Fartleks + Definitely High Maintenance.

I think Frosted Flakes are officially my good luck charm because I ate them before my run and felt amazing yesterday.

I was feeling so good that I decided to add a little fun to my run with fartleks.   I’m not sure how many I did but I just kept repeating this for a while—> The first 20 seconds of a minute fast and then the next 40 seconds slower.  I even had a sub 8 minute mile in there which made me very excited.

Try this out if you need to add a little fun (I really did keep thinking this workout was so fun because those 20 seconds actually go by really fast) to your runs.  It made the miles go by so quickly.

IMG 7761

PS I saw this the other day and it made me laugh.  I didn’t realize that Garmin was down until somebody told me in the comments one day that it was but WE NEED OUR DATA so I’m glad it is working again.

IMG 7683

PPS Becky asked me where I got the tank that I was wearing the other day and it is here but I feel a little bit like a fraud wearing it now…  I am VERY high maintenance these days with things like what I want to eat (and when I want to eat), how I control our house thermometer and how I sleep;)

IMG 7651

I got back from my run and joined Jasmine for some cantaloupe and stretching.

Screen Shot 2020 07 28 at 8 52 17 AM

My most nutrient dense meal of the day was a breakfast burrito with veggies (not pretty but quite delicious) and the rest of my day involved rolls, bread and every carb I could find:)

IMG 7769

Just as I was about to run out of all of our bread in the house, a neighbor dropped off raspberry muffins for us.  The timing was almost too good to be true.

For a very random tangent—> Every time I eat a muffin I think of the muffin top episode of Seinfeld where Elaine will only eat the tops of muffins—> “It’s the best part, it’s crunchy, it’s explosive, it’s where the muffin breaks free of the pan and does it’s own thing.”   I want a muffin top store here.

IMG 7777

The girls and I made it to the park for a little while.

IMG 7765

And then we needed to get Brooke some new shoes for her baptism pictures (she will be getting baptized soon and we are having pictures taken before then).  They talked me into going into the Disney store while we were there and Skye is getting pretty good at wearing her mask (for short amounts of time).  I just put one side up on her bun and she is good to go.

IMG 7768

DEFINITELY needed some couch time after the mall with a 2 year old ha.

IMG 7772

Later on Andrew went out for his long run.  He had 12 miles to accomplish and he is getting so good at taking gels while he runs now.  It takes some serious practice getting used to these things and I have a friend that will even just eat them as snacks every now and then when she isn’t running just to get her stomach used to them.

IMG 7776

My nephews came over and we got some new books for them to help them get ready for some big changes starting in a few weeks!

IMG 7682

And two more things that I have to share today—> I caught this picture of them laughing together and it melted my heart.  Built in best friends.

IMG 7685

Alison Wade shared this on her newsletter… Sydney Masciarelli ran a 5:08 mile WHILE dribbling a basketball?!


Have any secret talents like Sydney?!  Or something that you could set a world record for?! TELL ME!

Tell me what your last speed workout was?!  How did it go?  Have a favorite fartlek type workout that you do?

If you had to choose only one energy gel/chew to use for the rest of your running days… What would it be?

Clif Citrus!

What is the last thing that made you laugh?

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Ahhh, how funny, I have a fartlek on my schedule today!! I always struggle with how fast to go for the fast parts though. Is it all out? 5k pace? I never know. And the heat makes me overthink it too haha. Also, how is Brooke already old enough for BAPTISM???? That’s so crazy!!
Chocolate Hammer for me, it tastes like tootsie rolls! :)
We just got word that schools will be virtual starting in the fall. I’m so sad, my daughter is starting kindergarten. I have NO idea what I’m going to do since I also work full time. It’s just a nightmare all around. Those books made me think of it because we have been reading a going to kindergarten book to get her excited and ready. :(


You are going to ROCK your fartlek workout today! I definitely go by feel for fartleks and since they are usually on the road for me with different ups and downs then I focus more on effort than a specific pace… but definitely not all out pace for me! Oh the heat definitely makes me overthink things too. Now I must try a chocolate hammer gel, I love tootsie rolls. Mollie, thank is really hard. I don’t know how you will be able to do both. I bet she is heartbroken too. Ugggg I just wonder how this is all going to work out. I am so sorry and I’m thinking about you.


I was a little freaked out when Garmin went down. I usually don’t look too closely at mileage, but I wanted to see what I did for taper for my triathlon last year and I couldn’t. I was happy when it came back up.

How exciting about Brooke’s baptism! I am unfamiliar with Mormonism. Is that the age everyone gets baptized? or does the child choose when they are ready to get baptized?

My birthday is in a few weeks and I asked for the low maintenance tank! My husband said it described me perfectly (when it comes to my appearance). I wasn’t sure if I should be insulted or not;-).

When we were at the cabin last week. My dad was taking off my 5 year olds puddle jumper. He couldn’t get one arm off so they had to pull really hard. My dad said “Jonathan your left arm is is going to be longer because we had to pull so hard to get it off that arm” A few minutes later we saw Jonathan at the end of the dock holding out both arms, assessing the length and shaking his head…grandpa was wrong, both his arms were still the same length;-).

Happy Wednesday!


Oh I didn’t know that all of our previous data was missing too! That would have made me so sad if it was all missing forever. Yes, children in our church get baptized at 8 (but they can also choose to later on too if they want)!
Hahaha you should take that as a compliment for sure! Happy birthday in a few weeks.
Hahaha that story just made me smile so big, thank you for sharing and I’m glad they were still the same length. Thanks Becky, you too!


If I had to do one gel/chew for the rest of my life it would be Swedish Fish obviously.

Also you can get pans that make muffin tops now!


I knew you were going to say Swedish Fish! Do you carry them in a baggy? Well, off to buy a muffin top pan. Hope your Wednesday is a great one Victoria!


I once hula-hooped a half-marathon! With 50 other women, and I set no records, but did raise a good bit of moolah for breast cancer.

My last speed workout was trying to keep up with my husband on a run. It didn’t go well. After about a mile and a half we split up :0

Hmmm…maybe Clif Shot Boks Margarita…

My son makes me laugh all the time! Like when he says, “C’mon girl! You can do it!” When he wants me to play baseball with him.


WHAT?! How have you never told me about this? That is so so cool that you did that and you raised money all at the same time. Wow. Hey, you kept up with him for 1.5 miles! I used to use those Shot Bloks too and loved them. Hahaha your son is awesome and what a great motivator he already is. Have a beautiful day Tonya!


The last few days have not been the most fun but my 10 month old grandson knows how to brighten the day making me laugh at his antics. Love seeing his little personality bloom! Oh, and muffin tops are the best– just have to watch how many I eat so I don’t get the other kind. ;-)


Hey Leslie! I am so sorry that the last few days haven’t been great but SO happy that your grandson is brightening these days for you! It really is so fun to see their personalities coming out! Have a beautiful day friend.


Hi Janae! I love all the gels that Andrew has in his picture. Clif citrus is pretty great too. My fiance is training for the both of us now since I’m injured and he likes flavors that have coffee or chocolate. Is there a world record for berries or fruits eaten in a day? I bet I could take that on. Happy hump day!


Haha let’s have a competition between the two of us for the record of berries/fruits eaten in a day! I really hope you are back running again asap… I bet you are missing it big time. I hope you are having a great afternoon Amy!


My talent is being able to run (slowly) very far on very little training. My last ultra (6 hr) was run on a whim, with my longest run for the several months prior being only 7 miles. I certainly don’t run them while dribbling a basketball, though! I basically turn on my body’s engine, set cruise control, and go.
My favorite gel flavor is peanut butter. I struggle with the texture of gel, but they kinda resemble the texture of smooth PB, so I just pretend it’s the real thing. I cannot stomach the fruit flavors.
You look fantastic, Janae!! So strong and beautiful!


STACEY! How is life going with two little ones? Ummm that is an INCREDIBLE TALENT and I am so amazed by you that you can do that. Haha I love the mind game you play with yourself with the pb flavored gels! Thank you so much friend, I can’t wait for November. Hope you are having a beautiful day.


And when Kramer got caught trying to get rid of all the muffin bottoms! Good show!!

I love catching the kids laughing and getting along – makes me so happy.

I do fartleks often but I don’t run with a watch so I either count my steps or just pick a landmark up ahead to start/stop at so my lengths aren’t always the same.

Funny: this morning my son’s alarm was going off and then I heard it stop. I went into his room and asked him if he hit snooze and he replied “My horse’s name is Snooze. How am I going to get off of him and who is going to feed him?” – he was dreaming :)


Oh I LOVE that part of the episode… best part. I love doing the landmark fartleks too… I’ll do that next time. HAHAHA THANK YOU for that story! Our brains are out of control when we are asleep! I love it. Hope you are having a beautiful day so far Erika.


The post mall pic of Skye made me for real laugh out loud ! ?

I LOVE Seinfeld! In fact I eat only the muffin tops of Great Harvest muffins. They are so so good. My husband takes one for the team and eats the stump. I smash the muffin stump and top it with ice cream ?

You should watch VEEP! I was surprised I liked that show so much! ?

Have a great Wednesday! ?


Okay, you are in trouble… now I feel like I have to make a trip to GH just for muffins right now and then convince Andrew to eat all of the stumps while I eat the tops ha. I will totally check out VEEP! Thanks so much and have a great day Sydney!


Gels are hit and miss with me (I like Skratch chews) but two years ago when I was training for Berlin I needed to up my game with something other than ultra trail foods (you know what I’m talking about!). I had a random GU gel in my pantry that a friend gave me and it was mountain huckleberry flavor. I swear it was like eating pie filling. So, taste wise, that is probably what I’d go with for a gel. I don’t stomach many gels well but out of desperation that one will work.

The last thing that made me laugh was my boyfriend telling me about a story he read. A bear wandered into someone’s backyard and laid in their kiddie pool. That made me laugh so hard to picture a giant bear asleep in a kiddie pool like no big deal. I need to find the news article to see it. Of course we were climbing a hill when he told me the story and all composure went out the window.


omg Janae, i cannot eat a muffin without thinking of that episode of seinfeld. every. single. time! and makes me laugh so hard. it really is the BEST part :)

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