Silentish Saturday!

Found a new running buddy that lives right next to me!  6 miles @ 8:47 average followed by a mini hike with my sister! IMG 5414 IMG 5415

Zao Cafe is my current favorite place to eat out at… grabbed some lunch with Skye and Brooke.

IMG 5417

My cousin that lives in Portland now is in town to visit so we got to catch up together!

IMG 5422

A few of you recommended cutting my watermelon like this and you were right… it’s the best way to cut a watermelon.

IMG 5437 IMG 5434

Skye’s favorite food is currently watermelon too.

IMG 5439

Meg D invited us over for some amazing churro waffles (she used this recipe).  After I went on and on last week about my obsession with them, she found a recipe and MADE THEM for us.

IMG 5441

They were heaven.  For my second one I added a little ice cream on top too which was amazing.

IMG 5444 IMG 5448

Skye was determined to get some of Andrew’s Fresca.

IMG 5465

Our anniversary is Sunday and we are going out today to celebrate… my grandma always remembers every important date in our lives:)

IMG 5468 2

Time for a 90 minute HILLY long run.  I love the long run… time to zone out and get sweaty (it was over 100 degrees here yesterday?!?).

IMG 5467

Happy running this weekend!

IMG 3896


What is your Saturday going to be filled with?

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Are those the Levitates in the last photo? They are beautiful! Do they run more narrow than other Brooks? I have heard that and was curious…..I have wider feet than average so I might have to just go try some on.

My sister in law works at a Hallmark during the busy seasons and she always sends us cards for every occasion……I love it! It’s so fun to pull out the old cards and look thru them!


I have a really wide toe box, and I love the Levitate (and Levitate 2)! I always go up a half size in Brooks. I did the same with the Levitate, and they fit great. Definitely give them a try.


Thanks! Might just be the next shoe I buy!


Thanks! I think this will be the next shoe I buy!


Tara, I am SO happy you love the Levitate. I cannot get enough of them. YOU NEED TO TRY THEM LORIBETH. They are currently my favorite shoes. I would say that they do run a bit more wide than normal running shoes. The amount of bounce and energy that I get out of these shoes is something else. Have a beautiful weekend girls!


Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a great date today. That is so sweet your Grandma remembers with all her children and grandchildren and great grandchildren!
Long Run 10 miles followed by horseback ride on beach and going for bike
Ride this evening to get some a appetizers!


Thank you so much Dawn! Okay, today sounds perfect for you! I won’t tell Brooke what you are up to, she will be so jealous haha! She already is counting down to her next riding lesson:) Have a wonderful time!


Ive got my long run this morning too. You’re probably already getting back and I’m getting ready to leave haha.
Happy anniversary!


Oh thanks!! How did your long run go?!?


I was inspired by some of your interval runs. Saturdays are usually my longer run and today I thought instead of just using my Garmin for pace/distance, which is all I’ve ever done, I’d play with the settings. I did 8 x 1 mile w/1 minute recoveries for first 4 and 2 min recoveries for second 4. I also had a few miles for w/u and c/d. It was a great way to get my legs moving instead of just falling into a comfortable pace for an extended time. Plus, it added some interest to my long run. :)

One question I had for you about cross-training. I just tried a spin class a few wks ago and I was surprised how much I liked it! I think I might add that in once a week. I saw that you used to spin. Do you still spin or plan to get back to it? I’m so new to it I feel like I have a lot to learn!

Happy Saturday!


GO KRISTEN GO KRISTEN GO. That is a killer run, way to go. Oh I agree, adding speed to the long run makes it go by way faster. Spin is the absolute best. My fastest races have been during times that I was doing a bunch of spin with my training too. I would LOVE to get back to it but it just hasn’t been possible with the kiddos + running. Maybe when school starts this fall again I’ll be able to! Keep me updated on how you are doing and your training. Way to go today!


Happy Anniversary to you and Andrew ❤
I am definitely going to have to try those waffles! Ever since you posted that picture last weekend, I have been craving them! Thank you for sharing the recipe ?
We are in the midst of an insane heatwave here…yesterday was 115°! I don’t ever remember it being that hot in Orange county, even the beaches were in the high 90’s… crazy! So, I’m hoping to get my run in on the treadmill today. After that, it will be a lot of just trying to stay cool ?
Enjoy celebrating with Andrew today!!


You need these waffles and you better add ice cream to them–> 115 degrees?!?! That is nuts! I hope it cools down soon. Thank you so much Wendy!!


Happy anniversary! Sunday is our anniversary too! Hope it’s a wonderful day.


Happy Anniversary!

We’re packing to go back to Hawaii in the morning (trip #4 this year.) Happy to escape this heat wave – 111 yesterday and it was 90 when I got up at 6:00 this morning. I went for a bike ride then fell into the pool.


Thanks for sharing my churro waffle recipe. xo


Oh sure! It was amazing so thank you!


Cherish those precious cards! My Grandma was the very same way. We are beginning our first year of not receiving them any longer, and I miss it more than I ever imagined I would.
Love reading your blog every day. Happy Anniversary:)

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