September Training Log + Change of Plans!

(Top, bottoms, shoes)

Another run that didn’t feel great which means I’m right on track for a PR on Saturday!  This always happens to me the week of my best races.

When I got home, I had this email waiting for me.  As of right now, I’ve decided that I probably won’t do CIM this year anymore.  The next few months are busy with life, and I want to get my hamstring 100% and build up my strength training again before my next marathon.   I don’t want to burn out by doing three marathons in a year, either.

I love Boston so much and want to go into training for Boston 2023 feeling strong and injury free.

We made sure to get outside and get dirty.

And hung out at home until the big kids were done with school.

The featured carbohydrate was pretzel bites.

Andrew is positive that Beck is old enough for bike gloves.

And of course we had plenty of soccer.

The longer we are together, the more and more we dress alike.

Goodbye vegetables, I’ll have you again after the marathon.

Off to St. George (and a flashback to my first race ever in St. George).


Here is the majority of this month’s training… My training for the previous month is HERE, which also includes links to the training before that too:)

9/1:  10 miles trails @ 9:44 average

9/2:  7.24 miles @ 8:25 average

9/3:  20.22 miles @ 7:05 average.  7.5 miles on trails and 12.72 miles on roads.  2.5-mile w/u, 5-mile push on trails (6:49 average), 4 miles float (low 7’s), 5 miles fast on roads (6:09 average), c/d.

(80 miles for that week)

9/5: 10 miles @ 8:18 average

9/6: 14.5 miles @ 8:59 trails and roads.

9/7: 20 x 400m with equal standing recoveries.  We started with 85-second 400s and worked down to a 75-second 400.  Between the w/u, workout, c/d, and miles I did with Andrew and Beck later—> 18 miles for the day.

9/8: 10 miles @ 9:15 average trails and roads.

9/9: 6.47 miles @ 9:09 average

9/10:  22 miles @ 6:48 average.  W/u, 10 miles @ 6:07 pace (downhill for the first 4 miles), 1 mile easy, 5 miles @ 6:15 pace, C/D

(80 miles for the week)

9/12:  10 miles @ 9:52 average (trail and road)

9/13: 8 miles @ 8:46 average

9/14: 16 miles total @ 7:45ish average (struggled with my watch)—> w/u, 10 x 1 min hard, 1 min easy + 10 x 30 sec hard, 30 sec easy.  SUCH a hard run for some reason.

9/15: Off.  I was supposed to run 9 miles, but my hamstring and body told me to take a rest day.

9/16:  8 miles @ 8:32 pace

9/17: 16 miles total with a 10k in the middle 36:53 (5:56 average).

(57 miles ((was supposed to do 66))

9/19: 8 miles @ 8:34 average

9/20: 7.48 miles @ 8:25 average

9/21:   15 miles @ 7:13 with 7 x MTC (part flat, mostly down) miles averaging 5:32

9/22:  7 miles @ 8:43 average

9/23:  Yoga because my hamstring wanted a day off.

9/24:  11 miles total (not sure overall pace because I forgot to start my watch for a bit during w/u) w/ a 5k time trial net downhill average pace 5:36.

(48 miles for the week, was supposed to do 54)

9/26:  6.07 miles @ 8:40 average pace

9/27:  7 miles @ 7:45 average with 2 miles a little faster than marathon pace (6:08) + 4 x 30 second strides!

9/28: 5 miles @ 8:59 average.

9/29:  3 miles!

9/30:  Not sure if I will run or not the day before the marathon?!

10/1–> 26.2!!!!


Should I run the day before the marathon or not?  

-I didn’t run the day before Boston this year; my body loved that, so I might try that again!

Who will be running Boston 2023?!  We need to plan a meet-up!

Ever backed out of a race?  How come?

-This is my 2nd time doing this with CIM, oops!

48 hours to go—> any advice for me on Saturday?  

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Congratulations on Boston!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s awesome!
I dramatically cut back on produce in the days leading up to a race. I’ll have a few baby carrots and a celery stalk for lunch but after that, none. You want to keep the chance of GI issues as low as possible. I trade the vegies for carbs………not a bad trade off.
I had to back out of some races when I was dealing with runners’ knee. I backed out of a 5K once because it was raining hard and I didn’t have the appropriate gear. I have since acquired a jacket and several visors. I’ll need them on Saturday.
Good luck on Saturday! I can’t wait to hear all about it.


Not a bad trade off in the slightest ha! I’m always so ready for veggies again after the marathon though (well, after a burger first)! Good luck on Saturday, I’m cheering for you big time!


I love seeing how the miles break down in your training log. Trust your training and have fun!
curious what shoe you were wearing in your first race? I’m blown away by how much the shoes have changed


Thank you, Veronica! I’ll be wearing the Vaporfly Next%! I wore them at Boston and felt like I was flying. Have a beautiful day!


Good luck at St. George! You are going to fly! Also just wanted to thank you for all of your great tips over the years, especially your recent recommendation of the Saucony Endorphin line. My feet have never liked Nikes but the Endorphin Speed and Pro are MAGIC!!! Just crushed my half marathon PR and won a small local race. You know the good stuff!


Oh my goodness. You won and had a huge half pr?! You are amazing! So happy you love the shoes, they truly are amazing and the sale was just too good to be true! Thanks Lindsay and I hope you have a great day!


Yay!! Boston!!! I BQ’d a few years ago, but wasn’t able to go because life was crazy. I definitely need to BQ again!
I love seeing your monthly training log. For me personally, it is such a good reminder that you really do need to take easy days easy. I have a tendency to push every run, and that’s not good. I feel tired, feel overtrained, and sometimes un-motivated. And, I put myself at risk of getting injured. So thank you for being open and honest.
I love to do a 2 mile shake out run either 2 days before a race, or the day before. It helps keep things loose and helps with my nerves. Then I like to spend lots of time with my feet up.
Oh, you are going to do amazing on Saturday!!


Yes yes yes! The east days are everything! So hard to do sometimes! Excited to spend so much time with my feet up before the race with Netflix and carbs hahah. It’s the best part🤣 I cannot wait for your next bq!


Thanks for sharing your training! I say no run the day before a marathon- extra rest is good and the excitement to run again will be greater.

Last night was my last official night of track this summer and I improved my mile time by over 40 seconds! Gotta keep up this speed work, after multiple years away from the track, it was fun to start again.


Over 40 seconds?!? Mariah, that is incredible! Huge congrats!


skipping CIM sounds like the right move. 3 marathons in 6mo is a lot. CIM has a good bib transfer program too. I’ve backed out of CIM multiple times!
I thought about signing up for Boston, but my heart just isn’t in the marathon right now. I might go out for the 5k and cheer for all the marathoners though!
You’ll fly on Saturday.


Congrats Janae! Good luck on Saturday. I’ve not backed out of a race but I have backed out of assorted things before and while it’s disappointing , i’ve always felt a little proud of myself for listening to my gut and course-correcting.


Hi Janae! I’m getting so excited for you!! I can’t wait for Saturday!!!


Congrats on Boston again! That’s awesome!!!

Advice for Saturday- trust yourself fully. Your body and your mind. You’ve put in the work and your body knows what to do, so now let your mind be in sync and you’re going to do amazing things!!

So excited for you!!!


I bail on races like some breathe..I never understand why, but if something doesn’t feel right, I don’t, I bail way too easily and often….I’ve talked to people to figure out the phobia, and still talking
the day before, for us motrals I like that social friendship run…I wish more races still did pasta parties, that was always a great time to meet others


Good luck on Saturday! You got this. Advice: focus on what you can control and have a few mental sentences prepared for possible setbacks (like the buses being delayed or forgetting your sunglasses). I know I tend to focus too much on those little setbacks when I’m staring down a goal, but practicing in advance can help – “ah it’s not a big deal, it’s not a very long delay” or “oh well, I’ve run into the sun before!” can trick your brain in “quieting down” and not stressing about it. You’ve done a lot of that before, I know, and if you can keep it going for Saturday, I think you’ll be feeling extra strong!


Good luck on Saturday! I have been an avid reader for years and definitely saw a lot of overlap in our stories (runner/divorced/single mom to a now 5th grade girl/re-partnered with bonus kids) but love seeing your progress this training cycle especially because it selfishly aligns with mine for Chicago, lol! I also received the ‘official-official’ Boston email and am having a difficult time concentrating on anything other than running related!

Good luck this weekend, you are going to fly and I cannot wait to see your race recap! The gains you have made in the last few years will pay off!


You are going to crush the marathon!
I haven’t run nearly as many races as you, but I usually just walk a little the day before a full, but with a half I like to run 3 miles the day before.


Janae!!! Ahhhh!!! So excited for you! You will do amazing! Time to cash in what you saved up, don’t leave any in the bank!!! You can do hard things, and you can do harder!!! Best wishes on such a grand adventure!


Well you’ve convinced me…I’m doing Boston 2023. I had been planning on it since I qualified last year (a little presumptuous but I had a 12 minute cushion), but once I went to make my hotel reservations and realized they are all one million dollars a night that weekend I was thinking it may not be worth it. But a HRG meet-up is definitely worth it! ;)

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