Best Running Advice I’ve Ever Received + Worst Mistake!

A new baby post is up—> 25 Weeks Update + My Pregnancy Running Tips!


Morning everyone!  Yesterday I did 7 miles @ 9:13 pace with my sister and then we sat on the driveway for a few minutes afterwards because we can never cover all of the topics we need to in 7 miles.  I think I have hooked my sister on running enough that she is going to continue running through the Utah winter… but I’m guessing she will take a 6-8 week break when I do after I have this baby ha.  

IMG 7784

We made it out to the waterpark!

IMG 7797

While Andrew and Brooke were going on some slides, Knox gave me and Skye a few WWII lessons. 

IMG 7809

Summer is going to be over before we know it!

IMG 7814

Have you ever seen more beautiful nachos?  For some reason I am not a jalapeño person normally but they taste so so good right now.  My sister’s biggest craving during her first pregnancy was nachos from the gas station with ALL of the jalapeños and she had a boy with that pregnancy so maybe this is a sign…

IMG 7820

The avocados in the picture above reminded me of this meme that Megan posted.  I would be so so sad if I opened up the avocado on the right.  

Screen Shot 2020 07 29 at 1 23 18 PM

I’m very thankful to whoever came up with the idea to make clear otter pops.   

IMG 7824

Nobody is enjoying face masks more than Knox… this is his dream to be wearing them when we are out.

IMG 7831

A big highlight from the day—> Jenn (I ran with her all last year) dropped off the largest raspberry fritter ever created.  It’s as big as the plate!

IMG 7828

Beretta update:  She is loving this summer fetch season that she is experiencing. 

Screen Shot 2020 07 28 at 7 22 02 PM

————————————————————————————————————————–(When I don’t know how to transition well to the next topic in a blog post I just put a line in ha)

The other day while on a solo run I was thinking about what the best running advice is that I’ve ever received.  What is the thing that really helped me the most to transform what I was doing that wasn’t working (aka getting injured all of the time and not getting any faster) to what did work?  It may have taken about 8 years to let it really sink in and for me to fully apply it but it changed my running big time!  

**RECOVERY is just as important as the TRAINING***  I am pretty sure it was from Hawk that first told me this when I started talking to him in 2010 and every running coach that I have had since then also told me this… it just took me a while to do it.  It didn’t make sense to me in the beginning but now I understand that it is impossible for our bodies to rebuild stronger and more efficient without the proper rest.  

I remember when I first started training and having running goals, my weekly training would include just trying to run a certain course/mileage faster than I did the last time.  I would just try to go faster and longer each week on everything and never took a rest day.  This type of training took me straight to injuryville and plateauing for years.  

It wasn’t until I started taking a weekly rest day (or days) and taking my easy runs SUPER easy that I stopped getting injured and started getting faster.  My workouts are SO much faster when my easy days are SO much slower.  Through Hawk’s training especially, my runs varied greatly with my paces each day and I think that was a huge key to PRs in almost every distance last year.  I’ve looked back over the years at what my ‘easy’ paces used to be and now that I know my body a bit better, I’ve realized they were about 60-90 seconds per mile too fast.   I’d love to hear about the best running advice that you’ve ever received!   

Screen Shot 2019 03 16 at 7 40 36 AM e1552740105162

PS My favorite race advice is to stay in the mile and do the best you can in that moment without thinking about anything up ahead.  I also love the advice to accelerate when your body is really fatigued in the last portion of a race because as soon as you accelerate, you start using different muscles!

And on a random note… I came across this picture while searching for something on my blog and I wondered how in the world I ran the whole marathon in a long sleeve (slightly turtle necked) top while everyone else was wearing tank tops.  I would only wear that top now if the race was below 25 degrees and it definitely wasn’t below 25 that day!  

IMG 1246


Just one more reminder that I have a new pregnancy update!


What is the best running advice you have ever received?  Did you listen?  

What about the worst running/fitness advice you’ve ever received? 

Worst clothing mistake you have made during a race/long run?

Those of you that have been pregnant… tell me about your biggest cravings?  Also, everyone… what was the last thing your body craved?

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The best advice I ever received was “it is better to back off mileage or take an extra rest day if something is bothering you vs being out for 2-3+ weeks with an injury” I am not sure why it never occurred to me that I could just cut my mileage in half or take an extra rest day vs pushing through a run just to get in my “scheduled mileage.” I have had several “nagging” injuries that will flare up. I have found that if I cut my mileage and half, take an extra rest day per week and do rehab work, I can continue to run and not be forced to take a 2-3 week break because I am truly injured.

My son is the easiest to get to wear a mask too! My daughter loves them because she loves picking out the masks that are bright and colorful, but she isn’t quite as willing to wear them.

Do you remember getting hot during the marathon with long sleeves?!

My biggest craving during my pregnancies was salt/ketchup. I never salt my food when I am not pregnant, but I put salt on everything while I was pregnant. I would eat bread piled up with ketchup and salt on top. Also, bagel and apples…It’s been 6 years since I have been pregnant and I still can’t eat them. I ate way too many!

Have a fabulous Thursday!


Oh that is SO SO true and such important advice (but why is it so hard sometimes to listen to that!). You are so smart and that tip has helped you so many times! I don’t really remember that marathon very well at all but I am sure I was burning up, I have no idea why I chose that top ha! I love hearing about what you craved… the body wants what it wants when we are expecting! Thanks Becky and you too.


Agree that the best advice I have heard AND read is to take rest days and easy runs (not just easy route, easy pace!). That, and “hills are your friend” from my HS cross country coach.

Worst advice I’ve heard is if you don’t barf, you didn’t go hard enough. I think that is a terrible thing to tell people. When I was coaching HS cross country my co-coach did instruct kids how to barf and run (because so many kids tend to heave or hurl as they are coming into the finish.) if they found themselves in that predicament. I did think that was a funny good idea he had.

Last craving was just yesterday-I suddenly had a craving for my grandma’s home made granola. She made the best granola. Random.

Those nachos look soooooo good. My first pregnancy I craved ground beef to the point it was obnoxious. I’m a vegetarian. Except those 9 months.

Knox is so sweet-glad he’s back after his few days away so he could give you all sorts of interesting facts! Tell him that near where I live in Europe is where my grandfather marched through during WW2. It’s really neat when I run or ride that area to think about.


Oh I love that advice about hills… they seriously make us so strong. Yep, that really is terrible advice! I hope that you get some of that granola soon (did she share the recipe?!), I bet you have some amazing memories tied to that granola with her. That is so interesting about your pregnancy craving, I feel like we just have to let go of all control during pregnancy ha. I will absolutely be telling him that, thank you for sharing and that is really cool. Have a beautiful day Kelly!


Best running advice: practice good form first. I have followed it and realized that efficient form not only leads to fewer injuries, but it also makes running/exercise easier (“less hard”) to do. When you find that groove, your body fights less against the movement and works more smoothly.
Biggest clothing mistake on a long run: underwire bra. What was I thinking? The chafing!!! Whoa!
Pregnancy cravings were different for each one, which was really interesting to me.
Biggest body craving lately: a MASSAGE! Wow, that would be awesome.
Have a great day!


Oh I love that advice and it really is so important and allows us to keep doing what we love! I literally cringed when I read underwire bra… OUCH! I hope you are able to get a massage soon, that sounds absolutely amazing right now. Thanks Corey, you too!


The best advice I got is to listen to your body. I too often want to compare myself to what I have done before. Like the last 2 weeks, when dealing with sinus issues and lack of sleep, nothing more than 3 or 4 miles felt ok. It was hard not to think “I can freaking run marathons, why am I done at 2 miles?!” But now this week, with the sinuses back to normal, my body a bit more adjusted to the heat and humidity (80 degrees and humid at 6 am?!), and some days to sleep in, I knocked out a 6 miler and a 4 miler no sweat. (**Actually, a lot of sweat, because it’s really really really stinkin humid and the real feel is over 100) I just need to realize my body needed more time to take it easy last week.

Not pregnant, but hello girl time means I NEEDED brownies. NEEDED them. And boy were they delicious!

Have a great day!


I am so sorry that you haven’t been feeling well for a few weeks but glad you are doing better now! Our bodies know exactly what we need to get better and now you are back running in those crazy temperatures. SO glad you had the brownies and now I need some today too. Thanks Loribeth, you too!


Watermelon cravings EVERY year this time of year :)


There is nothing better than watermelon during this time of year! I hope you are having a great morning Amanda and that you have some amazing watermelon soon.


I love that Knox loves his mask. I need that mindset; I hate wearing mine!

Best running advise (which was actually life advice): HAVE FUN. Running isn’t my job, and I do it to be healthy, and it should be something that ADDS to my life, instead of something I “have” to do. This gets me through some tough runs by shifting my mindset! I think the worst is people saying that running ruins your knees and that you shouldn’t do it. I ignore them!

I thought of you this morning–I did NOT want to run (it’s so hot!) and really had to push myself out the door by telling myself I only had to run one mile and could listen to Hamilton the whole time . . . I tried to channel your positivity and love of running! I ran 5 so I think it worked. :-)


Knox is a good example to me too about having a good attitude about the masks! Oh I love that advice and it really does add so much to our life. Oh thanks for thinking about me and I am so glad you got out for an awesome 5 miles! You are amazing and I hope you are having a great Thursday so far Kristin!


My biggest pregnancy cravings were oranges and egg rolls at the beginning and ice cream at the end. The last thing I craved is the peaches that are out right now, so good!


ORANGES… I relate with you so much on that and the peaches! I hope you are having a great morning so far!


The worst clothing choice for a race was during last year’s Marine Corps Marathon 10k. It rained the entire race and my black capri leggings were soaked but then began to bubble up! I guess I was using too much soap in the laundry so I ran in with white sudsy foam all over!


Sudsy leggings… Oh Juliet that must have been miserable but definitely memorable too ha. I will make sure to pay attention to how much soap I am using on my running clothes to avoid this:). Have a wonderful day!


Hi Janae! So when I was in middle school our PE teacher told us to breathe out for one more step than we breathe in. For example breathe out for three steps and then breathe in for two, or breathe out for four steps and breathe in for three, depending on how fast you’re going. I’ve never heard that anywhere else so I’m curious if you think that’s good running advice or bad! Love the topic by the way, thanks for posting.


I am going to try that and see how it feels! Thanks for sharing Amy and have a beautiful day.


One great piece of running advice I got is that some running is better than none (unless you are injured or sick of course). I would get down on myself if I didn’t keep increasing mileage or get a minimum of 4 miles in every run. One coach told me if you want to run, 20 minutes of running is better than not being able to run at all! So appreciate whatever amount you can do.


Okay, this advice is gold. I LOVE it so much and it is something we all need to remember! Have a wonderful day Mariah!


I LOVED jalopenos when pregnant, and even put them on my French fries…I had my little boy four weeks ago. You could be on to something! :)

Dreaming about the day that I can be running again! Right now it’s all about the recovery and baby snuggles! Have a great day, Janae!


Congratulations on your new little one Emily, I am thrilled for you. Oh and now I need some jalapeños on french fries! Have a beautiful day!


The recovery advice is a great one. I’ve had so much going on lately, I’ve been slacking with taking days off! There are so many groups to join (biking, workouts) and things to do outside, I don’t want to miss out. I have been feeling it though! I do much better when I’m on a training plan instead of just winging it! That’s great there is a waterpark available to you. They are all closed around here – although we do have a pool, so we enjoy that .


My sister gave me the advice of “short strides uphill and long strides downhill” and it totally works for me and saves my legs.

Craving with first pregnancy was baked potatoes and with my second it was dill pickles!

My son has some masks like that and I don’t know why but I’d never thought for him to use them – he just wears them for play around the house. He might not fight it so much if he can wear those – thanks!


Biggest pregnancy cravings – root beer with my first. I despise pop or any sort of carbonated drink but I had the most intense craving for it throughout my entire pregnancy and pizza loaded with meat and onions (I was a vegetarian at the time). Fruit cups (they helped with the nausea) with my second and all the carbs lol and Ceasar salad with my third!


Cravings were lemon everything especially lemonade (I’m usually a chocolate dessert type of person but I even craved lemon desserts!)
And cheese. I put cheese on everything and ate so many Doritos!
Can’t say watermelon was a Pregnancy craving bc I always crave that haha
… I had a girl!

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