Tuesday Tangents!

(shorts, tank, bra, shoes)

We had a change of plans…

I was ready in all of my winter clothes to brave the blizzard that was happening outside, but I was dreading it.  So Lauren and I decided to do our run indoors instead.   I switched to shorts and a tank and met her at the indoor track for 10 miles of loops. My body handles the track great when running easy, and on the outside lanes, so I was thrilled to avoid what was happening outside.

Later on in the morning Skye decided she wanted a run at the indoor track. One of the BYU track stars came over and gave compliments to Skye about her running. Words are so powerful and her words made this little girl’s life.,

Let’s move straight to tangents.

*They are really into running right now and Skye has been cleaning her new shoes daily.

*Another delicious soup recipe to add to your list. Pasta Fagioli! I didn’t have any small noodles, so I just used large pasta shells, but it was still a win.

*Brooke and I soaked in the sunlight the other day. It completely energized me, and a bit later, Brooke told me that she thought I got a little too much sunlight because I was very hyper afterward;)

*Just getting in some good reading;)

*The snow on top of this lodge makes me crave a croissant. It just makes me think of layers of dough and butter. It’s beautiful (both the snow and the croissants).

*This is beck’s stool. He gets so mad if anyone else tries to sit there. The youngest children think they are the boss of EVERYONE in the family.

*Winter hair at the end of a run:). My friend looked like Elsa.

*I’m a day late posting about last week’s training.

Week 5 of Boston training:

Monday:  7 miles @ 8:50 pace on fresh snow with some climbing.  +20 minute Peloton class.

Tuesday: 6 miles @ 8:13 pace.

Wednesday:  14 miles total.  10 miles outside and then 4 miles on a treadmill of 200m fast, 200m easy on repeat.  This was a very different run than planned, but that’s because of the snow.

Thursday:  7 miles @ 8:20 pace with hills (supposed to be running on the trails Mondays and Thursdays, but there is too much snow, so I find any hill on the roads that I can) +20 minute Peloton class.

Friday: 5.2 miles @ 8:19 average

Saturday:  16 miles @ 7:25 average with 1677 ft of climbing.  Another run focused more on strength than speed and getting in plenty of climbing while holding a steady pace (not easy, not killer).  Uphills are my weakness, and my coach is working on making them my strength and I did feel a lot stronger on them than I have in previous attempts.

Sunday:  Off

55 miles for the week!

*Theme of this training cycle so far= the weather is keeping me from overtraining or racing my workouts. So maybe this snowpocalypse is a good thing?

*Each of our kids has pretended they are dogs for many years, and Beck has now officially joined the group.

*The other day, my father-in-law showed me a picture from his first half-marathon 40 years ago. My mother-in-law has done half and full marathons too. They get my love for this sport.

Share a tangent with me!

Does anyone have parents that ran (or currently run) races?Tell me the theme of your running lately?


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Aw, Skye looks so proud of herself in that picture wit the BYU runner! How cool that both she and Brooke love running just like you; I know in some cases, parental enthusiasm can make a kid want to do the opposite thing. ;) My running theme lately has been experimentation. I am still trying to building endurance and improve my cadence by focusing on easy long runs and shorter runs with some sprint intervals. It’s been fun to experiment in this way because I used to run everything the exact same pace. I’m realizing I enjoy mixing it up. Happy Tuesday Janae! :)


Ehhhhhh I know and I get so worried about that ha. I just wait (as patiently as I can) for them to tell me they want to run and then I go crazy ha. I LOVE your theme and think that is so important. Mixing things up is the best and it keeps our body guessing… keep up those sprint intervals and keep me updated on it all. Have a beautiful day, Emily!


The temps and snow have thwarted my runs recently. Last night I ran 2 miles before run club. I showed up to run club and the boys refused to run outside in 3 degrees. I was the only vote to go run. Outnumbered!
I need a goal spring race! I’m not sure which race I want to do. Maybe it’s the weather that’s dampening my race excitement.
Have you heard of Mel Robbins and her strategy to look for hearts? I’m going to now look for croissants in every day life. Thanks for the inspiration!


YOU RUN in 3 degrees?? I just cannot do that today… I want to be like you when I grow up. Tell me what croissants you find in your every day life. Have the most beautiful (hopefully warmer) day, Molly!


My 14 year old just told me he wants to start back running with me!! I’m so excited he wants to run and I’m double excited he wants to run with me!!! I got my mom into running when I was 14 years old and she has run lots of Disney races! My dad even joined her but he mostly walked. I love inspiring others to run!


This. Is. So. Exciting. I love that you guys are going to be running together and I love that you have memories with your mom doing the same thing. Amazing. Have a beautiful day, Erin!


Snowpocolypse… Ha ha! But you have had so much snow lately!
My oldest starts his internship today, has to take the train from his campus with a 5 minute walk to the train station… This morning the temp is -1° feels like -10°!!! Crazy! But he did say, “at least it’s not snowing” ha ha.
Oh I love that the BYU runner complimented Skye. So sweet! And 10 miles on the indoor track? Wow! I would get dizzy.
I also love that the girls are loving running right now. My youngest just said last week, that he wanted running shoes so that he could start running. Made me happy. So we went to a local running store by his campus and got him shoes. He’s run a couple of times now, but I’m trying not to ask him every day if he ran so I don’t annoy him.
Have a good Tuesday!


No tangent I can think of today but I wanted to say how much Brooke resembles you in the pic of you together. It is wonderful to be able to see her growing up – she seems so wise and caring with everyone and everything.


That makes me so happy. Sure grateful for that little girl. Hope you are having a beautiful day!


Ah I am just building back up after a couple of months of inconsistent running.. and zero motivation lol.

You get so much snow lol! And so cool how the track started made Brooke’s day.

And the soup looks delicious might have to try and make some!

Happy Tuesday Janae!


I ran through my pregnancy and I swear the endorphins made my son the happiest child. This weekend I am running a 10K and he is running his first race at 18 months old-the diaper derby! I am beyond excited.


My mom ran off and on while I was growing up. My favorite picture of us is from a ladies road race and I’m about Skye’s age. It was the first time I “won my age group” though my mom reminds me all the time I threw a major temper tantrum just feet before the finish line. She got into trail running as I got older and now thoroughly enjoys walking on the beach and tai chi – oh to be retired ;)

I love that you don’t push the girls to run but wait for them to ask. I think it’s working!

Happy Tuesday, Janae!


It’s not the snow in Wisconsin that’s killing our workout plans….it’s the cold! Wind chills this morning were -25F. No thank you. I will run after work when it’s a balmy -1F (still not looking forward to this).

My tangent is that I *finally* got around to making the Winter Meal Prep Salad you’ve been raving about for weeks. SOOOOOOOOO good! Why did I wait so long to try it?


Next time I tell you to make something, I need you to listen the first time haha jk. I’m so happy you love it! Ummmm -1F?! HOW????


My dad was a runner! He loved triathlons and did those often, but he ran a lot and had a marathon PR of 3:17. He and I ran together for years and then his body couldn’t keep up with the long distances so he would ride his bike while I ran long runs. He died a few years ago and having those long run/bike memories are something I hold so close to my heart. My daughter is 7 and she asks to run with me all the time! I love it! Running is in the genes for sure :-D


Thank you for sharing this with me. Your dad sounds absolutely amazing and he loved you so much! I’m so grateful you had those memories together and now you get to do them with your daughter. Hope you are having a beautiful day, Torrie.


I sometimes forget it’s January because Philadelphia is in a snow drought at the moment. It was 50 degrees here yesterday. No complaints on the temperature because it makes my lunch time walks more pleasant. I just continuously have this thought that we will get some sort of extreme snowstorm to make up for the lack of snow so far this season.


I’m copying you this week Janae – I made that winter salad over the weekend and am so excited to have it for lunches all week! And you convinced me to buy that Lulu vest and it was awesome for a chilly run last week that started out cold, but ended with light snow. I love the big pockets – perfect for dog leash, treats, and to stash gloves and hat when I warm up. Thanks for that rec!

My Dad used to run every morning with his friend/neighbor and we used to go watch him at the local races. After that friend moved away he got more into cycling, so apparently I copied him on both fronts!

Tangent is that we’ve had below zero temps for the last few mornings so I’m glad it’s supposed to warm up a bit now. It’s too hard to run when you’re dressed like the marshmellow man! (Spoiled CA girl here, I don’t know how people on the East coast and Midwest do it – you are strong!)


Kids are so funny. I have three and they each think they own a certain spot on the couch, the car, and at the table. Goofballs! I cannot even imagine running 10 miles on a track, but then again I couldn’t imagine running that much in a blizzard either. Whew!

Apparently, my dad ran track in high school, but I didn’t know until I found some old medals and stuff after he passed away. I still love that I share that with him though. All 3 of my kids ran/run cross country and track in high school. My daughter mostly did it for the friends (totally okay), but both of my boys really got into it. It was fun watching something click for both of them as they figured out that they could run pretty competitively. My youngest is wrapping up wrestling season and he runs home each day from school to keep his endurance up.


How many indoor laps did you have to do for 10 miles? Did you alternate directions?!

My mom was a competitive masters runner in her mid 30’s-50’s. Her running group was insane. They all keep in touch and I love the fact that I’m older than they were at the time I met them! It’s so fun to see them sporadically when I am running when I am in PDX. My mom still runs (she is 79!). My dad ran awhile too. In fact, I was the last one in my family to run a marathon (my brother also runs).


FIFTY LAPS! It was so busy there that we couldn’t alternate directions but luckily, running on the outside lap helped a lot. Your parents are amazing. Your mom is my goal. Thanks for sharing, I love it!


That is so nice of that college runner to stop and talk to Skye! What a thoughtful act!

I think Beck is on to something. They say that listening to books on 2X speed makes you retain the information better because you have to concentrate so much more on the information. I wonder if reading upside down does the same thing? Smart boy! I’m going to flip my Kindle this evening when I read and see if it works.


Hi there, I’m just wondering about your son sitting at the stool next to your island. We have the same setup but my son is three and I’m still so afraid to have him sit at a high stool for fear he’ll tip over or fall off. Did you train or teach him about sitting safely before he started sitting there? I’m not quite sure how to make the transition from a high chair to that. Thanks!


HEY SJ!! I think it depends on each kid. Beck has never fallen off (or come close) and there is no way Skye could have safely sat like he does. I’m all about letting them lead where they are at and he was ready to be with the big kids so we let him. Listen to your mama heart and if you are too worried, don’t do it yet. Have a beautiful day!

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