Friday Favorites, Trust, A Hike & Skye’s Happiest Time!

8 miles in my running emoji shirt at an 8:30 average pace.  I did some strength training the day before so I was feeling every single squat during my run.   I have a hard workout (for me at this point) tomorrow so I’m hoping I won’t be sore anymore by then and if I am… that will just make me mentally stronger.

As you can tell, Skye’s happiest time is when all five of us are all together.  Brooke gave Andrew his Father’s Day presents that she made for him.

IMG 2676

And I gave him some new goodr glasses to wear before he headed out for his last long run before his half marathon.  He said they made him feel pretty cool.

IMG 2680

We made it to the park for a little while during Andrew’s run (it was 90 degrees while he was running?!).

IMG 2692

Skye and I found the shade.

IMG 2694

We are sure going to miss Brookie this weekend!

IMG 2699

Our afternoon was full of work/school/kids/cleaning and when we were all finished, we took it to the mountains for our family night.

IMG 2746

We went to Buffalo Peak Trail (I saw Candice go the other day so I copied her) and it was gorgeous.  It is a short hike, about a mile round trip.  The views were awesome.

IMG 2752

IMG 2781

I think part of the reason our kids like to hike so much is because of the unlimited snacks;)  Also, Brooke is on a huge pistachio kick right now.

IMG 2705

The wildflower fields were amazing too!

IMG 2716

Skye got in a nice little snooze while we were out.

IMG 2784

I hope you have an amazing weekend!


I have a few Friday Favorites to share today!

*If you are a tuna person, eat these flavored tuna creations now.  I ate one yesterday right out of the pack with a fork ha.

IMG 2884

*When I first had Skye I was thinking that keeping up on getting ready every day was going to be really simple… until she stopped sleeping 96% of the day and now I just want to put on a hat every day.   I am loving THIS one (below) right now.  My three other favorites that I’ve been wearing are HERE, HERE and HERE (this is a men’s but I love it).  Also, I just ordered a few new ones that I am obsessed with judging by their picture so I’ll share them once I try them out.

IMG 2498

*As you know, I love t-shirts.  Too much.  I just got this one and I just love the way it feels.  It is SO soft.  I loved it so much that I just ordered the same t-shirt in this style too.   To go along with this picture, the chocolate covered bananas at Target are also my favorite right now.

IMG E2645

*These. Bows.  A good friend of mine started a bow company and sent me a few.  I am in love.  She has so many amazing bows that are so different than anything I’ve seen.  You can find them HERE!

IMG 2615

*My friend told me about this book and I’m sneaking in reading it whenever I can.  It is really good so far and if you want to feel every emotion possible… read this.

I prefer reading real books to reading them on my iPad but when I find a book I want to read, I don’t have the patience to wait for it to ship.

IMG 2696

*Megan’s latest post…  I trust us!!

IMG 2882


You are all incredible!  Keep sharing the amazing things you are doing with us!  If you want to be featured, send them to [email protected]


Kayla!!!  “When my son was about 3 weeks old (almost 6 months ago!), two of my close friends and coworkers said they were going to sign up for a triathlon and I thought, why not join them!  I’ve run a marathon before (about 3 years ago) and many half marathons, but I hadn’t been running while pregnant or much right before then either (I do other things to work out, but not enough running!).  I was a swimmer in high school and a lifeguard, so I wasn’t too nervous about the swim, but doing it before a bike and a run… ahhhhh!  But I did it!  1/3 mile swim, 14 mile bike ride and 3 mile run!  All while my son watched and cheered me on!  My husband did it too and I was sooo proud of him!  It felt so good crossing that finish line and knowing I’ll have an example to show my son that his parents can do anything they set their mint to!  I can’t wait for the next one…”



Tuna—>  yes or heck no?

What are you currently reading?

Looking forward to anything fun this weekend? 

What temperature is too hot for you to run in?

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Tuna yes!
I have a run today, hopefully about 6 miles, but it is going to feel like 100 degrees, so I will plan on taking it slow, ha.
I love Goodr glasses, I have 2 and am planning on getting a 3rd pair today! And Skye looks so happy in that photo on the couch.
Have a great weekend!


Ahhhhh 100 degrees?!? How do you do that! Let me know which goodr glasses you order! Have a beautiful day!


I went with the last pair of the Dinosaur “Not the Mama” frames that our local running store had……yellow with purple lenses! Going to wear them today!!


My new lunch addiction is the flavored tuna pouches on rice cakes and topped with avocado….so good. I don’t really have a top temperature, Mid Atlantic humidity will usually get you first. But luckily I’m surrounded by plenty of wooded trails to get out of the direct sun.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Oh I am going to have to try that combo, sounds so good Amy! I am so glad you have those trails.. shade works wonders. I still don’t know how you do it in that humidity though. Thank you, you too!


I love that y’all do family hikes together. I can’t believe it was 90, though!! When I visited Utah barely two months ago, it was sooooooo cold! When I lived in Texas, I used to run in the upper 90s (and sometimes 100s) on days when I ran after work, but I’ve gotten kind of spoiled with California weather now.

I need to finish Live Fearless and You Are a Badass. I haven’t gotten to read much lately, but I’m going to take them to the beach with me this weekend to catch up some! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Janae!!


California Running is the best!! Enjoy your beach time Natalie!!


I love love love when you link all your clothes + hats!! :) So HELPFUL since our style taste is similar ;) If you don’t mind me asking… how does the RVCA shirts run? I’m totally going to order both! They look more loose than fitted?


Hey!! You are going to love the shirt! I bought the first one in a store here and they only had a large left so it is a bit baggy but I actually love that is. I ordered a large in the other one on amazon! At this point I usually wear a medium in tops and I think a medium would work great too but I really like the looseness of it! When you find awesome clothes online tell me please:) Have an awesome day!


Thanks sweet friend! <3 Ordering soon! I'm really loving Mindy's market + (A little dangerous!! since it's so easy to order!) Happy Friday!


Oh I can’t wait to check this out! Thank you!!


Currently read a Harry Potter book and Run! 26.2 Stories of Blisters and Pain by Dean Karnazes.

I like tuna but don’t have it often. Temperatures are supposed to be sunny and 30 degrees celsisus this weekend so looking forward to enjoying the sunshine. I will also be playing in the trails

Hmm – I find it hot running in the 30s but I will do it. I once ran when it was 104 degreesn (farenheit) – that was way too hot (during a trail race last summer) and it was a sufferfest. I kept sticking ice down my sports bra.

Have a wonderful weekend! And I love how happy Skye is :)


Oh I want to read that book by Dean Karnazes! 104… I would have melted!!! Thanks girl and enjoy those trails this weekend.


Not a big tuna fan – I don’t really like fish/seafood at all.
I just finished The Last Mrs. Parrish and it was SO good. I need some more recommendations though!
My friend and I were supposed to run a 6k tomorrow, but unfortunately, she’s dealing with some major back issues. She can’t run so we are walking it together. I could’ve ran it but the whole point was to do it together so for the first time, I’m walking in a race! I’m looking forward to chatting with her through it!
Temperature – I start getting nauseous running in anything over 85 degrees (and even that can be a bit taxing if it’s longer than 4 miles or so). Humidity plays a big role in it though – if it’s humid, it’s harder to sweat and cool off your body so if the humidity is high, I’m not doing it in anything warmer than like… 75 degrees.
Question – is your sister doing any more amazing home renovations? I have a bunch of things I need to get going on my house and I need some motivation/inspiration! :)


That is so sad about your friend’s major back issues! Have a blast walking together though! I’m with you on feeling nauseated in really hot temps while running! She currently is not but I know she has some projects she is wanting to start so I’ll keep you updated! Good luck with all of your projects and let me know how they go. Have a wonderful weekend!


Can I come join your family nights!? You guys do such fun things and your hikes look amazing!! You are seriously such a cute family! <3

I love tuna!! But I'm currently pregnant and very limited on my tuna intake!

It's going to be HOT in Michigan this weekend (high 90's!) so we will be poolside for most of it! I'm looking forward to it! Have a really great weekend, Janae :-)


You absolutely can… see you on Thursday night? OH THAT WAS SO HARD when I was pregnant! I remember I craved it all of the time but could only eat a little bit of it. You soak in that pool and enjoy all of the popsicles. I hope your pregnancy is going well! Thank you!


I used to run in hot weather all the time and it never bothered me. But now I’m happy with 70s. I ran in 90 the other day though and it was fine just because there were a lot of sprinklers on haha.

No on tuna.

Right now I’m reading Goose Girl. My friend recommended it to me and I’m liking it!

We are doing Lagoon this weekend so I’m really looking forward to that!


HAHA sprinklers are lifesavers… I need to remember to take advantage of those on the hot days. Have so much fun at Lagoon, we love that place!


I am amazed that Andrew ran in 90 degrees (insert PRAISE HANDS emoji here). I hope at least that it was a DRY heat–that makes such a difference!!! Far easier to run in dry 90 degrees than humid as a stinky fox 78 degrees. My run, at 6:20 AM, was in 72 degrees with eleventy million percent humidity. It was a short run, and I DIED. Oh my goodness. My entire run I was thankful as heck that I put my pride aside and decided to start wearing 8″ compression shorts for my summer runs even though it shows even more of the lower body “situation” that I do not like people to see. Sometimes feeling comfortable is FAR more important than pride. And I keep reminding myself that there are people in their cars passing me by on the road who are probably thinking GOOD FOR HER or that they wish they could go on a run…instead of deal with a bad back/have to rush to work for a 7 AM meeting/be on the losing side of the battle between their desires and their insecurities or anxieties or whatever. There’s so much I can easily get embarrassed or insecure about, but I know that there are people who would kill to have some of the things that I can easily get worried over. It’s anever-ending chain.

I have to be on the lookout for that tuna. Tom is obsessed with all things with buffalo sauce and all things with jalapeno, and I bet the jalapeno tuna is something he would mix with his chipotle mayo and put with pepperjack cheese for a super awesome lunch time sandwich (my husband is, to be honest, the KING of sandwiches!! He has a sandwich every chance he can get…unless buffalo wings are an option…). I am going to add this to next week’s grocery list and see if I can surprise him with these tuna packets. As for me–I think I would love the hickory smoked one. I have a deep love of all things with a nice smokey flavor…including the smoked salmon I bought at Costco on Monday and have slowly been eating all week on salads. It’s so good–look for it in the cases where all the cheeses and dips and lox for bagels are in your local Costco. It’s the honey maple smoked salmon. My favorite salad combo with it so far is baby spinach, chopped up roasted red peppers, crumbled feta, grape tomatoes, the smoked salmon all flaked on top of the salad, and my favorite brand of balsamic vinaigrette dressing. SO GOOD! Add some multigrain tortilla chips on the side and I have lunch time perfection!

Right now I am reading Atul Gawande’s BEING MORTAL (it’s my “car book” which I read a bit of every time I show up early for something…), but I need a good, page-turner novel to read in the evenings before I turn the lights out. I started a novel (Ruth Ozeki’s TALE FOR THE TIME BEING) which is so far really gorgeous, but it’s taking a little bit more mental investment than I want ot put in when it’s 10:30 at night. That’s a novel I really want to read more slowly, like when I have a few hours at a time to curl up with a book. I’m going to look up the book you’re reading now! If you ever want a beautiful novel that is, I think, a page turner but would also make you think big abstract questions, Bharati Mukerjee has a gorgeous one called JASMINE that I have read so many times and that I fall in love with each time. In the past, when I have had sections of American Lit classes in my teaching load, I have included it and I really love it. Another good book–Bridget Asher’s novel ALL OF US AND EVERYTHING is really nicely done, especially if you want to read a novel that revolves a lot around the ways that people relate to each other and feel the dynamism in their human relationships to other people.

I hope Brooke has a GREAT weekend with her father. And I hope your day today is a great one, Janae! Tonight Tom and I are going to see a Braves game, so I will be right there with you and all about that baseball cap life this afternoon and evening ;)


Good for you for getting out there in something comfortable for you! The thing I have learned when it comes to all of that is 99.9999% of people aren’t even paying attention to what others are wearing/doing around them and if they do criticize/judge then that is on them. You keep being your amazing self! Thanks so much Stephanie. Have so much fun at the Braves game… Andrew is very jealous:)


Right now I’m reading “Me Before You.” I haven’t seen the movie but so far the book is very good! I’m a sucker for romance books.

I am in Memphis so we just have to be tough when it comes to humidity and heat in the summer. If it’s brutally hot I can hit the trails and be fine even if it’s 90-95 degrees. When the sun is out in full force and it’s extra hot, I’m a wimp.


I’ve heard that book is awesome and I love romance books too! You get double the points for running in that weather Sloan. I CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE! Have a fabulous weekend!


I love those little tuna pouches! They are super good in salads :)
I am currently reading A Dog’s Way Home. It’s super sweet, written from the dog’s point of view, trying to find her person again <3 But, I am looking for some other good books this summer. I know I want to read Dena Castors book, because I have heard it's really good! But if you have any other running book suggestions, I would love to hear them :)
I cannot believe Andrew ran in such hot temps!!! Eeeekkk…. my husband does that sometimes too. For me, if it's above 80, I will only run short, and anything over 85 I don't run or take it to the treadmill. August through early October can be super hot out here, so when that happens I run really early in the morning. Even then (like last year) it can be 78 at 5am, and that is just not fun!
This weekend will be all about celebrating my hubby for Father's Day… beach trip, movie at the dine in theater… just being together as a family :) Plus, I will talk to my dad on the phone too :)
Happy Friday!


Great idea of putting them on a salad, I will be trying that. Oh that book sounds awesome and Andrew needs to read it too! YES, read her book asap! It’s so amazing. I will write a post with my recommendations next week (and I am sure the best recommendations will be those in the comments that everyone else has)!
78 at 5 am… that is insane! Enjoy the celebrating, that sounds perfect. Thanks Wendy!


Totally with Brooke on the pistachios! Long time almond fan, but pistachios are so much better for snacking! Of course can only get them at TJ (or Costco for you) bc they’re $$$!

Thanks for the tuna recs! Will def check them out when on sale!

Check out bookbub! They send a daily email of deals on ebooks that are just stellar. I used to only do ebooks through the public library (btw you can do that— check it out online! Overdrive and SimplyE are the apps; I mostly have used Simply E.)
Anyway bought several books from Bookbub’s emails, and I love checking them out everyday!

Have a wonderful Friday and happy Father’s Day to Andrew! Enjoy the weekend together :)!! You guys have built such an amazing family! It really is incredible— even since I’ve been reading at the end of 2015! You and you both have done so much. ???


They are pricey but so ridiculously good! THANK YOU for telling me about bookbub! I am signing up right now. Thank you so much for your kind words, that means a lot to us. Have a beautiful weekend!


Tuna—> yes or heck no?
just ate a tuna melt yesterday! somehow, fish doesn’t seem to go with cheese, and yet i can totally eat this. tuna casserole is good too.

currently reading “the astonishing color of after” a YA novel about a young woman who loses her mom to suicide / mental health issues. it’s done really well, i am really enjoying it.

this weekend i race! with mom and dad friends. excited. it will be a shorter one, a scenic 10K. also maybe go to a night market so we can eat all.the.things!

too hot? i would guess 105. when we were in Texas, i would think, i cannot run in this heat. and it was 105-110. however i have been in Las Vegas where it was 100 and dry, and i totally thought, hey this is do-able. we didn’t run, but we golfed.


I am definitely going to have to read that book, thanks for sharing!

RACE WEEKEND!! I want to hear how it goes… please! Enjoy the scenery and all of the food afterwards:) 105–> Teach me your ways!


yes no problem on the book rec!

i will have to remember and take photos and get back to you on details. did i come back with a recap for the Brooklyn half? it was raining so hard!!! i can’t even believe i ran in that. the one positive is that the rain cooled us off as we ran. Deena Kastor was there and offered us some words of encouragement at the start which they broadcast to all the runners. she’s amazing, she placed 2nd woman overall (the race had been on her bucket list according to a blog post!) –

i will definitely enjoy the scenery. the food plans look like they are a go so totally excited for that –

so, definitely did not run for long in 105. i would say it was more run-walk with lots of water breaks. under trees and thru trails did not help matters. running in 90 degree temps is no joke either. i always worry about heatstroke when it’s that hot out!


Love all of your posts!

A friend of mine posted this and it reminded me of your “hill” post- “choose your hill.” You are awesome!


Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. I LOVED this so much. I had the biggest goosebumps when he said, ‘be brave. take the hill.’ Thank you for this and I will be sharing this a ton. Have a beautiful day Jennie and keep me updated on how you are doing!


the hike looks great! and lol on the kids who like hiking b/c of unlimited snacks.

that tuna looks great to bring on hikes, tuna is our default go-to for protein during a hike too! we usually buy this at our local shop: – and take the soups with us. but i’ll have to be on the lookout for the tuna you recommend as well.


Skye’s face in that family pic is so cute! She looks so thrilled!
I go through tuna phases, sometimes a fresh tuna sandwich sounds amazing and sometimes the smell reminds me of catfood. :/
We’re celebrating Father’s Day all weekend – so lots of family time! I’m so excited!
Anything over 85 is too hot for me to run, I have zero heat tolerance!


ENJOY all of the family time!! THE BEST! I am right there with your zero heat tolerance. Have a beautiful weekend Erinn! PS the avocado toast on your blog made me drool.


I’m a morning runner before the sun. But today I had my mom watch the kids and I ran at 9 am and I was dying because of the sun. I don’t even know the degrees but the sun was rough because I’m done running before sun is up. Sheesh I’m a wuss. My husband runs after work and it’s always 80-90 and sunny. Don’t know how he does that but he’s not a morning person so doesn’t wake up early.


Your tshirt is really cool – but what about nursing?! I have an 8 week old & nursing clothing is the most frustrating thing in my opinion! Do you just pull it up to nurse?


HEY! Congrats on your 8 week old. A few months ago a reader just recommended wearing a tank top that is easy to pull down in front under your t-shirt so then you can pull up your t-shirt and still be covered (by the tank underneath)! I hope you are getting some rest:)


Tuna is a sometimes for me. Tuna salad or grilled tuna steaks. I’m currently reading Daring to Drive by Manal Al-Sharif, Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis, and I just started The Counterfeit Agent by Alex Berenson. The first two are really good, the third I can’t give an opinion yet.
Too hot for me was 74 this morning. 80 is my no-go point now. I used to run in the 90s and I have no idea how I did it.


I am absolutely amazed at Skye! She is always grinning or smiling so sweet in every picture. Just love it! I’m curious about your baby backpack for hiking. What kind is it? Do you like it?


She is definitely a happy baby! Here is the pack… we LOVE it!

Have a great weekend!


Thanks for sharing my accomplishment!! We have one of those hiking backpacks and I cant wait to try it out! For my husband’s first fathers day he wanted to go on a hike but the one he chose is a little much to take Oliver with us so grandma will be babysitting :) Oh well, we’ll try it out another time! Have a great weekend!


Tuna is a heck yes. I’m in between books right now, so I’ve been writing down the names that people recommend for when I start one. So many people are recommended Girl Wash Your Face, so that’s probably next. Going to enjoy a family cookout (that includes swimming in this terrible heat). Once it gets in the mid to upper 80’s I have to be careful running during the day and stick to only morning or evening. I get heat headaches really bad. I’ve tried everything, it just is what it is I guess. But you don’t want to be far from home when you get one. Since I like getting my runs done in the morning anyway, usually works out fine. Little Skye has the best big smiles ! Enjoy your weekend !


I’m 92% sure I studied abroad in Jordan with Kayla’s husband… haha, so random!


Oh I really don’t like tuna. I think it’s because I give it to my cats for a treat so to me it’s cat food!

Love that emoji shirt though. Really cool.

I’ve been reading Deena Kastor’s book and am a bit obsessed with it. So many awesome takeaways for my own running and I love her honesty.

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