Silentish Saturday!!!

6 miles @ 8:39 pace nice and early before Andrew and Brooke left for the airport.   I listened to Lindsey’s podcast with Tim and Kirstin Ritchie.  I loved what he said here—>  “In a race everybody experiences that pain and If you can see it as something you can kind of harness and something you can relish in you are going to be successful and if you see it as something you need to avoid or manage… the race is going to be pretty tough.”

These two got to bond.

IMG 2954

Andrew and Brooke made it to the airport.

IMG 2976

Skye did her yoga and I did my recovery.

IMG 2917

IMG 2936

They called us when they landed.

Screen Shot 2018 06 15 at 11 20 39 AM

Knox did some art and when I asked him what this was a picture of he said it was me flossing… I’m glad I’m leaving a great impression on these young minds.

IMG 2922

Salad with my current favorite salad dressing.

IMG 2957

Pool day.

IMG 2959

IMG 2967

Knox requested a pizza night together (I added a spinach salad to my pizza).

IMG 2978

When your bro-in-law works at BYU and hooks you up with gear… our family wears a lot of BYU stuff.

IMG 2985

I introduced Knox to what I used to watch as a kid—>  RUGRATS!

IMG 2986

Andrew got home and we are off to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday!

But first, time to get in a bit of speed.

PS real quick flashback to when I used to sit in the river after long runs with speed for recovery.  Not sure I could convince myself to do this again ha:

IMG 0388


Tell me about what you are up to today!

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I love Rugrats!! Gotta introduce them to the old Disney stuff, too, like Goof Troop, Duck Tales, Tale Spin, and Chip and Dale rescue rangers. A lot of those are on DVD fairly cheap on amazon. Or if you haven’t already, join the Disney Movie Club and get them really cheap!

Today is work and I cannot believe I actually got up to run before work! The humidity was at 90% already, and my pace was AWFUL, but at least the temp was only 75.

Oh, and going to try some coconut waffles tonight……we bought a coconut pancake mix from trader joe’s and I am going to try it out as waffles, I hope it’s as good as I think it will be!!

Have a great day!


Oh those are classics… great idea, I’m totally going to join. Thanks Loribeth! WAY TO GO on running before work, that is awesome. Can I come over for dinner, that sounds amazing! Thanks girl, you too!


My brother in law works for Baylor so we get a lot of cool gear too. Today my husband suggested taking the kids to the waterpark and then to The Incredibles movie. Hope you have a fun weekend with your family!


Oh that is awesome… free stuff is the best. Let me know what you think of The Incredibles, I want to take our kids! Thanks Tabaitha.


I hope Brooke is having a great time with her dad. She’s lucky to have TWO dads who love her so much!

This morning I am foregoing my usual gym routine (a HIIT class on the spincycle called Sprint and weights) because one of my gyms needed a sub for Body Flow. I’m still getting exercise, and the extra stretch session will feel good before my shift at the store this afternoon AND before tomorrow morning’s long run, so I am gonna call it a win and just go with it. :) And tonight–well, tonight I will do laundry. And I will figure out meal prep for the week so that tomorrow I can get the groceries on my way home from work and throw some appropriate recipe into the crockpot to get me and Tom through at least PART of the week and a big pan of roasted veggies so that I have zero excuses. ;)

Oh–I could use a few new running tunes. What do you have on your playlist that you’re REALLY loving lately? I’m open to all the suggestions! :)


That is definitely a win! Have a great long run tomorrow, you are going to rock it Stephanie. I need to join you in the roasted veggies meal planning. I will post a new playlist this next week! Have a great Saturday!


My husband still sits in the Provo river after a workout. I don’t think I could convince myself to do that either. I bet I would have in high school


No way!! That is awesome:) Also, I copied you on using the sprinklers to my advantage today haha! Have a great day Jenny!


I love that! It helps so much haha. Have a good day


My bro and I loved Rugrats, too! There were so many fun shows when we were kids!
Today I’m off to the Scholastic book warehouse sale to help my school’s librarian shop for books for our summer reading program. Then my hubby and I are doing some yard work and cleaning the house to get ready to host a Father’s Day bbq. It is supposed to hit 90 tomorrow in Portland. I guess summer has really arrived! Hope you all have a fun weekend!


Right?! I was also obsessed with Doug… do you remember that show? Enjoy the book warehouse (I need to go to one of those), chores and BBQ! Eat lots of popsicles tomorrow and have a wonderful weekend. Thanks Jenny!


The pictures of Knox with Skye are so sweet! Hill sprints are done! Pretty happy about that! Now time to jump in the pool!


WAY TO GO ON THE HILL SPRINTS… those hurt so bad ha! Thanks Mel and enjoy the pool and the rest of your weekend!


I ran again! Celebrating each mile these days. It’s hard work coming back from injury but each run feels a little better.

That picture of Knox and Skye! So much love!


Kathy, this makes me so happy! After your longest break from running… YOU ARE BACK! You are so right, it is so hard but no one better to do the hard things than YOU.


Ah so sweet with big brother and baby sister and I always feel like I’m telling my kids to brush and floss that pic is too funny.
Heading to Lake Tahoe with my fam for Father’s Day week! Looks like rain one day and hoping to run while there!


Lake Tahoe… have the best time with your family and I hope the rain stays away! Thanks Christina!


I’m visiting the in-laws! The live at one the highest points in the country so I’ll get some altitude runs in and then be pouty because my times are so much slower. There’s also an aquatic center here so I’ll try to get some swimming in.
Also, there’s a triathlon here next month… hmm… the short one is 750m open water swim, 20k bike, 5k run…. I swam in high school and the BIL’s bike is in the basement (the niece says I can borrow her helmet — enabler!) and I can and have done 5k on dead legs in my sleep.. this isn’t the dumbest idea I’ve ever had…. right?
Oh, and we’re off to the farmers market in 10 minutes!
Also, love your pizza time with Knox! Those kids have it pretty good!


I ran an extremely hilly 5k this morning and placed fourth female overall! A few seconds off of my best time, but it was hot and the course was killer, so I am happy with how I did. This afternoon my husband and I are going to a dog event ( we don’t have a dog yet, but want to get one soon!) where they raise money for shelters, have food trucks, and dock dog events! We will most likely be the only ones there without a dog. :)

I hope you have a blast with your little family this weekend!!


I flew home yesterday and surprised my dad for Father’s Day! :) So he and I will definitely get out for a run at some point today. Have an amazing weekend, Janae!


Lovely you got some time with Knox – hope it makes up for missing Brooke on fathers day :( Today we have been at football, at a local festival with loads of veggie food and fun things to do, and decorating a cake for a family party tomorrow :)


Hope and I took donuts over to eat with my dad this morning.
Dads never stop being the best!


Any surprises in store for father’s Day?


You have such an adorable family. I am honestly so impressed with how you two make it just work with all of kid transitions. I hope you guys have a blessed Father’s Day tomorrow celebrating such an amazing Dad – Andrew.

This morning started with spinning in a class where the air was non functional. It was so so so HOT that I think the instructor was scared that class participants would pass out. She kept asking if we needed water and would bring it to people if needed. I then got the heck out of the class room after class and just pedaled and read for about 30 minutes while I brought my HR down.

I think a nap, a nail appointment, and some shopping (we have to buy a new fridge ours broke last weekend) are in my future this afternoon.


7 miles on the trail earlier and now enjoying the beautiful weather today!! Love all the pictures of your crew…adorable!! The flossing bit with Knox is a riot!! LOL!


Love the statement about pain. I was always the one who had to make it through the pain. But what a great idea to ‘harness’ it. I will use that thought from now on. LOVE pizza night – great though Knox! I am waiting on the cable guy – you know how they say ‘sometime between __ and __”. Ugh ruins the whole afternoon! Then I am off for a run. I have always been a first thing in the morning runner. If I missed the time frame – I wouldn’t run. But I have gotten much better and now run when I can. (Of course the heat has not hit the coast yet). Have a great weekend!


Did my last practice training for my triathlon next weekend. 1/2 mile swim, 10 (hilly) mile bike, and equally as hilly 5K. Reminded myself how blessed I am to be able to do this and embrace the hurt!


Cleaning out my kids closet and room. It’s amazing how many McDonalds toys can fit in one tote. It’s funny to me, the better quality stuff sometimes is the less favorite stuff over time, but by golly do NOT throw the cheap trinket stuff away. Most prized possessions. $1 Store and Quarter machines for the Win !!! We made a happy balance of toss, keep and organize.


Where did you get that red/white/blue star blanket? Super cute!!


Kale salad with brussels from Trader Joe’s with the BumbleBee Spicy Thai Tuna packet (or the sweet and spicy StarKist one) and the Spicy Peanut Vinegarette! My favorite go to lunch. You could add all kinds of other colors too. This would be great with the sweet potato croutons.

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