First Workout BACK (I ripped the bandaid off) 2020’s Top 20!

My run definitely surprised me yesterday!  I went out planning on easy/flat miles and then I ran into the Runner’s Corner crew out doing their warm-up.  I couldn’t say no to joining them and I ended up doing part of their workout!  Runner peer-pressure is real but I’m so glad I did it because I’ve missed speedwork big time and there is no way I can do it on my own after being spoiled by running (chasing) with them all of 2019.

Oh how I have missed these triangles.  My coach put these triangles in different spots around our area to mark where to do certain workouts.

Seeing them kind of scare me ha but they also excite me…

IMG 5466

I always reset my watch after I take time off or I am starting a new training cycle.  It makes it so that I am excited when I hit new goals and milestones rather than compare myself to what I used to be able to do.  I love starting with a clean slate!  Yesterday I did 2 downhill mile repeats  and I was shocked about how they went!  They were extremely hard but my body felt good and the post-speed endorphins were stronger than ever.  Chasing people makes the biggest difference to me, it pushes me a lot.

PS I had never done speedwork in the Ghosts until yesterday (I wore them because I wasn’t planning on speed) and they worked nicely.

IMG 5470

Mt. Timpanogos was showing off during our run…

IMG 5469

Then we jumped in the car and made our way to Sundance.

IMG 5479

Andrew and I switch off skiing with the big kids and being in the lodge with the little kids now.  Skye wasn’t feeling the skiing thing yesterday so she spent her time building and I love that she sticks her little tongue out as she does it.

IMG 5490

Knox slept (<— haha I realized that I wrote Knox instead of Beck and decided to just keep it that way because I keep doing that;)

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Taking the kids to Sundance is a workout ha.

IMG 5500

On the way home we grabbed a peppermint cookie from Swig before they stop selling them.  I’m really going to miss the chocolate/peppermint combo everywhere.

IMG 5501

And then as I was typing this, Andrew placed this beauty in front of me.  Eggs + sweet potatoes + spinach + peppers + bacon + cheese… so so good.

IMG 5502


As 2020 is ending I thought it would be fun to share the top 20 viewed posts from this last year!

*Some News to Tell You!

*We Have Somebody to Introduce You to.

*My Dad’s Cancer Story

*What’s Your Guess, Sneak In & Close Calls! <— My last run/day before going into labor with Beck!


*Body Image Talk

*Beck’s Birth Story

*Yellowstone Recap

*London Recap

*Growing Our Family, Slow Blogging Periods, Struggling Emotionally & Andrew’s 1st Thoughts about Blogging

*8 New Members of Our Family

*What are my running plans after I have the baby.

*Balancing Motherhood and Working.

*Ripped the Bandaid Off and Remodel Before/Afters!

*Brooke’s Baptism!

*How I knew I needed a break

*Our Decision as Runners

*10 annoying runner things.

*Andrew is starting school again!

*My 10 favorite soups.

Thanks for being my friend in 2020!  I can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store.


Are you setting goals for 2021?  

Are you staying up until midnight tonight?

Favorite way to eat eggs (I need all of the ideas since we are currently getting 7 eggs a day ha)?

What are your favorite shoes for speed?

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London was this year? Do you thank your lucky stars every morning that you squeezed that trip in?? Ha


It feels like that happened a lifetime ago! We were so lucky to do that before everything shut down! Hope you are having a great day, Molly!


Happy New Year!!! Your blog is always my space for a little jolt of joy during the day and it made all the difference during 2020. Thank you!
Nadya, Patrick, and Leila (in Boston):)


THANK You nADYA! That means a lot to me and I appreciate your friendship. I’ve loved your updates and can’t wait to chat more together in 2021! Tell Patrick and Leila hello for us!


Hi Janae !
I just wanted to say thank you too for being there. Even if i don’t have the time to comment everyday, i read you everyday !
Tonight it will be only me and my husband, we don’t want to take risks for us or our family. We won’t wait until midnight. Just a sweet evening together and an episode or two before going to sleep.
I don’t know if 2021 will be different from 2020, but for us it sure will be. New location, new house, new job for my husband, no job anymore for me (and time to think about what to do next). Lot’s of changes !
Have a great day !


Hey Ingrid! I’ve really loved getting to know you better online! SO much has changed for you guys and you have to keep me updated with what your plans are for what is next! Have a beautiful day friend!


I wear my Brooks Ravenna for speed. They work for everything for me. They are the best feeling shoes I’ve worn. A few months ago, I went to get a second pair of running shoes because i keep reading that you should alternate shoes that are different brands for injury prevention. I tried on the Brooks Transcend but I bought New Balance because I wanted to get a different brand and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the Transcend. I will probably break down and get them.
If I stay up until midnight, it will be the version where you fall asleep on the couch.
My favorite way to eat eggs is to boil them for 4-5 minutes so that the whites are cooked but the yolks are runny. Smear the yolk all over a couple of pieces of wheat toast and add a little salt.
Happy New Year! Don’t party too hard tonight.


I LOVE the Ravenna for speed! Hahah I have done that too with shoes… I hope you get the Transcend soon;). And now I’m off to try your favorite way to eat eggs, that sounds delicious. Haha I’ll do my best to avoid going overboard on the partying tonight. Have a great day, Lee!


Happy New Year!
Love eggs scrambled and will eat eggs however lol.
Glad to see you out there. I’m about to deep clean like I always do for every new years eve…and since it’s raining, I will run later in the day. Feels weird but just didn’t feel like running in rain.
Btw, with 4 kids, my Mom called us by wrong names growing up so totally normal! I sometimes call my son by my brother’s name…force of habit. And call my nephew by my son’s name.


Hey Damarys! I hope your deep cleaning is going well and that you have a great run later. Good to know I’m not the only one calling everyone the wrong name ha. Have a beautiful day!


Happy New Year to you and your family! I did set some 2021 goals. I find the “clean slate” so welcoming and I do the watch clearing thing too.


Here’s to a clean slate!! You are going to have an amazing 2021! Thank you and I hope you have a beautiful day, Gillian!


Hi Janae! Happy New Years Eve! I am going snowshoeing today so I’ll probably be too tired to stay up. For 2021 my biggest running goal is to just not get injured as I build my base. I’ve been running 25 miles per week for the past three months and I want to nudge it up to 30 at least before I start marathon training. Happy end of 2020! Hope this last day is a good one for you!


Happy New Year to you Amy! Have the best time snowshoeing today and that is a fabulous goal for 2021. I’m cheering for you and so excited for your marathon training. Thanks and you too!


Look into water glassing eggs. We’ve always just shared eggs, but now that it’s winter we’re having to buy eggs and wished we’d been able to save some of our overflow from the summer. Next spring, we’re going to be water glassing some of our surplus. We have friends that do it and rave about it.


THANK YOU for telling me about this! I had no idea we could preserve our eggs. I hope you have a fabulous last day of 2020.


Yes to goals!! I’m going to hit mine this year! And yay for speed!!! I bet that felt so good!!!
I got a pair of the Ghosts yesterday. Brooks haven’t really worked for me in the past, but I had the lady at the running store bring out every shoe in my size (10 wide…I’m an 8.5 in normal shoes so I don’t even know how that’s possible, but I have to wear like clown running shoes). There were four different shoes in that size and the brooks felt the best to me! I’m thinking where I went wrong before was not getting a wide shoe? They felt good this morning on my run too!
Happy happy new year!! Your blog has been a bright spot in 2020 and I’m so happy for your sweet growing family.
And I had to get up at 4:45 to run because my husband has a 24 hour shift so I will not be up until midnight. ?


CONGRATS Mollie on hitting your goals this year! Yay for the Ghosts, I’m so glad they felt good on you and I hope they hook you on Brooks;). The wide option is so nice. Thank you for saying that, it means a lot to me and way to go getting up at 4:45 to run! You better go to bed early tonight ha.


Happy New Year!
Thank you for being such a bright, positive light every year, but especially this year! Like someone else said, I may not comment every day, but I do read your blog every day. I also enjoy reading the other comments. You’ve built a really great little community.
Eggs! I love eggs too. One of my favorite ways to eat them is poached on avocado toast. I also love scrambled eggs with veggies too (that egg bowl looks perfect). My youngest son loves to make fried egg grilled cheese sandwiches. I have to admit that it is good, especially after a long run.
Enjoy ringing in the new year with your crew ?


Thank you Wendy, that really means a lot to me. I’ve loved getting to know you a bit online this year. I’m so grateful for this community. FRIED EGG GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH… we must try that. Knox will love it, thank you for sharing. I hope you have a wonderful night!


Happy New Years Eve! What a year. Your top posts make me realize how different Jan and Feb were from the rest of the year! Traveling, seeing people, going to restaurants. But we’re all tough and connecting with people virtually helps us get through!

I am setting goals for 2021, for running, work, school and personal! This year I didn’t technically meet my running goal for a new 5k PR (because no races haha), but I’ve hit the pace and can’t wait for a race to test it.

Try poached eggs! So good for runny yolks to go with potatoes or bread.


Hey Mariah and Happy New Years Eve to you! Right?! That’s what I thought when I was looking up the top posts for the year… I thought London had happened in 2019 ha. 2020 really has shown us all how tough/strong we are and I’m so grateful we have each other online! I cannot wait for you to be able to race that 5k and crush your goal. YUM… I sure will! Thanks Mariah and enjoy your day.


I love farm fresh eggs. We were getting about 10-14 eggs a day but a mink got in with them and killed all of them :( We will wait until spring to get new chickens. I would give a lot of eggs away to co-workers but we also eat a lot. Fried egg sandwiches are my favorite with the yolk just runny enough, cheese and salsa. Poached eggs are also good. Rice bowls with a runny egg on top and egg scrambles are super good. Egg bakes use up a bunch at a time as does angel food cake.

I don’t normally make goals but I was talking to my son this morning and we came up with some ideas that we could both improve on – patience with siblings/kids, thinking before speaking and reacting, reading more (me), journaling more (him).


A mink got them?! Oh that is heartbreaking! Thank you for the egg ideas, I can’t wait to try them all! I love the goals you made together and I hope that you have a great night tonight! Happy New Year, Erika!


Happy New Year’s Eve, Janae! Oh those pictures at Sundance are just the best! Way to go on your speed workout!!!

Considering my “normal” bedtime is 8:45, I will be happy if I make it until 10:-).

I never have made New Years goals this year. I do try to set an intention for each year or an area where I want to learn/grow, but they seem to change as life changes. This year my husband and I want to find and focus on jobs that make us happy (and pay the bills;-)) I want to continue to deepen my faith and work on becoming more present with the kids and trying new experiences (travel, hiking, camping, sports, etc). My kids are at such a fun age where they will try almost anything, so I want to give them as many fun experiences as I can.

Enjoy your Thursday!


HEY BECKY! Haha I’ll be excited if I can make it to 10 also. I love your focus with your husband this next year and the things you are working on. They inspire me too! Keep enjoying those experiences with your kids, they are so lucky to have you. Thanks Becky!


Happy New Years Eve!
Awesome job jumping right in to speed work! I bet you felt right at home :)
Strava did an end of year tally so I guess I’ll try to beat this years totals; run over 1,000 miles, climb over 90,000 ft, do over 900 hrs of strength etc.
The only way I’m up at midnight is if I happen to wake up at midnight! Ha!
I love eggs mixed with sweet potatoes and cheese! Soo good.
It’s so hard to get in a speed workout in the winter that I haven’t bought any speed shoes.
I see your wearing air pods – are those air pod pros? How do you like running in them? Have you found them to be sweat/water proof?
Have a great day!


Hey Jenny! I am using the airpod pros now and I like them but I actually think I like the normal airpods better:). They have been sweat proof so far but my normal ones were definitely sweat proof. YOU ROCKED your 2020… congrats on an awesome year of running and strength. Hahaha your right, maybe I’ll be awake at midnight too (because Beck woke me up to eat ha). Thanks and I hope you have a great day too.


HA…definitley not staying up till midnight. Happy New Year


ME NEITHER:). Happy New Year to you friend!


Thank you for being such a source of inspiration this year, Janae! I am wondering if you have tips as to how to fit a morning work out in between feeding and getting the day started? I have a 9 week old and would love to figure out how to get back to morning workouts! Do you stay up after his morning feed (I am thinking that’s like 5:30 or so) and then leave once he gets back to sleep? Then be back by the time he is awake again and the other kids get up / the day needs to get going? I’d appreciate any tips as to how you are fitting it in! Thank you for all the inspiration this year! :)


Hey Brenna! Thank you so much for your sweet words and a 9 week old… congrats! That is exactly what I’m doing when I do work out early… I’ll feed him, wait for him to fall asleep and then I sprint out the door ha. There have been times when I need to go when he is still sleeping and hasn’t eaten yet so I run little loops around our area so I can check the monitor and come home if he wakes up. There are also mornings like today where I decided we should snuggle instead and I got on the treadmill at about 10 when he took a nap.


Thanks so much, Janae! I will give it a shot! Happy New Year!


Hope 2021 brings your family good health and happiness! When you reset the PRs on your watch, does that reset your lifetime PRs? It is hard to compare against old PRs, but it’s also fun to look back and see what I’ve achieved.


Happy New Year to you and your family. As others have already said, I read your blog every day, and it’s a little bright spot that I look forward to. I wish you a wonderful 2021.


Happy New Year’s Eve! A little break for running and food talk. Love the top 20!!

Loving your egg bowl as it includes greens!! Bueno, bueno. Soft-boiled eggs here, no special equipment required. The yolk is just the best in the bowl with the veggies – so saucy. I steam cook in a pan with a lid because America’s Test Kitchen (or a similar group with a different name) did all the work and determined steam cooking with a little water in the pan does the job in 6 min. + a 10 min. dip in cold water out of the pan. I make them in advance and store in the fridge. I also take them out of the fridge at least 20 min. before cooking and eating (cook protein closer to room temp.), and flip them from how they were positioned in the fridge prior to cooking. (Maybe you don’t refrigerate, or need to flip, since yours come from the back yard!) Does your egg maker do soft-boiled, can you adjust the cook time? Is it a steam method? (I guess I could click on the link you provided!) When I read you gathered 12 eggs the other day I was major jelly; however, you invested in the whole set up, and, I didn’t!

Intentions, yes, not goals. Intentions have a different flow, they come from within/ they’re more organic. Then follow with actions. Track, track, track and celebrate the wins and progress. It’s sooo great to incorporate the wins.

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