Many Running Thoughts…

(Shoes, shorts, tank, bra)

Heart rate high, stress levels low. 

I went and did a speed workout yesterday with some friends that are much much faster than me, which meant I was alone for the workout but did my warm-up with them.  6-mile w/u up the canyon and then workout down the canyon–> 6 x 2 min hard (1 min recovery) 1 min hard (2 min recovery).  I felt sluggish, but that was to be expected a few days after a race.  

The scenery kept me distracted—12 miles @ 7:14 average.

Some Smashing Pumpkins on my AirPods also distracted me.

Brooke’s friends are so good to Beck and Skye.  

Just a normal summer day.

One pot macaroni with broccoli and zucchini for dinner!

Rewind to Monday night–> I had no desire to cook anything for dinner and had just gotten eggs out of the fridge to make a boring dinner when I heard a knock at the door.  The neighbors invited us over for wood-fired pizza, and it was incredible.

We also had our first s’mores of the season.

In my educated opinion, Reese’s and Charleston Chews make the best s’mores additions.

I have a lot of running thoughts to talk about and decided to put them all in one post together:

*I was listening to an armchair expert episode (I don’t remember which one!), and they were talking about what they would wear if they were to get dressed without seeing how it looked on them and chose their clothing based solely on how it feels… 

I think we should think about this with our running clothes.  Choose what feels best on your skin and what moves best with the movement, and forget the rest.

*That thought also reminds me that I’ve been paying closer attention to all of my senses on the run. Doing this helps me stay more present, and taking in what I hear, see, smell, taste (not always fun with gels;) and touch takes the focus away from thinking about the pain.

*The warmer weather and lighter mornings have brought out so many runners in my area.  It makes me so happy to see everyone out moving.

*Running by a yard that was recently mowed is the best…  I love the smell of freshly cut grass.

*So much with running is truly from the neck up.  I’ve had some of my best races when I was not my fittest and some of my worst races when I was my fittest… our brains are sure powerful.

*It’s fun to be 37 and break a course PR from when I was 33.  We are so lucky to get so many years to do this.  

*Kaydi and I are over on the Saucony website.  So is my friend, JaQuavious; he paced me in a half-marathon a few months ago… we were running a 6:20 pace, and he was chatting like he was out on a morning walk with me;)  He made the miles fly by!

*We have a big family trip this month to Colorado, and I cannot wait to run while we are there.  It’s been a while since my family last did a trip together (Skye was just a baby!), and it will be so much fun.


Any smells on your runs that you love?

Do you have any family reunions/trips this summer?

Best s’more additions, in your opinion?

Share a run thought with us!

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I don’t know about smells I love but I can tell you that I hate the smell of mulch in the spring!

I just have to tell you that I work with the company that makes Charleston Chews and last summer they were pushing so hard to add those items to Smores displays. This blog post would make them so incredibly happy!


I don’t know if I have smelled that before (Covid did kind of ruin my nose!)! Oh that makes me so happy, we LOVE putting it on s’mores. Nothing better. I should work with them on a campaign hahah. How cool you work for a company that makes candy… you are my goals:). Happy Wednesday, Jessica!


I love the smell right after it rains and the smell of the beach…the beach is our summer trip every year.

I’ve never seen anyone eat a Reese’s on a s’more, what a great idea!!!

Happy Hump Day :)


I hope your beach trip is soon and I might need to plan a beach trip for us too. If you ever try this combo, let me know. Thanks Deidre, you too!


One smell I’m not enjoying lately is the smoke from the Canadian wildfires. It’s finally nice out here but we have to stay inside because the air is unsafe to breathe for too long :(
I do love the smell of food when I run. I went for a few miles at 4am last week and someone was cooking the most delicious pizza I have ever smelled… at 4am! I figured it may be a night shift worker who just got home, but that smell made me crave a slice for breakfast.
We’re heading up to NH this summer to visit with my dad’s family. I went to UNH so New Hampshire is very near and dear to my heart.
Have a great day, Janae!


I haven’t heard about these wildfires. I am so sorry about what is going on and that you have to stay inside. I hope everything clears up soon. Ummm I want to meet the people making pizza at 4am. You’ll have to let me know your favorite Smashing Pumpkins songs. You are going to have the best time in NH, enjoy. Thanks Stacey, you too!


I love the smell of freshly cut grass too. And I love the smell of jasmine. It’s blooming everywhere right now and I just love it.
How fun, a family reunion in Colorado! Where in CO will you be? Our oldest son is going out to Pennsylvania with his girlfriend for her family reunion. That should be fun (maybe a little intimidating for him?).
I’m off for an easy long run to celebrate Global Running day.


Hey Wendy! I am with you, I love the smell of jasmine so much. Keep enjoying! We are going to Glenwood Springs, is that near your family? How fun for your oldest and I hope they are all super inviting and friendly. Enjoy your easy long run and thanks for reminding me it is global running day!


I love that you are coming to Colorado! I live near Colorado Springs, if you come this way you MUST run in Garden of the Gods. Enjoy the time here, I know you will love it.


Is that near Glenwood Springs?! I must go to the Garden of the Gods, that sounds incredible! Thanks Natalie:)


ah, sadly, no, but you will LOVE Glenwood. Two hot springs pools, tons of trails, yummy food. Hike up to Doc Holiday’s grave, its a touristy thing but a good uphill climb.


Hi Janae! That’s so awesome you’re on the Saucony page! Congrats!!
Your family reunions look so fun!
Have an awesome day!!


Thank you so much, it was such a fun shoot. Thanks Amy, you too!


I smell honeysuckle on my runs a lot and it’s lovely! Also when it just starts to rain in the summer. Thanks for always sharing and inspiring! I’m going to run my first marathon next spring and I’ve gotten so many helpful tricks and tips from your blog over the years!


I want to smell honeysuckle on my next run… that sounds wonderful. Eileen. I am thrilled for you. I hope you keep me updated on all of the training and if you ever need help, I’m your woman. Cheering you on!


Yay Colorado! It’s the best! In Glenwood Springs, CO: definitely go to the natural spring pools for a day (pricey but so fun!). And hike Hanging Lake if you can. It’s a beautiful natural wonder and who knows how long it will be around. Flooding and fires have put it at risk before in recent years. You have to pay a fee and make a reservation to do it now. Hike round trip is 4 miles – my 5 year old son did it on his own, and we carried our 3 year old daughter in the hiking pack. Lots of snack breaks, but my son loved counting the bridges you cross on the way to the top! And also a very cool waterfall you can walk under at the top too! Enjoy your trip!


I keep rewatching this mind over marathon vid….it just keeps blowing my mind…running to deal with depression…but, 10 people training to run a marathon in 20 weeks, non-runners to a full marathon in 20 weeks…..what happened to needing years?….but so worth a watch….it got me out running this afternoon


Okaaaaaay, and the picture of your family made me tear up! Look at all of that LOVE!


Love S’more’s 😋. The idea of doing them with peanut butter cups is amazing!!

Sadly my only family travel is next week for my dad’s memorial, but at least all of the family will be together like he wanted. We are looking forward to having the cousins together!

I have a question. I am getting ready to start training for Chicago and I’m wondering what your favorite running books are. I just listened to the ones from Des and Kara and REALLY enjoyed them both. I know you mentioned books in another blog post, but I couldn’t find them in the search! Thanks!!


I love the smell of COFFEE any time any where. Sadly not running but I smell it when I have swim practices as there is a cafe inside the complex where I swim.

Smores are the BOMB. Baked chocolate chip cookies with a marshmallow in the middle is great. Or rolo in the middle or mini Hallowe’en bars like aero or caramilk.

Love your blog!!

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