Sentence Per Picture!!!!!

Nine miles for my Tuesday morning and I love getting back to longer runs feeling more and more comfortable again… marathon recovery is no joke:)

We found where the local beaver has been hanging out lately.

IMG 1626

Four of those miles with my crew.

IMG 1600

Whenever I see candy wrappers on the ground it makes me want to run to the nearest gas station and buy some for me… instead I just throw it away and tell myself I can get candy later.

IMG 1627

Beretta’s reaction to finding out we are going on a walk or run… I want to always be this excited.

She wanted us to do this for our daily selfie together…  I really do think I probably have a selfie with her every day (besides the days she is with her dad) since she was born ha.

IMG 1597

One of our first selfies together… of course I had ice cream with me.

Photo 17

One of my absolute best friends ever is in town visiting (she lives in Hawaii now) and it felt so good to catch up.

IMG 1639

We talked and ate while Brooke played.

IMG 1632

She sent us home with some Hawaii goodies.

IMG 1636

Later on Brooke and I went and got a donut (it was free donut day at Krispy Kreme if you had your voting sticker with you… great way to get Brooke excited for me to get out and vote:).

IMG 1637

It’s our FOUR MONTH wedding anniversary today—>  I think we are going to have to celebrate with some sweet potato fries or something.

Andrewjanaeformals 0010

From the other day but we both do not know how to eat an apple without apple butter anymore.

IMG 1231

Can’t wait to have Knox come home tomorrow!!!

IMG 1199


Ever been to Hawaii?  What island?

Have a sentence of the day?

What was your run?!?  Still good running weather where you are at or is it getting cold?

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My sentence of the day “slow down and drink water!” I eat so quickly that I’ve been overeating lately — and it’s starting to show! Slowing down and drinking lots of water should help!


I need to eat slower too. Let’s both work on it!




Just had to tell you that I ran my first full marathon on Sunday. The NYC marathon! I totally used your mantra when everything started hurting. I just focused on what didn’t hurt! :)
Thank you for all the great tips and advice. It helped me a lot!!


AHHHHH CHERYL!!! HUGE HUGE HUGE CONGRATS!!! I am so excited for you. Best marathon out there. I’m so glad that helped and enjoy the recovery. You are amazing!


Thank you so much!! You made my day reading your reply back to me! :)


that tip that Janae mentioned about focusing on everything that didn’t hurt help me gut out a long run a few weeks ago! :) i agree it is an AWESOME one and helped me so much too.

congrats btw. just had to chime in when i saw your post :)


gorgeous running weather here! i ran in 33 degrees this morning and walked in 65 degrees and a tank top at lunch time. New England is pretty awesome in the fall :)
Great picture of the beaver’s work! stunning capture of nature.


NOOOO 33 already? Glad it warmed up though. Oh I bet it is GORGEOUS where you are at this time of here. Enjoy the rest of your day Amanda!


Love Hawaii! Visited Maui and city of Honolulu a few years ago. Time to go back ;)


It makes me cold seeing you running in shorts, but I also can tell it’s sunny there. IT’S FREEZING HERE….well, that’s a tad bit dramatic but it’s no longer getting to 40F. I’ve been wearing my winter lobster claw mitts (I have Raynauds and my fingers can turn white in a millisecond….). We did have some non sticking snow this evening.

Happy Tuesday!!!


Sentence of the day….”I will be so happy when this election is over!”

I have been to Oahu and Maui. Beautiful…gorgeous…and I want to go back!! :)

I can let you know in a couple hours how my run went (running after work). Then stopping at the gym for a quick 30-minute spin class.


I will be too.

Oh I want to go to Maui so so bad! Hope your run and spin class were awesome Aimee!


I loved Hawaii, Maui is my happy place. I also visited Oahu, which was busy but nice.

I did Spin and Pilates today. I have been able to do short runs lately, my foot complains if I go far. Progress, at least. Mornings are cold but the days aren’t bad.

I’m so happy the election season is coming to a close! Back to seeing food and workout posts.


That wedding photo is gorg!

I heard krispy kreme was giving away free donuts if you voted but I am trying to pretend I don’t know that. It could be trouble.
When I was in high school, I could eat 6 krispy kremes in one sitting. Crazy right?

Mmm, your posts always make me crave cafe rio even though I’ve only had it once when I ran the St. George Marathon. So good!!! That big ol’ tortilla – YUM!


Come back to Utah soon Kate! I am SO SO sad I missed you the year you were here:) 6 at a time sounds fabulous! Enjoy the rest of your night!!!


I had a day off running today, but my run tomorrow is an early morning one! So far, it is still pretty comfortable, still hitting the 60s during the day. I’ll take it ;)


I was just in Hawaii in September! We went to Maui- it’s so amazing there! Happy 4 month anniversary! My husband and I’s 4 year wedding anniversary is on Thursday.


My sentence isn’t grammatically correct. Sun or caffeine=Energy=Happy
My run was on a treadmill, 3 miles progression. Because of rain.


Hahaha yep, I completely agree with your sentence for the day:) Sounds like an awesome run Elizabeth!


I’ve only been to Kauai and I fell in love.
I had 5 miles on the treadmill. I’m working on my speed in hopes of a PR at my half next month.
It’s a brisk 65 here in Texas and I’m ready for it to warm back up. In fact, I bought a heavy sweater today, thus ensuring it will never be cold enough to actually wear.


YOU’VE GOT THIS PR next month after your half! So excited for you! Oh I bet 65 feels like a huge temperature drop for you guys! Come back to Utah soon:)


We honeymooned in Hawaii 25 years ago, little did we know that we would be part time residents starting in 2013. Love Hawaii, the people are the best! It’s such an active place (running, cycling, plus all the water sports) and the food is awesome! One of my favorites is Pineapple Snow – white chocolate covered macadamia nuts but the white chocolate has a touch of pineapple in it that gives it a bit of tartness. (We flew home to California last week, but I have 2 boxes in my kitchen right now.)

Saw a high of 88 today in So Cal!


Okay, that is AWESOME!! So cool you are part time residents now:) I need Pineapple Snow right now! That sounds amazing:) 88… holy cow! Enjoy the rest of your week Kathy!


I’m in Maui on vacation right now!


I love Hawaii! I’ve been to Maui twice and can’t wait to go back.
My sentence for the day: Sleep tonight, run tomorrow.


A salad with a fork standing at attention. I don’t recall seeing this before. Is it for election day or the especially fabulous salad?

Honolulu only for me – meh. Although Huenama Bay snorkeling was something. Also, one time Boise State was there to play Uof H. Those Boise State players kept their heart rates up and muscles warm on the sidelines with stationary bikes and dynamic stretching. They hardly stopped moving for the game.


My sentence for Tuesday: I rode my bike for the first time all year – I had to get it fixed but I did and riding it was fun.


It’s absolutely freezing where I am at the moment- temperatures suddenly dropped! Running is a struggle motivation-wise, but once i’m out the door it’s actually quite exhilarating!


It was -5°C (=23°F) this morning. Can’t believe I had a run in tank top and shorts only 10 days ago!! Now wearing gloves, head band, long tights, long sleeved shirt and jacket in the snow.

I laughed out loud when I read your candy wrapper story – as I totally agree. Everytime I pass an empty wrapper I start craving exactly this snack / chocolate bar / candy :D Luckily I almost never have any money with me so that I just can’t buy a treat at the next gas station / store…


I’ve been to Oahu! I was 7 months pregnant with my 2nd baby. I would love to go back and take the whole family!

Taper week for me! Ah!

Tuesday was a 4.5 mi run ending at ice cream :)


I have never been to Hawaii but it is high on my bucket list!!
I ran a 5k this morning before work on the treadmill. Always feels nice to get it done in the morning!


How can you not talk about the election?????


I have yet to visit Hawaii, but it looks like such a beautiful place. A good friend of mine just moved there. I can totally appreciate why she’s so excited to be living there now.


I’ve been to Maui, Kauai and the Big Island (yes, I did just count my blessings)! I used to babysit for a family that took me to the Big Island a couple of times to help with the kids. They were triathletes so they always made sure we all got our daily run in, there’s something so special about running in paradise! My husband and I went back a few years ago and loved it, hiking, snorkeling, diving, swimming the IronMan route, and ALL the fish, pineapple and avocados!!

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