Silentish Saturday!!!

1st solo run of the week.

Throughout the run I ran on dirt, the track, concrete, asphalt, gravel and grass:). Mixing things up makes it more fun.

IMG 1845

Getting stronger!

IMG 1866

Brooke told me she didn’t move at all while she was asleep to save her face paint from the night before…

IMG 1859

Bffs since 9th grade…. In town visiting (she lives in Switzerland now).

IMG 1869

Went to Happy Sumo and had the schezwan chicken and split a roll.

IMG 1867

As soon as the Minnie pjs came out of the dryer, she had to have them on.

IMG 1878

Loving peach season so much right now.

IMG 1875

Nothing like tomato soup and grilled cheese when it is 95 degrees out.

IMG 1881

Brooke made a bracelet for me for my run.

IMG 1883


Tell me three things that you are up to today!!?

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1. I am running my long run today. I bought the ultra book you used for your 50 miler and am following the 50k plan.
2. I will be watching Disney’s descendants 3
3. Napping!!!!


Oh Megan, I hope you love the training plan in that book… it really helped me and all of her tips were awesome. Enjoy that nap of yours and please keep me updated with your 50k training… SO excited for you!


I’m normally a huge menu planner/list maker but this morning that part of my brain is failing so I’m going to go to Aldi and Costco without a menu in mind and let them inspire me. It’s a little scary and I’m not sure who this person is.

Later I get to take my 13 year old daughter to finish back to school shopping. That’s the really scary part!

Tonight I get a date night to relax after all this shopping insanity. I love how I buy all the groceries on Saturday and then it’s like…definitely not cooking any of this tonight! :-)


Hahaha who are you today?! I hope you are able to put together the yummiest meals for this week. Good luck with the school shopping…. 13 years old is definitely an interesting age for that kind of stuff. ENJOY date night and we do the same thing…. get all of the food and then go out on a date haha. Have a wonderful day Kristen!


I did my first trail run/walk. 8 miles was on my agenda. I was a muddy mess!! Back of my legs and my sneakers were soaked and muddy but it was so much fun. My knee has been ok running more and so I pushed it and did 5 miles running and 3 racewalking ( more regular walking on trails though…). Tomorrow will tell me if my knee is ok with it.
Going to soak in a day with no plans with my kids, will hit up the pool for an hour or so.
Out to dinner to celebrate our 14th anniversary which is Monday.


GO CARRIE GO!! That is awesome… way to go and let me know how your knee feels tomorrow (my body is always happier after dirt runs vs road runs). Happy 14 years Carrie, that is so awesome!


Well, I’ll be attending a make your own pizza party with my BFFs, so I’m looking forward to that! And, I’ll be doing some homework, and resting up for a Sunday afternoon long run. Hopefully 12 miles. We’ll see.


Yay for not having to do a lot of solo runs! I swear that’s probably made the biggest change in my running.

We just got back from vacation so laundry, laundry, and jumping on the Peloton for a bit.


We want a Peloton so so bad:) . I am right there with you.. running with this group has transformed my running. I hope you have a fabulous day Marissa and so glad you got to go on a trip (and good luck with the laundry ha).


My daughter has the same obsession with those same Minnie Jammies!



Our girls would be great friends:) Have the best day Paige!


What model is your Garmin watch?


Finished Beach 2 Beacon this morning! It’s a crazy busy and popular race here in Portland but it’s so much fun. The elite guy ran it in 27 minutes and the elite woman was 31!! So inspiring and happy I was able to participate. Not a PR by any means, it’s a hard one to PR with the amount of people, but happy my legs carried me through. Grateful for the ability to run


I love how the girls seem to always walk holding hands (heart eyes)


I have a BFF from the ninth grade too. She lives in Tennessee and I am in Arizona so we don’t see each other often, but when we see each other or chat on the phone it is like we live next door. So blessed to have her in my life.
My 3 things today. Back to school clothes shopping with my Sophmore daughter. We had a great time.
Saturday church service and then date night with my Husband at my favorite local Greek restaurant, Dino’s.
Grateful for my day.


1. Recovering from the election Thursday and collecting 200 yard signs Friday (I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

2. Group Bike Ride with WalkAndBikeNashville. It was the first event in Madison since my election, and though I am still Councilor Elect for a few weeks, I was excited to get off on the right foot (err, pedal). I’ll het back to regular running on a Monday – yay!!!

3. Zoo! My son’s request for the weekend before he starts school (orientation tomorrow, school Monday)! Our 10 week summer has gone so fast!

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