Our first run together & one of my favorite parts of blogging.

Skye and I had our first run together.  Skye’s pediatrician said she was ready to go running with me so I took the first opportunity I could even though Andrew was home, ha.  I was just really excited to see how she would do.

5 Facts from our 4 miles:

1.  She fell asleep 1.5 miles into the run so I’m guessing the running movement is relaxing for her.  Brooke took some of her best naps as a baby in the jogging stroller during my runs.

2.  Running is hard and then add pushing a baby and it takes it to the next level.  Maybe doing 1-2 runs a week with Skye will prep me for a fast time at the St. George Marathon?  Also, those of you with double or triple strollers—> HOW DO YOU DO IT?

3.  I have to switch sides of which arm is pushing when running with the jogging stroller.  When I used to do this with Brooke, I would run really long distances and I would ALWAYS push with my left hand (I’m left handed so maybe that is why).  I’m not going to be doing long distances this time around with the stroller and I am switching off the hand that I am pushing the stroller with.  1/2 mile with right hand, 1/2 mile with left hand etc to keep things a bit more even.  I am also focusing on not twisting my waist like I used to when pushing and hopefully that will help. Who knows if that is what caused my IT Band problems back then but I’m guessing it is.

4.  My run was flat as a pancake.  It is going to take some time to build up to running up hills with her.  First, I need to master running uphill without a stroller before I try to push her up;)

5.  I had so many flashbacks during our run back to running with Brooke when she was this age.

4 miles @ 9:00 and I truly love my jogging stroller but I realized yesterday I wish the hand rail was a bit higher or adjustable.  Does anybody else have this problem?  I don’t remember thinking that when running with Brooke but I did yesterday.

IMG 2588

Watching her toes wiggle around for part of the run was quite entertaining.

IMG 2544

Afterwards I went out with Brooke for a bike ride for a bit to get in some one-on-one time with her.

IMG 2594

Many of you recommended (thank you) the Ikea high chair for us and you really cannot beat the $22 price.  Skye is already a big fan and from the looks of it, she is pretty proud that she has reached this milestone:

IMG 2597

Beretta already took position and watched the floor for falling food the entire time Skye was in the high chair.   I’m sure in a few months Beretta will be very well fed by Skye.

IMG 2600

The more spinach the better right?  Getting those veggies IN.  Good stuff in means good stuff out (aka better feeling workouts, right?).

IMG 2608

Later on in the day I looked at my phone and saw that I had three missed calls from my sister (my phone is on silent usually which I should probably change and it drives Andrew crazy).  Three missed calls means that she has something extra urgent/especially important to tell me.

She did.

IMG 2628

Her cherry tree is overflowing with goodness so she told us to come pick as many as we wanted.  We were there within minutes of her phone call.

IMG 2640

My niece takes Skye the minute we walk in the door.

IMG 2634

SO many of you told me to try the oatmeal cookie Halo Top so I picked one up and it is now my new favorite.  Thank you.  The recommendations you give me each day are one of my favorite parts of blogging.

IMG 2641

I’ll spare you my full foot picture but I just had to tell you that the OOFOS are seriously making a difference for me.  I’m not sure why it has helped me so quickly (that placebo effect is real;) but I was having foot pain for a while there (not too bad but just an annoying amount) and it is completely gone after just about 2 days of wearing these around the house instead of going barefoot.  My mom has been wearing these for YEARS because she has neuropathy in her feet and they have helped her a lot too.  I’m sold.  Expect me to be their #1 customer.

IMG 2643

Dinner hit the spot.  We don’t eat red meat a ton but I love a good steak.  The asparagus and sweet potato were great too.

IMG 2647

And then we went to Knox’s tee-ball game.  Our team was playing my good friend’s team and she showed up with my favorite water bottle too.  This friend and I met at the gym about 11 years ago.  The gym and the internet= where I have met most of my friends.

IMG 2653

Loving these summer evenings.

IMG 2654

Post-game—> I was ready for bed in record time.  Brooke, Knox and Skye still had all of the energy in the world.

IMG 2536

Just in case you weren’t sure whether or not to run today… even a bad run is better than no run:)  (Unless you are injured or overtrained or life comes first… then running can always wait.  Always).

Screen Shot 2014 04 23 at 2 18 00 PM


Who runs (or has in the past) with a jogging stroller?  Which one do you have?  Have any jogging stroller tips?

Right handed or left handed and do you switch off at all with different things (eating, writing, sports)?

-Andrew and I are both left handed so I am interested to see if Skye will be a lefty too.

Do you eat red meat?  Do you like steak?  

What benefit are you getting from running today?

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Glad you two had such a great first run together! I can’t even imagine how much harder running is with a stroller!
It’s so interesting how you and Andrew are both lefties! I am right handed but left footed (aka goofy footed)!
Those cherries look delicious! I wish I wasn’t allergic :(


You are allergic to cherries… NOOOO!!! That is interesting that you are right handed and left footed! I hope you have a beautiful day Erinn!


I don’t eat red meat (except rump roast for Christmas or special occasion). It’s somewhat a pain too, as getting the B12 and etc is difficult otherwise. You basically have to eat cereal if you run hard to keep up the B vitamins and iron if you don’t eat red meat, it seems. I haven’t found a better solution.

It’s not a no-meat issue on my end; I eat waaaay too much poultry and tuna fish.

Your Q on handedness led me to a fun Wikipedia search. Below is quoted from the genetic section of left handedness; it’s unclear!!
“Handedness displays a complex inheritance pattern. For example, if both parents of a child are left-handed, there is a 26% chance of that child being left-handed.[11] A large study of twins from 25,732 families by Medland et al. (2006) has indicated that the heritability of handedness is roughly 24%.[12]

To date, two theoretical single gene models have been proposed to explain the patterns of inheritance of handedness, the first by Marian Annett[13] of the University of Leicester and the second by Chris McManus[11] of UCL.

However, the growing weight of evidence from linkage and genome-wide association studies suggests that genetic variance in handedness cannot be explained by a single genetic locus.[14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21] From these studies McManus et al. now conclude that handedness is polygenic and estimate that at least 40 loci contribute to determining this trait.[22]”


I eat way too much poultry too! THANK YOU for the research! That is so interesting.. you would think that there would be answers on this! I wonder if they ever will find out what causes a person to be left or right handed? Thanks for sharing! I hope you have an amazing day and wish we could go for a run together!


SCIENCE!! If it’s not a gene, well we can’t write those Punnett squares to determine the chances :p. (Remember those guys?? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punnett_square ) You know allergies are also kinda hard in the sense that apparently they are not heritable traits as well.. (Or so I’ve been told by Bio people && some nurses)

Left-handedness is so special though. You always know that about you all! But gosh I didn’t realize until one of my good college friends was a leftie just how hard it is with e.g. can openers. What! I thought society was tyrannical with respect to only selling socks in pairs, but that’s another level! :(!!

Have an amazing day yourself, and wish we could too!! Utah ~ those mountains! That air!! (NYC actually gets pretty humid sometimes..)


I AM SO JEALOUS. CHERRIES ARE MY FAVORITE. I love them chopped up and mixed in greek yogurt


Come on over and we will mix them in greek yogurt (that sounds delicious)! Have a beautiful day Victoria!


Steak……yes please. I ran the Comrades marathon on Sunday and have to rest for 3 weeks, so no run today.


ALMARIE. You. Are. Amazing. HUGE CONGRATS! 89k… WOW!!! I want to hear about how it went.


I run with a double stroller occasionally. While it’s nice being able to run when I don’t have the option to run alone it is one trillion times harder with that beast. 100 pounds of kid and stroller is no joke. I avoid it at all costs.


A DOUBLE… how in the world? Yeah, I would avoid that too. One (and Skye is little!!) is hard enough! I hope you have a great day Jessica!


I have all kinds of weird foot issues on my right foot—flat-ish feet, a bunion, etc, and I started wearing the OOFOS last year, and I LOVE them. I’ve even gotten over their ugliness and just wear them casually, too, bc they are so comfy! So glad you love them!!!!

I grew up on a farm where we would eat red meat often, and I never enjoyed it all that much. When I met my husband, his family is very red meat/”WE LOVE STEAK”, and they totally didn’t understand me. ha ha He’s brought me around, and I do like a good steak every now and then now! When I’m training heavily, I actually crave red meat. Interesting how your body talks to you like that in what it needs. We just need to listen, right?! :)

Running today—I have the day OFF!!!!!!!! :) So, my body is definitely going to reap some rest rewards :)

Hope you are having a great week! School is out for summer, and I’m loving vacation so far. I’m working on packing lists for our Key West trip. OOOOOOHHHH! Exciting!


HEY YOU!!! I am so happy that OOFOS made such a big difference for you. I’m a full blown believer now. Enjoy your off day with plenty of rest and IT’S JEN TIME!! I am so excited for your Key West trip… you deserve this!


LOL YES!!!!! IT ISSSSS FINALLY JEN TIME!!!!! You remembered! ha ha

Tuesday I ran, had a leg massage, had lunch out, laid out in the sun, and went to evening yoga class. It was a pretty darned wonderful day! My daughters were still in school that day, so it was truly a guilt-free day, too!!!!!

Yesterday I took them out for ice cream after THEIR last day. The flavor I tried was “purple ube/coconut cream.” Ube is a root vegetable, kind of like a potato. Sounds potentially weird/gross, right?! ha ha It was actually really really good!!!!! Ice cream season is here!


I am so happy you are having the best JEN TIME:) Of course I remembered! Keep enjoying today and that ice cream sounds VERY weird ha but I will take your word for it and if I ever have the chance to try it, I will!


Those cherries look so good! My little guy loves sleeping in our Bob stroller. I run until he wakes up, whether it be 3 miles or 10 :) We raced our first 5k together this past weekend and we both won our age group! I don’t think my lungs have ever burned more during a race. Pushing a baby is hard work!
Have a great day, Janae and family!


Wish we could go on a run together with our little ones Stacey! I LOVE that you did a 5k with him… you are amazing! Thanks Stacey, you too!


Steak = yes!! I rarely ever eat it (because I can’t really cook anything that I can’t microwave), but I’m definitely a fan. I don’t eat a ton of red meat (I eat mostly chicken), but I love a good burger or steak every once in a while.

My benefit from running today (and most days) is relieving stress. I’ve been trying not to get stressed or anxious about things and turn everything over to God, and running is a time for me to pray about all that’s on my heart and find a peaceful zone. Also, major props to you and all moms who run and push a stroller at the same time. I think all of y’all are pretty much Wonder Women!


Running is the best thing ever for our mental health and I’m so glad it helps you with your stress! I hope you get a good burger or steak soon Natalie!!


Both of my parents were left handed and I’m a righty lol!! Same with my cousin!!!


No way!! Okay, so Skye will probably be a righty:) Have a wonderful Thursday Jessica!


I ran with a Baby Jogger with my older daughter. I switched hands and usually pushed it out in front of me. I always wore the wrist strap and would push it ahead, run to catch it, rinse and repeat. Of course, that didn’t work going up or down hills but on the flats, it was great. Our strap was long enough to get in 3 or so steps between pushes. We also had the huge wheels, a savior for going over curbs. Our daughter was NOT a sitter but the jogging stroller was the one place she would sit still!

We eat red meat pretty infrequently (sorry my grandpa Iowa farmers) but I do like a good steak occasionally or a good burger. The really weird thing is that I don’t like egg yolks at all, even in scrambled eggs or omelettes, but love an egg sunny-side up on my burger. Go figure!

I woke up to thunderstorms this morning so probably no running today. :-( Probably for the best as every muscle in my legs ache from running yesterday and then going to the gym for a massive burpee workout. My glutes hate burpees.


Okay, Jackie… THANK YOU for the help with this. Mine has a long strap too so I was thinking about pushing her in front of me for a few strides with the strap connected to me. That is so interesting about your egg yolks… I hope you get a good on on your burger soon:) BURPEES KILL ME! Way to go on getting those in after a run!


I’ve never ran with a stroller but I imagine that your arms get tired after a while. Is that true?

Also, how do you like your steak cooked?


Haha yep, my arms were tired. Medium rare for me:) Have a great day Linda!


I use my left hand to write, but use my right for everything else like throwing and using scissors.


What about eating?!?!




That is so cool! I can only do it with my left (or with my right and I spill a bunch haha)! Have an amazing day Fiona!


I’m convinced a pushing a stroller makes you a better runner. My friends with babies are all the proof I need.
I eat red regularly because I was severely anemic about 10 years ago. In fact, I’ve eaten steak for the last 3 weeks and suddenly my running is feeling really good. Maybe I’m finally adjusted to the heat.
You’ve almost convinced me to try the Oofos. I’ve had some minor annoying foot pains too.
Nice easy run for me today, so it’s all about enjoying the outdoors, working up a good sweat and shaking out my legs a bit.


Well, that is just what I needed to hear about runners that push strollers:) I am so happy that steak is helping your running… we bought a big thing of them from Costco and I’m hoping the same thing happens for me too. Try Oofos and if they don’t help you, I’ll pay for your pair haha! I want your feet to feel good. Enjoy your run today… we are so lucky we get to do this!


1. I did not have a jogging stroller when my daughter was a baby, I wish I did. But they do make jogging stroller handle extension. I’ve not ever bought one, but wished I could have had one 10 years ago. So you’d have to research them, but I know they exist because a low handle is really hard.
2. I definitely switched arms for holding the stroller and swinging. Mostly because I have this weird thing about evenness. So it would drive me nuts if I wouldn’t have switch.
3. We love red meat here. We have a steak every weekend. Occasionally other times. But we enjoy them so much. So good.
4. My run today benefited my mood, my whole mental well being. I’ve been trying to get too much done lately, my daughter has 2 broken arms at the moment, and I’ve not been squeezing exercise in until 10 or 11 pm. It’s wearing me down. SO today I set my alarm and got up early, and hopped on that treadmil. It was only for 3 miles, but it’s already so amazing how much better mood I’m in. I have to continue to start my day’s this way. My patience is so much better too. Morning runner all the way !!!


I will definitely be researching these… thank you Michele. I am SO glad your run did so much for you today. I feel awful about your daughter, that is so incredibly hard. It’s amazing what 3 miles can do for us. Keep me updated on how you and your daughter are doing. Thinking about you Michele!


I have a Bob running stroller and I really wish the handle was adjustable. I am short and I wish I could move it down just a tad. I just saw the comment above about a handle extension….now I am curious about those. Your readers always have great info and ideas!

I am right handed and pretty much do everything right handed except I can run my calculator left handed at work (I’m an accountant). Steak isn’t my favorite unless its in a taco or on a sandwich. I guess maybe I just need a carb to go with it.

No running today. I swam for some cross training. I will be back at it tomorrow.


In right handed and Trevon is left handed. So far two of the three kids are right handed. But Trevon does switch for certain sports. He has the hardest time cutting with scissors, do you guys?

I love that ikea high chair! We bought ours used for like $10 and it was the best we’ve ever spent baby wise! I’m sad that our baby doesn’t fit in it anymore.


I love that you switch arms too! I switch arms about every 20 steps when I get tired… I am currently working towards a 7 mile run that our city has every year and I keep telling myself that by pushing the stroller for my recovery runs, that my tempo and long runs are just going to feel so easy. Spoiler alert, they don’t feel SO easy, but easier! :) I have the BOB stroller, and the handle does pivot up and down, which is nice!

Also, for the IKEA high chair, all the praises! I hosed that thing down after spaghetti last night and it is just so easy to clean! I started putting my daughter in there around 4 months, and they make a little blow up back/side cushion if you think you need it! We only used it for about 3 months, but it was only $5, so i didn’t feel bad about it.

Also LOVE Skye’s little grin in that top picture. She is so stinkin cute!!


I ran for almost 3 years with the Thule. Mine was probably 10 years old that I got for $25 off eBay when I was 2 months pregnant (motherhood brought out the cheapskate in me: the $25 included the car seat attachment, seat for when he was older, and bassinet, which he slept in until he was 5 months old, but I used the car seat for running). I urge you to resist moving the handle higher. Most people want to to use the upper body to push against it. First think about where your arms/ hands are normally when you run. That is where you want the handle to be. I always lowered it for running, so one arm could swing normally and the other hold. I swing from a water bottle every mile (even now), and used that as the time to switch arms.

Right handed all the time. Both my husband and son switch back and forth when doing various sports.

I am allergic to beef, but my husband loves a good steak, so we did buffalo steaks once a week until we lhe was to Bulgaria 4 years ago. There we did rack of lamb or lamb chops once a week. We are going to kick off our re-entry into the land of buffalo for Father’s Day dinner!

We re-joined the YMCA (and with the better together discount get 20% off!), and we can use up to 9 hours of Y-Play (supervised play) a week. I have used it twice this week to enjoy a run before taking him swimming, and plan on Friday and Saturday too :)


Oh man can you send me some of those cherries?! They look so good!!
I have such respect for moms (and dads too!) that I see running with strollers. I can’t imagine what that’s like so you are officially awesome in my book! Any extra work that goes into running should be applauded!
I am not a huge red meat person but I do enjoy some steak – and I am one of those people who likes it well done so most steak eaters would shun me lol! I like filet mignon or NY strip sometimes, but I’m more likely to eat a chicken breast or hamburger from the grill than steak.
I woke up this morning with good intentions to run but it was pouring rain and there was lightning. I will run in the rain, but thunder and lightning is a no go in my book. I got in a 45 min strength workout instead so at least I did something!


I have the Thule running stroller and one the main reasons we got it is because the handlebar height is adjustable. I’m 5’2″ and my husband is 6’4″ so we needed one that would be comfortable for both of us! I try to switch hands when pushing it- I try to remember and switch every song. I very rarely eat red meat- I was a vegetarian for years. But just yesterday my husband was making a steak and it looked so good! So I made him share with me.


Okay, I NEED the Thule running stroller.. that is awesome! I’m going to copy you and switch every song… thanks for the idea. Have a great day Kiersten!


Day off today, yes!!!

I don’t eat any beef, but I do eat pork, chicken and fish. Beef makes my stomach so sick.

And quick question on the OOFOS, as I have “foot” issues as well from running, and wondering how they fit? I will have to order online and would like to get it right. Is the sizing similar to your runners?


Hey Tracy… that is an awesome question! So for me, I bought the pair I wear in running shoes. In normal shoes I wear an 8.5/9 and I tried those on and they felt a little small so I went with a 10 (what I wear in running shoes) and they were perfect for me. I hope they help your foot issues! Enjoy your day off:)


I just started running with my son in a jogging stroller too. It is hard work! We have the BOB and I love it, it has all the bells and whistles. I mainly was sold on it because it has an adjustable handle and I’m short so I knew I would need that feature! We have only been on 2 runs together so I still need to figure out my technique!
Those cherries look incredible! So happy they are back in season!


I used to have a Bob revolution, loved that stroller! But my youngest is 6 now so I donated it about a year ago. It was definitely hard work but I think it made me stronger back then! I’m right handed and would also switch off hands all the time while running with it. For me it would cause shoulder pain if I held on to one side for too long.

I’m not a big red meat eater either, but a good steak or burger once in awhile is yum!

Skye is so cute, I can’t get over how much she smiles! Happy baby!!


I’m the only lefty of 4 siblings in my family (my mom was a lefty and so was her mom!) I learned to bat right handed because that’s how my brothers taught me but pretty much do everything else left handed.

We don’t eat a lot of red meat but I do love a good steak from time to time.

I ran today! 10 weeks post ankle sprain and I finally found the courage to run. I walked parts of it and quit counting after 1000 steps. It felt SO hard. This is the longest break I’ve ever taken from running but I’m excited to start rebuilding my endurance.

I just got a new pair of PR Soles recovery sandals and I love them. I’ve had a pair for about 5 years and they are completely worn out. Gotta keep our feet happy.


AHHHH YOU RAN AGAIN!! This makes me so happy… you are back. Please keep me updated with how you are doing and I am so sorry it was so hard… YOU are strong!


Fellow leftie here. I have the baby jogger summit x3. I’m 5’10” and I find the handle a bit short, but otherwise I love it! I push with both hands, though I kinda feel like I’m running with a shopping cart haha. I love the ikea high chair!


I love your pics so much. There’s always a little something I see in there that I love thats not the point of why you posted it. Haha. Brooke’s hair looks so cute up with all the tendrils coming down in the back. Love how Skye is touching your face in the pic. :) You have me sold on the flip flops; about to get some! I got to workout for the first time yesterday since my spinal shot and was on a high all day. We also went swimming in the evening. I could only walk the pool before. :) Pretty sore today and it feels great! Have a great day, Janae!


So how do you guys do it?!? I cannot push my chunk in he stroller because it changes my stride and makes my knees hurt. Also I don’t have a jogging stroller so maybe that would help some but it was miserable the few times I tried it. Also not being able to change the position of the handle would drive me crazy and yes I had to switch hands the whole time which was a huge distraction.

So I’m right handed for almost everything except shooting a gun and my bow. It’s weird because I always thought I was completely right handed but when I was in the military I tried shooting with both hands and was good with both but better left handed so I got my expert badge with my left hand and I bought a left hand bow and love it.

Ok I love cherries! And I’m so so jealous of your sister and her cherry trees!!!


Tiffany, I think a jogging stroller makes a HUGE difference in how running feels with a stroller. I wish you could come try mine! There is no way I could do it in a normal stroller. Oh that is so interesting about the fact that you shoot and use your bow with your left hand. I hope you have a beautiful day!


I run with the Baby Trend Expedition stroller and so far I am loving it! I too struggle with the needing to switch hands thing, once I start to think about it though i feel like I end up switching way more then I should. I’m right handed but had shoulder surgery on that arm and it tends to act up more while running so pushing left handed sometimes is easier.

One tip I do have is clip the paci to the chest harness so it stays right there if it falls out, also I just bought one of the fans that clip on the stroller and OMG is it the best thing ever for the babies!!! I got it off Amazon, it runs off AA batteries and the blades are foam, i highly recommend!

I’m hoping to get a good run in before I leave work but apparently it’s my turn to have Mastitis :( So we shall see how that goes. hope you guys have a wonderful day!!!


NOOOO OH NIKKI!!! I am so so so so sorry. Worst pain ever. I hope you are feeling better asap! I am so sorry. Brilliant idea with the fan, thank you.. I’m going to copy you!


Oatmeal, really!?!? I am obsessed with Choc Chip Cookie Dough Halo and I LOVE a good oatmeal cookie but for some reason I just thought that there was no way that flavor could be good! I will be trying it stat! So jealous of the cherry tree!!!! Where do you have to live to be able to have a cherry tree?!?! I want one in Pittsburgh, PA! Have a great weekend!


YOU HAVE TO TRY IT… I wasn’t sure about it either. Let me know what you think and I’ll send you some cherries. Thanks Ann!


I can’t imagine running with a stroller and having to think “what arm do I use?” I guess my arms get tired easily. I need more upper body strength, but in all honesty, I have bad shoulders. I think the arthritis is there, too, except seeing an orthopedic doctor to be put in an MRI machine and have my health insurance pay too small a fraction of the bills just to be told something I already know (and with no clear or exact path to stability, only “management”” of symptoms and pain)–not an idea I can quite stomach right now. But back to the point: running with the stroller. Big props to you!

Even bigger props for knowing that the alone time with SKye means doing a solo activity with Brooke. One of the things I have come to admire about you, from the tidbits of life you share on the blog, is the way that you really pay a lot of individual attention to all three of your children. Even with all of the highs and lows that come with life and parenting and all thee ways that you have to strategize how to make the stuff in your schedule work out with a husband in school and three little ones, you still find ways to make whatever you’re doing with one of your children–out of necessity or deliberate intent–special and meaningful and then balance that with individual, special, meaningful things with your other ones.

Though I don’t have my own kids, I have huge appreciation for people who I know (and is it weird that I feel like I know you like a friend after reading your blog for so long?!?) who have kids and who seem to be really mindful and thoughtful in how parenting means “memory-making” and letting kids know that they’re so special and so loved.

As for me: no run today. I taught my Body Flow class and it went SO WELL, and I am going on my run very early tomorrow morning before I take my husband to work. And now I have to decide which shoes to wear–my Brooks Launches? My Ghosts? OR–since they just arrived yesterday–my new special 4th of July/USA edition of the Adrenaline 18s that I have wanted for so long now? (I used some birthday money to get those shoes and man oh man they’re so beautiful!!!)? So many options!!! It’s funny to me that I am now one of those people who has three pair of running shoes to choose between!!!

I bought cherries from Costco on Monday and froze them for my smoothies. Your fresh cherries look amazing!!!!! (My smoothie from heaven in these summer months: 1/2 banana, 1/4 c frozen cherries, a scoop of chocolate protein powder, 1 c unsweetened almond milk, a big handful of spinach, a spoon of almond butter. Try it–you’ll love it!!!)


You are the absolute sweetest and WE ARE FRIENDS! Thank you for what you said about time with my kiddos… that means a lot. Girl, I am so sorry about everything that you deal with from your arthritis. That breaks my heart. I wish I could have come to your Body Flow class. I NEED A PICTURE OF YOUR 4th of July Adrenalines! They really are beautiful. I think I get some at the end of the month. Good call on freezing them for smoothies, I’m going to copy you. So did you just take the seeds out first?


You know, since I have been running in Launches and Ghosts–neutral shoes vs. stability Adrenalines–I’m starting to prefer that more. But I love those Adrenalines too much. I really have to run in them ASAP! Either tomorrow or Sunday depending on when it will rain.

For the cherries–yup! Pit them and get rid of the stems and lay them flat on a cookie sheet (with parchment or wax paper) until they’re frozen through, maybe overnight, (they’ll be a bit squishy still but they will have the crystallization all around them that you get when something is frozen. And then put them in ziploc bags and back in the freezer they go until it’s time to put them in smoothies or thaw them to put in some sort of chocolate cherry muffin or cupcake or something.

And dang now I want chocolate muffins with cherries in them!!! My sweet tooth is horrible!!

And arthritis–yeah, it sucks. I never feel old; I always still feel like that 16 year old kid who’s trying to be taken seriously, if I am really honest. But now I am officially in my 40s, so I guess I am getting old and all the stuff from family medical history rushes in.

and Body Flow–I swear I am going to find, either this coming school year or next, a poetry reading to give somewhere in Utah and I am going to find my way to where you are and we’re gonna schedule a Flow class for you and the high school girls you work with! It might be like 20 months from now (ha!), but this will happen! :)


We are going to freeze some of ours.. thank you, such a good idea! I need chocolate cherry muffins now. YES COME!!! We would love that so much. Have a wonderful day!


Both my husband and I are righties and so are my kids, but I will switch hands around to do different things. I like red meat but not a big steak eater.


I have the Chicco Activ3 jogging stroller and I love it! It does have the adjustable handle and a very large sun shade – I’ve had it for 3 years and its great. I only wish it had a snack bar for my kiddo – but other than that it’s awesome!

I enjoy steak but I could live without it – and those cherries look amazing! I need to get to the grocery store!


Oh that is another thing I wish mine had… a bigger sun shade. Go get some cherries asap! Have a beautiful day Christine!


I ran with a BOB stroller for my first one but I didn’t attempt the double running stroller for running just walking but I think it helped me as I ran a PR half marathon when he was 9 months old and I was running weekday miles with a stroller and my long run by myself felt so fast after pushing a stroller. My neighborhood has hills. Also I think there is something about nursing that makes you faster. I heard that and I was nursing too during that PR race. Some chemical produced is like a drug. I don’t know if true? Ever heard that?


I’ve just started running with my 15 month old! I’m thinking the same thing- pushing the stroller will make my solo runs faster and make me much stronger! We have a Chariot brand stroller, and the handle is actually removable so you can flip it and have it be taller or shorter based on your preference.


I just started running with my toddler (30 lbs) in the single BOB again. I haven’t run with her in probably 18 months, and we live in a very hilly neighborhood. It’s hard enough that I cannot yet imagine pushing her and the baby in the double. That thing is massive!

I ran a race on Memorial Day and a mom passed me pushing a double stroller with probably a 1 and 3 year old in it (and it was on an uphill). I wasn’t running super fast but I also wasn’t super slow. This mom was a beast!


No kiddos so haven’t run with a stroller.

Right handed, and definitely a meat eater – I love steak though we don’t have it often.

Not planning on running today – yesterday’s training run was straight up – I’m not kidding – like 3500ft of elevation in 5 miles give or take…so my benefit from running is not running haha.

After reading about how much you love your oofos I am tempted to get a pair! Have a great day and happy stroller running with Skye!


I don’t know if someone already mentioned this but there are certain running strollers that do have an adjustable handle – I did not know that though when I bought mine and so we got the BOB without the adjustable handle. Luckily, it doesn’t seem to be a problem for me but when my husband runs with the stroller he always complains that the handle is too low.


In the past we’ve run with a jogging stroller – we had the Chariot Carrier CX 1 (made by Thule now). for downhills, the jogging stroller had a leash which was *critical* as the entire thing wanted to go downhill so fast, but to hold it back with the hands was so much effort. the leash helped a lot on the downhills. on uphills, i used my hands, but also my center mass/body to push it up – the nice thing was that it’s structured in such a way that it lets you stride without hitting or kicking the stroller as we ran, no matter how close we were to the stroller itself.

with the jogging stroller, i’d alternate hands, and i think my husband did too. what was nice was that it had a handlebar that could be flipped upside down. so we had about 3 different heights we could work with. the negative part of the jogging stroller is that the front wheel didn’t swivel which i find so crucial. i hope they fix that!

nice about the ikea high chair, we had that -same- exact one, it’s so perfect!

skye’s toes wiggling during the run sounds sooo cute. like her toes are enjoying the breeze :)

yes we eat red meat occasionally (not often though) – we like a good steak! my husband is a pro at making delectable steaks our entire extended family goes ga-ga for.

today i am resting as i will be racing on Sat. good luck to me :) yesterday was a workout, broken miles. trying to pretend it never happened as it was tough (uh – i mean amazing!) :D


I’m so jealous that you sister has a cherry tree!! I am in awe of anyone who runs with a stroller! I wasn’t in a running phase when my son was small but to be honest I don’t think I would stroller run even now. It just looks too hard, and I love running being down time for me (aka selfish mummy ?) My other half is a leftie and I remember him asking the midwives if handedness is inherited about ten minutes after our son was born (it might have been a bit longer, I wasn’t exactly very ‘with it’ myself!). It was because the baby was gripping his finger so tight with his left hand :) (he turned out to be a rightie, much to my partner’s disappointment – though he kicks a ball with his right foot himself).

No running for me today. I’m recovering from a cartilage injury and while it’s a lot better than it was I still feel a need to take it carefully. I’m hoping to get out tomorrow or Saturday. And if you’ve noticed that I always seem to be injured, well yes, it feels that way here too at the moment!! No red meat here either, I’ve been a veggie since I was thirteen and the idea makes me feel a bit ill!

So glad you like your oofos, sounds like they’re your perfect footwear!


What do you say about how those sandals fit for sizing. I’m in between 7-8. Should I go up or down you think?


Hey Mary!! So I am about a 9 in normal shoes and a 10 in running shoes and I tried out both and went with the 10 for the oofos! The arch hit me perfectly in the 10 so maybe try what you get in running shoes? Let me know what you think!


I’m SO jealous of all those cherries! Now I’m craving a cherry pie… Want to send some cherries my way?? I’ll make you a pie too!!


Double Bob runner here! OHMYWORD it’s so hard! But I do it. I trained my kids from infancy to ride in the stroller, so they do well. No electronics, but usually a toy or two, snacks and drinks and we are on our way. The farthest I’ve gone is 6ish miles with them, but I have friends that run half-marathons and train for full marathon’s with theirs. And some days, a hard run pushing my stroller is better than getting up at 430 to run. HA.


I promise it is NOT in my head (ha!) but if I walk in the door, take off my shoes and walk even 5 steps without putting on my indoor shoes, I get plantar fasciitis :) I had a REALLY bad case once and I can never walk barefoot on hard surfaces again! I completely understand and believe your feet feeling better now. So glad for you!


I’m 5’2 and my husband is 6’2. The adjustable handle was a must! We have the Thule Urban Glide and we love it. It’s great for running and is slim enough to take into shops, etc. I also travel with it and it easily folds with one hand. It’s light, butbcan hold up to 75 lbs


Love that casual massive bowl of watermelon behind the sammy! I understand it, it just made me giggle :)


I have those same Oofos and LOVE them. I think they make shoes too and I think I might get some for after my winter runs when it’s too cold for flip flops.

I’m also left handed and am pretty sure I do just about everything with my left hand, however I broke it when I was a kid so had to learn how to use my right hand more for things. For some reason I still switch hands when I’m brushing my teeth, but that’s the only thing I can think of where I switch .

Fun fact: my gran was naturally left handed but was from the generation where people were FORCED to write with their right hand. She wrote right handed throughout her life but was left hand dominant in many other things.

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