Laptops Dislike Me!!!

I had big plans to get all sorts of things accomplished on my flights yesterday but my laptop decided it didn’t want to work and I won’t be landing until this morning.  I’m blogging from my phone and so this post is pretty simple but Andrew will have a great post for you tomorrow and I’ll have something for Friday!

IMG 9117

A few more pictures from yesterday:  10 miles on the treadmill before the girls woke up, Brooke sent me with a picture to let me know my next travel arrangements ?, thank goodness for facetime and even the plane ride felt like a vacation!

IMG 9116

IMG 9114

IMG 9111

PS anybody else brush their teeth at airports… I have to when traveling for awhile!

IMG 9112

Some travel essentials!!!

IMG 9113

I hope you are all having a fantastic day today!!!!!

Tell me what you are up to today?

Any questions for Andrew’s post tomorrow?

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I’m unable to brush my teeth in public restrooms. It grosses me out that other people are peeing and pooping while i’m trying to clean my teeth. I don’t want those vapors on my tooth brush or in my mouth. When I go to the dentist, i either go first thing in the morning so that my teeth are freshly brushed or i leave work extra early so i can stop at home and brush.
enjoy your kid free vacation!


Haha…this is me too! I’m not an overly anxious person when it comes to germs, but for whatever reason I cannot fathom brushing my teeth in a public restroom!


Yes I brush my teeth in airports. I am headed to my 2nd home in Park City


Hahaha! “Even the plane ride feels like a vacation.” Sometimes even the grocery store can feel that way, as long as I’m solo :)
ENJOY it all!!!


Nothing like freshly brushed teeth during a travel day!
Though I also brush a couple of times a day at the office so I might just have issues. :-)


Questions for Andrew: Favorite form of self care/me time as a Dad?
Differences between being a dad to a boy vs girl?
Differences in expectations between you and him in any thing parent related?
Activities you enjoy most as a parent? Least?
Foods you will have while Janae is gone because she does not like them?


Erica, those are awesome questions, I’ll hit those tomorrow. The funny thing was I was planning on writing about selfcare/me time tomorrow. Thanks for commenting!


Hi Janae! Hope you are having a wonderful time! I love brushing my teeth and putting on moisturizer at the airport.. makes me feel so refreshed!


I have never brushed my teeth while traveling, but that’s such a great idea!! I can imagine it would make you feel so much better, especially on long flights with a few stopovers!
What I’m doing today – I wrote a blog post (you inspire me!!, Had an impromptu visit from a neighbour, and did some body weight workouts at home.
I would be interested to know too, what Andrew does as a Dad to recharge.


Hey Janae! Have fun in London! Hope you arrived safely and are having an awesome time with your friend. How nice for you guys!
I just moved to England last year and have yet to spend a good amount of time in London.. But the one time I did, I was visiting family and friends and on one late night drive from the east of the city to the west, we ended up going through the city and seeing all of these amazing spots by night, and it was really cool.
Can’t wait to see your pics and read your next post, or the recap of your trip!

Oh, and I love brushing my teeth, too. And do so, as well, when I’m at the airport/traveling.
What I need to work on is flossing daily! That is so much tougher for me to make a daily habit..

And Erica, great questions!


Andrew, this question might has been answered before but what got you interested in healthcare?



Oh girl, you make me proud! ??


Andrew: Just curious, Can you talk a bit about why you chose NP school as opposed to med school? … And why you’re pursuing NP instead of staying an RN?? RN, NP and MD are all wonderful careers for different reasons and all have their cons as well – I am a former RN turned MD!! And lastly did you ever consider PA school? I have a PA whom I love very much :)


Brushing my teeth and washing my face are a must at airports!

In 2015, I missed a connecting flight in London and got to spend 24 hours there. We hired a taxi to drive us around and we actually got to see quite a bit of the city which was so cool! I definitely want to go back.


Enjoy your trip Janae!! I do have a question for Andrew (and you too!); how do you handle balancing multiple children in terms of giving each quality time while also working full time? I have an almost 5 year old and 10 month old and work full time and always feel guilty for not giving my girls enough individual attention especially my older daughter since my baby is clingy to me a lot of the time. Serious working parent guilt here!

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