Silentish Saturday!!!

Planned to do 8 miles but stopped at 7 miles and walked the last mile.

Loved listening to this during the run!

IMG 7906

Knox made Skye a card with a picture of fireworks and an American Flag (her two favorite things right now) before he left.

IMG 7912

Hammocks feel like heaven during pregnancy for me.

IMG 7916

When your sister is out of town and she was sad about missing the cereal sale at your grocery store, you go and hook her up with the good stuff;)

IMG 7915

My mom brought me the most beautiful lunch.

IMG 7918

These chips never make it to 24 hours without being completely gone in our home.

IMG 7929

Lots of food pictures today… Pink Sauce Pasta for dinner.  Brooke said, “I don’t like this, I LOVE this.”  It was a success.

IMG 7931

So were the artichokes cooked in the instant pot.

IMG 7932

Love these smiles.

IMG 7928

They insisted on these pjs even though it was 103 degrees yesterday.

IMG 7934

I did a few squats and now legs will be sore for 3 days.

IMG 7935

Today is the Timp 1/2 Marathon and I’m slightly missing be there so I’ll do a flashback photo from last year instead:). Raise your hand if you miss racing!

IMG 5917


Tell me 3 things that you have going on today!

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I would’ve loved pink pasta sauce as a kid! Let’s be honest, I’d love it now. :-)

Today, I did some yoga and will be going for a hike! The weather seems to be a bit cooler today (aka not extremely humid like the entire month of July was), so a hike is definitely in order! I will also probably get a bit of work done . . . my school district is fully virtual in the fall, so there’s a lot to learn and I want to start off prepared!

Have a GREAT weekend full of great food!


I have had Telepractice students for a few years ( am an itinerant special ed teacher). I have been virtual since March as we are mandated to be year round. It is a ton of planning but one thing that has absolutely helped engage my kiddos is a green screen. I hung green tablecloths on a wall. I have a box in front of it that I also covered with green so I can reach in and take things out. But even if you teach older kids the green screen works to display things behind you. Kahoot quizzes are also awesome for older kids. I cringed when I heard what some K teachers were doing in our district, not interactive and a lot of websites. It can be SO engaging. I would love to teach K or 1st online!! My young 3s do not last our half hour sessions, that is tricky!!


WOW, what an amazing idea Carrie!!! Your students are so lucky to have you and all that you do. Have a beautiful weekend!


I think you need to make the pasta today… it is so so good. You are inspiring me to do some yoga right now. SO glad that you are able to get in some hiking today with great weather. Good luck with that this fall Kristin, you are amazing for doing all that you do for these kids. Thank you so much and I definitely will:)


I might have try the pink sauce if I can find a lactose free substitute for heavy cream. It looks and sounds delicious.
I miss racing. I hate the pandemic. The silver lining is that there are in races to train for so I can really take my time rehabbing my knee. It has forced me to be patient. I’m making myself run slower and shorter distances. I also attend my daughter’s therapy where they work on mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy. I think that has helped me, too. I wish it hepled y daughter as much as it has helped me.
Knox is such a good big brother! Skye and Brooke are lucky to have him!
Three things: seven mile run, about workout, and farmers market.
Have a good weekend!


I really hope that you can find a good substitute, the meal is amazing. I am so grateful that the mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy is helping you so much. That is wonderful and I’m sure it is helping your daughter too. I hope that your knee continues to get better and better. I had a seven mile run today too! Enjoy the farmers market and thanks, you too Lee!


You’re the best sister ever for helping her stock up on the good stuff.

Love those hint of lime chips, I need to get some of them.


She is sure lucky to have me haha;). Get the chips next grocery trip/pickup… they are just perfect. Have a beautiful weekend and wish we could have run together with Swedish Fish today!


What grocery store is having the sale?? I couldn’t tell from the picture!


Oh the sale is over now! It was just yesterday, I’m so sorry! Have a great day friend.


Hi Janae! Isn’t it crazy how we can run for hours and be ok but a few minutes of squats and then it’s guaranteed soreness? Today I’m going to the farmers market and then maybe an outdoor picnic. Happy weekend!


Right?! You would think with all of the miles that squats would be done with zero problem ha… good to know I’m not alone. Farmers market + picnic = heaven. Enjoy!


I started sweating just looking at your girls in those pjs!!

3 things today: early bike ride and I saw more riders than usual at 6 a.m.
came home and did 30 minutes of yoga
coffee time!
and pretty sure #4 will be a nap ;)


Knox is so sweet to make that card! And Jammies in that weather? Were they sweating? I am just looking at those two cuties!

+Went out for an early mountain bike ride to beat the heat and tried to do all the shady trails. Turns out, they’re all HILLY shady trails but it was so fun and we got to do a nice flowy downhill one as a reward.
+Debated going to the shops to get my teen out of the house but we ended up flopping on living room floor looking at sneakers
+Shared a snicker bar ice cream bar with above teen while cooking dinner. That really should be a routine in cooking.

Have a great weekend!


Today I plan on grocery shopping, taking my infant grandson for a nice long walk in his stroller and making sugar cookies. My sweet tooth is out of control!. Hope your Saturday is good.


That is a lot of cereal! What a great sister you are!
My son wears winter pj’s almost every night! I have no idea how he does it.

1. I had my triathlon!!! It was so fun to be racing and I don’t even like racing that much!
2. Ran a virtual 5k with my oldest kid when I got home (I ran it with the younger 2 earlier this week)
3. Eat flourless chocolate torte (my oldest is baking it for me)

Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday Janae!


My son wears fleece pajamas even in the summer and he CANNOT be reasoned with. (He’s 3). Whatever bud.
Had a 7 mile run this morning, my nephews birthday party tonight then church and relaxing tomorrow!


Artichokes in the IP! Great idea! THANKS! And yes I really miss the race environment??

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