15 Weekending Things + Intensity is Intensity + Week 2 50 Miler Training!!

1.  Two times on a treadmill in one week!  That hasn’t happened in a long time.  Andrew was gone Saturday morning and with both Brooke and Skye home that meant the treadmill helped me to get in a run.  I woke up feeling really good which I was surprised about so I jumped on the treadmill to run for an hour.  A few minutes in and I was beyond bored so I decided to turn it into a workout.  .5 mile easy, .5 mile @ 6:35 x 8.  I found the one thing that motivates me to do speed right now and that is being bored on the treadmill.  Intervals make the time go by so much faster for me.  My friend that I went trail running with a few weeks ago (he has done a few 100 milers) told me that with training, intensity is intensity.  I might not be able to get up to the mountains as much as I would like for training but I can run hills and get in some other intense workouts to help prepare me for race day.  8 miles @ 7:27 average pace.

PS I was wishing the whole time I did the power bun for the workout… it makes going fast a million times more enjoyable.

57 miles for the week (55 last week).  9 on the trails, 11.5 on the treadmill, 2.5 miles pushing Skye, about 25 miles more than I expected to get in with Andrew’s schedule this last week, 1 strength training session, most of the miles at an easy pace and many hills climbed!  PS I just got the training book from Krissy Moehl and I’ll be piecing together a plan from there most likely!

2.  Skye wore her first pair of 2 piece pajamas.  They made her look 2 years older… I think I’ll need to go back to the zipper pjs.

IMG 9952

3.  The first thing Brooke said when she woke up yesterday morning was, ’TIME TO START MY CALENDAR.’  She has been waiting for Dec. 1st for a long time.

IMG 9954

4.  We got a little bit of snow.  I’m excited to see our backyard when we get dumped on with snow in the next few weeks.

IMG 9953

5.  We got out to get a few errands done and made it back in time without Skye falling asleep in the car for her nap (she does not transfer) <— SUCCESS.

IMG 9963

6.  Beretta and Brooke had a race around the backyard.   Both are getting speedier and speedier by the day.

IMG 9973

7.  A neighbor brought over these for Christmas…  Caramel apples are my 6th love language.

IMG 9970

8.  General Mills sent us some new cereal which is funny because I bought the same exact ones at the store a few days ago.  Both are heavenly but the cinnamon is my favorite of the two.

IMG 9968

9.  Five year age gap and they play together a ton.

IMG 0044

10.  We hit up another tradition… The Festival of Trees!

IMG 0055

11. All of the proceeds go to Primary Children’s Hospital.  Each tree there is incredible.

IMG 0069

12.  Skye was over the crowds by the end…

IMG 0071

13.  This is going to be a long shot BUT I saw this toy there on one of the tree’s (you aren’t allowed to touch anything so I couldn’t move the books to see more of the packaging) and I really want to get this for Skye.  ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND THIS?!  I searched Amazon for way too long and I know there are similar things out there I can definitely get BUT I just wanted to check here first:)

IMG 0065

14.  Mileage is back up so OOFOS are back on… they save my plantar from getting angry at me (I’ll spare you my runner toes).

IMG 0034

15.  I LOVE this Simple Service list that I got from the Dani Marie blog.  We will be doing these with our kids!



What was the last package that you received?

What are you up to today?

When was the last time you were on the treadmill? 

Best run from last week?

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Ahhhhh Skye looks so adorable in those kitty pajamas, I think she wants a kitty of her own.


I think you are very right! I hope your workout today is a great one.. I love seeing your adventures!


It’s called Chad Valley Tots Town Princess Castle Playset…
You’ll have to search where to find it locally for you or how to order it but here’s a link.


Thank you so so so much. Skye is going to love this. Have a great day Carly!


Two piece jammies are so cute! The bonus is you can throw a tunic or knit dress over them and it’s an outfit.

Last package was the Instant Pot cookbook to go with the Instant Pot I’m giving my boyfriend for christmas (super romantic)

This morning I ran in the rain-I thought I was ahead of the rain but nope, as soon as I stepped out it really came down. It was great though because I found a soggy 5 euro bill out there. Then I got in crazy mode after simply wiping counters…..cupboards, washing all the soft flasks and bladders/tubing, and now I am reorganizing the medicine/vitamin/lozenge pile that took over the plate shelf.

Best run may have been yesterday-ice melted (yeah!) so the trails were super moist but soft as all get out!

Last treadmill run may have been 3 or 4 years ago. I’m not sure actually.

Have a great rest of your weekend!!


I think that is a very romantic gift.. I need one so bad! The rain was just waiting for you to go outside:) oh I love the days I am in a cleaning/organizing machine mode. I’m so glad the ice melted for you.. it’s just starting her. Have an awesome Sunday Kelly!


I saw that play set at Costco in Canada!


Awesome! Thanks Heather. Have an awesome Sunday:)


I have horrible plantar fasciitis and I’m still running but it’s getting worse. Any suggestions ? I have 3 races coming up for the next 3 months and my mileage will be going up for them. My heels hurt all the time … ?. So any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I am so so sorry. Plantar pain hurts so bad. For me, if I sleep with these boots (they are so annoying) it goes away for me: https://amzn.to/2SqiJEG
The oofos help a lot and I wear them all day at home. I’ve also had them scraped and that helps: https://hungryrunnergirl.com/2014/01/scraping-ouch-but-so-so-so-good.html
Please keep me updated with how you are doing!


Ug, plantar is the freaking worst! Yoga videos for the stretching really helped me.
Small local 10k this morning — I missed my goal time by 16 seconds! Argh. 2018 has not been generous to me, running-wise.
Ya know who won my small, local 10k? The lady who placed third at Boston! 41-year old mother of three! She won the heck out of it. I had no idea she was running or I would have begged her to sign my bib. Squee!


I saw that princess play set at sams club in Colorado. So try Costco or sams?


Perfect!!! Thank YOU, I hope you Sunday is a great one.


Hi! I seen the castle at Walmart not too long ago! ?


AWESOME! I can’t wait to get it. Thanks for your help and have an awesome day!


I’ve seen that playset at Walmart. I can’t find it online right now, but I saw it in our store here in Georgia.


Awesome! Thank YOU! I bet ours does too. Skye is going to love it. Have a wonderful Sunday!


What does your back yard look like this morning? Cause we woke up to several inches of snow and it is still snowing!!

I received another secret sister package yesterday. I truly don’t know how they are still coming.

We have a Lego Advent calendar that started yesterday, but the kids all share the one. Don’t worry. Annabelle’s printed off a calendar and made it a chart so each kid knows which days they are assigned to open a box. Lol.


Of course she did. That girl has life figured out! It is snowing soooo hard here right now. What was the package???


Skye and Brooke are looking so old to me. Especially Brooke- she’s lost that little girl look. It’s happened to my boys and it always makes me so sad. Just wait until she starts losing her teeth. ? I love your daily service idea. Thank you for sharing, we’ll be doing it at our house this season. I love the festival of trees! So much love goes into each one. Have a wonderful Sunday!


I seriously can’t believe how grown up she is looking and our conversations surprise me daily too. It’s going too fast! Thank you Natalie and enjoy this month with your boys!


I’ve been looking for some service ideas for us in december! I’m going to add some of those to our list.

Skye will love that toy! It looks really similar to little people and my kids have loved those and they last forever. I hope you one for her!

There should be a lot more snow today! Your back yard will look beautiful.


It is amazing right now… we just played in it and it was so much fun! Thanks, I am so excited! Have a great day Jenny!


Yes! Such a great program! :-)


YAY for December traditions! I miss having an advent calendar!

I ran a 5k this morning with the organization I coach for–all elementary school girls, and we’ve been meeting the last couple months and it was so much fun. The storms held off and my running buddy had never run a race or that long before, and she did such a good job! Lots of sprinting/walking (I taught her the word fartlek . . . always a good one) and we finished in about 36 minutes. I’ve never run to support someone else before, and it was so rewarding.

Have a beautiful Sunday!


Is this for girls on the run? Kristin, this is so great! I love that you have been coaching these girls and that your running buddy did such an amazing day! Soak in those feelings!


Yes! Such a great program!


I hope your Sunday is great Janae! I just enjoy your blog so much! Thank you for sharing parts of your life. You never know who you are helping and encouraging.


Wow. Thank you so much for your comment. It means a lot to me! Have a beautiful day Kimberly!


Sams Club Provo Utah – seen it there Friday Night Nov 30th


AWESOME!! Thank you so so much Susan!


Oh, the festival of trees looks beautiful!

Best run was actually this morning – it is so chilly right now but the sun is out and I went out and ran 10 miles. My fastest 10 miler in a while too, go figure. Maybe because I was so cold :). The faster I run, the faster I can get home to a hot shower was probably my thinking.

Today, we haven’t decided what to do yet – I am eating a candy cane and trying to decide on lunch. And trying to sneak in more Christmas touches (stockings are already up) and tree is up. I might go out and see if there are any more festive touches to be added.

I think those Acts of service are great life rules to live by!

Have a fantastic day Janae:)


Last package I got in the mail was a gorgeous insulated 20 oz cup I bought from Healthy Human on cyber monday as a christmas gift for a dear friend. It arrived yesterday. :)

Skye’s pajamas are SO CUTE! And I would be with her–TOTALLY OVER THE CROWDS after a certain point.

Tom and I ran a 5K this morning (my 2018 goal is now done!), and we went for a SUPER indulgent brunch at one of our favorite nicer restaurants in Atlanta. With the food I ate (almost every category of brunch-friendly carb categories–vanilla donut, potatoes, biscuits & sausage gravy, hush puppies with cheddar and red pepper jam…), you would think that I had run a full marathon this morning instead of a little ol’ 5K. But I didn’t care. I enjoyed every indulgent bite. Tomorrow is a good day to be without cake, ice cream, and donuts–but this weekend has been for celebrating! And I have to say, I am not sorry. :) Later this evening I think Tom and I are going to get our Christmas tree.


I never do the treadmill on my own… I would rather run in pouring rain! But my physical therapist watches me run on one. That’s how I learned I’ve been more of a heelstriker and started running forefoot.

My calves are still crazy sore today from that switch. (It was probably the 7 miles at race pace I did on Friday.) I don’t know if I should keep trying to land forefoot or hold off on adjusting anything until after the marathon?? It’s tricky because landing forefoot is easier on some parts of my legs but my calves aren’t used to it. I’m gonna ask my PT.

The good news is that if I can’t run this marathon in 13 days, there’s another one I found not far from me in early January. It’s small enough that I would maybe even place in the top 5, haha. We’ll just see how the next two weeks go, I guess…


Would love to hear more about oofos! I’m in the market for supportive shoes (esp flip flops I live in Vegas lol)


HEY!! I wear them at home all day and they help my plantar fasciitis problems bit time. When I am running a lot it’s kind of necessary for me to wear supportive shoes for the rest of the day. I highly recommend them, my feet are so much happier with them!


I need to learn more about oofos too. This pregnancy has been killer with plantar fasciitis!


I dont think they sell that exact playset in USA its called the Chad Valley Tots Town Princess Castle Playset


Oofos have other shoes/clogs if you wanted something that covered your feet more in the winter :)

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