah it really is crazy but between the kids and Andrew and I both running… there always seems to me a mountain of laundry to do! I hope your knee felt so much better today and way to get out before the heat. Happy Friday to you friend!


Our schools will be 100 virtual until at least Jan 15! I feel sad thinking about how my first grader will be sitting in front of a computer for hours trying to be engaged while I manage a 2 year old in the background. I stay home so people tell me I have it easy and while yes I don’t have to arrange childcare this will be far from easy. I really don’t know how it is going to work but we will make it work! We have no other choice!


Jenn. ‘FAR FROM EASY’ is so so right. I am so sorry Jenn and it’s so hard. I’m here to cheer for you, we can do hard things and we are all in this together. Please keep me updated with how you are doing and I hope you have a beautiful weekend!


Oh my gosh- that pic of Andrew pushing Brooke along up the hill…. is that not the most perfect metaphor for life – a father helping his daughter push forward on her own but with his helping hand guiding!


And then your comment gave me goosebumps… YES YES YES! Thanks Melly, you are so right. I hope you have a beautiful day!


Yes that’s what I was thinking too! I absolutely love that picture, and your comment ♥️


I’m following all the school talk even though our LO isn’t school age yet! The school district we live in said they will go back full time but haven’t released any details yet what that will look like and I’m pretty sure that will change. We are both working from home right now which has been great to have so much family bonding time! I am sure your kids will love that when your new LO arrives!
Thanks for sharing that podcast! Just what I needed this morning!!


Hi Janae!

Okay, TOTALLY unsolicited advice, but my life changed when I stopped washing my running clothes after every run and instead simply rinsed them well while I showered. They smell better longer, they’re ready the next day (I use those hanging hooks to dry them in the shower), and I don’t do laundry based on my running wardrobe. I was skeptical of the idea at first, but it *really* works and even my wife has noticed that my running clothes aren’t as stinky :)


I remember when you were pregnant with Brooke and taking naps under your desk! It will be harder to do this time ;-) We just heard we are going back to school full time. Such a hard decision because we are a high risk family (chronic lung disease). But the 4 months of teaching 4th grade while working full time last school year were very challenging. There are no easy solutions… let’s do our best -whatever that means during an international crisis- and be kind to ourselves!


Les pushes me like that on the bike sometimes!

This weekend will be all about the pool. It suppose to be really hot.

I do laundry once a week. We always have a HUGE, stinky load of active wear.

NO nuts in brownies! And frosting is a bonus.


I feel for all the parents teaching this fall! Teaching is HARD WORK (I am not a teacher, but I was a coach for elementary school kids and just 2 hours twice a week was hard). My thoughts and well wishes are with all the amazing parents!! Especially if they are working from home- you all are super heroes.

I do laundry once a week, but I normally run out of the shorts I like by the end too. Senita needs to get their shorts back in stock! I love the Baselines but they are always out.


Definitely prefer no nuts but any brownie is delicious in my opinion!

Ontario announced grades kindergarten to 8 will be going back full time, high school will be hybrid online and in class – however I’m mentally prepared for that to change just like it did for you. It’s hard w both parents working full time out of the house, that’s for sure. Luckily lots of friends and family nearby so I know we can scramble at the last minute if we need to.

Super sad news – our friends dog killed one of our chickens a few nights ago ? it was an accident but it was awful! Also we got a puppy :) he’s a 9 week French mastiff, he’s going to be a big boy! Dad was 180 lbs!

You’re super cute! I love skyes braids too. Her little face is too sweet. Andrew helping the kids up hills is just … *heart melting*


NO! No nuts in brownies !! No no noooooo!!! ? I like them moist and bursting with chocolate! Chocolate chips are acceptable too ?

Way to go Andrew! Fingers crossed ? that the race will still happen running ?‍♀️

Is that running tank loose? I’m looking for a nice long loose tank to put over my firm fitting tank.. as my weight yo-yos I like to feel covered during my puffy moments in time ?

You’re going to do great teaching again! Maybe you can give the kids pretend drivers training classes ?

I thought of you this morning when I had my Great Harvest Muffin top ? mmmmmm ?

Have a wonderful Friday! ?


School! I laughed about the peanut butter jar :)
It starts for us in 1 month and will be online for the first semester. I’m fortunate to be working from home from 6-2:30, but I’m not sure how the kids’ days will be structured yet. My 7th grader will need a good bit of guidance/structure because of his ADHD, and I could end up working later into the evening to “make up” for time keeping him on track…we’ll see. I hope the teachers have been able to make coordinated plans with one learning platform–spring was a bit scattered since it happened so suddenly. My daughter is very upset about missing the fun parts of her HS senior year, but she is a pretty self-directed student, so a key will be to help her keep up virtual and socially distanced connections that help her cope with missing out on some stuff.
I’ll happily eat a brownie with walnuts, but I never add them myself, LOL.


Our schools just announced no one is going back – everything is remote only! My kids are still young and not in school yet but the last 5 months of quarantine have been so hard for me working full time and momming full time. We are working on hiring a nanny to help out!

Currently I’m looking forward to getting up super early tomorrow morning and going for a long run by myself (with no double stroller :-) )!!

Laundry at least 3 days a week, sometimes 4. Between me and my running clothes and the kids being little and getting messy, we’re all going through 2-3 outfits a day around here lol

Brownies are delicious and I will eat them any way that they come but the perfect brownie has no nuts and no frosting :-)

I hope you have a really great weekend, Janae!


We have a washer and dryer in our apartment, which is amazing and I never had in any previous apartment, but it’s small, so I have to do a bit more laundry than normal. But most of my running gear air-dries, so at least I save time with the dryer. Unfortunately I have to wear a specific mask for work, and while I have 4 of them, they get so stinky (penguins are smelly!) and they are a thick jersey cotton, so I often wear 2 each day. I can’t put on a stinky mask after I have had it off for lunch or a mid day run. This means I have to do laundry every other day….ugh. I wish we could wear our own, bc I have a billion bandanas and neck buffs that I prefer, but oh well.

Brownies should be girl brownies (no nuts!). An 80 year old woman referred to them that way once and now I use it, too! I prefer no icing on brownies, but they better be undercooked and super fudgy!


Ha I do laundry every day and I have only one kid at home right now.
I’m in CA so we start remote and then transition to a partial day model like yours, depending on the case count in our county. I’m guessing we’ll be remote for most or all of fall semester.
I will also be WFH, my husband is WFH and one kid learning remotely, he is in high school so way easier than your sitch, I know you will do great although it’s a LOT of work. I just have to keep “reminding” my kid to stop procrastinating, lol. And of course super bummed as we really won’t have any fall sports.
Love brownies, frosting, and nuts should never be in brownies or cookies ever, IMO. I like nuts too, but will eat around them in a brownie.
ALL of you ladies (and dads) who are dealing with remote learning etc..I feel you and we got this!!!


I had to stop reading and look up where I could find those raspberries! They look amazing! I love the post about motherhood too, I feel like I have to keep reminding myself that I’m always just trying to be the best mom I can be for my son and that doesn’t mean always being Insta-perfect!


Hi Janae!
I am a long time reader and first time commenter :) I’d say it’s about time I say hello!
First of all – thank you so much for your blog. It has been a source of fun and comfort for me during a lot of changes in my life these last few years. It is inspiring to see you and your family making the most of life :) I also moved to Arizona from Chicago and you have motivated me to put the St. George Marathon on my bucket list! I am much closer to that race now haha.
I totally relate on the laundry situation! I just started biking indoors (with a bike trainer) during quarantine and have been using one of my husband’s pairs of padded bike shorts lol! I keep washing them over and over. I need to order some of my own. Do you have any bike short recommendations?

Thanks again!


Our school was going back full time at first too, we just found out yesterday that remote elearning is an option. We were really hoping for the half and half option. So now to sit down and weigh out the pro’s and con’s of each and what works best for my daughter and family. She’s so torn, she wants to go back for social and fun reason but she actually did better elearning with her school work. Halfsies would have been the perfect things for us.
I do laundry every day. 1-2 days a day, otherwise ….. those mountains that pile up are overwhelming.
Looking forward to starting our kitchen facelift this weekend !
No nuts and a very thin layer of frosting for my brownies. OR some caramel swirled in ! Ok, add to my weekend plans… make brownies. They sound good now !! ha

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