Stories from My Phone + Why Sacrifice so Much?

This post is brought to you by Skye on my lap while I type, Brooke cleaning her room and Andrew running on the treadmill (he has turned into a later in the day runner due to his school schedule).

Six easy miles for me yesterday at an 8:35 average pace.  I remembered seeing on an elite runner’s (I don’t remember who.. oops) IG account that they do lunges right before they start a run to wake their glutes up so I tried it.  I did 3 sets of 12 on each leg and I think it actually really helped or at least the placebo effect did.  Next I’m going to try some donkey kicks and clamshells before I start my run even though I normally do strength afterwards.  I feel good about the idea of activating my glutes before so they do their job during the miles to avoid overcompensating everywhere else.

IMG 3225

I listened to Oprah’s podcast with Tom Brady and it was pretty interesting.  I am not a football person at all but I love learning from athletes in every sport.  When Tom Brady was talking about his dedication to hydrating properly and his nutrition he said something like this—>  Why work so hard with my football if I’m not going to do all of the other things that will keep me healthy and strong to keep playing? Why make the sacrifices that I make for this sport if I can’t make the other smaller sacrifices that will get me closer to my potential?  I loved this thought because it will help to motivate me to do all of the little things with my running.    We work SO hard with our running and getting out of bed when we don’t want to or lacing up our shoes after a long day… so why not make the other little sacrifices that are so important so we can get closer to our potential?

We were able to have Candice’s girls yesterday (she had to be somewhere the last two days so we lucked out:) and I picked up my nieces too.  We started off by getting them some donuts and I asked a stranger to take a picture of us.

IMG 3246

Then we went to a park to play for a while (Skye was with the older girls so I could join in on tag and pretending I’m a horse with Brooke).  Also, I hit my head hard on the big toy… note to self, playgrounds are not made for 5’8.75” humans.

IMG 3258

We hung out at home for a while and then Andrew and I took the kids to Wendy’s for their lunch.

IMG 3270

Andrew wanted Chipotle instead and I jumped on that band wagon with him so he picked that up for us.  It’s not normally my favorite but it sounded good yesterday.  Is there any other restaurant that puts on as much guac as Chipotle?  I really appreciate that about them.

Skye hit my phone as I was taking the picture so this is the best I have ha:

IMG 3266

We went to my sister’s house to drop off her girls and then we went to see the Incredibles 2.  The theaters in our area do really cheap movies on Tuesday’s.   IT WAS SO GOOD.  We liked it even better than the first one!

IMG 3293

I’ve got a speed workout this morning that I’m a tad bit nervous about.  I’m not super nervous about it but just enough to get me excited and adrenalined (<— definitely not a word) up.


I have a bunch of random stories from pictures on my phone that I felt like sharing today.

*Brooke just getting in some trail running through a field of wild flowers.  Summer better never end this year.

IMG 2725

*Knox’s favorite type of running workout is done while carrying around a water gun and chasing after his cousins.  I should put my garmin on him to see how fast and how far he runs during water gun fights because I’m sure it’s very impressive.

IMG 3149

*If you have not tried sweet potatoes as croutons I would like to challenge you to do so within the next week.  My sister could not get over how good they taste on a salad.  Usually I add more than the below picture but I accidentally burned half of the batch on Sunday.  I just toss them in some olive oil and then broil them at 425 degrees until they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  The more colors a salad contain, the happier I am.

IMG 3127

*Waterbottles sure have become pretty over the years.  Don’t these gorgeous ones just make you want to drink more water?  Or go somewhere warm and tropical.  I must get one of these Hydro Flasks.

IMG 3203

*Brooke is becoming my sports trainer.  She loves to sit on me and then pull my feet back and it gives me the best quad stretch.  Thanks Brooke.

IMG 3192

*When you are matching your 9 year old niece.  I told you, we have a lot of BYU gear in my family and we all wear it a lot.

IMG 3154

*I just loved this picture of my mom and Skye.  Look how hip my mom’s outfit is too.

IMG 3145

*I sat on gum at the park on the bench.  Terrible.  I was so sad because I love my black shorts but this hack 100% worked.  I couldn’t even believe it.

IMG 3262

I Boiled the vinegar, used a new toothbrush (that we are now saving just for this situation in the future) and boom… you can’t even see where the gum was.  It was a miracle.

IMG 3264

*Skye explained in four pictures;)

IMG 3088

Proof:  she slept through the movie yesterday and she loves to wake up as soon as I sit down for a minute at home ha.  She knows.

IMG 3292


PLEASE SHARE A LIFE HACK that you have found/used recently.  I love these kinds of things… help us all out:)  

What was the last podcast that you listened to? 

Anyone else have a speed workout today?  OR what was your last speed workout?

What is the best part of your Wednesday going to be?

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I have a speed workout today. I hate speed workouts.

I tried that dried on oil stain removal trick (laundry spray, dish soap and baking soda scrubbed with a tooth brush and then washed like normal.) It worked every time!

I love the 3 in 30 for moms podcast!

Ugh today is going to be a doozy. I think if I get through my OB appointment today (I’m getting an iud and I’m a little scared after hearing so many bad things) I’m getting myself a donut!


Don’t be scared- I LOVE my IUD. Some people don’t, but then, I hated being on the pill.

Also, HOW IS CURLY NINE??? Oh my goodness time flies.


Kelly, I am so glad you love your IUD… finding the right solution is the best! I know… seriously, sometimes when she is talking to me about things I get confused because I expect her to still be 3 ha. Have a great day Kelly!


JENNY!! Way to go on getting in some speed today! Good to know that trick works… I will have to try it, thanks Jenny! Yes, that podcast is awesome. I learn so much from it. I hope today goes really well and that the iud works out perfect for you. You better get a donut!!


I love Chipotle’s guac!! Also, I want to try that sweet potato crouton thing. I’m not the best with the oven, but I think I might be able to do that one.

I had a hill speed workout Friday (I hadn’t done hill repeats in a while, and I had missed them!!) and tempo yesterday. I need to start doing more track workouts, though.

I listened to The Refined Collective podcast yesterday, and I’m going to start listen to it regularly now. I definitely recommend!


Way to go on your hill speed workout… double whammy! That is rough. I need to check that podcast out. Have a beautiful day Natalie.


A small life hack: put toothpaste ice tthe big annoying zit on your face before you go to sleep and it will reduce and maybe go away by the time you wake up (or reduce so much that it’s really on its way out…)!

Another life hack: when your budget seems crazy and you don’t know how you will afford that thing coming up in three months, take your money for your gas budget out of the bank and use ONLY CASH for the month. At the end of each week’s allotted amount put the extra cash in an envelope that you keep in the glove compartment. It will help you save bit by bit for that girls weekend/concert ticket/other thing you want to do that really isn’t in budget! Case in point: this weekend I am going to a big Les Mills event in Orlando and would not have had the $375 I saved for the weekend without this strategy! Also Tom and I take whatever is left in our grocery budget at the end of each month and put it in a ‘date night fund.’ We can’t normally afford fancy restaurants, somthis lets us try top-notch restaurants in Atlanta every few months (& gives us excuses to get all dressed up beyond Christmas and easter!!)!


That sounds awesome… I’ll rub toothpaste all over my face tonight haha! Oh I LOVE that budget tip… this is awesome Stephanie. You and Tom have this figured out. Have a wonderful day:)


You are definitely on to something with the lunges! My coach has us do a lunge matrix before track practice and he has basically drilled it onto our heads that if we do nothing else to warm up before runs, we should at least be doing this (fyi- lunge matrix is 5 per side of front lunges, side lunges, reverse lunges and back and to the side lunges- where one leg stays straight at 12:00 and the lunging leg goes back into the 6:00 position. Sometimes we throw curtsy lunges in there too). And I 100% feel better when I do that vs. when I don’t. Somehow that still hasn’t convinced me to do it before every run though haha!

I was bummed that I had to miss my track group last night b/c of work but I made up for it by crushing the workout solo this morning! I did 1x 2k @ 5k pace minus 10 seconds, and 6x 300s. Totally ran everything faster than I thought I would and it felt hard but do-able. So I was pretty happy about that! I’m sure your workout is going to be great!


THANK YOU for letting me know that your coach has you do this and I’m going to try out that matrix, it sounds awesome. Let’s do it before every run together:) You rocked your solo workout today. That sounds like a killer workout, way to go Diana. Enjoy the rest of your day!


Can you loan Brooke out for stretching services?

Life Hack – If you buy strawberries wash them in a 1:8 ratio of vinegar and water. They will last so much longer and you don’t taste the vinegar at all. Although in our house they rarely last long enough to go bad. But it does work!

Podcasts that I’m loving right now is Matt Dixon’s Purple Patch Podcast. He’s a triathlon coach, and I’m new to the sport but he has a ton of guests that address all endurance sports. Just listened to the two part Nutrition (one of his older podcasts) and I love how so many aspects were addressed.

Looking forward to a bit less humidity today!


I’ll send them over. Okay, your strawberry hack is just what we need. They ALWAYS go bad at our house, this is going to help so much. I am so excited that you are doing triathlon now… that podcast sounds awesome and I’m going to have to listen to it. Keep me updated with what races you are training for and enjoy the little bit nicer weather wahoo!


I love Matt’s podcasts! I listen to them when I do trail runs – his British accent is a plus ? I have some friends, including a female pro, that are coached by him – great guy! Not sure where you are but he also puts on phenomenal training camps


I’m actually on the East Coast, and totally new to the sport (although a runner for many years, and a swimmer before that) and absolutely loving his approach to pretty much everything! Just ordered his book. I’m actually listening to his nutrition and hydration podcasts for the second time right now, because I pick up something new every time! I’m so glad that he’s a great guy in real life too!


The nutrition podcast is one of the best – I’ve listed to it at least 2x!


Brooke seriously has the best running form!
I had my first speed workout of this training cycle yesterday (I am using a brand new marathon training plan this time around!) and I was super nervous beforehand. It was 2 mile w/u, then 2 x 200 at 5k pace, (1 min rest) and 4 x 400 at mile pace (2 min rest). Repeat. 2 mile c/d. My paces were all over the place. Ha. But I mainly hit my targets, and ended much faster than my goal. I was pretty happy. Tomorrow I have 8 x 100m strides, 20 sec rest in btwn, 3.5 tempo miles, 5 min rest, then another 8 x 100m. I am mostly nervous about those tempo miles!
I typically do my speedwork in the AM down by the beach – the only place it is flat(ish) around here – but it’s getting so busy now that summer is here. I need to scope out an actually track!


She really does… I’m always a little jealous. NEW TRAINING CYCLE and if you ever get a chance… let me know what you are doing different this time around. Way to go on that workout, that sounds KILLER. You are going to rock tomorrow… those tempo miles are going to feel so comfortable for you (that’s what I tell myself haha). Have a beautiful day Annemarie!


I try to do a warm up routine my previous running app (now sadly discontinued) had, and it included lunges, clamshells, side lunges, a couple of inchworms and a plank variation. For good measure I throw in some of the exercises my physical therapist gave me last year, they are focused on glutes too. Glad to know it’s good for me. Sometimes I’m in a hurry to go out of the door, but a 10 minute warm up at home is one of the little things too. I hurt my knee a bit, so i’m taking a couple of rest days, I hope to be running (on the track!) on Friday again. I’m looking forward to strawberries for desert tonight.


That is a huge bummer that the app is no longer available, let me know if you find a new one. Way to go on getting in those warm ups in Eva. I hope your knee is better asap and enjoy those strawberries!


Have you tried chick pea croutons? Mr. North Anon eats the whole batch before they make it on to the salad. Google the “Oh She Glows” recipe, it’s awesome.
My workout of the day yesterday was chopping firewood at altitude and loading it into the the truck for the inlaws’ ski cabin. They want to get the wood done before the wildfire warnings come into effect. Lots of dead trees so it might be a rough fire year. There’s already been a man-made fire in the area. Grr.
So many great ideas. Loving these hacks. If anyone has one that will get me running faster I will be so so grateful.


I have not tried those but that sounds pretty perfect to me. I used to read her blog all of the time, she has the best stuff… we will be trying those. Yeah, that sounds like a tough workout! I am so sorry about the wildfire warnings… that is scary! I’m still searching for that hack too haha! Have a wonderful day.


last podcast: “Things We Mean to Know” – about how many facts about the world that we take for granted, without questioning how we know them – also about how much we accept based on faith b/c it’s hard to know them.

yes i had a speed workout this morning – last week was broken miles, 1200 then 400 (x3). this week (today) was 16×200 with varying rests. our coach said, “i took off the last 4 for you (was supposed to be 20×200) – you’re welcome!” we all kinda looked at her like “that was still really hard…”

best part of Wed will be after a 5K this evening, Thu is rest day! will be so glad to rest.


Okay, that sounds like the perfect podcast for me. I LOVE learning about those kinds of things, thank you! Way to go on your speed today. Those workouts sound so hard and you rocked it. Yeah… 16 x 200 sounds KILLER, that was so nice of her;) Enjoy your rest day tomorrow!


if you’re interested in the podcast it’s from NPR’s and it’s somewhere in Oct of 2017. it’s pretty good, i liked it lots – ! i have been going thru all their podcasts b/c they’re about 1h+ long and so interesting, i hardly notice the miles ticking by.

thanks, yes i was totally glad she took off the last 4!!! :)


Thank you so much… I can’t wait!


I did some 400s and a some 15 second pick ups on my run today. It was 98% humidity so I was a sweaty mess but I did them and felt great at the end. However, now I am starving and must go find some Twizzlers…. those will be my highlight today. Seems like forever since Curly has been on your blog, she is still such a cutie. I feel like vinegar is the answer to many things…sort of like how Windex was in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I use apple cider vinegar a lot for when I am sick and white vinegar for lots of various cleaning.


400s and 15 second pick ups in that humidity.. you are my hero. Enjoy all of those Twizzlers! Now you have me craving those and that is one of Brooke’s favorite treats! Yes, Curly needs to make more appearances again ha. Really… that is so interesting about the apple cider vinegar and white vinegar, I’m going to have to try these things out. I hope your Wednesday is amazing Corrinne!


I’m hooked on podcasts while running because of you and it’s amazing! It really keeps my brain engaged and thinking about other things. My faves right now: Max Lugavere (he wrote the book genius foods) amd he has the best most interesting guests that present in straight talk and Christina Rice Wellness Realness (I’m not paleo and don’t listen to her other paleo podcast but I’ve heard it’s great too) I love how nothing is off limits and she’s definitely real on her podcast.

Definiteyl send me some BYU gear! I’m sorely lacking in the clothing department and would gladly rep in Oklahoma ?

Love what Tom Brady said. So true that you should do the small things that will support the big things. I’ve been thinking a lot about that anyway because my nutrition is terrible and it feels almost impossible as our food budget doesn’t allow me to make my own meals and everyone else eats things I don’t want but I have to eat because I’m outnumbered (my fiancée, 14 year old and 12 year old all like the same things like cheeseburger mac, alfredo, jambalaya with pasta, etc and I like lighter things). Still trying to work it out but I feel like I have to figure out a way to make a change for me.


good luck on the food stuff and figuring something out that works for you. it’s hard! my weakness is sweets and it has totally been unkind to me/not worked for me. that’s so true about doing the small things to support the big things.


I’m going to see Incredibles 2 tonight!! So excited!! Only waited half my life for the second since it has been 14 years and I’m 28 haha.


Okay. I am officially mind blown. I completely forgot how long ago the first one came out… 14 years! ENJOY Alicia!


I’ve been using a glass bottle (from sparkling water), with about an inch of vinegar in the bottle to trap flies for the past week and its working great! I live in a basement with a backyard so I’m getting a lot of early summer flies sneaking into the house. The vinegar attracts them into the bottle and then the neck prevents them from escaping- I also find that once one gets in you’re set because the rest will follow. lol this is kinda a gross one but free and safer than bug repellant chemicals.

I recently got into Ear Biscuits and Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, because I’m listening to a LOT of podcasts these days while commuting and traveling for work more.

Taking my dog to a nice park tonight to meet family for a walk!


That is so cool… we are going to have to try that. Thank you Krista! I have never heard of this. Oh I love Armchair Expert and I’m going to have to check out Ear Biscuits. Thank you so much. Enjoy your walk and time at the park tonight, that sounds great!


Sweet potatoes are the best addition to any salad! My husband thinks I’m weird, but he just doesn’t understand.

I need to try the lunges before a workout! I’m currently taking a few weeks off running after my most recent half last Sunday. I’ve had hamstring issues and I’m hoping rest will help it, but really I think the problem was too much cardio and not enough strength training!


Congrats on your half a few days ago Jaime. Good call to take some time off to get those hamstrings back to normal. Have a wonderful day and has he tried sweet potatoes on a salad?


I LOVE putting roasted sweet potatoes on my salads too. They are the best!! I will totally have to try out that gum removal hack. Glad it worked!!


Oh my gosh!! That photo of Brooke “trail running”! ??


Such cute baby photos. My current favorite podcast is How I built that from NPR. I had my own podcast which I loved but I gave it up because of technical issues about 18 months ago.

If you have a minute check out my latest post about running on vacation.


I literally just listened to Tom Brady on Oprah’s podcast and for some reason when HE spoke about the importance of water/hydration for our muscles I really listened. I’m drinking more water today than I’ve had all year lol.


PLEASE SHARE A LIFE HACK that you have found/used recently. I love these kinds of things… help us all out:) Hack: 1)Go somewhere where you lose cell phone reception as often as possible 2) If your a coffee drinker, put heavy whipping cream in it verse creamer- It’s better for you, and pure magic.

What was the last podcast that you listened to? Ben Shipiro- Ep.562 called The Immigration Wars Heating up. THIS IS GREAT. It’s news that isn’t swayed, falsified nor on one side of the spectrum. It’s based on true facts. HIGHLY recommend this podcast for news.

Anyone else have a speed workout today? OR what was your last speed workout? I don’t do speed work. I just run however many miles I can do within a certain amount of time. No set pace. I’m a slacker. Or I just don’t care. Probably both.

What is the best part of your Wednesday going to be? I work late on Wednesdays so I ran 15 miles, cleaned my house, did laundry, washed blankets & clothes, cooked, then went into work at 12:15. Now I don’t have to do ANY household chores this weekend…. Also I went to bed lastnight at 7:30pm and woke up at 6:30am. No, I don’t have kids yet( yup, you can have hate for me at this time Janae & Andrew) Sleeping is my super power. I tell my husband “okay, I’m ready to close my eyes now” take off my glasses, and pass out.


I do the same thing with cubes of butternut squash! Season with Everything but the Bagel from Trader Joe’s & roast – SO good!


I discovered a different gum hack on Monday. We hadn’t just gotten to an amusement park with our church youth group and my 13 yo daughter got gum in her hair right at the roots on the back of her head (she had two French braids). ? After trying ice cubes and wishing someone had some peanut butter, I finally tried putting lip balm on it. Another adult had a comb and with the lip balm smothered onto the gum, it miraculously combed right out. Which was great because it would’ve totally ruined my daughter’s day if we hadn’t been able to get it out!


Thanks for all the hacks! I love reading reader comments as well as your posts. I feel like we all learn a lot sharing our different experiences. My hack I’ve unfortunately had to use on multiple occasions: hand sanitizer removes nail polish on carpet. Also, hide the nail polish from my six-year-old daughter in a better place.

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