25 Weeks & My Pregnant Running Tips!

I’m getting closer to that 3rd trimester!

*5 out of 7 nights each week I am getting up for a snack in the middle of the night.  The baby is growing like crazy right now and my hunger is reminding me of that all day/night.

IMG 7468

*I CANNOT WAIT FOR COOLER TEMPERATURES.  I feel like a I am going to explode when I am outside in the middle of the day right now.

*Knox figured out a way to help me to stand up ha.  He steps on my toes and can get me up this way and I’m very thankful because the belly is already making it hard to stand up.

IMG 7585

*The baby is about 13 inches long and 1.5 lbs now!

*I am still pretty convinced that we are having a boy and we made it through another doctor’s appointment without finding out.

*I am very excited to feel like I sleep in a toaster again haha… It takes me approximately 30 minutes longer to get out of bed when I am pregnant compared to when I am not pregnant.

IMG 7465

*I love that with my doctor I get to see the baby at every appointment because she has a handheld ultrasound device she just brings around with her.  I have no idea how much weight I’ve gained (I just step on the scale backwards) but they say I am right on track and I am measuring where I should be.

*I received the famous glucose drink at my last appointment so I’ll be getting ready for drinking that in a few weeks.

IMG 7664


Let’s talk about my pregnant running tips!

First and most importantly, pregnant running isn’t for everybody.  I know way more women that are not able to run through their pregnancies than women that can.  I do not experience any pains or problems during my pregnancy that prevents me from running and I always work closely with my doctor on what I am doing with my running.  So, if running feels good to you during pregnancy and your doctor says yes to it… Here are my tips for running through the 40 weeks!

*Run-walk-run-walk.  I do this the most during the first trimester and then also anytime that it is really hot outside or I just don’t feel super great.  It is an awesome way to get in some running while giving your body any breaks that you need.

*Stay close to home.  When I am not running with my sister, I usually run close to home the whole time.  Sometimes that is up and down streets in our area or loops close by because I like being close to home (and my bathroom) when I am pregnant.  If I am with someone else then I always feel better about being farther away from home in case something happens but on my own, I am close to home.

*Utilize a treadmill.  With Brooke and Skye I used the treadmill more and more as my pregnancy went on because it’s really nice to be a few steps away from your bathroom when the baby gets bigger and it feels like your bladder shrinks.  You get to control the temperature and have as many fans as you want pointed at you!


*I just love knowing the benefits that can come from movement while pregnant and knowing these things helps me to MOVE (source):

IMG 7600

*Another thing that helps me to be active during this time—>  The hormones during pregnancy are rough and between anxiety and feeling down often, running helps me so much.  Knowing that I get the mental health benefits from each run gets me out the door to move.  It is a big motivator for me!

*If you are down on yourself about slowing down throughout pregnancy—> Ditch the watch, get off of strava, stop comparing yourself to what you used to do and remember YOU ARE CREATING A HUMAN in your body.  Of course that is going to slow you down… way down.   At this point there is no way I could run a half mile at my marathon pace from last year but I refuse to let that take away my running joy!  My focus right now is to bring a healthy baby to the world and so I celebrate each mile/step I get along the way because paces sure do not matter right now!

*When I am pregnant, I feel like I have to stretch way more than I do when I am not pregnant in order to keep running… If that means I shorten my runs so I have time to run then that’s what I do!  I didn’t do this during my previous pregnancies but for this one I have been doing a lot of pelvic floor exercises!

*Remember that the first trimester is most likely going to be the worst.  Every time I remind myself of this so that I continue to keep moving… if I knew that each trimester was going to feel like the first one (because of the nausea!!!) then I probably wouldn’t keep up my running.  I just know that if I can keep up with some fitness during the first trimester, then I get to enjoy running through the second and third trimester (if my body lets me:).

*For me personally, running is something that actually helps me to feel better as far as the nausea goes.  I have told this to my doctors before and they say that they have heard that many times before from other women.  It’s hard to get out the door but moving may in fact help you a little with the nausea!  I hope this is the same for any of you reading!

*I make the rule that if I’m not able to eat enough or drink enough (because of nausea/throwing up) then I am not going to run the next day.  During that first trimester it is especially hard for me to find things that sound good but no matter what, I will not be running if I can’t get in enough food and water!

*Run in the shade!

*While your form HAS to change a bit while running pregnant, I still try to make sure I tuck my tailbone under, stand tall, keep my gaze forward, shoulders relaxed and lift my knees a bit.

*Invest in a good sports bra, clothing that makes you feel comfortable and a belly band if you need one (my recommendations for these are in this post)!  If you can find the right pieces you will be a million times more comfortable which will make your running experience so much better.

*If something doesn’t feel right or hurts.. STOP right away.

*Have fun!  Pray, talk to your little one, soak in the fact that you can go whatever pace you want and the fact that it’s awesome that you are just out there DOING IT.  Don’t do more or faster than you are comfortable with and listen to your body with your ears WIDE open.  Running will always be there for you when your body is ready again if you do have to stop running but if you are able to run—>   Enjoy the me time and stare at the shadow of your cute belly bump as much as possible:)


Have any pregnant running tips to share?  How did running go during your pregnancy?

Anybody else wake up in the middle of the night to eat during pregnancy?

-I have done this with all three and it’s probably because I go to bed so early ha.

Glucose drink… what were your thoughts?  Not a big deal, gross, not terrible?

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So I know I’m weird but I actually thought the glucose drink was kind of tasty! :) Hopefully it’s not too bad for you either!


I remember thinking that with Brooke! I don’t remember what I thought with Skye but hopefully it’s the same ha. Have a great day Christine!


Intrigued that you get on the scale backwards so that you don’t see the weight number. If you don’t mind sharing- Is that standard at your OB’s office, or your own preference? Do they not tell you, or have you told them you don’t want to know about your weight?


Great question! I should have talked about that more! I used to have an eating disorder (which included weighing myself daily) before I was pregnant with my first baby and since then I just don’t do scales/numbers etc! They are always super nice when I just say I am going to get on backwards. Hope you have a great day!


I got on the scale backwards when I was pregnant too. No history of an ed just don’t need that negativity in my life ?


Hahaha yes!!


Very interesting and I know many woman who step on the scale backwards in pregnancy. I actually like seeing my weight go up– It makes me feel very capable to still be this active at 20+ pounds when before, I attributed my athleticism to my lean-ness. I think ‘if I an still run (slowwww) at this weight while growing a human, think of what I’m capable of afterwards!’ Great posts, keep them coming. :)


Great post! I too found that running helped with the nausea! When I couldn’t run anymore I still got outside for walks.
Did you find your shoe size increased after each baby? I started off with a size 7 and after my third I am now an 8.5! Lol. It makes me sad all my old runners and heels don’t fit but gave me an excuse to go runners shopping ;)


My pregnancy running tip is to program and run/recovery workout on garmin and sync it to your watch. I have the volume on so it gives me a countdown when the change is coming up.


I love this tip! I will totally try this too, thanks Jenny and I hope you have a great day.


Glucose drink was not bad at all. Just an extra sugary gatorade and they served it ice cold on a hot, July day. I was for it! Now I have the lovely group b strep test next week, which I heard is not bad—just a little awkward where they take their sample ?


Hahah that is true… it is a lot like Gatorade and I am going to copy you and add all of the ice! Good luck with that Olivia and what will your hospital be doing with delivery/covid??


I live in Green Bay, WI and our numbers are not great. I will need to get a COVID test as soon as I am admitted. Once I find out my results, my husband will be able to join me in the labor/delivery room. It is expected we wear masks while any other staff are in the room. My doctor did say they have been more relaxed with moms taking off their masks when labor gets very intense, though. We aren’t able to leave the room once we are in there, but my hospital has a two room suite with a fridge/sink and we just plan on packing ALL. THE. SNACKS. I don’t think it will be too terrible. I am grieving that this is my first baby and my parents/sister won’t be able to visit in the hospital and that we will have to limit visitors in our home for awhile after he arrives, but I am truly just hoping bringing him into the world goes smoothly and he is healthy. 4 weeks and counting! <3 Love following your journey, as well!


Thank you so much for letting me know. I asked my doctor what we will be doing in a few months and she said pretty much the same thing as what your hospital is doing. I am truly so so sorry that you won’t be able to have your parents or sister there. That is heartbreaking. I hope that it is just the most incredibly bonding time with your husband and new baby and that you get your favorite visitors when you are home. YOU ARE SO CLOSE! Keep me updated friend and have a beautiful day!


I would also wake up in the middle of the night for coffee mugs of cereal. But I would mix two types of cereal together. My favorite mixture was Raisin Bran and Reese’s puff. Sounds terrible but it was amazing.

The glucose test drink wasn’t too bad but I broke out with full body hives. So next time I’m pregnant I will find whatever else I can do instead of that drink. I had to stop running because of the hives so I only made it to 30 weeks. Next time I want to run the whole time because I felt great when running. I think it’s why my little guy does so well in the stroller, he was used to it and is along for the ride.


I’m not alone! I will have to try that combo because it actually sounds really good to me right now. That is crazy about the hives! You’ll have to let me know what you do instead next time for the test. Love that you stroller run with your little boy, so many great memories! Have a beautiful day Anna!


I didn’t think the glucose drink is that bad. Mine was always orange and tasted like a super sugary orange soda.
I remember waking to pee all the night long when pregnant


YES YES YES!! I think that is why I feel so tired.. I wake up to pee a million times ha. I hope your morning is going well so far Mary!


Running felt great to me during pregnancy. I ran 4 miles with Hope 2 days before she was born. It was almost a bonding time between me and baby why you share this body. To this day Hope loves to look at running pictures of her in my belly.

My dr. always said, your body will tell you exactly what it needs. Do that.


I LOVE what you said about it being a bonding time between you and Hope. I completely agree with you on that and with what your doctor said. Our bodies are so very smart. Enjoy your day Erica!


Aww I love reading these baby updates even though my twins are almost 20 months old now!!! Your bump is so cute!! :) I had sharp round ligament pain so I probably only ran a handful of times during my pregnancy. I never ate in the middle of the night pregnant because that’s when my nausea hit (Not fun!) but breastfeeding/pumping when they were newborns I always had a granola bar next to my bed haha!


TWINS!! Taylor, you must be BUSY right now. Haha I forgot about the breastfeeding/pumping hunger… it was even worse than the pregnancy hunger. Oh that pain does not sound fun at all. I bet your first run back afterwards was amazing. Have a beautiful day Taylor!


I always dreamt a nurse would accidentally tell us the baby’s sex- we didn’t find out for our first and only and it was sooo fun!
I would wake to eat scrambled egg sandwiches


Running while pregnant was so hard for me. I was super sick first trimester and then it just got really uncomfortable for me. I started out running, then shifted to just walking and then eventually shifted to swimming. Swimming was SO nice!! I’m excited for my next pregnancy though because we just ordered a treadmill! (I asked you which one you have on a post a few days ago. We went with the Nordic Track Commercial 1750. Can’t wait for it to get here!)

And good luck with the diabetes test! I had to take it twice and didn’t think it was too bad but my good friend always threw up after it. My tip is to make it really cold and to chug it fast. And eat a protein breakfast beforehand (if they let you, some want you to fast).


I ran (very low mileage) for about half of my first pregnancy and then nothing at all with my second. Came back stronger than ever after my second one though! I just really needed to be as lazy as possible during my pregnancies and I also found it really hard to run through nausea.

I absolutely loved the sugar drink! I only ever drink water so the sugary beverage was a treat :-) With both pregnancies I chugged it down and enjoyed every second lol


I actually ran my first marathon while 10 weeks pregnant! I think running helped me with any nausea bc I never felt sick! I ran up to 29 weeks. I stopped because after I’d run, I’d be sore on my pelvic bone and felt like I ran into a pole. So I stopped running, but I still went on walks, and spin classes, and other gym classes (with modifications) up until I went into labor.
I never woke up in the middle of the night to eat, but I certainly did to go pee!
I actually didn’t think the glucose drink was too bad, I got the orange flavor and kept it in the fridge. It tasted like an orange soda that went flat.


I ran short, slow runs throughout my whole pregnancy. I even ran a mile on my due date (she came two days later). I ran in my neighborhood with my dog. I’m sure the neighbors thought I was insane. Just be careful, I tripped when I was seven months pregnant on uneven sidewalk, and skinned my knee and elbow really bad. Baby was perfectly safe inside though. And I didn’t mind the glucose drink. Tastes like a really concentrated Gatorade to me.


I usually only drink water. I don’t like soda or juice, so I’m a huge fan of water. But when I’m pregnant (I’ve had five kids) I think the glucose drink tastes amazing. Kinda weird, but that’s what pregnancy does to me


Que suerte, yo durante los embarazos era más un vegetal que una persona, no se me hubiera ocurrido nunca ponerme a correr!


Hi Janae!! I just want to say that I LOVE your blog! I discovered this post and just wanted to comment on it (late to the game here haha). I am a runner as well, and just wondered if your doctor gave you much advice about your heartrate running while pregnant. There are so many mixed things out there, and I was just curious to hear what your doctor advised. You seem to have a wonderful relationship with your doctor!! Thanks so much for any input you could give there!

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