A Big Difference + It Has REALLY Returned.

While so many of you are dealing with crazy heat and humidity, we had another cold day yesterday.  It was 45 degrees for my run!  It’s a huge blessing that it was cold and rainy because on Sunday our area had a lot of big fires happening and the change in weather really helped!  When I went to bed Sunday night I was planning on not running Monday morning because the air conditions were very unhealthy but when I woke up, they were back to the healthy range.

8 miles @ 9:04 average with my sister and the best running weather possible.

PS a road race happened here in Utah on Saturday which gives me hope that the St. George Marathon really will happen this year for Andrew and all of my friends training so hard for it.

IMG 6075

One major difference that I was thinking about between last year’s running and this year’s running is what I take with me for each run.  This picture below was from what I took with me for my ultra but for the long runs during that training cycle I was also bringing SO much with me on each run to make it through (along with a credit card to stop for donuts).  Even during marathon training last year I always had a lot of things to get out the night before for the next day’s training.

Right now, I grab my water bottle (that has fruit snacks in the pouch in case I need some energy), AirPods and my phone in the Koala Clip (HRG10 get you 10% off if you want tone!).

IMG 9206

Brooke joined me for some stability ball hamstring curls after my run.

IMG 6088

We were then off to the dentist for Skye.  She fell and hit her tooth a few weeks ago and it started darkening.   We took her in and the dentist said it would most likely return back to it’s normal color and it has!  Her tooth was just bruised which I am very grateful for because I did not want to have to have her get it pulled.

IMG 6094

You know you are a good dentist when a 2 year old acts like she is going to Disneyland when she has an appointment.

IMG 6099

Andrew and I go on dates these days in the afternoon because pregnancy (my current excuse for going to bed so early;) has me in bed by 8 ha.  I’m going to have to take a long nap on Saturday to stay awake for fireworks.

IMG 6107

My appetite/hunger is very strong at this point and I’m happy about that.  We went to Guru’s for sweet potato fries and I had the pesto pasta.  Andrew had the Cobb salad without the eggs on it which leaves me very confused because the egg is the best part of that salad.

IMG 6101

Then we went to see the baby!  I was actually tempted for a minute to find out the gender but we didn’t.  We told the ultrasound technician we wanted to wait so she just told us when to not look at the screen.  Everything looks great and the baby is doing really well.

IMG 6114 1

We finished off the date with something that sounded incredibly good to me… CINNABON.  It was amazing.

IMG 6115


Just a few tangents to talk about today!

*Skye loves sleeping in Brooke and Knox’s t-shirts at night lately and she was especially thrilled to have matching camo shirts with Knox.  PS I still haven’t worked up the guts to say goodbye to the binky yet.

IMG 6070

*I love Des Linden’s tweets so much.  She keeps running simple and honest… I love it.

IMG 6091

*Brooke set up an obstacle course for Andrew to do and he took it extremely seriously.  Maybe we will see a little of this competitive side come out at the marathon too?!

IMG 6086

*Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale (fun fact I used to work there:) is one of my favorite sales.  I stock up on their candles to use until the next big sale because they are all 50% off.  The Island Margarita is my #1 choice this year.

IMG 6117


Would you say you are a competitive person when it comes to sports or games?  Competitive with others or more yourself?

Tell me about any differences between your training this year and last year?

Favorite scent for your home or for your lotion?

What do you bring with you on your runs?  Does it change a lot depending on the length of your run?

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When you think of a way to say goodbye to the binky for Skye let us know! With second baby due any day I am too afraid to take it away… I am thinking of trying to explain that they are for the baby but I don’t see that going super well haha. Glad that the baby looks healthy! I love that you are being surprised on the gender!


Any day! Ahhhh I am so thrilled for you (and slightly jealous ha?). I hope you are sleeping well and feeling good. That’s what we’ve been thinking of doing too! Good luck and keep me updated. Have a beautiful day Melissa.


I want all of those candles!! Didn’t realize it was their Semi-Annual Sale right now! I like their aromatherapy candles too, like the ones for calm and stress.

How much I bring definitely changes based on the length of the run! My morning 3-4 mile runs I only bring my phone, but long runs on the weekend, I have water, fuel, credit card for iced coffee after. Plus extra water, sunscreen, etc. in my car if I need to stock back up.


Yes! And now you have me wanting to go back and get some aromatherapy candles too! Your weekend runs sound really fun and way to be prepared! Hope you have a beautiful day Mariah!


I feel like I’m only really competitive with myself and not so much against others. But, when I am in a race I will pick a person in front of me and that person is my goal to pass/beat (even though they don’t know it) and once I pass them I’ll pick another one – not sure if that’s competitiveness or just motivation for me. Also, my husband would probably argue that I am competitive :)

I love Bath and Body Works. So many good scents! My favorite is Japanese Cherry Blossom and Coconut Verbena. I didn’t know they were having a sale… definitely going to have to check that out! That Pineapple Mango sounds perfect for summer.

I had no idea a tooth could get bruised – glad it turned out okay!


I LOVE doing that too in a race! It is such a good tool and those small goals we make throughout the race make it so much more fun. Oh I LOVE Japanese Cherry Blossom! Thanks so much Erika and I hope the sale is happening where you live too. Have a beautiful day.


The Instagram account biglittlefeelings has a whole protocol about getting rid of the pacifier in their saved stories! They have lots of good information about other stuff too. I follow them and I don’t even have kids, but I work with toddlers!


Off to go watch those RIGHT NOW. Thanks Morgan for helping me out and that is awesome that you work with toddlers. Have a beautiful day.


That’s wild that Andrew can go to appointments with you. My husband can’t go to any with me right now because of all the safety measures.


Yes! He has been able to come to all of the appointments but he is the only one that can. We have to wear masks too but that’s about it. When are you due? Will he be able to be with you i the hospital??


January 2021. He can be there for the delivery, they have it limited to just a plus 1.

I had to a a temperature scan before walking into the hospital for my appointment and wear a mask.


I am SO happy he will be able to be there for the delivery. Hope you are feeling well and I’m so excited for you.


I LOVE Bath and Body Works. I got a couple of candles there too! Paris Cafe and Cinnamon Sugared Donut. I’m all about the coffee/caramel/pumpkin or clean laundry smells in my house. Not a huge fan of the fruity smells.

Right now for my solo runs all I really take is my water bottle. It is incredibly humid right now in Tennessee and I’m drenched at the end of each run. When I go on longer runs or if I’m with my cross country team I always have my phone for safety reasons.


Well, now I need to go back and get those two candles. And you just made me excited for all of the pumpkin smells. I don’t know how you run through that Tennessee humidity, you are STRONG. So glad that you are able to be with your cross country team again and coach! Have a beautiful day Sloan.


I love how excited Skye was for the dentist!

I am not competitive at all! I think that is one reason I didn’t like being in sports–too stressful!!! I didn’t care if we lost but some people took it so personal, then I felt bad because they felt bad;-).

I typically just bring my phone and AirPods on a run. Although today I did bring a handheld water bottle. It is sooo hot and humid here. Enjoy the cooler temps!

Happy Tuesday!


Oh Becky, I totally know what you mean and have experienced that with different sports too when I was growing up! Way to get out in that weather, you are strong. Hope you have a great day!


I am super NON competitive. Les’ entire family is competitive and I haven’t played games with them in years. I got my feelings hurt a lot when I first met them, they were crazy! So much yelling, that was all in fun to them, but very uncomfortable to me. When Les’ brother got married I finally had an ally.

I feel so much better this year than last year. I’m currently injury free (knock on wood!) and really enjoying all my activities.

I change up the candles in our house – I need that Pineapple Mango right now! I love cinnamon and pumpkin, but only in the Fall.

For short runs I just have my phone and garage door opener (it’s a mini that I put in my jersey pocket.) Long runs I take water, Hammer gel or Perpetuem tabs. And always sunglasses!


Glad you have the ally now and good call to just stop playing with them! So happy that you are injury free this season and doing so many different things. I want a mini garage door opener, that is awesome! Have a great day Kathy and I still need to get a pair of your sunglasses.


Janae! My 22-month-old fell and busted his lip 6 weeks or so ago and then his tooth grayed and the dentist confirmed the same as Skye – only bruised! I was freaked out because I had a long and involved dental implant situation when I was pregnant and so now I have such anxiety about not wanting anything to happen to any teeth – baby or permanent ?


OH Mary! I am SO so glad that his tooth was okay too! I had never heard about bruising teeth until this.. SO happy neither of them had to get an implant. Hope you have a wonderful day Mary.


Maybe your sister can say that she needs the pacifiers for the “babies” and can take them out of your house. Then you won’t feel as guilty because it wasn’t you that took them away.


That’s a GREAT idea! Thanks Jackie… this really helps. Have a great day!


Hi Janae! I gotta agree with you, the egg is the best part of a Cobb salad. Depending on the length of my run I’ll carry just my Garmin or my hydration vest which I use like cargo shorts haha. I haven’t been to bath and body works for a long time, my friends and I used to go there in high school and check out all the events! What a great reminder. Happy Tuesday!


Right?! What is the cobb without the egg? Hydration vests are the best and I’m so glad you have one. Have a beautiful day Amy!


best candle hands down is Cashmere Plum from Target. nothing compares!


Now I must go and get it! Thanks Lindsey and have a great day!


I still have my kids binky’s. My son had his until my daughter was born when he was 2 yrs 8 months old. He threw his binky off of our balcony, I ran down to get it and decided it was time to get ride of it. I cut the tip off, gave it back to him, he tried sucking on it for three days. I told him that a truck had run it over and we couldn’t get any more of them. He called it his cucka buh-bye (I made that spelling up) and carried it around for a couple of weeks. He never used one again and didn’t try to take his sisters binky. He had always called it his buh-bye. I miss those days!!!!!


You did it right, that is for sure. I think I might wait until the new baby is born too before I go for something like this. Thanks Megan! I hope you have a great day with your son and daughter today.


I’m only carrying water and maybe some chews on the run, but there sure is a lot of stuff for the pre-run routine right now. Sunscreen, bug spray (those skeeters LOVE dawn) and Dove deodorant for chafing (thanks for that tip!!). What I wish I had remembered to bring on my last run was my CAR KEY. We did a car shuttle for a big trail run and I was that girl who forgot my key back at the start (OOOOOOPS). Luckily we had multiple cars since we were trying to social distance so I got a ride in the back of a friends truck to the start. I just can’t seem to get the car shuttle logistics down, I think I need an app for that, haha.


They just cancelled the Odgen Marathon (the new Sept 2020 date) – it was only a week before St George and all the cancellation reasons they listed also apply to St George. I’m a tiny bit worried.

My competitive side has reduced to: Yay, I finished! or Hooray, you did great! That could be considered sad but the flip side (the big side) is that I am rarely if ever disappointed. =)

No scented candles, lotions, perfumes, body sprays, room sprays, etc in my house – I’m allergic to most of the scents and it’s not worth buying 4,000 different scents to find the 4,001st that I’m not allergic to – I shudder to think of all those stabbing headaches.

I try really hard to only have shoes, clothes, sunglasses or visor, RoadID, and Garmin on my runs. Stashing along the trail and active water fountains are my basic plan for training runs – alas, for marathons, I have to jam it all in my pockets.


OH NOOOO I just saw your comment and now I’m worried about St. George too! Keep me updated if you hear of anything with St. George. Have a great day and I love what you said about rarely if ever being disappointed… that is a great place to be with competitiveness.


We just got rid of my 2-year-old’s pacifier! I was super nervous/anxious about it too. I called our zoo and said we wanted her to give her pacifiers to the baby gorilla and they had the baby gorilla’s caretaker meet us at the exhibit and my daughter handed them a gift bag with the pacifiers, a baby chew toy and a card she made. Now when she asks for it I remind her the baby gorilla has it and how happy he is and she just drops the subject. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was! Good luck whenever you do it!


Oh, B&BW black tie candle is my favorite!!!! I think it’s only at the holidays. I think their candles are the best, and their soaps. Anything pumpkin, pineapple, or vanilla!!

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