Dancing During a Race + Focus of the Workout + Our Day.

I hope your 4th was amazing.  Besides Christmas, the 4th of July is my favorite holiday so I soaked in the day with this clan as much as possible.

Things started nice and early with a run of course.  It was my first time ever seeing an Emu while running.  I couldn’t go to my normal track (BYU) because of a race going on over there and I tried another track but then I got kicked off of it SOOO I took it to the streets in a new area.  It was very flat (except for one hill during my 300m interval) so it worked out pretty great and it was a lot less boring than the track.

IMG 5053

PS look how cool my nephew is during his race yesterday—>  He was dancing anytime he heard music on the course.

My form focus of the day yesterday—>  Loose hands!!  During my speed workouts especially I tend to tighten up my hands which I think wastes energy that I don’t want to waste.  Trying to be more fluid and less tense.  A reader a few years ago told me to imagine holding a pringles chip in each hand and trying not to crush it while I run so that is what I did yesterday.  One day I’m actually going to carry some with me:)  Imagining it did the trick too!

I definitely put this workout into my watch because there was no way I was going to be able to remember everything!  I did mess up on one of my recovery distances when entering it in so I ended with 7.86 miles total rather than 7.75:)  I had an average pace of 7:42 and during those last sets I repeated ‘I CAN’ over and over again because these legs were begging to stop.  But I can tell I’m getting stronger with these types of workouts so that is always motivating.

Oh and I focused on lifting my feet off the ground fast during those intervals, it was kind of like playing hot lava:)

1.5 mile w/u

Repeat 3 times (i.e. 600m, 400m, 300m, 200m x 3):

600m @ interval w/400m recovery jog

400m @ repetition pace w/300m recovery jog

300m @ repetition pace w/200m recovery jog

200m @ repetition pace w/400m recovery jog

1 mile c/d


My paces for the 600m= 6:20, 6:19, 6:14

My paces for the 400m= 5:59, 5:48, 5:36

My paces for the 300m= 5:55, 5:48, 5:46

My paces for the 200m= 5:43, 5:37, 5:38

Launch during the w/u & c/d, Hyperion during the speed.

IMG 5048

I got home and it was pretty much a second workout to get us all ready and out the door for the parade on time.

We picked up donuts the night before and started with those for the kids.

IMG 5073

Some of Andrew’s family came down for the parade too!

IMG 5094

IMG 5096

Nothing like a 5 year old laying across you when it is 87 degrees outside;)  Knox and I have really hit a good point in our relationship lately and it has been so nice.  I love the chance I get to have this little boy as my step-son.  I know there will always be ups and downs with kiddos but right now, we are having a great up time.

IMG 5129

Somehow Skye got in a nap while the marching bands were going by in front of us.

IMG 5120

And then once the parade was over and we made it out alive from all of the traffic, we went to J-Dawgs for our post-parade tradition.  As you can tell, I like pickles on my hot dogs.  The sweet sauce they put on these is unreal.

PS did you see that someone ate 74 hot dogs and buns in TEN minutes yesterday?  I can’t even imagine.

IMG 5126

Our afternoon was filled with just hanging out at home and then for dinner Candice had us over for a barbecue and it hit the spot.

IMG 5166

We finished the day off with Stadium of Fire.

IMG 5169

IMG 5189

Skye was very interested in any of the fireworks that went off!

IMG 5197

One Republic was there and they were amazing.  Brooke fell asleep like usual.

IMG 5201

And today we will pay for getting home past midnight with the kids;)


Who has a race in July?  A birthday in July?  What day?  

If you had to compete in a food eating contest and had ten minutes to eat as much of one food as you could… what would that food be? 

What is the best part of your Thursday going to be?  

Would you rather get the chance to sleep in or get into bed earlier than normal at night?

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My sister in law’s bday is the 4th of July! We didn’t get to celebrate with her this year, but I heard she had a blast!
I would do no sort of eating contest, just the thought grosses me out.
I (hopefully) get a run in at lunch today, if the heat holds off a bit, and then dinner with my husband. I have been housesitting so I haven’t seen him as much this week……..it’s making me crazy to miss him!
And I would ALWAYS choose to sleep in………I am NOT a morning person.

Looks like your 4th was wonderful!


I hope that you are able to get out for a run today! I just finished my run a bit later than usual and it was so hot ha… I do not know how you do it! Enjoy dinner tonight, glad you get to be with your husband after so much time away! Happy bday to your sis-in-law… all of those fireworks to celebrate her!


Looks like y’all had a really fun holiday!! I love how little kids can fall asleep anywhere. (Sometimes I feel like I could, though.) I think I would rather get in more sleep by going to bed super early. I like being able to sleep in, but I also don’t want to waste the day a ton. Whenever my friends talk about their kids’ bedtimes, I get a little jealous!

The best part of my Thursday is going to be getting to see my friend who is coming in town from Texas to visit me this weekend!! I love that I’m finally going to have a visitor!


Hahaha me too! I kind of wanted to curl up and sleep by the end! ENJOY YOUR TIME WITH YOUR FRIEND!! Sounds perfect.


I ran the Peachtree Road Race yesterday and soaked it up because it’s my last one since we’re moving away from Atlanta. My boyfriend has a July 14 (Bastille day) birthday which is so funny considering I’m a French teacher.

I could likely win an ice cream eating contest as long as it isn’t chocolate.

The best part of today is going to be resting after yesterday’s hard race and eating July 4th leftovers. Hands down, I will always take the opportunity to get in bed early. I’m no night owl and am done by 8:30 pm most days anyway.


Huge congrats Christina on Peachtree! I am so sorry you are moving… that is hard! Glad you were able to get it in before moving. Happy bday to your boyfriend! A French teacher? That is awesome… for what age.
I challenge you in an ice cream/chocolate eating comment. Enjoy those leftovers and resting. Thanks Christina!


I have taught high school for the past seven years but with the move comes a transition to middle.


Oh that is awesome! Good luck and let me know how it goes!


Your nephew is awesome! That video is seriously the epitome of Run Happy!


I completely agree!!!! Have a beautiful weekend Sharon!


The jets coming around twice last night (especially after they sent the smaller planes and I thought I was going to leave disappointed) were my favorite. I feel like we still have some celebrating to do because I didn’t feel my day as full as normal. But it was still great!


RIGHT?! So amazing… I love that they called it the ‘Sound of Freedom.’ It gave me so many goosebumps. Keep the celebrating going!


Looks like your 4th was a blast for everyone!! Hopefully the kids will be that magical tired/low-key after their late night and not the cranky tired–fingers crossed!

Thinking of doing the Twilighter 8k in my town this month: walk a mile to the race site in town center, run neighborhood streets and community college, finish in town center with a festival. It’s a nighttime race, which makes it a little different and fun!
My son’s 10th birthday is on 7/15!

Hoping the summer thunderstorms hold off until after I can get the kids to the pool this evening.

Sleeping in > going to bed early for me.


YES… they are still asleep so I’m hoping this is a good sign;) Oh a nighttime race… DO IT! That sounds awesome Corey! Happy bday to your son–> 10 is a big milestone! Hopefully you get to go to the pool and sleep in soon. Thanks Corey!


My husband’s birthday is July 4 so he always gets fireworks for his birthday. But it also means a lot of things are closed for his birthday too. Its funny you asked the food eating contest question. We were all discussing it at our neighborhood party yesterday. I think I could eat a large quantity of guacamole or iced coffee (but better make it decaf). Hoping the best part of my Thursday is a thunderstorm that will hopefully help cool it off here and get ride of the 95% humidity! And I will always choose sleeping in….always.

Any HRG readers on here who have donut and running route recommendations for Asheville, NC and Hilton Head, SC? We are heading out there in a week. Thanks!


Happy bday to your husband yesterday! Great choices for your food eating questions:) I hope things cool down asap Corrinne!!! Can anyone answer her question about donuts and running?


Looks like you had an amazing 4th! I am partial to the 4th also as the best holiday – it’s my birthday!
I could never do one of those food eating contests- I enjoy my food too much – haha.
Go to bed earlier – I really enjoy the peacefulness of the mornings. Plus it is pretty hot in Chicago and mornings are the most comfortable part of the day (no complaints here!).
Best part of my Thursday will be a fun workout class and then when I am done driving – I have to go downstate to take care of some stuff at my childhood home and there are supposed to be storms today. Yuck. Might have to stop for ice cream along the way ?


HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY CATHY!! I hope it was perfect and that you celebrated all day long. I’m with you… I love the quiet mornings by myself! Please do stop for ice cream, I hope everything goes well!


I can eat grapes forever. As in pounds of it. Definitely choose sleeping in only because we go to bed reasonably early, but I can always sleep more!

I have two trail races in July! In 10 days I am running a local trail 50km called the Knee knacker which runs from Horseshoe Bay to Deep Cove. And then the weekend after we are traveling to Rossland, BC for a race called Broken Goat 50km. It runs long a series of bike trails networks called the Seven Summits and it is supposed to be beautiful. I have been wanting to do the race for a couple of years now so looking forward to that. We also have some vacation and camping time built in after Rossland which I am excited about.

Hopefully the best part of Thursday – getting a haircut after work. I so need it haha.

Looks like a great 4th of July! Happy recovery from all the festivities and have a super day :)


Eat those grapes for me! TWO trail races… you are my inspiration. Seriously, those races sound incredible. Enjoy that vacation and camping too, your July sounds fabulous! I need a haircut too ha. Thanks Kristine!


July 4th has a special place in my heart because that was the day that I first met my stepsons. I don’t have children of my own to compare the bond that we have but I can tell you that it is special and I can’t imagine loving anyone more than I love those two guys. Stepkids rock!


Beckett. I absolutely loved reading your comment. That is very special. He is SO lucky to have you. So lucky. Enjoy your day!


Who has a race in July? A birthday in July? What day. No races. Thank god. The humidity in WV has been NO JOKE.

If you had to compete in a food eating contest and had ten minutes to eat as much of one food as you could… what would that food be? Sushi.

What is the best part of your Thursday going to be? Picking up my new subaru! WHOOP

Would you rather get the chance to sleep in or get into bed earlier than normal at night? Go to bed earlier. I prefer to wake up early and get moving.


Do not race until that humidity is better… I can’t even imagine racing in that! Oh now you have me craving sushi bad! ENJOY YOUR NEW SUBARU!! That is so exciting Heather!


Hi Janae! So random question I am SURE you have answered but can’t find it for the life of me! How do you track all your workouts? I have a Garmin and use that outside so it tracks on the Garmin app. I also now have a new treadmill that uses the ifit app…so it tracks on that. I’m trying to figure out how to track all in one spot. HELP!

You killed that workout! And Andrew’s socks at the parade….swoon!!!!!!!


Hey Bridgette! I love questions so thanks! I put mine into VDOT currently. My coach puts my workouts in there and then I report back and track it all there. Oh the ifit app is awesome! I’m not really on the treadmill anymore so yeah… Do you prefer pen and paper tracking or an app?


There’s not a single July birthday in our family. No race for me. I am so out of shape (10 weeks of no running will do that.) Now I’m on the get back to it train.

I could not do a food eating contest. It makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it! My best friend and my brother had a bread eating contest once when we were teenagers – it was hilarious and it’s one of my favorite memories! I was the judge because I was smart enough not to participate.

The best part of my Thursday is that it feels like Monday because of the holiday yesterday, but tomorrow’s Friday!

I’d much rather go to bed early. I’ve never been a night owl and everyone around me pays for it if I’m kept up too late ;)


I’ve been wondering about how you are doing. Is your ankle back 100%? Bread eating… I want to try that with homemade jam haha. Good call on skipping that! Have a beautiful day and happy almost Friday!


I’d say my ankle is about 90% but I lost a ton of endurance. It’s hard starting over, but I know I can do it. Have a great day, Janae!


I usually DON’T do any races in the months of June, July, or August because it’s too dang hot here. However, my friend roped me into doing a Christmas in July 5k this Saturday! We will be dressing up in green and red and running along to Christmas music. It’s pretty hilarious because the temps will be in the 90s for sure, lol.

The hot dog eating contest in unreal. I’m torn. I would say a pizza eating contest because I like it BUT it would get gross and uncomfortable fast. I think marshmallows would be an interesting attempt!

Best part of my day was getting my grocery list finalized lol. I like having what I can planned and my grocery list ready before Friday.

I prefer to sleep in even though I do go to bed pretty early normally.


Christmas in July 5k… I want to come! Let me know how it goes, I love this idea! Andrew wants to join you in the pizza eating contest! Have an amazing day Virjinia!


The 4th is also one of my favorite days of the year! Beautiful family pic!


I don’t have a race this month (I wish I did) but I do have a birthday on the 17th. For some reason we have a ton of July birt!hdays in my family. I think if I was in an eating contest I would do watemelon. I can eat a ton of it. Though maybe glazed donuts would be a good option – just think how light they are!


we have tons of july birthdays, too! mine, my sister, and my brother, plus an uncle an cousin or two…


That food would definitely be watermelon! I ate an entire one by myself back in the day. The porcelain throne was my bff for the rest of the night?.

The best part of my Thursday is going to be a trip to the new Trader Joe’s in Orem! I even put a countdown on my phone. I’m so excited! Also, definitely sleeping in. I love not setting an alarm. It feels freeing, hah!


I used to love to sleep in but now my bladder says time to wake up and then the dog wants to go out then the cats want to be fed and by the time that’s all done I’m completely awake :-( So I’d rather go to sleep early.


I am late to the party responding to this post … but here are my responses because JULY is a BIG month for me! ;)
Who has a race in July? A birthday in July? What day? – July BIRTHDAY = ME, ME, ME … I turn 28 years old on Friday July 13th … funny story … I was actually born on Friday the 13th back in 1990. My dad was freaking out and kept telling my mom to wait and hold off on having me. I was born pretty late at night … 9:33pm. (The nurses, from what I’ve been told, gave my dad a stern eye and told him to hush up because my mom was in no way holding off till the 14th to have me).

If you had to compete in a food eating contest and had ten minutes to eat as much of one food as you could… what would that food be? I think the only food eating contest I could compete in would be a granola, ice cream, or ice coffee contest … three foods that I am absolutely addicted to and eat on the daily. (p.s. Why aren’t granola boxes bigger? … oh wait are you supposed to follow serving sizes?? ;) )

What is the best part of your Thursday going to be? thursday was a LONG day … I ended up working till 7 oclock and I started at 7am that same day. BUT I did start the day with a KILLER workout. The class I attended was SMALL (thanks to being at 5:15am after the 4th of July) but we had a crew that kicked butt!

Would you rather get the chance to sleep in or get into bed earlier than normal at night? I will ALWAYS go to bed earlier in order to get up at 4:30am to get in my workout before I start my day. I just don’t feel like I can get showered and dressed until after I have gotten a good sweat. Thoughts?


july bday!! the 21st…big 3-5, gah!
i think i could easily speed eat/eat massive amounts of frosting (and ok the cake too if needed).
4th of july is my favorite holiday for sure. loooottts of memories ;)


LOL, i love the video of your nephew dance running! looks like such a fun 4th of July!

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