(Shorts, shirt, bra, shoes ((my feet feel 100% in hokas, and I’m too afraid right now to mess up a good thing)).

IT HAPPENED.  A trail run with Emilee.

Luckily, a woman came across us when we were attempting (and failing) a self-timer photo and asked if we would like her to take one for us.

1500 feet of climbing?!  This hasn’t happened in months, and my breathing was a clear sign that I am NOT used to trail running.

IMG 6544

We did six miles with the first three straight up.  Once we turned around and headed downhill, I was able to take in the gorgeous scenes.

IMG 6545

It’s been 5+ years since Emilee’s last injury, and I’m guessing about the same for me (where I had to take a lot of time off for something)… Hoping this injury stuff doesn’t happen to us again for a very long time.

IMG 6541

Beck crawled a 4-minute mile pace to tackle me when I got home.

IMG 6550

And for once in the longest time… I didn’t take any other pictures the rest of the day (it was a crazy one)!


Let’s get chatting about some favorite things this winter.

*Molly Seidel’s podcast with Citius Mag… SO SO good.  I loved this video with her too:

*The VEST that I wore a few times a week last year is back out and ready to be worn all winter long.

IMG 6477

*I post this snowman every winter because it is my kid’s favorite.  You build a snowman, and minutes later, it melts.  Every kid that comes over loves it too.  It would make a fun gift:)

IMG 6148

*The time I lost my little purse on the airplane (luckily, it had nothing important in it) and went to lulu the next day to see if I could get a new one… They didn’t have the same one I had before, but I’ve ended up really loving this one. Simple and small but fits everything I need (key, lipgloss, credit card, phone).

IMG 6167

*MY sister said this is the best breakfast ever.  Eggs + TJ’s bruschetta + avocado.

IMG 6557

*I have an obsession with soft kid pajamas, and these feel so good for them and me as I snuggle them.

IMG 6336

*Just in case you have someone in your life that loves a fun prank, I got this for Knox (he loves pranks).  Just put their real gift in the box and see their reaction when they take off the wrapping and see what the box says the gift is;). There are a bunch of fun ones here.

IMG 6379


Tell me something you are looking forward to this weekend?

What is your current favorite breakfast combo?

Who has a race on Thanksgiving?  Do you usually run on Thanksgiving?

Are you doing most of your Christmas shopping online or at the stores?

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How did you get Skye to not wear Minnie jammies??
My current favorite weekend breakfast is: roasted red onion and red potatoes, leftover vegetables (bell peppers or kale), chopped bacon, avocado and an over easy egg.


Hahaha right?! Luckily, she just loves this one so much. Ummmmm that breakfast sounds like heaven. I’ll be over in the morning;). Have a beautiful day, Molly!


Did you see Taylor’s version of Red came out today?! Brings me back listening to all of those songs today, plus some fun new ones! Excited to listen to that and watch the video for All Too Well tonight.

I’m signed up for a Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving with my dad, very excited.


I did and Brooke told me to wait to listen to it with her after school;) I CANNOT WAIT for the video too! Keep enjoying and let me know what you think of it. You are going to have the best time at the Turkey Trot 5k with your dad, I love that! Happy Friday Mariah!


I literally laughed out loud when I came to the prank gift boxes! My husband (who can be at the same juvenile-level humor as Knox) would love those, so I may have to get them for this year’s Christmas gifts. Also, love soft PJ’s, I just order some holiday PJs from Old Navy and I can’t wait for them to come in! I have a 5K the evening before Thanksgiving; it’s super fun, everyone dresses up with glow sticks and over-the-top visibility gear and it is always a a fun, cool run. Happy Friday!


Hahaha I hope you do get one for your husband and that he laughs so hard over it. YAY for Christmas PJ’s… I hope you get them asap. And a 5k the night before, that is brilliant! I want to start that in our area, such a great idea. Thanks Emily, the same to you!


Did you hear that Taylor Swift’s cover of “Red” came out today?! Hearing all of those songs today, along with some fun new ones, takes me back. I can’t wait to hear that tonight and watch the video for “All Too Well.”


Hahahahaha…I’ve used those prank gifts boxes before- the 12,000 piece puzzle (on the box it says “provides months of fun!”) and the nap sack. Also an “earwax candle kit.” I’ll have to get another one this year.
The Hokas are also feeling amazing for my plantar fasciitis! I’m so glad you’re running again. I’m still getting my shockwave treatments but my doctor says I can run (yay!) moderate distances while I’m getting them.
Have a great day!


RIGHT?! They are so so hilarious! Let me know which one you get if you do get another one this year and which one. I am THRILLED to hear that you got the green light. Keep me updated with it all and I’m so glad the Hokas help you. Have a beautiful day, thanks Jenny!


i am cracking up over the prank boxes hahahahha!!!!!
hope your crazy day was an okay type of crazy :) have a great weekend!


You are simply the best. Thank you friend! Today is already a million times better. I hope your day is a great one, Courtney!


We have a couple of those prank gift boxes that rotate through the family every Christmas. It’s fun. And my father-in-law believes them every time he gets one.
My current favorite breakfast is a breakfast salad. Power greens, beets, and eggs. I know it sounds strange, but it is delicious. I don’t know that I could eat it early in the morning, but it’s perfect after my run.
We fly to Chicago today!! I am so excited! We haven’t seen our son in person since the end of July. We’ll be able to see his last regular season home game on Saturday too. It will be a quick trip, but so good.
I’m so happy you and Emilee got in a trail run. It looked beautiful!
Have a great Friday Janae ?


Hahaha I need to get a few more to rotate too. I love that your FIL always believes them:). I have never had a breakfast salad, I must try it! Oh I am so so happy you get to go see your son. Have the best time in Chicago! Eat some amazing food for me there:). Thanks Wendy, you too!


I saw a similar prank gift box but it was for a shower margarita dispenser haha.

My favorite breakfast combo recently has been an omelette with bacon, whatever veggies are on hand, and cheese. Then some homemade bread with butter and jam. But I haven’t made bread this week because I’m lazy so I need to this weekend.

One thing I’m looking forward to is my solo date tonight! I want to go see a comedian, Eric D’Alessandro, but he’s pretty small so most people haven’t heard of him. So I just said screw it and decided to buy one ticket and I’m going by myself!


Hahaha I need a shower hot chocolate dispenser;). Your breakfast sounds like perfect, I need to come over for breakfast. Have the best time at the show, that sounds like a blast and I LOVE that you are doing the things you want to do:). Let me know how it is. Thanks Maureen!


Hi Janae! I usually eat a banana before I run in the morning and then my “real” breakfast after. My mom has been making nice breakfast sandwiches that I’m going to miss when I go home.
Happy Friday!


Oh that sounds amazing… a nice breakfast from your mom! Breakfast sandwiches are the best. I hope you have the best day with your parents. Thanks Amy, you too!


I have my big half marathon weekend this weekend! The expo starts today (my running group will have a booth!) and the 5k and kids mile is Saturday with the half, full, and full relay on Sunday! I am doing the 5k and half.

I have another half next weekend (yikes) and a 10k on Thanksgiving!


GOOD LUCK LORIBETH! I’m cheering so loud for you (with both races) and so awesome that your running group has a booth at the expo. You have a busy month of racing, enjoy!


We have a super busy weekend. We are celebrating the 40th Pastoral Anniversary of our pastor and first lady. Special events all weekend. These are two of the finest people I know and it’s amazing what they have done in the past 4 decades.

Typical breakfast for me is coffee, Greek yogurt, coffee, banana, and more coffee ;)

We will be in Yosemite the week of Thanksgiving. Driving to by with my family for Thanksgiving, so no race for me. Can’t wait to get in some glorious hiking. We’re also taking our bikes, I’ve never ridden in Yosemite so I’m looking forward to that too!


Your pastor and first lady sound incredible. FOUR decades. They deserve allllll of the celebrating. Sounds like the perfect breakfast. Your Yosemite trip sounds like it is going to be incredible…. can we meet you there;). Happy Friday, Kathy!


My favorite breakfast combo is an egg over easy and a salt bagel with some melon or berries on the side.

My daughter is running States (XC) tomorrow! I am so excited and nervous for her and her team. They have had an incredible season.

I hope you guys have a great weekend!


Leanne! This is so so exciting. Your daughter is incredible. I hope she has the best race tomorrow and please let me know how it goes❤️


Where is your gray button down Henley top from? So cute!


Thank you! It is my favorite and so so soft! Have the best day!



That bruschetta sauce is amazing! I have a really good bread bakery nearby and regularly just do toast and bruschetta sauce for breakfast. Someone also recommended mixing it with their pre-cooked lentils and feta….

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