Faith & Running + Training Summary for Marathon Training

I hit my highest mileage week ever during marathon training (when in ultra training I hit in the low 80s one week) and I’m pretty excited about it.  I’m tired but my body is feeling like it is adapting well and injury free.

Pre-run fuel and during run fuel = clif shot citrus gels.

IMG 1762

More than half of our miles this week were done on the dirt which is partly why I think the mileage jump has gone well (I was planning on 65-70 but ended up with 74 ((yesterday was longer than I was originally planning)).

IMG 1884

IMG 1897

We did the first 14 easy and the last two at tempo.  This trail goes right next to Deer Creek Reservoir and it is stunning.  It pretty much has rollers the entire way and it was a really great strength building run.  The last two miles we did at tempo which was 6:48 for me which I’m happy about on the trails.

My favorite part of the run was the discussion I had with the girls about how our faith plays a role in our running.  For me, I have learned that the good things that are important to me are important to Him. Through prayer (during the run or any other time) I can talk to Him and ask for help when I need it with running and anything in life that is important to me.

I also really believe that the gorgeous things we see while out on the run are one of the ways that God shows us that He loves us and I’m very grateful for those signs.

IMG 1924

16.15 miles total for the day @ 7:53 average and only about 10 bugs eaten along the way.  I brought my handheld but really need to bring my hydration vest for runs this long on the trails without drinking fountains.  I ran out of water at mile 12 so next time we do this trail I’ll bring my vest.  I love so much that my watch tells me how much we climb and drop at the end of each run… we did start and stop at the same place so that is always interesting to me when the ascent and descent are different.

IMG 1962

Then we took the girls straight to the splash pad.  I got stung by a yellow jacket as I was rolling out my legs and it hurt SOOOO bad.  He had tried to get my finger and I got him away before he stung me but then he came back on my leg a few minutes later.  I didn’t notice and rolled right over him with my R8 as he was stinging me.  He was after me.

IMG 1966

Costco is always more fun with Andrew:)

IMG 1972

And I’ll just share a few more pictures from the rest of our day (including a date:).

IMG 1992

IMG 1993

I’ve been wanting Thai food big time lately and this hit the spot.

IMG 1995

Dark chocolate Oreo and coconut ice cream.

IMG 1996


Here is how last week looked!  We lowered the intensity but raised the mileage and that definitely felt like a change for me.

Monday:  10.3 miles @ 8:27 average

Tuesday:  10.2 miles @ 8:10 average

Wednesday:  10.35 miles on trails @ 7:43 average with 4 x 10 minutes at tempo (ranging from 6:10-6:50 for me) w/5 minute recoveries.

4.83 miles @ 8:51 average with Andrew in the late afternoon

Thursday:  12.17 miles @ 9:31 average w/ 1312 ft of climbing mostly on trails

Friday:  10.01 miles @ 8:31 average

Saturday:  16.15 miles @ 7:53 average on the trails w/1174 ft of climbing and last 2 miles at tempo.

Sunday:  OFF

74 miles for the week and this next week will be a high mileage week again but with more intensity.  The week after that we have another race so I’m not quite sure what the mileage will look like!


Ever been stung by a bee or yellow jacket or anything?  Were you allergic?

What is your Sunday filled with?

Best run from last week?

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My garmin also always has less ascent and more descent even when I start/stop in the same place. I don’t understand!


I have never been stung by a bee or anything. When I see them, I run. That’s probably the only time I’m ever fast.
My best run was at my parents’. I ran part of the training course my dad used to send his cross country team on. I didn’t quite understand and I ran up the really long steep hill. My legs hate me today.
I’m going shopping for kitten supplies today. Someone left a kitten in between my sister’s door and screen door on Wednesday. I brought her home with me.
Enjoy your off day! You’ve earned it!


During the Big South Fork 17.5 mile trail run in 2003 Inwas stung by a yellow jacket about 3 or four times in my hand as I was reaching back to my pack to get fuel. They put yellow jackets on their race sweatshirts every year so this was nothing new for them.

Today we will see my parents off with breakfast, have one last Y pool day before school starts tomorrow, and go to 1st grade orientation!

My best run was my run for Council – I won the election Thursday, wahoo!


Awesome mileage Janae! That is awesome you run with people in which you can talk about your faith! I have found those types of runs with friends are the best and make me want to learn and grow more in my faith.

I think my best run of the week was my 5k yesterday for my triathlon because it was so short, haha. But I did a double run last week and I really enjoyed that. It was nice to get out in the morning and the evening….it was a nice change from being in my pj’s at 7 p.m.;-)

“Shorter long” run, church and church “fall” festival. I am the lucky lady that gets to stand in the blazing sun and supervise the kids bouncy house obstacle course! But overall, it will be a fun day seeing friends and all the kiddos running around.

Have a fabulous Sunday!


I hadn’t been stung since I was younger. And then a couple of years ago I was stung and then last year once. I was amazed and unhappy about how much it hurt! I didn’t think one little stinger could hurt so much. And then for days after it was itchy and painful. So you should be pain-free in about four days :-) ha ha! Sorry :-)


I’m so happy for you that you’re able to hit such high mileage without injury!
Can I borrow Andrew for Costco trips? He has more energy than me and my husband combined and the kids loath going. Ha!
So many people are getting stung this year! My 9 yo got stung last night on his toe and all of running friends and I got stung within the same 2 week period just a few weeks ago. Luckily no one is allergic but my sting had quit the reaction – swelling, itchiness and pain that was so bad I took Benadryl for it.
Today I’ll be cleaning my moms house, going to the lake and trying to squeeze in Costco and Target as well as maybe getting some laundry done? I need a clone!
Best run was my trail half yesterday! Met an IG friend IRL before the race, climbed over 3700 ft that included 2 mountain summits, came in 6F, 2nd AG & 21st OA!!! I love trail races with small fields because I place better! Ha!
Have a great day!!


I was stung my a yellow jacket in my mouth! I was coming back from an out and back run early one morning. I was about half a mile from my house and it flew into my mouth! I tried to spit it out before the sting but no go! It stung me far back in my mouth near my throat so I was freaking out. Even not allergic I was afraid of the swelling. I wish I had a video of my husband’s reaction when I got home and told him. I think he thought it was a joke! I called the dr but considering it had already been more than a 1/2 hour with no swelling they weren’t too concerned. I was instructed to watch it carefully. I am pretty sure they thought it was a joke at first too! I ate popsicles for the whole day. I pray that never happens again! Or to anyone else!

Hope your sting is feeling better today! Excellent job on high mileage without injury! Enjoy your rest day!


I love your posts about your faith!!
We’re still trying to find a church home here so we go in spurts. It’s like dating… sometimes you feel motivated and sometimes you just need a break. In the meantime I really enjoy going for long walks and listening to sermons online. The combination of being in nature while listening to powerful preaching is extra special to me. If only any of the sermons I’m finding were from pastors anywhere nearby! Ah well..

Today is that walk, downtime, and laundry. I get some special solo downtime and I’m trying to actually decide what I want to do with it!


Ugh, about this time last summer I got stung by something while I was walking in my neighborhood – I think it was a yellow jacket too. It HURT and a year later I still have a little pock mark on my leg where he stung me. Now when I’m out walking and see buzzy striped things flying around I get scared!


Oh, and another time maybe two summers ago, something landed in my hair and got tangled in it. I was walking under a giant tree and I thought maybe a bud had fallen from one of the branches. I tried getting it out of my hair and whatever it was stung my head! I had to put an ice pack on it at home because it hurt for hours.


Janae, I love those pictures from your running. Wow, Utah is beautiful. I loved your message even more though. Often, I battle down-playing running in my life: it feels like it’s selfish, narcissistic (I feel so happy after completing a run post-injury but why does anyone else need to know about it or care?) or first-world. But, I love what you said about what “I’ve learned that the things that are important to me are important to Him” really struck home with me. Thank you.


I’m starting back from scratch with my running lately. Running 3 miles on Sundays on a trail. It’s so frustrating because it never feels easier. Since I ran the NYC marathon in 2016 I really scaled back my running due to back issues. But gee it’s frustrating that 3 miles is so hard. I always use your strategy of focusing on what doesn’t hurt! Just venting :)


I’m terrified of bees/wasps! I was stung almost every summer growing up – the worst was one in my mouth (he flew in and I chomped down).

Best run was today pushed myself for a mile just to see what I could do and ran a 6:49, then settled in at an 8 min pace for an easy 3 miles. Also tried the power bun for the first time and it rocked!


I’ve never run by Deer Creek. It is beautiful! No matter you’re religion I also think you can see God’s beauty while running here. So beautiful.


” I have learned that the good things that are important to me are important to Him.” I love this, Janae! So true!

I got stung by a bee while riding my bike once. It was a weird surprise. Fortunately, I am not allergic.

Late Sunday comment from me – we are getting settled in here in Hawaii. Looking forward to lots of running while we’re here (and good ice cream!)


Way to get all those miles in! You’re killing your training, and are such a great inspiration!



I need this Dark chocolate Oreo ice cream in my life, STAT. :)

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