#19 Weeks + Maternity Clothes that I am Loving….

19 WEEKS.  Almost half-way there!

I have definitely needed maternity clothes this time around much sooner than I did compared to when I was pregnant with Brooke and Skye!  I remember thinking during Brooke’s pregnancy that I didn’t want to spend a penny on maternity clothes (mostly because I couldn’t afford any and just tried to make anything I had work for the last few months) but with this pregnancy I have definitely needed them and wanted to find some really comfortable options that I felt good in.

Here is basically the items that I wear on repeat:

*I bought some over the belly workout shorts and I’m loving to run with them without having a waistband cutting into my stomach!  Pair them with a longer tank top like this one and I’m good to go.

*Zella maternity leggings for the win!

*I also really love the blanqi brand of maternity belly support leggings and they are great for postpartum too!

*Madewell jeans are my absolute favorite jeans ever and so when they were having a sale on their whole site one day, I bought these maternity jeans and these ones.

*These v-necks and this dress from Target are fabulous.

*This dress from Amazon for when church ever starts happening again.

*I have this set (oversized top with biker shorts) that I wear a lot.

*Non-maternity dresses that have worked perfectly while pregnant—> This one (I have three colors of this now and it’s my favorite thing to wear) and this one!

*My belly band that I use for running is no longer sold but this one looks very similar!

*Andrew’s shirts with biker shorts are always a win for me.

*As far as swimsuits go, I bought two Kortni Jeane swimsuits in a size up and it fits like a dream over my belly and gives me all of the support I need.

IMG 4874


Here are a few things from the last week:

*Time is starting to go by a little bit faster.  That first trimester feels like you are running an ultramarathon and each mile is just going by as slow as it possibly can but now the miles are kind of clicking by without noticing.

*The fun game of—> Eating part of your meal and then feeling too full to keep eating and then feeling like you are starving 5 minutes later is in full swing already and it’s only going to get worse… much worse.

*Normally I don’t mind feeling hot very much but during pregnancy I am crazy about temperatures.  A little heat and all I can think about is how to cool down which means I can only last outside for a few minutes when it is hot unless I am in a pool.

IMG 4836

*I just feel like I need to send a note of appreciation or a care package to the TUMS factory.  Nothing has ever brought so much relief so quickly to me.

*I haven’t been having leg cramps but I’ve been having some intense foot cramps!  I need to get back to my daily banana eating again.

*Speaking of feet, my feet have been growing during this all too because my normal running shoes are feeling much tighter than they normally do!

*Nausea has hit a bit again this last week.  Luckily, I’m not throwing up again though!  I have found that when I eat something high in protein (scrambled eggs were my goto this week) then I start to feel better again.

*I have also been eating cut up peaches in milk like it’s my job because fresh fruit is a constant throughout pregnancies for me.

IMG 5087

*Some weeks I am craving all of the eating out and some weeks I want to only eat at home and you couldn’t even convince me to eat out even if it was free.  This last week was one of those weeks where I just wanted to eat at home.

*With both girls I felt really emotional throughout the entire pregnancy.  For this one I still haven’t felt any more emotional than normal (and to be honest, probably even less emotional than I normally am when I’m not pregnant) BUT I find myself getting upset/angry at the silliest things very easily this time around.

It’s been so interesting to see how different I feel this time around which makes me think it’s a boy.

IMG 5086

*I hit 47 miles of running last week and running is still feeling good.  I am going to be lowering my mileage and doing more strength starting up this next week!


I would love to hear from you guys about any of your favorite maternity brands or links!  I definitely need some more tops (+warmer tops for the fall) and I’m sure I’ll be needing a few more things over the next 21 weeks!

Tell me one of the weirdest side effects that you experienced during pregnancy?

Any pregnancy topic requests you would like me to cover?

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I’m 11 wks pregnant with my 2nd. I had my first just after you had Skye, so this is funny that we are both pregnant again! I’m still in the awkward not quite ready for maternity clothes but my regular clothes don’t fit phase… I love the old navy swing dresses for pregnancy and postpartum. Still on the hunt for some good tops, so I’m interested to see other comments.


Congrats Cara! And it’s so fun we are pregnant together again. You’ll have to keep me updated throughout it all! Oh I will have to grab those dresses. I hope the first trimester has been kind to you❤️ Enjoy the rest of your day!


Not a maternity brand but Athleta makes the most AMAZING leggings called the Ultra High Rise Elation Tight. They fit with a bump though! They fall down a little bit now but I have a 37 week belly so not much works haha. Also Loft has a line called Lou & Grey and their Signature Softblend Sweatpants are so so soft and amazing. I sized up one for pregnancy but I just bought another pair in my regular size and realized they still fit just fine. Yay I can’t believe you are almost halfway!!


Really!? Okay, I will totally try out those leggings, thank you so much! And those sweatpants sound like heaven, thank you so much. 37 weeks… I am SO SO happy for you. I hope you are sleeping well and feeling great. Keep me updated and thanks Melissa.


I’m only 5 weeks and I’m in that phase where I feel like everything is dragging and how do I have like 35 weeks left?? Haha. Enjoying your posts! :)


Oh you are not alone in that!! It will start going by so much faster later on. Congrats! So excited for you❤️ Keep me updated with how you are doing!


I am blessed to have one girl and two boys. Everything you are saying about this pregnancy makes me think you are having a boy! ???
Stay safe and healthy. ?


Oh yay! That would be so so fun. I hope you have a beautiful day Kimberly with your two boys and girl. Thanks Kimberly!


I just gave birth to my first baby on Monday! I heard so much about leg cramps and restless leg syndrome so I took Natural Calm magnesium my entire pregnancy. Never had a cramp or anything and slept so well! I just bought it on Amazon. Bonus is it helps with pregnancy constipation!


Congratulations Jane! I am SO happy for you and I hope you are recovering well and getting in all of the snuggling. I will totally check that out, I NEED IT! Have a beautiful day.


I had a girl a few months before you had Skye and now I’m 21 weeks with a boy, so that basically means you are for sure having a boy too haha!! I bought some tops (both workout and regular) and white jeans from Gap that I love!

I have been struggling lately with just not loving the changes that come along with pregnancy (weight gain, feeling sick, food aversions etc). Of course I feel incredibly blessed and grateful and I’m happy to sacrifice for my baby but sometimes I just want to feel like myself again. Maybe a post on pushing through when you don’t feel the pregnancy glow?


Ahhhh Erica, this is so fun to hear and I love that we are kind of getting to do this all together again;) I was thinking about some white jeans so I’ll check that out!
Were you listening to my conversation with Andrew yesterday? I totally understand what you are thinking and feeling so expect that post soon. Thanks for sharing Erica, we’ve got this! Have a beautiful day.


Well I haven’t been pregnant since my son and he’s 14 so clothes have come a looooooong way lol. Back then my only affordable options were Old Navy maternity :).

My weirdest side effect was that I couldn’t stand to chew gum! I was a big time gum chewer up until being pregnant but seemingly overnight just the thought of it would make me gag lol. Oddly enough, my son hates gum. So strange!

Have a great day!


14… what a fun age! Jocelyn, that is SO SO me too! I usually love gum but the idea of it (or seeing other people chew it) makes me sick. SO strange and thanks for sharing so I feel less weird ha. Thanks and you too!


Old Navy and Gap had some great maternity shirts. I’ve had the greatest result with pants and dresses from Loft since they come in petite sizes. I also second the swing dress suggestion. I’m even able to continue to wear my Loft pre-pregnancy swing dresses at 32 weeks, and I’m definitely not dealing with a tiny baby belly.

Carpal tunnel was probably the least expected of my pregnancy symptoms…and just achiness in general. I knew my foot would flare up since it wasn’t healed from surgery, but the overall daily discomfort (always in new places) has been surprising to me.

Two topics I would like to hear about are how you balance everything since pregnancy fatigue has hit me way harder than anything before (crutches and a boot after foot surgery didn’t hold me back the way this tiredness has!). I’d also like to hear your perspective on labor and delivery. My boyfriend is encouraging a birth plan so he has something to follow and advocate for, but, for once, the obsessive planner in me says, “Go with the flow.”


I need to check out Loft too… thanks so much Christina. I want that swing dress now. That is so interesting about the achiness and the carpal tunnel… it’s crazy how hormones can affect those things. I will absolutely write about those things, such important topics! You’ll have to let me know what you guys come up with and how you handle the birth plan! I hope that you are feeling a bit more energy today because that fatigue is like nothing else. You are doing amazing and growing a human so all of the things we aren’t accomplishing can sure wait! Keep me updated on everything and you are getting so close!


I only had 1 child and a few miscarriages. Not far enough along I could compare anything. I love reading when you compare your pregnancies. I just find it so fascinating. Love that green dress too ! I agree, my bet is on a boy.


Thank you so much Michele! Oh I love hearing everyone’s predictions. Have a beautiful day friend!


You look radiant, Janae! I am so happy you are feeling good:)
I have only one kiddo (we feel blessed with her and I don’t believe we will be able to have more) but I purchased the Storq bundle package when I was pregnant with Leila in 2013-2014…I loved that it was a few basic pieces: the softest most amazing leggings that I wore postpartum too, a white tank, a Simple dress, and a stretchy black skirt that went over the belly. I would add my own accessories/Scarves/jackets/different sneakers and sandals to mix up the look. I was pregnant throughout a NewEngland fall, winter, cold spring and these items saw me through the entire pregnancy and post partum. After I finished with my Storq bundle I sent it to my best friend in NH and then she passed it on too! The traveling Storq, hahah:)
Have a good day!
Ps- We just finished schools in MA yesterday (no more kindergarten on line- yay!)…and I am so thankful for summer!


Thank you so much friend and YAY for summer! I am so happy for you guys. I am totally going to check out that bundle, that sounds amazing. Thank you for sharing. I hope you have a beautiful day and enjoy summer!


Are you going to find out the gender? Your pregnancy sounds like my boy pregnancies. It will be so fun to see!


Hey Liz! We aren’t going to find out. Knox will be very happy to hear what you said! Have the best day❤️


My feet grew during my third pregnancy…but unevenly. My left foot is size 8.5 and my right foot is size 9.5. It has made buying shoes really really tricky! I need to find someone who has the opposite problem…


No way! Oh that is so interesting to me. If I ever find someone with the same problem (but with the right at 9.5) then I’ll let you know. I hope you have a great rest of your day Chrissy!


Hi Janae,

I’m not pregnant but I hate getting overheated. Have you seen these?
Looks a little silly but might be worth it ! ? Amazon also has some similar items.
Been reading your blog for years. Really enjoy it.


Cute outfits! ?

I remember craving Dairy Queen all the time when I was pregnant with my son. Sometimes i would go twice a day ?


Do me a favor…put orange juice in that bowl, add sliced banana. Eat just like your peach/milk combo, you’ll thank me! My dad ate this when I was little. Great memories of me as a little girl sitting side by side on weekend mornings eating this together. With your love of oranges and bananas…this you’ll LOVE!

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