Hill City + Hope + Tangents + 11 Last Year… How Many this Year?

We all wore jeans at some point yesterday so I’m calling that our win for the day as we try to make life feel a little bit more normal.

Before the girls woke up I decided hills were a must.  10 miles with almost 1100 ft of up (not sure on pace because I forgot to start my watch again on the downhill section).  My legs were burning by the end… hill work is speedwork in disguise and I think all of the hill work we did last year is what led us to so many new PRs.

I completed 11 races last year and who knows how many races will happen this year.

IMG 0149

Andrew had meetings all afternoon in prep for the ICU over the next few weeks.  He also found out that Krispy Kreme is giving a free dozen doughnuts each Monday to healthcare workers.

IMG 0172

Skye feels like our new Monday tradition is too good to be true…

IMG 0176

It was so nice to have Andrew home the rest of the day and for adult conversations:)

IMG 0177

I have a few tangents to talk about today!

*I had a question about our spin bike yesterday so I thought I would share it here too for anyone looking for a workout option at home—> it’s $235 HERE.  We would love to have a Peloton at some point but for now, this bike has been amazing (and I’ve had it for 9 years and it still works perfectly).  Andrew uses it 2-3 times a week and he loves it too!  I used it a ton in the past (running has taken over my time lately) and it is very sturdy, the tension is super easy to adjust and you can switch out the pedals for your clip-in ones from your bike.  My favorite spin bike workouts that I do are here and here.

IMG dd5616

*It’s been fun lately to show Brooke some of the movies that we watched as kids.  She is a huge fan of this movie:

IMG 0135

*This will be my last Brené Brown podcast talk for a few days ha but this episode was so perfect for us all right now.  It was just what I needed.  We so often don’t let ourselves feel what we need to feel because we think that others have it way worse but that just adds shame to what we are already struggling to feel and process…. There is enough empathy for all and no shortage of love.

Screen Shot 2020 03 30 at 10 26 44 AM

*I love when my brother sends us pictures from the air (he is a pilot for Southwest).  Pictures from the sky always bring me a feeling of hope!


*So thankful for Facetiming.  Megan’s wedding is next month and I’ve never met anyone that could handle so much disappointment and all of these cancellations with such grace.

IMG 0086

*Brooke’s teacher emailed saying that they are changing things up again and they will not be doing anything more than 2 hours of schoolwork a day.  Her teacher is absolutely amazing and Brooke is missing her a lot.

Skye was thrilled with that decision because now they are doing recess most of the day.

IMG 0168 2

*Why can’t they make these kid’s vacuums actually vacuum… that would be fabulous for our floors.

IMG 0132

*Off to find one of these strollers on Amazon.  Andrew showed this picture to Brooke and now her heart is absolutely set on taking her chicken on walks every day.  Also, Knox named his chicken ‘Ducky’ and for some reason that just makes us all laugh so hard every time he says her name ha.  PS Andrew really wants to get a goat now too but I told him we need to adjust to one new thing at a time.  Brooke’s dream of living on a farm is starting to come true;)

IMG 0145

*They are old enough to be held now!

IMG 0186


I’d love to hear a tangent or two from you today!

Tell me something nice that people are doing in your community?  

Tell me a movie or two that really remind you of your childhood?

What is bringing you hope right now?!

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Started classes again last night (although online now)- and it was WAY better than I thought it would be. I love being in a classroom and learning with other people, but the professor was amazing and we still had great discussions on Zoom. Happy about a little bright light during this time :)

Movies from childhood: Sandlot, Space Jam (which is on Netflix now!), anything Mary Kate and Ashley haha


Oh Mariah, I am SO glad it is way better than you were expecting. The professor makes all of the difference, enjoy! Hearing this made me smile. Oh I can’t wait to show them Space Jam, thanks for telling me that! Have a great day Mariah!


That’s so funny you mentioned your spin bike. I bought almost the same one 2 years ago and I’ve been thinking about selling it! I thought it was going to be good cross training for me, but it turns out that it’s not very comfortable for me to ride so I’ve probably only used it 5 times. I’ve been eyeing up an elliptical on Facebook for sale locally. Unfortunately it really big, and 3x the price of the spin bike but I think I’d actually use it. But honestly, I love my treadmill a lot and it’s hard to try something new :)
Love the chicks! That will be a great experience for all of you! Have a great day!


Oh that’s such a bummer. I hope that the elliptical works out and if not, keep enjoying those treadmill miles. Thanks Lisa, and you too!


Movies from my childhood: The Back to the Future trilogy – which my girls now LOVE and beg me to watch – this brings me so much joy :)

The weather changing from winter to spring is bringing me hope, although, here in Ohio it doesn’t feel like it’s happening much at all right now. Cloudy cloudy cloudy with temps in the 40’s. I don’t want to zip past spring into summer weather, so I’m hoping things will at least trend to 60’s and somewhat sunny soon.


Brooke and Knox would love those movies, thanks for reminding me of them. They really remind me of my childhood too. I hope that you get ALL of the spring days possible in Ohio this year and that you are able to get out and enjoy them all! Have a beautiful day Amanda!


Three men and a baby, and three men and a little lady were two of my faves growing up! I discovered they’re on Disney+ now, which is amazing!


THEY ARE?!?! Oh I am so excited! I am going to watch them now. Thanks Jessica, have a wonderful day!


Just a note that Peloton has a digital app with all of the spin classes and other stuff (cardio, strength, yoga) and they’re offering a 90 day free trial right now. We have a spin bike and are really enjoying the spin classes. They also have running content for treadmills and outdoor running. Just FYI in case everyone else is looking for workouts right now!


That is SO SO cool! Okay, I’m going to check out their strength classes today. Thank you so much! Have the best day Emily:)


Hahaha for the vacuum thing. My daughter is only 8 months old but she loves this toy!
honey i shrunk the kids is one of the best “stay in” moviesof all times!


Maybe it just means our girls are going to be great cleaners as they grow up and huge helps around the house. I hope you have the best day Garou and tell your little girl hello for Skye;)


Oh my gosh… That chicken stroller is awesome! I could just picture the 5 of you out for a walk with the chickens in the stroller… Ha ha too cute!
I didn’t watch a ton of movies as a kid, but as I got a Little older I loved the Karate Kid series, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Goonies is fun but the language is not so great ( I had forgotten about the bad language until we watched it with our boys a few years ago), and I love Ferris Bueler’s Day Off.
Spring weather, the sounds of birds, and seeing things start to bloom are definitely giving me hope!
Plus, I have had 2, with 2 more coming up, Zoom meetings and that is so nice. Seeing people’s faces and doing some of my volunteer work feels normal!!
Off for a 4 – 6 mile run, depending on what I’m feeling ?
Happy Tuesday!


Hahaha I can’t wait for our family/chicken walk to happen and I’ll share the pictures! Oh you just brought back some really great memories of movies. Spring weather really is the best reminder of hope…. so much rebirth to be thankful for! So glad that the zoom meetings are going well, I’m sure all of the people you do volunteer work with really miss you. Hope your run was a great one! Thanks Wendy!


there is a little dyson vacum that does have suction!


Ordering NOW! Thanks Paulina! I didn’t know about this:). Have the best day!


Hi Janae! I just had a question about any precautions you are taking with Andrew working in a hospital? My neighbor and her husband are no longer living together because he is an ER doctor and they’re concerned he could bring something home to their 11 month old baby. It’s just such a crazy time and I can’t thank Andrew and other healthcare professionals enough! I’m happy Krispy Kreme is recognizing healthcare workers! Have a great day!


Hey Lauren! Great question! I’m sure that will be us soon. Andrew has only had about 4 cases in his hospital not near where he is but eventually if and when he is around more cases we will separate from each other (we have a basement with everything he would need). Tell your neighbor good luck and I’m thinking about them. This is tough stuff. Thanks Lauren, you too!


Ugh this is so hard, and I hate it for y’all. My husband and I work in different hospitals/specialties, and we’ve had to be so careful, especially with a 2 year old and I’m due with baby 2 in a few weeks. I hope his hospital continues to have a low number of cases, and he stays safe. He should consider changing out of his clothes right away and even showering after his meetings or even after a trip out of the house. The problem is the asymptomatic carriers, who could be sitting near him in class, and the virus can live on surfaces, clothes, and in the air. I just worry about everyone who still has to go out in the world (us included!). I’ll be praying for him and your family!


I’m finding hope in the realization that we are all so much more alike than we are different. We are all vulnerable, we are all scared. And not just because of coronavirus. I used to feel so alone in my anxiety; like it was this deep flaw holding me back from living among all of the successful people of the world. I have so many privileges, so much opportunity and yet I feel like I’m constantly flailing, just trying to find purpose and a focused direction to steer my life toward. This month has taught me that we all experience this. It is not something to feel shame about, even though we often do. We are all hard on ourselves. I have hope that through this time we will all learn to have more compassion for ourselves. And when we do, that it will spill out to everyone around us. I think we needed this time to learn just how badly we need each other.

Favourite childhood movies = anything and everything Olsen twins! Also Hocus Pocus and Labyrinth!

Hope you have a great Tuesday! Stay well :)


Wow, this is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing Rachel and being so open. It made me feel less alone and you are so right, we are all so alike and this month is really bringing us all together. Thinking about you Rachel and now I need to find some movies with the Olsen twins for Brooke. Thank you and you too!


Rachel-this would be a beautiful blog :). Thanks for sharing.


I also did some hills today. And some intervals . . . I don’t think my legs are happy with me right now!

I saw online that there are neighborhoods where people are putting teddy bears in their front windows so families can go on a “bear hunt!” It sounds adorable, and I would definitely be looking for bears even by myself!

The Sound of Music is one my very favorites that I watched over and over again . . . and particularly the first Harry Potter. So many good memories!

Bringing me hope: being able to “talk” with my students over the computer, and all the signs of spring around us.


Oh I love that teddy bear idea SO so much. What a beautiful idea for the bear hunt. My kids would love that. My kids love that movie so much too and way to go on the hills and intervals! So glad you are able to keep up with your students over the computer, they miss you so much I bet. So thankful for the signs of spring too, we all need them so so much. Hope your day is a beautiful one Kristin!


Hi Janae! I saw this great story of this 95 year old great grandpa who got the coronavirus and beat it! He’s lived through the Great Depression and is a veteran too! It was a nice story and definitely gave me hope.


WOW. Thank you so much for sharing this with me… it was just what I needed to start my morning off with. Have a beautiful day Amy!


Just wanted to say what I’m sure you have heard from everyone, I LOVE my peloton. Absolutely worth the cost. My husband and I both use it along with other strength workouts on the app. I just started my first power zone training challenge.
Also I love Brene and have been having the same thoughts. I have so much to be grateful for right now but it’s still ok to be sad. I’m sad that my family is missing out on spending time with my new baby face to face and that my toddler is unable to see his friends. I am grateful we Are safe and healthy but it’s ok to to be sad about the little things!
My husband is a teacher and the game is changing a lot on them too so thank you for being flexible with your kids teachers. They, like all of us, are doing their best!
Take care!


Ahhhhh now we REALLY need to get it… seriously, Andrew and I would love it so much.
You are so right Kayse, those are hard things to deal with and I hope that soon your people are able to meet your new baby. You are doing an amazing job handling everything going on in your world. Tell your husband thanks for all he does as a teacher, we are so lucky to have these amazing teachers doing all that they can at all times to help these kids. Thanks Kayse and you too!


I hope you cut those donuts in half


First, thank you so much for your continued positive posts, Janae! I am pretty good about staying positive, but I definitely have moments! I am a reading specialist, and in NH we have been out of school since March 16th, and will be out until at least May 4. Trying to navigate remote teaching is tough! I am also 27 weeks pregnant with our first little boy, so I have a lot of emotions around that right now as well. My husband is not able to come to any of my prenatal appointments, we had to cancel our baby shower, and we were planning on going on a short “babymoon” in a few weeks that had to be cancelled as well. I am trying to take one day at a time, and that has helped me the most so far! We are extremely fortunate that both my husband and I can work from home, are still getting our regular paychecks, and insurance. It definitely makes navigating this uneasy time a little bit easier. Please, please thank Andrew for everything that he does as a nurse, and thank you to your entire family for what you do, because I am sure it is not easy. Sending love from NH!


We have 2 bike trainers (not actual spin bikes) that we put our bikes on. One is so old I couldn’t find it anywhere – it’s super basic, but with my Suunto watch and bike sensors it’s perfect for me. We also have a “smart” trainer that Les uses. I love the training videos from Global Cycling Network (https://www.globalcyclingnetwork.com/) They have some really cool ones that go up famous climbs in Europe, the scenery is beautiful and a nice distraction from the pain.

One of my favorite Christian groups, For King & Country, did a live concert using split screens on Friday night. It was called “Together – A Night of Hope.” They sang many of their hits. At one point they called a couple in the UK who were suppose to be getting married the next day. Due to new restrictions, all weddings were canceled. As they sang to the couple, I cried right along with them. They also had Kathy Lee Gifford and Kirk Franklin on. The finale song was “Together” a song that has not been released yet – “when we fall, we will fall together. When we rise, we will rise together.” It really did leave me feeling hopeful. https://youtu.be/ZPtQraArvec

The only movie from my childhood that I can think of is “Wizard of Oz.” I think it’s because it only came on once a year back then and I’m getting old ;0


That chicken stroller is amazing!!
Across the river from where I live (which is only 1/2 mile away) is an area of Chattanooga called North Shore. The stores are more eclectic as are the neighborhoods. New condos right next to older homes with pink flamingos and lawn gnomes. One day I was driving back from a work errand and I was at a red light. I noticed a woman in her workout gear waiting to cross the street with her dog……….wait a minute, that dog looks odd……………THAT DOG WAS A GOAT! A goat. On a leash and harness. With a woman who looked totally sane and was wearing nice lululemon clothes and fancy headphones. I wish I was fast enough to get a photo. If you do get a goat, promise me you will walk it downtown. :)

If you haven’t shown her already, you need to show her It Takes Two with the olsen twins, steve guttenberg, and kirstie alley. CLASSIC!

Have a great week, Janae! (Oh, and check out https://www.tnaqua.org/animals-exhibits/penguins-rock-cam/ to see our penguins get their nesting rocks tomorrow!) I am doing a live chat on Facebook at 1 pm eastern, but the video will be viewable on facebook after that, too.


I would be in a totally different place if Chris were not working from home. What a treat, it is my silver lining. Last night when I went to bed, I told him I was going to savor this. Doubt it will ever happen again in his working career. Thank goodness in the big picture, but I think I am a better version of myself with his presence in our home.


We loved having chickens! Even our rooster (who we hatched from an egg) was super docile and would sit on your lap like a cat and let you pet him. And the eggs, having fresh eggs every morning was amazing. Don’t get me wrong, chickens can be a pain too and kind of gross sometimes but, super fun. My daughter loved them and they take care of all of the veg kitchen scraps, little living composts.


Thank you for being there as a steadfast presence in our lives right now, Janae!! I am in Detroit, where it is tough, but every day there are inspiring stories that bring some light to this crisis. There were so many signs of spring coming while I ran today and I am so thankful for the little things, like a wave to someone passing by or seeing teddy bears in windows. It’s such a surreal time and so tough on people, especially those who already live with anxiety and/or depression. I am sending lots of strength and prayers to everyone right now!! Xo


Yes to the vacuum comment. My 2 year old plays with his non stop lol!!!

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