SKYE’S FIRST WORDS (Video) + Friday Favorites!

Recovering from the 4th of July this year felt similar to recovering from a marathon.  We were all exhausted but it was totally worth it.

Everyone was still asleep so I went out for my run a little later than I usually do which meant I searched for every water fountain possible to take a break at.

IMG 5230

My coach wrote in the notes of the day to take it really really really really easy after my workout on Wednesday so I did just that.  45 minute run and I finished with 5.12 miles.  Surprisingly I wasn’t sore from the speed the day before!

IMG 5231

Our house was a complete disaster after the 4th so the rest of the morning and a chunk of the afternoon was spent putting it all together.  Fun stuff.

IMG 5241

At around 3 I had the brilliant idea for us to go on a hike together.  It was 97 degrees.  It wasn’t my best idea but it was a short hike .7 miles and once we made it to the waterfall it was very shaded so that made it easier.

IMG 5245

Skye lives the life in the shade the entire time.

IMG 5257

Battle Creek Falls Trail—>  Perfect for kids if you live in Utah and you haven’t done this one yet.  Maybe just do it in the morning instead of what we did.

IMG 5331

Ice cream afterwards was necessary.  I had a chocolate dipped cone and Brooke wanted a cup of sprinkles but settled on ice cream with sprinkles on top.

IMG 5335

We ate some dinner, got ready for bed and then did a few fireworks at home.  Knox was a little confused about what season we are in;)

IMG 5376


Time for a few Friday Favorites!

*Skye has been saying the exact same thing on repeat over the last few days.  DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA.  She even said it one night as she watched Andrew stand up and leave the room… not sure if she really knows what she is saying but she sure likes to tease me with it:

*THESE CROPS from Brooks.  I got them last weekend and I’ve worn them 4 times (and washed them 4 times;) since then!  Love the look, fit and feel.  I need to order another pair so I don’t have to do as much laundry.

IMG 4639

*My two favorite running songs right now—>  HERE and HERE!

IMG 9465 JPGScreen Shot 2018 07 03 at 2 15 51 PMIMG 5234

*Gina shared some of these with me and they are SO good.  She got them at Whole Foods. I think I’ll drive up to SLC just to get these.

IMG 4631

*We watched Brain on Fire on Netflix and it was really intense.  I won’t say much more because I don’t want to give away the ending but Andrew and I really enjoyed it.

*Waffle breakfast sandwiches.  Andrew made this one for me with Kodiakcakes mix, bacon and eggs and it was heaven.

IMG 4377 2

*This quote.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot this week.


*Brooke is so obsessed with her new riding lessons that she practices at home.  She puts on her unicorn Halloween costume and sets up jumps around the house and yells out to Elf (her horse at her class) to do the things she wants it to do:)

IMG 5046

*Candice gave me this candle from Bath & Body Works and it smells really good… it makes me hungry.

IMG 5164

*I found my very first CDs ever at my mom’s house.  Do you remember the first ones that you bought?  Dave Matthews Band is still one of my absolute favorites.

IMG 4360


What are your workout plans?

What are some of your current favorite snacks lately?

Do you remember what the first CDs were that you bought?

Last ice cream flavor/combo that you had?  Are you a cup or a cone person?

-Cone but I have them put it in a cup so that the odds of spilling on myself go from a 99% chance to a 84% chance.

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This video from Skye is so cute! Brought up so many souvenirs I almost cried! Thanks so much for sharing! Run followed by CrossFit this morning. My favourite snack in this heat is a smoothie!


Oh thank you Mel! Way to go on both a run and crossfit this morning! Oh now you have me needing a smoothie! Have a beautiful day Mel!


You must try the peanut butter and the chocolate barnanas too! They’re amazing!
Smashing Pumpkins 1979 single was my first CD. Lol. But I had all three of the ones you have above, obv. #90smusicwasthebest ;-)


Done and done… I have to get those! That sounds so good. YES… Smashing pumpkins was a very big deal for me too! I still love their music ha. I agree. Have a beautiful day Mollie!


The hubs and I found a new ice cream place in NC (recently moved here) that makes it’s own waffle cones. Salted caramel ice cream in a warm waffle cone might be my new favorite thing!


Turns out we are going to have to come to NC and come with you to that place… sounds amazing. I hope the move and adjusting have all been going well! Have a wonderful day Linda!


Oh, that video of Skye is just too precious!! Can’t believe she’s already talking!

I definitely had those CDs, too! My first one was Mariah Carey’s Daydream album. And Shaniah Twain’s Come One Over. Loved those (and still do)!!

Have a wonderful weekend, Janae!


YES!!! I had both of those too. The best. Thanks Natalie, have the best time with your friend that is in town!


NSYNC!!!!! YES BABY!!! I definitely had (still have) that CD! My first ones were either Disney soundtracks or country music. My dad was a DJ at country radio stations all my life so I got the CDs that he gave me, free music!!

I love graham crackers, and lately the Teddy Grahams are my favorites!

Today is a few miles after work followed by some homemade pizza!! We have the copper chef pizza pan and it cooks pizza perfectly.

Usually, I go with the cup….Cone is too messy!

Have a fantastic day!


Oh Disney soundtracks… those were my favorites too. Your dad was a DJ, that is so cool! Have you ever tried dipping your graham crackers into milk? It is so good. Can we come over for that pizza? Thanks Loribeth, you too!


Your quote made me think of a similar one. “Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it is about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”
Happy Friday, friend.


Okay. That gave me goosebumps. Thank you so much. Have an amazing weekend Erica!


No workout today…left the house before 6am for a road trip. I eat a lot of LARA and Kind bars lately for snacks. My sister had (has) Anti-NMDA (Brain on Fire). Her story is very similar. Admitted to the Psych ward, eventually ended up at the Mayo clinic because no progress or diagnosis was being made, months of being in the hospital. Slow recovery and still has a few deficits due to brain damage. Anyway, it’s a scary sickness…the movie was too much for me. :)


ROAD TRIP… where are you going? WOW, thank you so much for sharing about your sister. Yeah, definitely not the movie for you and your family. I am so sorry, I can’t even imagine what you and your family have been through. Please keep me updated with everything that is going on. I am so glad the Mayo clinic was able to help her finally. We have special ties to Mayo clinic too… my brother had Guillain-Barre and they are the people that finally got him diagnosed and better. He was there for months and months! So scary what can happen with our bodies. Praying for you and your sister.


I had a tempo run planned but I slept through my alarm or it didn’t go off or something. So I guess today is an impromptu rest day. I’m trying to to be upset haha

My first CD that I bought was *NSYNC! I listened to them the other day and my kids thought I was crazy singing along with it.

Is it really Smokey over by you? We woke up at 2 this morning thinking we might have a fire in our house. Checked everything, turns out it was coming from outside. Can’t figure out where the fire is though.


It is hot and humid outside and my gym’s AC is broken. I had 7 miles to do today at a moderate/fast pace. At 1 mile I was dripping and gross. I started on the treadmill at the gym because it seemed cooler. I should note that 3 people had started on the treadmills and left after 5 min. It was the hottest point in the gym. At mile 5 I took it outside to finish. It’s done but I certainly was GROSS afterwards!! Our heat wave ends after today.
Favorite snack right now is actually healthy- raw snap peas, my girls love them too


Oh! That sweet little voice!! Andrew must be so happy to hear that da-da-da-da. My 2nd started with da-da (first was ma-ma-maaa; 3rd was BALL)

Rest day today!

I’m out of control with tortilla chips & my current fave is Late July Lime & Sea Salt–not sprayed-on flavor, just light taste and amazing aroma.

I’m old (ha!) so I my first vinyl album made more of an impression: Billy Joel, Glass Houses

Enlightened Cold Brew Coffee FTW! And I just want the ice creamy goodness, so I skip the cone.


Skye is so cute! I think she will be saying Mama very soon. You can tell she is really thinking about it :)
Rest day today, speed work and gym tomorrow, long run Sunday!!
I have no idea what my first CDs were. I do remember my brother gave me Elton John’s Greatest Hits (album) for my birthday when I got my first stereo (I’m old haha)
I love ice cream in a cup with toppings. I made Oreo shakes on the 4th of July. We will be having those again this weekend!!


My first word was DaDa, too! My mom wrote it in my baby book – I’m the youngest of 4 and the others all said mama first, she was kinda disappointed ;0

I’ve been loving Balanced Breaks by Sargento (

Oh Janae, sometimes you make me feel so old! My first CD wasn’t a CD, it was a record!!! I had records and cassettes before I had any CDs.

We have Halo Top in the freezer – Candy Bar and Salted Caramel. I’m a cup person.


Lavendar London Fog in a waffle cone :).

Favourite snacks…veggie straws from Costco..can’t stop eating them. And pretty much anything salty.

I doubt it was the first CD I bought but I remember being obsessed with Gavin De Graw ha.

No workout plans…taper time!

Have a great weekend!


Ice cream in a cone because I feel like the cone is like a cookie so it’s an extra treat at the end of the ice cream.


I like the way you think!


I’m in week 2 of Hansons half-marathon method (beginner program) so I did easy 3 mi. today. I tried the marathon method just finish program last year but got injured in week 15; bummer.

My first CD single: Rhythm is a dancer – Snap!

I had a scoop of lemon on Tuesday. I prefer a cup but lately I’m into a more sustainable lifestyle and choose a cone instead. Extra calories, but hey … whatever it takes to save the planet ;)

Enjoy your week-end.


Absolutely love that quote about simplifying our lives and moving at a comfortable pace. Feel like that is a life struggle for me. Thanks for sharing! ?


You are so welcome, I am so glad it helped. Keep me updated with how you are doing!


Workout plans: I did my first outdoor hill repeats today, aren’t you proud? :) 6 trips up. I was shocked I used a web site to check the grade and my hills were 3.5/5%…I swear they felt like 15%

Last ice cream: I’m generally the type to get a Blizzard or fro yo that’s all about a pile of candy on top.


Oh my heart! That little voice. Andrew must be floating on a cloud. Hahahaha


What is up with Utah weather? I’m dropping my son off for a cross country camp and thought I’d get a break from the Texas heat. It’s hotter in Utah than Texas.


What is up with Utah? I’m here to drop my son off at cross country camp and it’s hotter here than Texas. That ain’t right.
I found some of my old CDs the other day – REM, U2 and Dave Matthews. I also have a few cassette tapes – The Smiths and Depeche Mode. My son doesn’t even know what cassette are!


Right?!? It is nuts here right now… it was over 100 today! So fun your son is here for cross country camp! How long are you here? Oh I forgot about cassette tapes! I hope you are having a wonderful evening !

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