Silentish Saturday!


6 miles is my happy place right now so I did that @ 9:31 average.

IMG 9969 2

It’s a good sign when the fillings for your breakfast burrito don’t fit into the the tortilla very well.

IMG 9985

Skye thinks she is a third grader too.

IMG 9977

Distance learning random breaks…

IMG 9984

The girls came with me to get my eyebrows waxed…

IMG 9990

She is already a little Andrew when it comes to Halloween.

IMG 9995

This was a NEED, not a want.

IMG 9996

New bandaids bring so much joy after she took a very long nap.

IMG 0001

More of Mindy’s soup (that I made the night before) for dinner with grilled cheese.

IMG 9948

Land Before Time movie night.

IMG 0005

Have a great weekend and let’s chat again on Monday:)


Now for a run with my sis (flashback from a run together when I was pregnant with Brooke… trying to convince her we should start matching for our runs together again like we used to).


Tell me 3 things that you have going on today?!

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It’s been so long since I lasted last commented! Congratulations on your growing family, Janae! And that bread…looks AMAZING! As for my three to-dos: Today is my 31st birthday. I’m planning a run (once this cup of coffee is done), helping my dad with some chores on the farm and then family time with my niece and nephew! ❤️ Wishing you and yours a great weekend!


Julie! Happiest birthday! I hope today is perfect and I’m so happy you will be with family! Happy 31st and thank you so so much! We are so excited.


Happy Saturday! Today I will be getting a work out in, going shopping, and then out to dinner with my husband, all while taking care of my little boy! My in-laws are in town (all of our family live six hours away from us), so my husband and I will get to enjoy a date night tonight! Looking forward to it as it’s one of the first ones we’ve had since our son was born in July! Have a great weekend, Janae!


Emily, have the best time at dinner with your husband tonight! I’m so happy for you guys and that is so nice that your in-laws are in town. Enjoy and I hope you had a great workout.


Water aerobics is on my agenda today. Yup, still dealing with the humidity in Florida.


I hope the humidity is over soon… I don’t know how you do it! I hope water aerobics went well and that you are enjoying your day in AC today:)


Happy Saturday! Today it is super smoky here in Oregon, so we’ll be staying inside as much as possible. I’m grateful that all our friends and family are safe from the fires so far as not everyone has been so lucky. And happy to have a treadmill to be able to move a little bit inside. And it’s nice to have a day off to relax and work on ideas for our Bake it Forward winners. ☺️ Trying to focus on the happy things!


Christina, I am so thankful you and your people are safe! Please keep me updated and I am praying that the fires end soon. Enjoy your relaxing day and you are doing an amazing day staying optimistic! Thanks Christina!


I love the twinner pic of you and your sis. That’s awesome. I have a dentist appt this morning (put it off way too long due to Covid and now I’m in trouble lol)…hanging with my 2 year old today and planning on doing a Chicago fire DVD marathon tonight (I just started season 3 and I’m hooked lol).
Enjoy the weekend!


Thanks Gillian! Oh I hope your dentist appointment went well. I wish we could get our 2 year olds together and I need to watch Chicago Fire, sounds so good. Thanks Gillian, you too!


1…my niece visited me at work so we toured the aquarium and she ran on the hill outside……even at 2 she appreciates hill repeats.
2…then i got an amazing smothered burrito from a food truck
3…tonight after i run me and the husband are watching Juno!!


Okay, how fun! My kids want to come visit you at your work too and I’m sure they will love the hill repeats too. Enjoy Juno, I need to rewatch that one too.


Raining here, so did a treadmill run while Chris road the bike and we watched the tour de france. (Probably will end up being the best part of my weekend.)
Grocery shopped while hungry and brought home a few things that I never would have put in the cart otherwise.
Watching a movie.

Have a great weekend!


I love that you guys were able to do your workout together and I really need to watch the tour. How fun! ENJOY those new items and the movie. Thanks Erica, you too!


Hi Janae! The air quality is terrible where I’m at because of wildfires so we are all trying to stay in as much as possible. So my weekend plans are really boring, just helping my fiance unpack from his RV trip and then helping a friend assemble some furniture. Happy weekend!


I am so so sorry about the wildfires in your area. I cannot believe what is happening! Good luck with the unpacking and the furniture assembling. Thank you Amy, I hope you get in some relaxing today!


Ran Virtual Boston Marathon
And hot tub time


AMYYYYYY! Huge huge huge congrats. You are absolutely amazing. Enjoy the recovery and hot tub time… and eat plenty of delicious treats!

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