My Playlist + My Top Running Books + I Can’t BELIEVE This.

Skye was pretty thrilled about her girl party yesterday afternoon.

Let’s rewind just a bit to Sunday—> This is what Andrew and Brooke looked like on the shuttle from the car rental center to the Oakland airport to fly back home to us…

IMG 3181

And this is what they looked like at the airport.  Please do not ever book a flight on the same airplane as us because it turns out we have really bad luck now.  These two didn’t get home until after 4 in the morning because of some big delays but at least the flight didn’t get cancelled.  I felt awful for them but Brooke is like me and can sleep great anywhere.  Andrew was not blessed with that talent.

IMG 3180

Monday morning started off with an early run with Josse!  F.I.N.A.L.L.Y.

IMG 3172

We went on a trail and for the first time of my life, I saw a skunk (alive, I’ve seen many dead ones).  I was TERRIFIED.  It crossed the path in front of us and I did not want to get sprayed.  Luckily he didn’t but he did close by and the smell was terrible (I guess not bad enough for me to forget to take my camera out for a selfie though).

I do not want to risk my luck with a skunk again anytime soon though.

IMG 3169

We finished with 8 miles @ 8:45 pace and Josse had her awesome belt on.  She has been dealing with SI pain the last few months and once she started wearing this belt, it has disappeared.

IMG 3176

I got home and everyone was asleep at our house so I got a few things done and then Knox and Skye woke up.  Then we got to have Candice’s girls for the day and they are the best.   We decided to get out of the house so that we wouldn’t wake up Andrew and Brooke. We went to the park for a while and then we picked up donuts to take home for everyone.

IMG 3186

We came back and Brooke was ready to join in on the fun.  So they rode bikes and made a million bracelets with the rainbow loom… I think I know what I’m getting Brooke for her bday now.

IMG 3190

We had some sandwiches and quesadillas and then we were off to meet some friends to swim.  We went to my old apartment complex to swim and visited where Brooke and I used to spend time many mornings each week.  They have this gym there with an awesome kid’s playroom right next to it.  I would run and could see Brooke while she played in there.  I was VERY thankful for this option as a single mom.

IMG 3205

Skye was all about the extra attention she was getting yesterday…

IMG 3208

But she was not okay with Andrew trying to get in a nap.

IMG 3210

We had lasagna (my mom’s recipe) leftovers for dinner. This meal just has a special place in my heart.  I will love it forever.

IMG 3128

And then we finished off the day with Andrew’s softball game!

IMG 3216

I have to show you this.

See the little crinkle that Brooke gets on her noise when she smiles?

IMG E8766

All of the sudden Skye started showing hers off whenever she does a big smile too!  Isn’t that crazy?  I can’t believe how much Skye reminds me of Brooke as a baby!

IMG 3068

And a side by side to really get my point across ha.  I just love seeing this similarity.

IMG 3131


I haven’t been updating my playlists as often as I used to because I listen to podcasts on all of my easy days so I rarely get sick of my music for the speed days!  Even on speed days I listen to a podcast during my warm-up and cool-down.  How did I run before podcasts?  Here is the playlist (and some of them are the same running songs I have loved forever) that I am loving during my faster miles to get me to love my legs fastish:

*You’re So Last Summer by Taking Back Sunday

*Let You Down by NF

*My Life by NF

*Start Again by OneRepublic

*This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things by Taylor Swift

*Do It To It by Cherish

*Ain’t Gonna Die Tonight by Macklemore

*The Dirt Whispered by Rise Against

*Hunger by Florence + The Machine

*Numb/Encore by Jay Z/ Linking Park

*The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows by Brand New

*Somebody by The Chainsmokers

*Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons

*Like To Be You by Shawn Mendes (not a very fast song but I just love it)

*Delicate by Taylor Swift

*Wait by Maroon 5

*Back To You by Selena Gomez

*Growing Pains by Alessia Cara

*Pain by Jimmy Eat World

*Feeling this by blink-182

*Glorious by Macklemore

*Kamikaze by MØ

*Hold Me Down by Halsey


I’ve had a few people ask for an updated list of my favorite RUNNING BOOKS (and I updated them on my Gear Page HERE too)!

*Let Your Mind Run by Deena Kastor

*How Bad Do you Want It

*Hansons Half Marathon Method

*Mile Markers: The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run

*New Rules of Marathon and Half-Marathon Nutrition:  A Cutting-Edge Plan to Fuel Your Body Beyond the Wall by Matt Fitzgerald

*Mind Gym: An Athlete’s Guide to Inner Excellence

*Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth

*Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (not necessarily a running book but many things from the book can be used for running)

Currently reading:

*Nowhere Near First by Cory Reese (he makes me want to run an ultra.. he is amazing)

*North: Finding My Way While Running the Appalachian Trail by Scott Jurek

Next on my reading list:

*Endure:  Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance by Alex Hutchinson

*Kara Goucher has a new book coming out August 14th that I am very excited about—>  A Runner’s Guide to Boosting Confidence and Becoming the Best Version of You

I really want Lauren Fleshman to write a book:)


What are some of your favorite running books?  What was the last book about running that you read?

Ever been sprayed by a skunk?  Or your car or near your house?

Can you fall asleep anywhere or do you pretty much only sleep in a bed?

If you could meet any famous runner or non-runner in the world… who would it be?

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I sleep ok but not great in weird places. Nothing beats sleeping n my own bed though. Which right now sounds 10000 times better than working out haha. I’ll regret not doing my workout though so I got up.

We have a skunk that likes to wander around near our house. We haven’t ever seen it but we can smell that it’s there.


I agree… there is just something about your own bed. It makes coming home from a vacation so much easier when you know you get to sleep in your own bed:) Way to go on getting up! Oh nooooo… I hope you keep up the good luck and never see him. Have an awesome day Jenny.


That crinkle is adorable….and crazy how things like that happen. ;-)

Of course, if I could meet anyone I would love to chat with Jesus but besides him??? Lately, I have been on a Josh Duhamel kick….being from MN and he being from ND he has been spotted around my home town of Detroit Lakes often (I guess he has a lake home around the area too) any way it would be fun to have a beer and chat. And, if not him I have always wanted to chat with Jennifer Aniston since we share the exact same birthday date and year….I am sure due to that fact we would get along great.


You and Jennifer Aniston are meant to be friends since you have the exact same birthday date and year! I wonder if you were even born close to the same time of day? I hope you have an amazing day Kathy and THANK YOU! I really hope that you run into Josh Duhamel one of these days:)


I live in Boulder and a handful of famous runners live here but I’ve maybe only seen one once. I guess we just don’t have the same workout schedule. :D

Wow, I can’t believe Brooke and Andrew were stuck at the airport that long.


Who was it that you saw?! I hope you meet some more eventually and you all start running at the same times. I know, I felt so bad. Thanks Emma and have a wonderful Tuesday!


I love that you still listen to Taking Back Sunday and Jimmy Eat World! LOVE them!! “Kill” by Jimmy Eat World is one of my faves!

I can sleep pretty much anywhere. I’ve had to sleep in a few airports, too. They are the comfiest situations, but a girl’s gotta catch her Z’s. Also, I’m so glad you didn’t get sprayed by that skunk. I was once not that lucky, and IT WAS AWFUL!


HAHA yeah, I will never stop listening to them. Oh I love Kill too! OH NO, you were? That is awful! Have an awesome day Natalie!


I am a tough sleeper. I can’t even sleep in my own bed while my husband watches TV. I hear every little thing. Can’t sleep in the car, or on a plane. Not fun to be a tough sleeper. I have not been sprayed by a skunk but both my dogs had at the same time. That is literally the hardest thing to get out ever ! It’s actually oily once sprayed. I even through the clothes away that I had on when I carried the dogs to the bathtub. I tried everything I could Google. I got 80% of it, the rest had to wear off. Run for dear life if you ever see one alive again. I just love the nose crinkle similarity !!! And I also love the playroom with the glass viewing at your old complex !!! I wish mine had this. So awesome !! Kids under 18 aren’t even allowed at our fitness center. It’s a 24/7 unattended one. Someone with kids and no sitter was thinking when they made that. Awesome feature !!!


Oh that is so hard Michele!! I am so sorry. Oh your poor dogs!! How long did the last 20% take to wear off? I will definitely run a 5 minute mile to get away from the next one! I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks so much:)


Back to you by Selena Gomez!! Although I think she doesn’t have much of a talent for singing, her songs are definitely catchy.

Also, are yu a huge fan of Paris by the chain smokers?


Oh I do love that song too! It’s a great one. Have an awesome day Linda!


Thankfully I haven’t been sprayed by a skunk, but have had two close calls running.

My most impressive close call was a BEAR during a race. It’s tough to know for sure, but I was running a 5K that was an out and back course. My brother in law was behind me. Someone coming from the opposite direction started acting CRAZY and when he got close enough he told me a BEAR CROSSED THE ROAD BEHIND ME. I asked my brother in law, and all he could say that he was trying to hard to catch me that he was staring down and never saw it?! So, it’s tough to know if it’s true, but what a great story – mostly because none of us were actually eaten by a bear.


A BEAR. Jen. I cannot even imagine. My heart rate rose just reading your story. THAT IS SO SCARY!! I am so glad everyone was okay and that you haven’t been sprayed too! Have a beautiful day Jen.


I must pre-order Kara’s book! I just met her on Friday and she is the nicest person! We chatted about her upcoming running plans-missed the book details. <—- too busy fan-girling.


I love the nose crinkles and always notice it on kids; its the cutest! I just tried spelling it as krinkle (stupid Krispy Kreme invasion!) Haha. I feel so high maintenance when it comes to sleep. I have insomnia so I have a hard time sleeping in other places besides my own house. Haha. I’m OK vacationing but it does it’s not as comfortable and I definitely need a bed. :) Have a great day, Janae!


Ooohhh… Thank you for the book list!!
One summer we had a family of skunks living under our house! (Our house is on a raised foundation) I learned a lot about skunks that summer, our dogs got sprayed a couple of times, and I had to call “The Skunk Lady” (that’s actually what her business cards said) to get rid of them. Getting rid of that smell in the house was the hardest part! But, we all survived ?
There are so many famous runners I would love to meet! Meb, Desi, etc… But I think Dena because she is more in my age group. I would love to hear what she does daily, to keep in great shape. I would love to run with the big name runners to, although I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them for long, ha.
Poor Andrew and Brooke! Long delays are tough! But, thank goodness they made it home safely!


Woah, your first skunk encounter?! I feel like they are everywhere here in Jersey. I went to college up in the mountains in north jersey and always had to walk home from apartments where my friends lived back to my dorm at night and the path CONSTANTLY had skunks on it! I was lucky to have never been sprayed :-)


I love Brooke’s smile (that nose-scrunch!!!) and how Skye and she look like *sisters* the way you and your sister, who is in so many of your picture, do! I can’t wait to see pictures of Skye as she is the age that Brooke is now!

Thanks for that running playlist. I love so many of the songs that I loved when I was running big-time, a handful of years ago, and I am excited to add some new tracks to my list! A couple of favorite running songs of mine to add to your list if you like them are “Stay” by Kygo, “Warrior” by Kimbra, and “Am I Wrong” by Nico & Vinz.

I need to read some of those books on your list…and, especially the last few weeks, that book on building confidence. Man oh man, I don’t know if it’s a weird mental block that’s emerged or if it’s the really big summer humidity that is affecting EVERYTHING, but my mental game has been total rubbish for a little while now.

I hope you all have a great day out there!


I remember when I was driving to pick up my sister one night and saw a skunk. I was glad I was in the car, but still I didn’t want to scare it. I think that same year skunks were really bad and I saw like 3 of them at one point and one time I saw a whole skunk family.
I love seeing Skye and Brooke’s similarities. What a cute smile!!


You and Brooke have the exact same smile! I love it!
I’m really digging the throwback Taking Back Sunday and Blink 182 on your playlist…those are some of my favorites ;)
I absolutely MUST be in my own bed or I do not have a good night’s sleep. I need to get it together!
Hope you have a great day!


I’ve never read a whole running book, admittedly, but I love reading Runner’s World every month:)
We’ve got tons of skunks in New England, but I’ve managed not to get sprayed. Our friend’s cat got sprayed once when I was little, though, and that was no fun!
I am, and always have been a super finicky sleeper. I need to be in bed, white noise going, lavender oil diffusing (I even have a travel diffuser) and most nights I take a melatonin supplement. This makes traveling ROUGH, but I have some good strategies to keep myself resting while I’m on the road.


You really need “Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen” by Chris McDougall on that list. Not just the best running book, but one of the best non-fiction books I have ever read!

He ran the CRIM 10 Miler in sandals. I passed him around mile 9 and told him about how much I loved his book. The fact that I passed him was pretty cool too, but he’s about eight years older….and running in sandals.

On the other hand, don’t bother with “What I Think About When I Think About Running” by Haruki Murakami. I found it very boring and unenlightening. I usually keep every book I buy but that one is in a donate pile.


Oops I forgot. I was reading “My Year of Running Dangerously: A Dad, a Daughter, and a Ridiculous Plan” by Tom Foreman when I went out to Big Sur last year. I didn’t know they would be at the expo (Foreman and his daughter both featured in the book). They spoke at the Expo and I took pictures with them.

They ran the next day and I remember seeing him and saying hello as he ran off into the woods for a rest break. I think they passed me back later. The book is good, not necessarily great, but worth a read. The nice part is how Foreman used running to get closer with his daughter.


Favourite running books. Born to Run and Once A Runner. I got half way through Deen Kastors Let your mind run (it’s my friend’s book) so I am waiting for her to finish reading so I can borrow her book :).

Thankfully, have not been sprayed by a skunk…

I can sleep anywhere. It is my super power. I almost fell asleep on my bf will walking with him once. And I did fall asleep sitting in a canoe (upright). Go figure haha.

If I could meet any runner – I would want to meet Killian Jornet – the ultra runner, and Kaci Lickteig – she is an ultra runner who has won Western States 100.

Have a great day!


I’m pretty sure I saw your buddy (and Boston Marathon winner) Desiree Linden on the local trails once.


Two books by Jennifer Pharr Davis – Becoming Odyssa and Called Again. She isn’t known for running (but she does!) and she broke the record for hiking on the Appalachian Trail. If you liked Jurek’s book, you will like hers.


Thanks for the play list. I have a tempo run tomorrow that is making me a tad bit nervous. New music will help distract and keep me on pace!!!

I need to reed a book on marathons! I haven’t read any running books so I’m excited to read the recommendations.


Can you recommend some podcasts?



After getting so many stellar recommendations from you over the years, it makes me so happy to see that you have enjoyed the book on nutrition by Matt Fitzgerald!! I will have to check out the others mentioned in this post.

Happy Tuesday :)


I’m listening to “My year of running dangerously”by Tom Foreman, it’s a memoir about training for a mrarthon with his daughter and he is the narrator. So far, I’m loving it!


Once in high school i was feeding our outdoor cats and i got frustrated because i thought there was a stray eating from their bowl and it was only when i got about 10 feet away (yelling at it to “shoo”) that i realized it was a skunk! I backed away so fast!!


I love when you post your playlists! We have similar music taste so I always end up with new songs. PS I absolutely love the whole Jay-Z/Linkin Park collaboration. I’m a little too excited that you listed it!

I don’t have a favorite runner I like to meet. Any of the elites would do just to listen to their stories and learn from them.


Skye looks so much like Brooke!! They are both SO cute! I absolutely love podcasts too… I don’t have kiddos yet so I spend all my time in the car listening to podcasts. Have a great day!!


i’m glad you didn’t get sprayed by a skunk! last year, my husband and i were camping and had just finished making dinner when we heard some rustling in the trees lining our site. it kept coming so we were staying in place wondering what the sound was. suddenly a skunk burst out onto our campsite. we panicked and ran into the car at top speed with our food, lol. i proceeded to drop by hot dog getting mustard all over my pants. luckily, it didn’t spray and eventually wandered away! if you’ve ever the movie “christmas vacation,” it felt just like the squirrel scene at the end, ha!

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