Where do you draw the line + if you are going to get one, get this one.

Anybody else out there take self-timer running photos all of the time?  Just me? Hahaha

I needed a change of scenery for my run!  I’ve been doing the same loop most days of the week and I decided that I needed a change yesterday.

8.2 miles @ 9:01 average and these lower temperatures remind me every time how much the heat slows me down because I go so much faster naturally in the cooler weather.   Normal summer running always feels like I’m getting extra credit though… Running through the hot summer always pays off during those fall races (are they planning on any where you live?!).

IMG 6180

Brooke and I did a little bit of yoga for kids on Youtube when I got home.  I have stretched three days in a row so far, it’s a miracle!

IMG 6184

And then I used my #1 favorite recovery tool.   I have used a lot of different recovery tools over the years and if I was going to recommend just buying one, I would tell you to get the Roll Recovery R8.  It is pricey (I bought mine at Runner’s Corner) but it rolls you out so good, makes it so easy to target certain areas and it’s so much more convenient than a foam roller.  The only problem is that it doesn’t really get to your glutes but I just use a tennis ball to roll out for those.

IMG 6194

I’ve started to add a bunch of avocado to my smoothies and it is the best.  The avocado makes it so creamy.  This one had avocado, spinach, frozen pineapple/mango/banana/strawberry, yogurt and milk and it was so good.

IMG 6196

Second breakfast happened here.  Brooke and Skye are very happy about my latest love for Cinnabon.

IMG 6217

We hit up the library to stock up on new books for the kids.  While we were there we found out that they give out a weekly craft for the kids to take home and make so that new information was a big highlight for Brooke.

PS Skye wants to grow out her bangs (aka I am sick of trimming them all of the time so they aren’t in her eyes so we are growing them out;).

IMG 6203

When I got out of the car I realized that before I know it, I’ll be needing a diaper bag again?!  I don’t love carrying a purse/diaper bag in the slightest so that will take some getting used to again.  I just love having my thread wallet and that’s it whenever we go places (ps I love this wallet and I should probably stuff a few less cards in there ha).

IMG 6204

These sure aren’t getting old anytime soon… Avocado, turkey (I heat it up so that it is steaming hot before even putting it in the sandwich to cook to be safe with deli meat during pregnancy), Swiss cheese, tomatoes and butter on the bread.

IMG 6219

Brooke later taught Skye how to do yoga…

IMG 6228

And because I had zero desire to make dinner and tacos were only $1 yesterday, I picked up a bunch of these to eat at home.

IMG 6235

Everyone’s highlight.

Screen Shot 2020 06 30 at 6 23 22 PM

I cannot wait to watch this on Saturday!  It will be on Jared’s IG Live and maybe I’ll drive around our city to see if I can find him running around here like I sometimes do:). PS look at those times… can you even imagine running that fast?

IMG 6211


What temperature is TOO hot for you to run in?  Where do you draw the line?  Does it depend on the humidity?

Do you have a favorite recovery tool?  

Who has a July birthday, race or anniversary?  Give me the details!

Do you carry a purse/bag or just your keys/wallet?

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I love love my diaper bag- it is called the Parental Unit from Tom Bihn. It is pricey but so worth it to have a bag made by an awesome company in the USA:) I have had it for about 5 years- even though Leila is definitely not in diapers anymore. It has become my everyday bag for work and weekend outings (it’s a crossbody messenger style bag with LOTS of organizational pockets). I like that Tom Bihn has wallets and pouches that clip into the bag so I don’t lose anything and it stays put without getting lost in the bottom of the bag. My last favorite thing is that it is a neutral bag and my husband feels just as good wearing it out and about as I do so when Leila was a baby we could share the load on outings:)

I’m envious of your cooler temps! I am looking forward to Fall though I do feel anxious like lots of parents about what schools will look like for the kiddos.

Have a super day!


I just looked up your bag and that thing is amazing!! I can see why you still use it, SO many pockets and all of the organization. Thanks for sharing that with us… I’m going to show Andrew! I am SOOOO anxious too about that, will you please let me know when you find out. Thanks Nadya, you too.


Being in Ohio where the humidity can get up there, usually anything in the 90s it too hot for me. Depends more on if the sun is out or there is cloud cover, but in general if I see a 9 first…it’s too hot to run.
Favorite recovery tool is a foot massage from my husband :)
The Air Force Marathon in Dayton (held in Sept) has gone virtual, and the Nationwide Marathon in Columbus (held in Oct) has cancelled and is issuing refunds, with no virtual race. My husband and I will be running Dayton virtually, and we plan to run on our own for Columbus as well. Hopefully those races will be back in person next year!


I’m with you on that, if there is a 9 first then I’m running inside (and I don’t even have your humidity). Hahaha valid point, that is by far the best recovery tool and I think I need to request those more often. I really hope they are back in person for next year too but so excited you two are doing Daytona and Columbus virtually. Have a great day Amanda.


My husband got me the R8 for Christmas a couple of years ago. He’s a keeper for sure. The lacrosse ball is the most versatile tool because you can use it on anything, but the R8 digs in like nothing else.

I don’t have a heat/humidity limit for running but I always slow down and/or take walk breaks as needed to avoid heat illness. If it’s going to be extremely hot, I might choose to run inside instead because I don’t have the capacity for it that day, but I think that unless you have a health condition that dictates otherwise, slowing down+water+salt+shade can make running in almost any conditions manageable. That said there’s no shame in running inside if you don’t want to fry! All running is good running.


DIGS… that is the word I was trying to think of when I was writing about it. You are so right, it just really digs in. “All running is good running.” I LOVE that so much and I’m going to have to steal that from you! Hope you have a great day.


I’ve never run in the 90s before. I haven’t run in the 80s very often because I typically run before the sun so it’s in the 70s but 100 percent humidity in early morning. But I can’t run in the blazing sun anymore because I’m not used to it.


70s with 100% humidity sounds so so hard to me but you are right, I think having the sun beating down on us makes it even harder. I hope you have a really great day and way to get out in that Mary!


My favorite way to recover is saying I’ll stretch while watching tv with my husband but actually just sitting there and watching t v. ? Really, I need to prioritize recovery more.


Hahaha you are not alone in doing that Brooke! I can’t tell you how many times I have done that too. I hope you have a great day.


My favorite recovery tool is my Theragun. I also have a roll recovery, but there are too many spots it can’t get. My husband got me the Theragun for Christmas and that thing is amazing. Any time I have a spot that isn’t feeling right, I use my Theragun on it and I’m good as new. Highly recommend!


Okay, now I REALLY need to get one of those. Thanks for telling me Brianna… it could work as an early Christmas present in July, right? Thanks so much and have a fabulous day.


You can’t really avoid heat and humidity in Hawaii. I was close to heat exhaustion during a race once and it took me a few days to recover. I would probably die if I had to run in the snow!

I bought a cross body bag when we were in Turkey in 2016 and it’s what I usually carry. It has held up amazingly well!


SO SO cool that you went to Turkey! When we went to Hawaii in February a few years ago I almost died each run… near heat exhaustion sounds so scary to me. I’m going to make you come run in Utah with me one day:). Have a beautiful day Kathy.


Those paninis look so good! I have to have one soon. :)

All of my races have been cancelled, but I signed my daughter up for a virtual one this month, it’s .6 miles and she gets a medal in the mail and its her birthday month so she was very excited this morning when she saw its July!

Last summer was marathon training and I would run early to beat the humidity, but my threshold it mid 80’s and I bring water to dump over my head and back, lol.


AHHH that is so so fun! I need to get my kids signed up for a virtual race too. I love that she woke up excited about it being July, so many things for her to look forward too. Dumping water on your head is THE BEST. Have a great day April.


If the temps are in the 80’s first thing in the morning, I will still run. But, if it’s towards the middle of the day and 80 °, no way an I running. Ha ha … I think because the sun is way to intense. The last couple of weeks we have happily had our typical “June gloom” morning cloud cover, so the temps are perfect. Then by 11 or noon, the sun is out. Perfect! But I do know that these days will be over very soon.
We LOVE our Theragun for recovery. It can hit muscles way down deep. So good. I also love our recovery boots during marathon training after the long runs.
Oh man, it’s been 15 years since I carried a diaper bag. I’m sure they have changed a lot since then. I’m thinking those cross body styles would be great though.
Good for you for 3 days of stretching!!
Have a good Wednesday Janae ?


I fully agree with that statement… there is a difference of running in the 80s in the morning vs sun is blasting down on you. JUNE GLOOM is the best (I used to spend the summers in RSM and loved that for running). I really need a Theragun asap and the recovery boots are amazing. Thanks Wendy, you too!


I guess I haven’t found an upper limit for running temps. I usually take a rest day if I think is going to miserable. The humidity can be horrible–those days I am sure to bring water and go before the sun comes out!

I generally don’t like carrying a purse. But when I bring just a wristlet/keys, I am afraid I am going to set it down and forget where I put it or someone else will take it. So 99% of the time I have a small crossbody purse because handsfree is the best! I do not miss carrying a diaper bag!!!!

Enjoy the library! Ours is still closed. How do your kids do wearing masks? Mine have had to use them so minimally because most things we do are outdoors/social distanced but I feel like I should start introducing them in case they will be required at school.

Haha, I have gotten so lazy at recovery. If something is bothering me (IT band I am looking at you!) I go to my chiropractor for Graston or I roll on a softball to work on my glutes;-).

Happy Wednesday!


Happy Canada day! It’s a holiday for us here, yay!

I carry an Enormous bag with me everywhere I go. It’s a lululemon bag. It’s very well organized though with separate bags inside. If I don’t have my giant bag I get anxiety in case I “need something” when I’m out eg phone charger, gum, chapstick, water bottle, Kleenex, tampon, advil, work ID, pen… the list goes on! I just hate switching bags so even if a small one would worK for some Situations, I would hate to have to change all my items into the big one when I need it. My one bag works for all situations – work, overnight, day trips, shopping etc.


Hi Janae! Thanks for the reminder to stretch! I always do so good for a while and then it falls by the wayside..
I don’t carry a purse. I feel like if I did it’d end up just being a snack box anyways. I have a similar wallet to yours, I love it! I guess one downside of not having a purse is I have to mentally pay myself down whenever I am leaving a place: “phone keys wallet”.
Happy Wednesday! I am going to the dentist today and hope it will be ok and I only have to go once.. I always dread going maybe I should get Skye’s dentist instead haha


I live in Illinois…just across the river from St. Louis…and I grew up in Florida…and the summers are much more humid and miserable here than in Florida? I get used to it but still hate running in the heat. I coach xc and they hate it too but we all love it when those temps drop come September and October…and you can fly:-) our state meet is in October and it’s perfect. (We won state last October ?) it’s worth it when you think of the payoff.. we are allowed to do summer running…been small groups of 10 and now allowed for our team of 50 to practice together but so far they haven’t said If our season will take place This fall or not…praying it does!!
My husband and oldest daughter share a birthday (June 27th)..and my youngest will turn 11 on July 3rd. My 13 year old cant wait to watch Hamilton but the birthday girl says the whole day is about her and we can’t spend her big day watching Hamilton..sisters?‍♀️…(the two of us may stay up until midnight to watch it before the birthday girl Wakes up)
So, 3 out of the 6 of us have birthdays in the same week…lots of cake. The youngest is actually requesting a banana pudding this year…I think she’s had it once at my parents ?‍♀️
Cinnabon…it’s my kryptonite…can’t go near the food court if I have no intentions of buying:-)
Happy 4th!!!


Heat gets on my nerve more than a kiddo squishing and empty plastic water bottle on a road trip (that may be dramatic)

Humidity is what gets me! We were on a long mountain bike ride this weekend and it was so humid that it zapped my energy. we did the same ride yesterday with way less humidity and what a difference! I much prefer dry heat if I had to choose the best of the worst. So my line is drawn around 75degrees (meaning I’ll run in 70’s but I may not like it!). My favorite is when the sun is warm and the shade/air is cool. At least that offers a break. I could probably write multiple paragraphs on the heat but I think you get my point of my disdain for heat. Typically I run less in the summer and do more cycling and swimming.

I love my R8 and my massage gun thingy I got from WODfitters. Love.

My purse’s rotate so any given time I have nearly fully loaded purses scattered around. I like small ones, and funky ones are the best. When I visit Portland in the summer I usually have to buy some locally made one. Honestly, I tend to just keep my Koala Clip on the ready and take it with me on short errands. I do have a fun purse made out of a yoga mat that is cool because it’s comfy and I can spray it down to clean.

Cinnamon rolls are the best. They smell, look, and taste beyond delicious. If you have a good recipe for one please share! Germans do not do cinnamon rolls the same, if at all, so I’m at the liberty to make them.

Skye is your mom’s mini-me!


Happy Wednesday!
*I need to carry water in the heat. Last night I ran in a super humid 84 degrees (even at 9pm it was hot!) and I should have had water with me – I just get pretty slow. And 90+ degrees means walk breaks are probably happening.
*I like compression calf sleeves for recovery.. and Recoverite if it’s a super long run!
*July…I’ve got nothing! I need to plan something fun to do for the fourth this weekend. Maybe some virtual fireworks or something.
*I don’t carry a purse yet because I still have a diaper bag. My diaper bag has always been whatever random bag I have handy, with some snacks and water and diapers tossed in. I think I need one of those handy thread wallets! I am not much of a purse fan.


My daughter is growing her bangs out too. She’s 4 and wants ‘Rapunzel’ hair :) So far she’s let me put them back in a barrette – the grow out process is so annoying.

I hated my diaper bag with my first baby. When I had my second I just used a big canvas crossbody bag and made it work. So glad I don’t have to carry one anymore. I wish I could get away without even carrying my purse.


OK I am no pro, I am expecting my first! haha But I have been dreading a diaper bag situation and found this backpack alternative – for some reason, that feels less annoying! My husband won’t be embarrassed to lug it around either! https://www.parkerbaby.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7eeKjoit6gIV-QiICR2bbQ82EAAYASAAEgJT8fD_BwE :)
Hope you have a great holiday weekend, Janae!!!!


I am SO relieved to see you say that the Roll Recovery does not get your glutes. I believe their materials show getting the glutes and when I tried, I was like “I do not fit in this in that way!” Glad to hear you feel the same way and it’s not just me. :) Have a good one!


I love the crossbody bags from Vera Bradley. They have such fun and summery patterns. I totally bought myself a disney patterned one while everything was shut down due to COVID.

I actually turn 30 years old in 12 days and I am freaking out to be completely honest. I don’t think I’m quite ready for this new decade of my life. Also, had to go and get a new Driver’s License yesterday and because I moved states and the restrictions due to COVID I had to be at the DMV at 3:30 am so I could get a spot to take the knowledge test (they don’t start testing till 8am). Have you experienced any impacts recently from COVID? Seems like there really aren’t any impacts to Utah from what I can tell!


The girls doing yoga is SO cute!

Also I can’t believe you don’t have to carry a diaper bag now! I have a 2 and 4 year old and I still pack around so much stuff for them, I feel like a mule. Maybe this is a me problem ;)


Skye looks so grown up lately! As for running in heat, if it’s super sunny and over 85 degrees, I’ll skip that outdoor run haha.

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