Run-On Sentence Per Picture!

I have a new pregnancy update—> 19 Weeks!


Beretta desperately wanted to be included in my post-run selfie.

IMG 5212

Sister run where we somehow talk about things that make us laugh and cry along with everything in between… Running just brings out all of the thoughts!

IMG 5194

We’ve had two pet rats in our front yard for the last few months, we have caught one (and Andrew took him to the mountains to release him) and we are waiting for the second to take it to the mountains too. 

IMG 4456

Great Harvest Whole Grain pancakes are life right now (they have oatmeal in them too) for me and I spread strawberry freezer jam all over them (we used the recipe on this jar).

IMG 5218

Caught Skye eating jam right out of the container… that’s how good it is.

IMG 5220 copy

Picked up Knox and he lost two teeth in ONE day.

IMG 5216

Got a few things done with the kids!

IMG 5235

Leftovers from the night before and the lemonade that I HAD TO HAVE from chic-fil-a because it is all I could think about while I was out doing errands.

IMG 5239

How I ever lived without this thing… It makes the BEST hard-boiled eggs and it’s so easy.

IMG 5222

She did more strength training than I did yesterday.

IMG 5247

For dinner we had steak kababs and a REALLY yummy summer salad that Kelly told me about in the comments yesterday (I’ll be making this again for sure)!

IMG 5271

Boiled and cooled cheese tortellini + sliced strawberries + blueberries and/or grapes + canned mandarin oranges + slivered almonds + Brianna’s poppyseed dressing 

IMG 5274

My personal masseuse worked on my IT Band.

IMG 5269

Sometimes you use your Ninja to make protein shakes and sometimes you use your Ninja to make a shake with mostly Oreos and a little bit of ice cream;)

IMG 5246


Another reminder if you want to read about pregnancy things, I have a new update here!


Give me your sentence of the day!

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You can make that salad with any fruit, really. And for extra deliciousness, add hard boiled egg.


We have leftovers so I’m going to add a hard-boiled egg to mine today! Thanks Lisa and I hope you have a great day!


Ok, I need to try that hard boiled egg thing! I love hard boiled eggs, but I don’t love to cook them.
How is Skye’s tooth/face from when she fell the other day? She looks perfectly ok ?
Today will hopefully be a productive day of cleaning. Oh sheesh have I put house cleaning off far too long. But I woke up feeling motivated, so let’s hope that lasts!
I love that you and your sister talk about everything while you run. It’s like a little therapy session.
Have a wonderful Thursday!


YES YOU DO… it’s amazing! I hate cooking them too so it makes it so easy. She is doing so much better now and her tooth isn’t getting any darker so we are still hopeful. Thanks for asking! Thanks Wendy, you too!


I am feeling The Tired today… but we are one day closer to the weekend!!!


Erika! I am so sorry you feel so tired today! I hope that you are able to catch up on sleep this weekend!


I second that.. sometimes it feels like these weeks are dragging on and on. I’ll work on keeping a good attitude and doing the best I can today!


You are doing amazing Amy! I am just so happy you and your finacee are back to being able to be together again. Have a beautiful weekend.


Oh my goodness thank you for remembering! And yes it is so great that we are back together in the same time zone. We have been doing something small but fun every day (board game, fruit picking) and it sure helps!


That catch-and-release cage looks familiar! We have one of those and they are a little scary when occupied.
I always forget about kabobs! Grilled pineapple is the best but it is so hard not to eat all of it before it gets to the grill… or maybe that is just my family.


I have yet to see it occupied ha! Hopefully I don’t:). Haha your family is not alone in that struggle. Have the best day Katie!


How do you make your milkshakes. All I can say is YUM YUM!


Hey Regan! I just put in milk, ice cream and more oreos than you think a shake would need! I need to measure it out next time and I’ll post it. Hope you are having a great afternoon.


I didn’t know leaving a reply would work for me! I thought I had to have a blog. I feel silly. Anyways just want to let you know I am so appreciative of your reply and also you’re just so awesome! Out of all the blogs I read, you are the most real/relatable/down to earth person and I feel like I know you!!!! (Hope that doesn’t sound creepy!) Anyways, I also feel there are a lot of things about your life I can relate to and I appreciate your daily posts.

I also love your approach to food and heating healthfully and it is an inspiration! Lastly, I am actually orthodox Jewish so I find similarities in certain things we both value!! Have an amazing day, sorry for the long post!!!


Well, your reply back just made my morning (and I was feeling grumpy ha so you just turned things around). That means a lot to me and I am SO thankful that you took the time to tell me. Please keep in touch and I LOVED hearing about us having similarities together with your beautiful way of life. Thank you and please keep in touch! Have a wonderful day.


Yeah!!! You made (and liked) the salad! Isn’t it oddly good?

Do you ever get laughing so hard on a run with your sister that you have to stop? I think it’s hysterical when that happens because you try so hard to not laugh that things just get more funny. My mom and I can really get going laughing.

Happy Thursday!!! Congrats to Knox on his 2 lost teeth!!!


I sure did! Thanks for the recommendation and we will continue to be making it. YES YES YES… that has happened to us so many times and I love that you get that with your mom! Just the best. Thanks Kelly, you too!


Awww Knox two teeth in one day?! How neat is that? ?

Why am I always hungry after reading your blog? ?

GH pancakes are my favorite too! The oats surprised me at first but I think that is why they are more filling! I used to be all in on Kodak pancakes but they would sit heavy in my stomach. ??‍♀️

I’m off to have a milkshake now ty ! ?

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